Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5 April 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Went to school at 9:30 this morning. It was raining so we didn't have to march this morning. Was a little tired all day today. Dad came after Louise and me after school tonight and Louise drove for a while. After supper at Grandma's I came home and slept a little bit. Went down and watched Television at Louise's place this evening. Saw Ron on the way home. Got to bed about 11:00.
Did I sleep well last night? Why, yes, I did.

But only until about 3:45. Dangitall. Still and all, I felt pretty good all day, no nodding off at work or anything. I really tried to go back to sleep but didn't work. Oh well. I didn't really "work out" since I didn't want to put all that pressure on my foot so I just did a bunch of ab stuff and then rode the cycle for a half an hour. Was dropped off at the gym so I went to the rotunda and ate my bagel there and then went downtown.

Rowena just laughed at my foot. Which was fine. I do, too. I had quite a bit to do today, too, Rachel is having some difficulty with ARV start dates so I was looking into that, but then she mentioned a problem that I maybe hadn't thought of, that is, duplicate HopeIDs that transfer to a different clinic. See, there are three clinics and, unfortunately, they sometimes used the same ID numbers for different patients. So a person who went to one site might get ID# 11111, while another person at another site might also get ID# 11111. Technically you can separate them (which I did) by adding the site code (e.g., 11111-1 and 11111-2). BUT. Sometimes (around 500 times, it turns out) they can transfer care to another site. Soooooooo. . . .if our first 11111 above transferred to the other site. . . .would they get a new ID? If so, how were their old records linked to their new ID? Have I screwed it up with the wrong Site suffix? Ergh.

Anyway, I was kept pretty busy but it was a nice and productive day. I like being needed.

Sadly, the 3:11 76 bus never even showed up so I had to stand around outside on my foot for another half an hour. Hate them. Happily with cell phones you can send off an email while you're still really annoyed. Got home and then walked, etc. Foot's doing okay. The back part has pretty much healed but I think the front one -- the original injury spot -- may still have something going on. I have a feeling that Thursday she'll dig around in that one and make me wear the boot for another week. grrr. 

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