Saturday, April 30, 2016

30 April 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Got up about the usual time this morning. Skipped school this morning and worked down at the church most of the morning. Dad Louise and I went to dinner at the Donut Shop today. Dad and I left with the band on the bus about 12:30 today. Got to Wenatchee about 5:00. Did some marching practice up there [this] about. Louise and I [chord] around town until after [teeder] tonight. Gas $1.50. [Dorothy speeding $70.45] Spent $.50.
Okay, so I woke up at like 3 this morning and by the time I decided I wasn't going to go right back to sleep it was 3:20. I decided I was NOT going to ruin my Saturday by being all tired as hell so I took 1/4 ambien and laid down on the floor. . . .and went almost right back to sleep! Until about 5:10 which was perfect. So, I felt great all day. Not a single nap. Good call on my part. Go me.

Made it through two sodas before the Spousal Unit got up and we went to Burgermaster for breakfast. What's the deal with the cook there, they don't know what an over-medium egg is. Almost always makes it too runny. What do they do if someone asks for over-easy, just break the eggs onto the plate?

But the bacon was good.

I worked out in the front yard when we got back. I edged the terrace, but did a lousy job of it. ALl crooked and stuff. But the sidewalk is so sunk that the grass is like 2.5" above it so it's constantly growing out into the sidewalk. Then I. . . .hmm. Oh, watched the last 20 minutes of The Fly (the old one). Weird movie. I think I may have seen the whole thing once. The remake was good though.

Lessee, went out about 10:45 and went up to the Walmart in Lynnwood to get me more cinnamon candies but THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY. But we got more junk instead. I'm trying to avoid Target because of their sexual-predator-friendly bathroom policy anymore. I won't brag about it, but I will silently demonstrate my displeasure. I took a "scenic route" to get back to 196th in Lynnwood and we went to the Chick Fil-A there (taking another moral stand) but ate in the car because it was so crowded. Went into the nearby Lowe's but didn't really do much.

Then it was a couple of estate sales. The first was a hoarder. The house was crowded enough, but they had already taken a LOT of stuff outside! Not much decent stuff there though. The next one was in a neat 1950s house -- kinda reminded me of ours -- and it was mostly empty, but I got a CD. Tempted to get the Denon amp and tuner, but I don't need them. Probably not as nice as mine anyway.

Stopped and got ice cream up by NGate. Came home. I did some drills on my guitar after mowing the front yards. The drills were a new thing: chord switching for one full minute. D-E-D-E-D-E, etc. and then D-A-D-A-D etc. Fingers got worn out really quickly although I did it for probably 20 minutes. I really am making progress but sometimes it feels so slow. I had done something like that before a few times, but I'm not sure it really helped. After a while I was getting kind of automatic at it. So that's good.

Walked down to the Metropolitan Market and got buttermilk for tomorrow. Talked to Norma a bit on the way. 

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