Sunday, April 3, 2016

3 April 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 11:15  Took the bus down to the church and then went to [put] from there. [Last] went out leaving me to drive the Dodge today. [Shine] it a [fossil jab] this evening. Played for a [Tecey] Club dance tonight. Dad took Louise and I [in] for us [the] Donut Shop Eats $1.40. Coke $.05. Got in and in bed about 3:00 this morning. Am a little tired tonight. Spent $1.45. 
A pleasant day today. I slept really well, although at some point I woke up and started to get what seemed like it was going to be a really intense anxiety attack (or whatever) and. . . .it just dissipated. I'd started doing my new(ish) little game of thinking of the first word that starts with 'A' that I can come up with, then 'B', etc., and it just went away and I went back to sleep.

Spousal Unit didn't get up until almost 7 and we went out for breakfast since we had nothing in the house. When we got back, I did a few little chores, but mostly sat around. Watched the start of the NASCAR race (Martinsville) and then went out for lunch and get the SuBAru washed; loads of tree pollen covering everything lately. Did the usual stuff at UVil. Came back and then I finished reading my cousin's book, There's Always a Rainbow. Not too bad. Self published so it could really have used editing, but there was a lot of what I call Truth with a capital-T in it. Much of it is kind of well-traveled territory, such as thinking positively, envisioning what it is you want, etc. Today's chapters were about always being grateful for what you have -- always a good thing to keep in mind -- and the sorts of positive thoughts that convince yourself that you will achieve what you want. Learned an awful lot about her, too. I am really very regretful that we were not in contact for so long. (Wait, that's negative!) Well, I won't say 'regretful' really; it makes me sad. A good sort of sad, but sad. I really do adore her.

Anyway, after that (I read it in the sun in the back yard) I did a couple more chores and vacuumed the SuBAru out. The inside had the usual spruce needles all over, but yesterday we found a bunch of snails in the engine. Well, dead snail shells actually. I don't know why they would crawl up in there except for the warmth. Well, they got warmth later.

I walked for the first time since I got the boot. I mean, walked around outside. I think it's starting to heal since it didn't hurt much today. Was sunny and 68, just an awesome day weather-wise.

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