Friday, April 29, 2016

29 April 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Had a marching practice at [Parkay] Field again this morning. Things about the same around school except I stayed after school and made up a test. We had another marching practice at [Daisy] Field at 7:00 this evening also. Also played for the U.S.O. Louise drove the Plymouth tonight. [Stay why] for the trip tomorrow. Getting to bed about 2:00. 
So I got out of the bed last night and went to the TV room and Daisy was stretched out on the couch on her back and I just couldn't move her so I slept on the floor. Which wasn't bad. Except I woke up at like 3:30. Blehh. Felt okay most of the day though. Really good workout. Just busted it the whole time. Said something to a totally sneaky hot young asian girl who I see almost every day and she just kind of laughed a bit. Fiona said that was okay and what I said was a nice thing to say. So whatever. As you may have guessed, I got together with Fiona again today. Nice to see her. She gave me a b-day gift of cookies, homemade soap, and a homemade 'solid lotion'. Basically chapstick for the body. Which may be a great thing since I get these really dry itchy spots down near my ankles and I think this will be great for that. Also any other really dry and itchy spots.

I worked most of the morning on a couple of reports. I finished the Renton report (short) and then got into the Penn Cove one, where we found midden. I just did the mapping for that one and got some photos listed out. Ate ramen in today. Wasn't going to get a mocha but we hadn't enough milk so I had to go get one. Worked on that stuff until time to to to SBux and then stopped off at the church with some stuff and lit a vigil light for Sara the Nurse's mom who is dying of cancer. Very sad.

That was about it. I played my guitar and used the pick mostly. For whatever reason my chords seem worse when I use the pick. I just don't know why. I may get lessons for my birthday present to myself. 

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