Thursday, April 28, 2016

28 April 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school at about 7:00 o'clock this morning. We picked up Louise and went down to [Amber] field for a marching practice. Went down town after school and picked up some pictures $.60. Did some study[sic] before supper and after supper with[sic] to marching practice. Didn't last too long. [Wsin] and Mike were [down] for a while tonight. Went down to Louise's a little while tonight. Got to bed by 1:00. Spent $.60. 
Tired again tonight. I slept really well last night but was sleepy a lot today. Had a really decent workout this morning and then I went over to the QFC and got a fresh bagel there to eat. I was going to go straight to Camano but decided I needed to, errrrmmmm, use a facility so I swung by home first. Was not going to get a mocha this morning but was sleepy so I got one outside of Stanwood. Survey went pretty quickly. The geologist was there, a tiny little bundle-of-energy asian woman. She came right up to see me and took me down to the beach to look at the exposures. Which were pretty useless for me but I nodded pleasantly anyhow. Well, I did go check out the stream and looked around for any midden popping out in the bluff top (negative). Only did two holes because there weren't any good open spaces that weren't all pushed-up fill. Was done by 11. So I went down to Camano State Park to see Jana who was monitoring down there. And I had lunch at the beach. Very pleasant weather today.

Drove back and got to the shop around 1:30. Decided I needed an ice cream so I went to NGate. It's like $4.50 for one! Everything's getting really expensive. Probably the idiotic $15 minimum wage. I swear, these nitwits in government either flunked Econ 101 or they're just as corrupt as I feared. Probably both.

Anyway, came home and finished up my little dissertation for my faaaaabulous cousin. I hope she finds it useful.


Listening to Ted Nugent's 1978 live album, Stranglehold. Yeah. . . .

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