Wednesday, April 27, 2016

27 April 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Started marching practice this morning again at 7:00. Dad took me to school. About 9:30 started to practice on the program for tonight. Went down town after school. After supper walk down to Louise[sic] place and then had to play for the [Mayaflt] concert. After the concert went home with Louise for a while. Did my English tonight. Got to bed about 12:15. [Gift] to Louise $10.00. Spent $10.00
Phone went dead again today. That is, it couldn't access the wireless network Twice within a month or so. Probably will need a new phone soon. It was the SIM card. I think I'll get an iPhone next. I think they're way overpriced but it's too much of a pain trying to get files to and from this Android phone. They put a new card in but I fear it will go out again soon, too.

Slept decently last night, albeit with assistance. Actually, I think I just had the one wakeup and that was it. Felt really wound up though, physically, like I couldn't get comfortable. Decent enough workout. Stuart was kvetching because he's in a "death spiral" of getting fat and lazy and not working out. And here all my parts are in good working order *knock wood*.

I finished up the proposal for the Low Income Housing people in Renton and sent that off but mostly worked on the Coptic stuff all morning. I decided to make a single database table with all of the diagnostic results in it so I can look at everything for a person in a single screen. That should be helpful for everything eventually.

Went to McD's for lunch and then went right to Cascadia. Didn't do much there except look at an old report and a couple of other things and get a breaker bar in case tomorrow's sediments are compacted. There is a site nearby but surveys on neighboring properties didn't find anything.

What else. . . .had a decent guitar session this afternoon. So much so that my pinky hurts. Going to start letting loose some and experimenting with different things. I really need to take some lessons.

I should start putting in some cryptic code phrases just to throw off future readers. . . .

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