Tuesday, April 26, 2016

26 April 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this at[sic] 7:00. Had our usual marching practice at [Dennis] Field. Marched until 9:00. Then we came in and practiced all day until 4:00 with [Rafael Mengay] for the concert tomorrow night. Had an hour and a half off of dinner. Louise and I went down to the library tonight and I went down to her place for a while tonight. Got home about 12:00. Coke $.05. Pop $.10. Spent $.15.
Odd day today. Slept weirdly last night, but mostly the whole night. Decent enough workout albeit a bit shortened since I was a bit late (Spousal Unit had to stop and get bagels). Went to the Rotunda and ate my bagel, then downtown. Rowena and I went over for coffee. Most of the day I worked on the 90 non-randomized LEEP patients. I started looking more closely into a couple and found I had some diagnoses wrong. Well, their records are more complicated than I had figured. For instance, some would be "Enrolled" at one date (say, in 2011), but then re-enrolled later on (say, 2013) so the Initial diagnoses we are really after are the ones from the second enrollment. So I spent the rest of the day looking up all of each person's records to get their sequence of visits, diagnoses, and treatments correct. I wasn't going to do this will all 400 of the study participants, but 90 is doable. Will continue that this week.

Also spoke with the geology chick who called yesterday about the job Thursday and called in the utility locates. Had lunch at my desk. Jillian came in for a few, it was nice to see her. Also Anjulie was in as well and I chatted with her a bit, and also Alison who got a new full office! So, a productive and pleasant day there.

Came home and botched dinner. Well, not too badly. I almost burned the rice and then kept spilling the butter chicken junk. Turned out okay though. Walked. Arranged flamingoes again. 

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