Monday, April 25, 2016

25 April 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Louise came down and woke me up this morning. We took the Plymouth and drove up on White Pass today. Took some lunch with us. Got back about 6:00 and ate supper at Louise's place. After supper Louise and {Rogne] and I [dig] up to Lookout Point. Necked with both of them tonight. Got back here about 12:00. Gas $1.00. [capitol F in circle] Eats $.30 at the XXX. Spent $1.30. 
Oooo, that little stud had a sort of a threesome!

I only woke up once last night! Dunno what time. Then awake at 4 although I think I kept dozing off until 4:40. So, I felt okay. Went to the gym and had a quick intense workout until 7 and then I drove up to the Mukilteo ferry. Ate my bagel while waiting for the boat and then got up to the site around 9:30. It was raining hard all the way to the ferry but then on the way across it cleared up (went to Whidbey).

I dug three holes down on the beach (= useless) and then they had a backhoe that did three trenches on top of the seawall, plus there was an open hole there as well. Probably some midden in there, a thin layer (about 15-20 cm). Showed up in two of the trenches and the one open hole. We're going to look at the place a couple houses down to see what it was like there, because the excavator said they'd found the same stuff over there and they just monitored it. So we'll see, but they will probably need an excavation permit. Meaning I get to do it. I stopped at a DQ on the way back and had a halfway decent chili cheese hot dog for lunch and then went to the ferry. Got back to the shop around 1:45. Checked in and then came home. Was pleasant and sunny out there while I was there, although a little windy at times. Went to UVil because I had to get bagels.

We got our wedding invitation to Engi's wedding. . . .in Fiji! It's in June, too. She knows not many people can go but she's giving us all invitations anyway. It's a long time coming and they had actually been engaged before and called it off -- her mother in law problems -- but then they decided to go through with it. I'm happy for her. I kind of wonder if it will last though. But whatever, she's fab and I hope she is happy. 

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