Thursday, April 21, 2016

21 April 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Louise came down this morning and we went to band practice at 7:30 this morning. Had a history test this morning. Louise drove the Plymouth home for me after school this evening. Worked on the car some after supper tonight. Did a lot of English tonight. Walked down by Louise's place about 1:30 this morning but she did not wake up as she expected. Got to bed about 3:00 this morning. Coke $.05. Spent $.05.
Kind of an odd day today. I managed to sleep really pretty well (better than waking up at 3:30 anyway) with some minor assistance. Another slow-start workout, but went very well. I added 20 lbs to the squats and everything went fine. Only up to 155 but that's more than I've done in probably 15 years. Came home, ate bagel, etc. went to Cascadia. I finished the Parks report -- turned out I'd made most of the changes TT had suggested anyway -- and then had a look at a RF. . .A? request for bids or whatever. Some thing down by Bremerton that required monitoring 24/day for 5 days, twice. Couldn't do it. All of a sudden I'm very busy there! The Renton thing is happening next week, survey on Camano, site visit on Whidbey, Meier septic thing. . . .sheesh. Meg might have been annoyed with me because she asked me to wait around and do some maps, but I waited and Mike never gave me the things to do. She might have been annoyed at Mike though. They're all stressed. I left around 1:45 and came home and worked on a couple of things. Also played guitar. Meh.

Skyped with mom (Barb is there) and she looked pretty good. Was finishing off a shake. They're talking about easing off the feeding tube considerably. I think the therapy will probably be stopped soon (it mostly is already), but I have some confidence she will keep progressing, albeit not as steadily or quickly as before. But she looked pretty good to me.

We walked up to the chickens this evening.

Was feeling pretty . . . well, fairly low later this afternoon. Nothing really.

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