Sunday, April 17, 2016

17 April 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got up this morning just in time for dinner. Ate at Grandma's. Worked down at the church this afternoon. Louise had a [work] with her old man's [hadoor] this afternoon. Got my Plymouth out of the shop with my 53 [pots] in it this afternoon also. Louise and I drove around town for a while tonight and parked until about 1:30. Went down to her place and had a bite to eat [Capital F in circle] Gas $1.00. Oil $.100. Eats $.50 [Trbed] $3.00. Spent $2.50. 
Definitely think this whole letter-in-a-circle is something nasty. . . .

I managed to sleep until after 4:30 this morning! Go me. Beautiful day today, sunny and 80. Decided not to go to Mass because I was still really sleepy this morning and took a nice nap around 9:00. I got out all of the summer clothes and put away many of the winter ones, even though it is turning colder again after Tuesday. I need to get a dresser of some sort; these bins are a pain to get into and out of.

So, I did that this morning and a few other chores, and then napped and then watched some NASCAR stuff and the start of the race (Bristol, TN). Once that started I went to the front steps and read in the sun for a while. New Dune book. We left around 11:40 for UVil. Got lunch at the Chipotle and then ate outside. The place is really getting too upscale for us. If it weren't for the QFC and Bartell's we'd probably never go there. Seattle is becoming San Francisco north: Very wealthy, crumbling infrastructure except for big expensive things that government types like (i.e., rail) and steadily hollowing out the middle class. If you're very poor or very well off, you'll do fine here. We can't wait to leave.

Anyway. Did all that and then came home. I went and got new gas for the bbq and then reprogrammed the SuBAru for the Spousal Unit's phone. Moved the flamingoes. My beer was still good, too. I drank half of it yesterday and recapped it and it was still good and foamy today. I was thirsty so I kinda drank it quickly and then even had some Natural Light. Mine was like 4.8% and the NL is like 4.2%, so I need to get down at least that far without losing too much flavor.

So, dinner and then a walk. 

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