Saturday, April 16, 2016

16 April 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Louise came down to the house about 2:45 [Really? ed.] this morning and stayed until 4:45. After she left I had a little [hissing pod] then went back to bed until time to get up for school. Louise went to supper with me tonight. We also went to the drive-in together and drove around [passive] and parked in the [bomb] yard until 12:30. I drove her home and the car broke. Am so tired I cannot hardly see the page. [capital F in a circle] Getting to bed about 1:00. Show $1.30. Spent $1.30. 
I still that those circles with a letter in it means something nasty.

I woke up at 4. Blehh. Spousal Unit didn't get up until after 7 so we ate in. Didn't do much all morning, except take a half hour nap and then do a few things outside. I staked up the little tree so it grows straight up instead of arcing out over the sidewalk. I did something else but I can't remember what.

Went to UDist and I sold a few books while the Spousal Unit was getting her hair cut. Went to two estate sales after lunch down there and I only bought an LP (Kansas' first album) at the one. It's "National Record Store Day" so I guess I did my bit even though it wasn't at a record store. These days vinyl is kind of making a comeback, they're selling lots of it. Don't know why, the sound is worse than digital, but maybe it's the whole nostalgia thing. Well, rock really peaked (I think) during the LP era, so maybe people are trying to relive that a bit, although it's a lot of younger people buying it. I'll get the old LPs for nostalgia's sake, but nothing new.

Anyway, came back home and I swept the driveway and then washed the Honda. Talked with Rob the neighbor and Reyna a bit. She's getting less attractive as she gets older, I think. A couple of years ago I thought she was going to turn into a really gorgeous young woman, but she's gotten . . . well, bigger I guess. Like a jock. Well, I dunno, maybe she was just slumming it this afternoon.

What else. . . . .made dinner, went to NGate for walk and to look for underwear (ixnay).

I had one of my new batch of beer and it was just right. Only a week since I'd carbonated/bottled it and it had plenty of carbonation. Good flavor too, not as hoppy/bitter as I'd been making it. I think if I reduced some of the grains a bit and took out one of the malts it would be just about the right flavor and alcohol content.

Mostly sunny and 67 today. Pleasant. 

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