Friday, April 15, 2016

15 April 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Went to school at 7:30 this morning for band practice. Things were about the same in school today. After school I [went] Louise's sister and we went down town and I got her an outfit for easter $8.14. Ate supper at home this evening. Played for the dance this evening at U.S.O. Louise had the Dodge I walked her home from here tonight about 12:15. [Some hat] $40.00 on my car [mostic] today. Spent $48.14.
I had a very good day today. Well, except that I woke up at 3:45 or so. But I stayed in the bed all night! Had a truly wicked workout, too. Many females present so I had to work hard. Went to the church and dropped off some stuff and chatted with Carol for a few minutes. Got to Cascadia and it was quiet as TT had to go to the field. I got the mapping done and did some more of the report. Mostly finished although the refs will take some work. I left there about 11:45 and ate lunch at NGate. Then home for a little bit and then went to meet Fiona at the UVil SBux. Not sure why she "broke up" with me a couple of years ago, but we're besties again now I guess. Anyway, it was a delightful hour and a half. Came home, fiddled with guitar a while, made dinner. Actually, dinner was kind of exciting because the grill ran out of gas so I had to move it all onto the stove quick. Meh. Iffy dinner mostly. Walked. 

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