Thursday, April 14, 2016

14 April 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Went to school early this morning. Started band practice this morning at [7:30]. Did not go to any classes except first period. Came home and slept a little while. [Dabibel] some rocks. Went to band practice this evening at the High School at 7:30. Went to the Donut Shop before going home $.35. Watched Television at Louise's place until it went off tonight. Got to bed about 1:00. Spent $.35.
I guess younger people wold wonder about that whole "until it went off" thing. We're used to having it on 24-7-365. Plus I notice he doesn't really watch it that much anyway.

Weird night. I think I woke up at like 3:30 but then I think I dozed off again until maybe 4:15. I don't know. Had a really good workout, no back problems.

I'm listening to the old album "The Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart. I'd forgotten I had this one for years and lately I've been listening to it a lot. Speaking of which, I decided last night I could play this here guitar. I dunno why, I was just going through an old Chris Isaak song (Spanish Sky) and it was mostly chords I was familiar with (Am, E, D, G, F) and just realized that all I need to really do is (duh) get the chord fingering down and I would be able to play it. I'm not sure why that obvious thought hadn't really occurred to me. Maybe I'd been thinking it was somehow magical or something. I dunno, it just struck me is all. I was happy with it.

Anyway. Came home after gym, worked a bit, and then got the bus to UDist and then went to Harborview. I didn't have all that much to do but I kept busy until 2 when I met with Michael. Good meeting, he's okay with what I'm doing, so there. Bus ride home was uneventful. Walked around here. Kinda not all that warm today, like 59 and the walk felt cooler than it looked. Many cats to pet. 

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