Tuesday, April 12, 2016

12 April 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Got up early this morning. Was at school at 7:30 this morning for marching practice. Had two assemblys[sic] today. This morning the Puget Sound College [ahor jous a amant]. This afternoon a[sic] apple blossom assembly. My Plymouth is in the garage today. Louise and I drove around in the Van tonight. Did some studying on my history and got to bed about 12:30. Have been about dead tired all day. [Brewer] $.10 Records $1.00. Spent $1.10.
So, today was. . . . .weird. Managed to sleep really well. Good workout, not spectacular. Came home, ate bagel, and then checked the new bus schedules. . .OGM it comes at 8:30 now and it's 8:28 hurry hurry hurry let's try to make it!!!!!

Nope. Walked back home, next one not until 9:09. Work some more, leave to go to bus and. . . .it drove by while I was still half a block away. Thus, I decided to &#^$ it and walked up to the SBux and then work at home since the Gods hath decreed I would not go downtown. Well, SBux gypped me on my mocha and I took a photo of it when I got home: My "16 ounce" grande mocha had less than 10 ounces of liquid in it. Some TV station or other in NYC I think did the same thing and checked a bunch of their drinks and found most of them were way below the listed amount. I sent it to the SBux contact email, too.

So, worked the rest of the morning and then went to McD's, which was uneventful, except for the really attractive female that was parking and getting out of her car to go in. . .but never actually went in. Huh. Couldn't figure that out.

Anyway, I worked until around 2. Fiddled with guitar a bit (not as productive as yesterday), and then went to post office and mailed Michele's card and then decided to go up to Fred Meyer and get a new hose and sprayer. They have these "Pocket Hoses" that are all scrunched up and then expand. Great idea, very compact and light, but they're kinda flimsy. One lasted two years and one was bad right out of the box. Let's hope this one does okay.

Came home, played guitar some more and then made dinner. Walked at NGate (rain) and I bought some shoes, classic Puma's. I left my old ones at home in FdL. 

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