Monday, April 11, 2016

11 April 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Went to Sunday[sic] and church this morning with Louise. After church she went to grandma's with me for dinner. Came home and worked and worked on my Plymouth all afternoon. Went down and [brough ron proach] tonight. After that Louise and I went down to the Donut Shop$.70 eats. We got home after walking [frouthy] place to her at about 12:00/ Spent $.70.
Lot of that was tough to read.

I had a pretty good day. Of course, since it's Monday I slept until almost 5. . . .grrr. I mean, grrr because I didn't do that over the weekend. Really had a great workout, too. Came home and started on Coptic stuff because I wanted to get Sharon her data, so I did that, but also found that Richard (in Kenya) had some sort of data file that said who all transferred in and out of which clinic to which other clinic. That could solve a lot of problems. WHY DID NO ONE EVER TELL ME ABOUT THIS BEFORE. So I hope that works out for everyone.

I went to Cascadia as soon as I could and worked pretty steadily until almost noon on the Fort Ebey stuff. Mostly today was typing in the probe table. Kind of a pain but it had to be done. I went for lunch at NGate and then came back and finished the table and then fiddled around with other stuff with it until about 2. Remembered that I had to go to the Spam's Club and did that, forgetting what it was the Spousal Unit needed me to get (sudafed). I made another stop at the Riot Aid to get a card for Michele. $7! But it was a nice blank one by Papyrus. Of course, then it needed extra postage so the dumb thing cost me. . . .well, only about the price of the card because someone left 47 cents in postage in the machine so we came home with that and used an old stamp. Still, $7 for a card! Oh well, she's worth it.

Came home and fiddled with guitar a bit. I'm learning a piece of a song by The Traveling Wilburys, although technically just one bit of it that's interesting and will help with my fingering technique. Ordered pizza in and had salad with it. Went to UVil for bagels and some, um, probiotic stuff cuz my guts are still kinda messed up from the antibios. Ugh. Going to practice the riff for a bit and then write more. 

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