Sunday, April 10, 2016

10 April 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Ron came down and woke me up this morning. Went down town with him and then stayed at his place for dinner. Bought myself another record $.40. Worked the[sic] Dodge off this afternoon. Ron came down to Grandma's and [qts] this evening Louise and I went to the [Say flat I've] tonight $1.50. Went out and parked until about 2:00 this morning after the dance. Eats $.40. Got to bed about 3:00 this morning. Spent $2.30. 
Not a bad day today. Didn't sleep all that well. I didn't go to Mass either since I didn't sleep all that well. I did get quite a bit done though. After breakfast I swept and Swiffered the kitchen floor and scraped whatever wouldn't come up with that. THERE IS NOT A SINGLE SPRUCE NEEDLE IN THIS HOUSE.

I did take a bit of a nap this morning, too. I went downstairs and finished watching Outland. It's a 1981 movie (Sean Connery) that I really liked back then and still do. It's a typical Western but set in space, around Jupiter. Lots of problems and kinda predictable, but I always liked it. After that was over I napped and then turned on Conan the Barbarian (the Arnold Schwarzeneggar one from 1984). I actually didn't watch much of that one. We went to UVil and did the usual stuff. My guts are still messed up from the antibio's.

When we got back I mowed the yard. Hardly anything to actually mow in the back. I need to get a lawn service going and get the grass and stuff looking halfway decent. Did some dandelion pulling as well.

I'm going to start writing up what I've gone through over the past, well, 15 years or so. I was going to let Michele read it so she could maybe use it in her practice. We kind of went through many of the same things. Besides, it might be cathartic for me. Going to try to write a little bit every night. 

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