Sunday, March 6, 2016

5 March 2016 (Saturday)

[Written in flight from Wisconsin to Seattle]
No entry yesterday as I was out making merry until almost 8. Friday was a fairly bleh day for the most part. I remember waking up early, around 4, but had a decent night’s sleep anyway. I even left for the gym early and worked out for an entire 1.5 hours. It was cold in the gym. Did the usual, although spent much of the morning getting everything ready to be away. I went over to the Home around 9:30, later than usual. Didn’t spend much time there but talked with Liz.

Went for lunch at Rocky’s, and had MEAT. I decided to anyway since it was the last time I could for a while. Did several little errands, like packing up some glasses to ship out to me, and getting Jeff’s package of stuff ready. Got all the lights and such timered up. Kinda hung out for a while and then went to Gille’s and got a junior sundae. Still made me not hungry the rest of the day for the most part.

Went back to the Home around 2:45 and waited until it was time to go to the horse-pistol. Grrrrr. Turned out they couldn’t replace the feeding tube anyway since it was not put in using a balloon or whatever so they need to either pull it out (meaning she had to be off of coumadin for 3 days) or going through the throat which would require sedative. So we ended up doing nothing. Was going to meet Jerry and Linda at Ledgeview Lanes for fish, thought I was going to be way late, but got there around 5:40 anyway. We ordered. And waited. And waited. Took like an hour for the food to get there. But hey, I drank beer. And got some fries only, and then only ate half of them.

BUT. I had texted Sara the Nurse to say Bye (she’d been out) and wondered if she’d like to meet there and she did! Brought her daughter and they bowled while we ate, and then I went down and watched with them for a while. It was nice to see her out of the Home. Daughter is really sweet, too. Looks nothing like her.

So, had trouble falling asleep. I slept on the couch because I’d washed the sheet that day. Slept until 5, showered, went to McD’s. Forgot phone. Iced tea wasn’t out and they filled it up to the brim. Without ice. Grrrr. Also it had snowed and that ticked me off since I’d washed the car Wednesday. SO I WASHED IT AGAIN IN THE DRIVEWAY. Only with water, but still. Oh, met them for breakfast, too. Had coffee. Went home, finished packing and junk and waited for Michele to arrive, which she did around 11:15. So wonderful to see her again. We went over to mom’s, chatted for a while with Janice, and then went to lunch at Ala Roma. Michele and I went back home and talked for an hour before leaving for the airport. Adored talking with her for so long.

Anyway, airport process went fine, have a nice seat mate and everything is going pretty well. I ate a brat in the airport. 

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