Thursday, March 31, 2016

31 March 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a marching practice this morning. Had a big history test this morning also. Went down with Louise after she got her glass fixed after school. Got a [kick] out this evening $1.00. Also got myself some free tickets. Played pool with Louise down at the [Truf] a while tonight. [Took if eyes] and Louise to the Donut Shop and had some eats $1.15. Got home about 11:00. Spent $2.90. Monthly spending $28.45.

Was sitting here in a boot. Yes, a boot. Went to the doctor about my foot this morning and as she was digging around in it with a scalpel was saying something like "The pain can be caused by the callous or maybe something's still there". . .etc. etc. "Oh. Or pus. Hmmm. "

The upshot is it was infected, so I was given a double whack of antibiotics and have to walk around in a boot for a week. I was kind of irritated at first, but it actually was the first time I could walk around with it hurting. Anyway, it was the pocket of infection that was causing the pain. Boot's a pain in the ass, but whatever. Who woulda thought stubbing my stupid foot would come to this, huh?

The cats do not like the boot. I call it the Big Gray Boot of Death.

So lessee what else. Found out one of the tribal people "didn't like my attitude" up at Korell. That was Teresa's phrasing. I dunno what she thought. Whatever. But it's more than that, there's new rules about DAHP supposed to be coordinating with the tribes when human remains are found, but they don't do it and the tribes blame us, blah blah blah. I went over to Cascadia for about an hour and arranged for TT to go out for me next week. Was kind of looking forward to it, but not really.

I left there and went down to get my parking pass but they moved! Now I had to go over by the old Schmitz Hall and park on the street and junk. Grrr.

Oh, I put my beer into a clean barrel and checked the alcohol: 4.7% Which is more than I was shooting for. I think my next batch will exclude the second pound of malt. Will still use the grains though.

Went to UVil to get my drugs. Walking is fine with it, it doesn't hurt at all. It was 70 today so the scenery was awesome. 

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