Sunday, March 27, 2016

27 March 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got to shave this morning and also got to take a shower. Finished up my [Literature] this morning and read a real good pocket novel. Brother of the [Cheymatigo] before going to bed tonight. I think this has been the longest night I have ever spent in my life. 
What happened today. Slept okay. Had waffles in this morning. I didn't do much of anything all morning. Took a short nap (I woke up around 4:15 I think). Mostly just sat in front of the TV. Left around 11:45 and had lunch at McD's. I just had fries today and a bit of the Spousal Unit's burger. Did the usual shopping and junk. At home I spent about 45 minutes on the guitar mostly practicing with the pick today. That's something I really need to work on more. Well, and everything else. We made tuna steaks (well, one) for dinner and didn't turn out well. Too much teriyaki and overcooked. Well, firs time.

Walking went okay. Started out fairly sore but I tried to walk sort of an exaggerated normal and it eventually went pretty well.

Also continued messaging with Fiona as well. If you recall, a couple of years ago she 'dumped me'; I dunno why, just got tired of me I guess. But she was chatting a bit today and we may see each other next week. I do rather miss her. She's a good person. Mom seems a bit strange though.

My mom told Janice (her cousin) that sometimes she feels like just giving up. I can understand. Janice encouraged her though; told her we all get that way sometimes and she's made 75% of the way already. Which is a lie. Well, I dunno. She has done remarkably well though, I think much better than many of the doctors and nurses thought she would.

Was more or less rainy and cool all day, but it did get up to 55. 

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