Saturday, March 26, 2016

26 March 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Slept pretty good last night considering the [hode] up here. Had the same rotten junk to eat today. Laurie sent up another sack of candy bars. Did some work on my Literature today. Sure am getting restless up here. Turned in early tonight. 
I was going to suggest maybe he learned his lesson from all this but he ends up losing his license again later on.

I had a decent day. Slept pretty well. Went out for breakfast, meh. I didn't do much this morning. Well, I did use the callous grinder and grind off some of the callous around the injured area. Still couldn't see anything that might still be underneath and it didn't make it feel all that much better. Tonight it was back to hurting like normal, too. So, I guess I'll keep my appt. for Thursday.

Left around 11:15 to go to an estate sale. Nothing there worthwhile, although there were some Infinity Qb's that most people think are very good but I had some Qa's once and I didn't like the sound. The tweeter was far too bright for me. Some neat stuff anyway, but didn't buy anything. We went for lunch at NGate and then went to grocery store and then the estate sale I went to yesterday. One of the ladies brought her dog, a little thing that just had one eye removed. Adorable little thing. She was a rescue and a sweet little dog. The Spousal Unit bought a book.

Came home and I watched a movie. The Big Lebowski. I thought it was forgettable. I only decided to watch it because Shannon the romance novelist is keen on it. So I have disappointed her again. I drank a low alcohol beer.

Played the geetar a bit and found I can almost play I Am Weary, Let Me Rest with good facility. I am, in fact improving. Actually, now I'm paying more attention to the strumming technique, although I still need a ton of repetition on chord fingerings so they're effortless.

We walked at NGate again, mainly because I wanted smooth floors to walk on. Not much excitement. 

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