Friday, March 18, 2016

18 March 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Got up about 9:00 this morning and went down to court. Got sentenced to 10 days in jail and no driving for a year. Driving without a license. Got thrown in the can right after court. Mr. [Barb] was up to talk talk[sic] with me a while around 2:00 I guess. 
Something too light to read in pencil right under that "[Luciene drie] to be returned" or something close.

But. . . .wow. 10 days in jail! I think he gets his license revoked later, too.

Anyway. Weird night. I woke up twice, both times really kind of suddenly with my heart beating kinda hard. Managed to get right back to sleep both times though. Ended up on the floor. Had a pretty good workout although I was kind of tired. Not many people there, last day of the quarter and all. Talked to Monnie some.

I went over to Cascadia and did a few minutes of work work and then started a new Car Lust post. I just felt like working out of the house. I came back around 11:30 and made ramen for lunch. Then down to UVil to cash a check and then hung out at SBux for a bit. Before I left for there I got out my cylinder and hydrometer and filled it with Kool Aid (type stuff) and let it sit out to get to room temp so I could experiment with the hydro. I measured it when I got back, and then dumped a little rubbing alcohol in it and read it again and it worked! The readings made sense and the computed alcohol % got higher when I dumped some more in. So now I can actually measure my own alcohol content and adjust it accordingly. I'm aiming for about 3% alcohol beer.

After that I sat around and tried to read Michele's book and drink a beer slowly. I'm actually getting a bit tired of the cheap beer. . . .yeah yeah, maybe I'm becoming a snob. Ha. No. Never. I just calculated how much my beer has been costing and I think if the bitter ale I make comes out to $30 for a batch (2 gal) it works out to $8.57 per 6 pack. Which is actually more expensive than the manufactured stuff. Which would be a reason not to do it except that if I can control the alcohol content it would be worth it. So we'll see.

Michele does have some really good stuff in her book. She had an extremely good and succinct description of Christianity in there that actually kind of choked me up some. Desperately needs an editor though. 

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