Saturday, March 12, 2016

12 March 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had an English test and a spelling test. Walked home after school. Laurie went down to her girl friends place. Laurie's old man and me had it out tonight. Her old man turned me in to the police for driving without a driver's-license. The dirty son-of-a-bitch. Got in home about 11:00. Am so dam mad tonight I don't expect to get much sleep. [Sotty] to [bit] a little after one this morning. 
He is a little trouble maker, isn't he?

I slept pretty okay last night. One thing I may not have mentioned, a radio station here just went off the air, or rather, is in the process of changing formats. Yesterday at noon they just started playing Frank Sinatra, and then they switched to The Eagles, and now they're doing Billy Joel. I have to say, I will miss that little station. Started in a sort of pop music format maybe 5 years ago? Maybe less. I started listening when I started really getting control of the anxiety (or whatever) stuff, and I was really enjoying listening to basic pop music without all the goofy (awful) dance and hip hop junk. So I will miss it.

Otherwise, we went out for breakfast as the Spousal Unit was up early because the cats were bizzy. After that, I set up the new cable boxes which were far more involved than I had anticipated. Took me almost an hour. Don't think I like the new format though, it's hard to read a lot of what's on the screen. I realized that I've been futzing with cable TV since the mid-1970s. Back then one of the first 'remote' channel switchers was a sliding thing (32 channels, I think) on a long cord. How far we have come.

We went to lunch at Wendy's because when I was staring out the window Marge and Norma drove by and told us to go there. So we had a nice visit with them. Then we went up to the QFC by NGate and then to an estate sale (nuthin). I came home and had a really good practice session, watched Twin Peaks and drank a beer. I had to drink one in my new/old Hamm's glass. Twin Peaks was on in 1990-91. I was living on 12th Ave and NE 50th at the time, with Ken my old college buddy. We thought it was awesome. I had, in probably September of that year, started at the County. . . .I think summer of 1990 I worked at UW and also Intiman Theatre. Met the Spousal Unit in May of 1990, too.

What else. Walked up at Northgate North, across the street from NGate because it looked like it was going to rain but it really didn't. 

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