Thursday, March 31, 2016

31 March 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a marching practice this morning. Had a big history test this morning also. Went down with Louise after she got her glass fixed after school. Got a [kick] out this evening $1.00. Also got myself some free tickets. Played pool with Louise down at the [Truf] a while tonight. [Took if eyes] and Louise to the Donut Shop and had some eats $1.15. Got home about 11:00. Spent $2.90. Monthly spending $28.45.

Was sitting here in a boot. Yes, a boot. Went to the doctor about my foot this morning and as she was digging around in it with a scalpel was saying something like "The pain can be caused by the callous or maybe something's still there". . .etc. etc. "Oh. Or pus. Hmmm. "

The upshot is it was infected, so I was given a double whack of antibiotics and have to walk around in a boot for a week. I was kind of irritated at first, but it actually was the first time I could walk around with it hurting. Anyway, it was the pocket of infection that was causing the pain. Boot's a pain in the ass, but whatever. Who woulda thought stubbing my stupid foot would come to this, huh?

The cats do not like the boot. I call it the Big Gray Boot of Death.

So lessee what else. Found out one of the tribal people "didn't like my attitude" up at Korell. That was Teresa's phrasing. I dunno what she thought. Whatever. But it's more than that, there's new rules about DAHP supposed to be coordinating with the tribes when human remains are found, but they don't do it and the tribes blame us, blah blah blah. I went over to Cascadia for about an hour and arranged for TT to go out for me next week. Was kind of looking forward to it, but not really.

I left there and went down to get my parking pass but they moved! Now I had to go over by the old Schmitz Hall and park on the street and junk. Grrr.

Oh, I put my beer into a clean barrel and checked the alcohol: 4.7% Which is more than I was shooting for. I think my next batch will exclude the second pound of malt. Will still use the grains though.

Went to UVil to get my drugs. Walking is fine with it, it doesn't hurt at all. It was 70 today so the scenery was awesome. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

30 March 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Dad took me to school this morning as usual. Came back home after my sax this morning with another kid. Had a fire drill today. Stayed after school tonight and made up and[sic] English test that I missed. After school I rode down town with Ron and bought a [reed] $.90. Stayed at home this evening and practiced on my Sax and did a little school work. $.05 for apple at school. Spent $.95.
Okay, I've been misreading 'Laurie', it should, in fact, be 'Louise'. More on that later. Her name is Louise Rasmussen.

BUSY day today. I slept really pretty well last night. Got up by myself around 4:25, Spousal Unit was taking a vacation day. Worked out (good one, too) and then came home and ate bagel, etc. Then around 9:40 we started the corralling process with the cats. They both went behind the couch in the TV room and we snuck the kitchen doors closed. We chased them both out of the TV room and into the kitchen and poor little Daisy immediately started whining. Loudly. Poor thing. Jack escaped downstairs when I brought the carriers up, but he went along fairly quietly once I got down to where he was. Both were fine, although Daisy is now over 16 lbs. She is fat. But they did okay there.

We got them home and then drove up to Mt. Vernon, had lunch there, and then went to look at the tulips. Went to a place called Roozengaarde. Meh. I'm not much into those things but the Spousal Unit liked it. Plus the weather was beeyootiful, sunny and upper 60s. Just ideal. After that we drove up to Deception Pass and over onto Whidbey Island. I was going to check out the route for the fieldwork next week but it was late and it was gated anyway so we drove down to the ferry. Got home right at about 5. Only went for a shortish walk.

Foot is still doing better but far from healed. Seeing someone at UW Sports Medicine Clinic tomorrow.

Was really quite content after dinner. I adore warm sunny weather. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

29 March 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had to make out next year [schadad] this morning. Got [our upset soup] today. Got a lot of incompletes and an F in history. Dad picked me up after school and we came home and worked on the Plymouth put new break[sic] on the [page whole]. Laurie and dad and I drove around town for a while tonight [teaching her] how to drive. Coke $.10. Spent $.10.
Not the greatest day, not the worst either. Slept badly last night. Needed a double dose of ambien because I woke up, got all wired up, couldn't get to sleep still, took another dose. Then I woke up at 4. So, tired. Had a decent workout though. Went downtown and mostly just ran some programs all day, but also did some other stuff while it was going. Got most of the way through submitting my alcohol paper to Drug and Alcohol Dependency, but got stuck on the review-and-approve portion.

I went out back behind Harborview for lunch but it was kind of cold. Probably near 60 but the wind was blowing back there so I didn't stay out very long. My foot felt pretty good all day and I walked mostly normally all day, especially from the IMA over to the rotunda. This evening it hurt more though.

I guess not much else to say. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

28 March 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Didn't sleep hardly at[sic] last night. Got out of jail this morning after breakfast. Dad took me home. Sure glad to get home. Took a bath and then Laurie came down. We both went to dinner at grandma's and then about 7:00 we walked down town and went to the show at the Liberty. The [Green] Mother [show]. Sure was good. Dad took Laurie and I home. Got to bed about 11:15 tonight. Show $1.50. Spent $1.50. 
Busy day today. I slept pretty well, until 4:44. Well, a little before that; that was when I looked at the clock. So: pasta last night, decent sleep, and time to hydrate = GREAT workout. I decided to lighten up the weight and do lots of sets/reps to get back into the swing of things and I really crushed it (to use modern parlance). Was really wiped out at the end.

Came home and started working on Coptic stuff, running the big data set merge. So far everything's running error free (ish). This always takes several days to run, not constantly, just getting everything to run without errors. The energy guy came by at 10 and examined the house and stuff and came up with some estimates on how much things would cost. We'll probably put in gas. That took until noon. Packed up, went to McD's and. . . .forgot my phone. So, got the stuff to go and went back home. I've been forgetting my phone a lot. Well, more than I used to. I think because it used to be a novelty and now I'm used to it.

Anyway, got to Cascadia around 1 and made up the cost estimate. Turns out the one contractor wants Meg to do it anyway, so I'm off the hook. Also TT asked me to write the assessment for something at the tip of Alki point. Shouldn't be too big of a deal, not much has been done up there and it's very developed. Mostly I need to lift stuff from others around there. . . .actually, I may have some from another project I did. (yes, on W Marginal Way SW) I stayed there until around 3 and then came home. . .actually more like 3:20 cuz I talked with Randall and Mike for a few outside.

Didn't do much when I got home except unload the dishwasher and get dinner going. We walked up the hill to the west and I tried to walk normally, but. . . .well, the last 1/3 it went okay. Still hurts though. That little tiny wound has caused a lot of pain down there and ended up being a much bigger affected area. But we'll see Thursday.

Sunny this afternoon and the rest of the week will bring nice weather. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

27 March 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got to shave this morning and also got to take a shower. Finished up my [Literature] this morning and read a real good pocket novel. Brother of the [Cheymatigo] before going to bed tonight. I think this has been the longest night I have ever spent in my life. 
What happened today. Slept okay. Had waffles in this morning. I didn't do much of anything all morning. Took a short nap (I woke up around 4:15 I think). Mostly just sat in front of the TV. Left around 11:45 and had lunch at McD's. I just had fries today and a bit of the Spousal Unit's burger. Did the usual shopping and junk. At home I spent about 45 minutes on the guitar mostly practicing with the pick today. That's something I really need to work on more. Well, and everything else. We made tuna steaks (well, one) for dinner and didn't turn out well. Too much teriyaki and overcooked. Well, firs time.

Walking went okay. Started out fairly sore but I tried to walk sort of an exaggerated normal and it eventually went pretty well.

Also continued messaging with Fiona as well. If you recall, a couple of years ago she 'dumped me'; I dunno why, just got tired of me I guess. But she was chatting a bit today and we may see each other next week. I do rather miss her. She's a good person. Mom seems a bit strange though.

My mom told Janice (her cousin) that sometimes she feels like just giving up. I can understand. Janice encouraged her though; told her we all get that way sometimes and she's made 75% of the way already. Which is a lie. Well, I dunno. She has done remarkably well though, I think much better than many of the doctors and nurses thought she would.

Was more or less rainy and cool all day, but it did get up to 55. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

26 March 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Slept pretty good last night considering the [hode] up here. Had the same rotten junk to eat today. Laurie sent up another sack of candy bars. Did some work on my Literature today. Sure am getting restless up here. Turned in early tonight. 
I was going to suggest maybe he learned his lesson from all this but he ends up losing his license again later on.

I had a decent day. Slept pretty well. Went out for breakfast, meh. I didn't do much this morning. Well, I did use the callous grinder and grind off some of the callous around the injured area. Still couldn't see anything that might still be underneath and it didn't make it feel all that much better. Tonight it was back to hurting like normal, too. So, I guess I'll keep my appt. for Thursday.

Left around 11:15 to go to an estate sale. Nothing there worthwhile, although there were some Infinity Qb's that most people think are very good but I had some Qa's once and I didn't like the sound. The tweeter was far too bright for me. Some neat stuff anyway, but didn't buy anything. We went for lunch at NGate and then went to grocery store and then the estate sale I went to yesterday. One of the ladies brought her dog, a little thing that just had one eye removed. Adorable little thing. She was a rescue and a sweet little dog. The Spousal Unit bought a book.

Came home and I watched a movie. The Big Lebowski. I thought it was forgettable. I only decided to watch it because Shannon the romance novelist is keen on it. So I have disappointed her again. I drank a low alcohol beer.

Played the geetar a bit and found I can almost play I Am Weary, Let Me Rest with good facility. I am, in fact improving. Actually, now I'm paying more attention to the strumming technique, although I still need a ton of repetition on chord fingerings so they're effortless.

We walked at NGate again, mainly because I wanted smooth floors to walk on. Not much excitement. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

25 March 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Had a hard time sleeping last night. Woke up long before light this morning thinking of Laurie. Same old slop for chow today. [Dave] came up to see me this morning and Mr. Ball* was up this afternoon. Got a nice letter from Laurie which kind of picked me up a little. Did some work on my American Literature this evening but really just [laid] around and [slop] a lot today. Sure is dull. 
* Mr. Ball is Barbara's dad, I believe.

I had another decent day. Slept pretty well, although needed some assistance in the middle of the night. Made eggs this morning for breakfast. I did some cleaning and some piddly stuff first thing and then went to Cascadia around 8 or 8:30. I did little to no actual work there, just bizzy work that had nothing to do with work. TT did give me a packet of stuff to start an estimate for but it turned out to be the place right next door to the big, ugly place with the site and burials and junk. This means two things: 1) It's ugly and I don't want to do it; and 2) At least the owners think we did well enough next door to try us again -- one assumes they talked to the new owners next door. I have a feeling it'll end up like the other one, but whatever.

So, left there around 11:15 and went to an estate sale up in Shoreline. I bought a Linda Ronstadt record -- Simple Dreams -- and was very happy with myself, but then came home and found I already had one! Both mint though, I think both owners bought it for the, ahem, art work. I went back to NGate for lunch and then went over to Mathews Beach for another sale. This one had a pair of Bose 901's which were gone in the first 5 minutes (I asked) and the book I wanted was also gone (Washington State Place Names), but I got a couple of history books. Was a nice day so I walked a ways to get there.

Came home, put stuff away, and then headed to UVil. Had to return the cable I bought yesterday because TT found the old one. Sat in SBux for a bit, meh. Came home, practiced guitar. You know, I'm finally at a point where I can see progress and where I need to go. This is farther than I got last time. My fingers are much stronger and are positioning themselves better. I mostly worked on Song to the Siren, an old Tim Buckley song. Also one of the ones on the Ronstadt album (Old Paint) is also a simple old western song which I will practice on for a day or so -- just DCG chords with the capo on. So I'm pleased. I actually look forward to playing now. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

24 March 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Today was visiting day. Dad came up to see about[sic] noon. Got a note sent out to Laurie. Dad sent me some more things up here for me to eat. Did some reading on my American Literature book today. Am calling in early tonight. 
I kinda feel sorry for him but not really.

Listening to Victoria's Responsories for Tenebrae, traditionally sung on Maundy Thursday, which is today. Will listen to Jesus Christ Superstar and Allegri's Miserere tomorrow.

I was quite productive today. Slept somewhat okay, woke up an hour or so after initially going to sleep and then was all wired up. Slept on the floor the rest of the night and woke up at 4:20 to bizzy cats. Right before I woke up I was dreaming about being downtown and then trying to go up the hill by way of some stairs on a building which brought me into a flaming gay barber's place (and he was a terribly barber to boot). Glad to wake up then.

Made pancakes for breakfast. I started brewing a batch of beer right around 7. I went up to the Slaveway for some filtered water (3 gallons) and then started the process. I may not make this my signature beer. As I mentioned, it costs $30 for two gallons, and I think that, although I will certainly make it because it's a good dark bitter, I would rather have something like a somewhat darker and hoppier old fashioned domestic, like an old Schlitz or something. I'll still call this St. Elsinore Bitter. It will be my line of low-alcohol fine American beers. And I'll make a fortune.

Anyway. That whole process took until like 10:30 from bringing up the pans and junk until final cleanup. I think I got a good reading on the hydrometer, too, so I should have a good idea of the alcohol in it.

I did some work for Cascadia, too. TT wanted to know if I could go to the UW library for a couple of things, but I found both online. One was a book in Special Collections that they've scanned in and one was a Seattle Time paper from January 10, 1954. Nice. Went to McD's for lunch and then came home and piddled around some more and then went to UVil and got a cable for TT and then some dinner stuff. Not much scenery, except for one fairly spectacular pair of leggings, etc.

Had a good practice session on the guitar, assisted by the BEER that I was drinking! On a THURSDAY AFTERNOON. The 3.8 stuff I bought last weekend. Still not my favorite flavor and I shan't buy it again, but it really was okay to drink it and I don't really feel it at all now. I noticed my pinky finger has gotten much stronger and I'm using it on a G chord more "vertically" if you will. I.e., more like a real guitar player does it. Was very pleased.

Also set up the roof and made a doctor appt for my foot. That means it will be healed over the weekend. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

23 March 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Had a real restless night last night. DIdn't get much sleep but am not a[sic] all tired or sleepy. Read most of the day today. [Found] a pocket novel I was [working]. Also read some in my Literature. Don't think I will get much sleep tonight. 
Well, duh, you're in jail.

I had a decent day. Well, no, a really good day. I woke up at 3:30 and I decided I wasn't going to get back to sleep without assistance so I took a small fragment of ambien and it did the trick. Slept until a little after 5. I originally woke up and thought I was downstairs. Was on the floor for the last bit.

I sat around as the Spousal Unit had decided to call in sick today, made breakfast, bathed, and then did a little work before heading downtown. I had a good day. Chatted with lots of the people, and Engi invited me to her wedding! In Fiji. So, probably won't go (it's in June), but I'm very proud that she thought to invite me. *warm fuzzies* Talked with her, talked a bit with Jillian, Rowena, and Pam. Just a nice day, and I got a decent amount done, too. Felt at home there.

What else. Not much. Talked with Engi almost an hour. Ride home was uneventful. I listened to Jesus Christ Superstar on the way. I do try to listen to that every Holy Week. Decided to start the process of having another look at my foot. It was not any better today. I looked at the floor in the area where I injured it and found a chunk that looked like a large sliver had been taken out, but I can't swear that it was recently. But I'm feeling more and more like there's still something in there.

Walked at NGate because it was raining. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

22 March 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Woke up this morning long before light and couldn't get back to sleep. Same old mush and the damn beans for lunch. Got a letter from Laurie and someone sent up a sack of cookies. Spent most of the day do[sic] my history assignments and reading whatever I could get a hold of. Read a magazine until the light about out tonight. My [eyor] hurt from the light hour(?). I guess that is it. 

So I slept downstairs last night because the cats had taken over the couch upstairs. I actually slept well. I think I woke up around 3:30 but managed to get back to sleep which I didn't think I would. I made oatmeal this morning and I didn't really like it. I dunno, just don't care for it anymore. Stupid paper got rejected again so I am attempting the alcohol journals next. I spent most of the morning, here and at Cascadia, reformatting it for the next journal and getting the stuff together for that. Did a little thing for Teresa, too.

I left there around 11:15 I think. I just made some leftovers from dinner for lunch. I went to the brewing store about 1 and got some stuff for a new batch of bitter. Total cost was about $30 which I think I calculated earlier, too. So, not really cost effective, except that if I can control the alcohol % I'll be able to at lest make something I can drink regularly.

I went over to SBux after that; meh on the scenery. Stopped by the frame shop and finally got a frame for some little fancy Chinese paper cutout that we got while there in 2007. So it's been sitting there for almost 10 years. JAYsus. Well, I didn't know what the Spousal Unit planned for it, but TALK ABOUT PROCRASTINATION.

Foot still hurts, too. I'm going to the quack if it's not any better by Friday. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

21 March 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Am still couped up. Had the same old mush and beans today. Spent most of the day reading a pocket novel. "The Red Line Inn". About 1:00 a band of church people came up and sang and gave a little talk. 
I just spent five minutes trying to find "The Red Line Inn" and kept getting Red Lion Inns and got all ticked off and finally gave up. After a few profanities.

Be that as it may. . . .I slept okay last night but had an incipient anxiety attack (or whatever) and resorted to a couple of. . .well, a couple of small chunks of ambien and that did the trick and I slept well. Made breakfast here as no gym this morning, and ate too much. Just eggs and toast but I put my leftover bacon from Sunday morning on it and that was too much. I stayed at home all morning and worked on Coptic data -- getting the analysis data set up, lots of errors, etc., SNAFU -- and the roof guy came at 9. He said it was just the chimney that needed fixing. First one to say that and also that we didn't need a new roof. He said it looked more like a commercial roof job, which would explain why it's lasted so long (since 1989). What he said made sense to me, so I think we may have a go with it. I worked until around noon and then went to McD's for lunch.

Came home and piddled around mostly, I think. I'd put a pork butt in the slow cooker at 11:30. Spousal Unit came home a little before 2 so we went to McD's because I needed ice cream, and then she went to the dentist at 3. I hung out and then went to the same dentist just before 4. Mary was there, who is and remains absolutely stunningly gorgeous. Didn't chat for too long though, sad to say.

Rained most of the day, probably could have walked outside but went to UVil instead cuz the Spousal Unit had to go to Bartell's and we got a few grocery items. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

20 March 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Still in this lousy can. Same old mush for breakfast. Had some stew for dinner. One of the [trusters] give me a piece of cake. Worked on my history most of the day.
On the plus side, at least the posts are short and mostly readable! I wonder if he'll learn that studying can make school better while he's in there?

I slept quite well last night. I woke up after an hour or so (dishwasher was still going) and had a touch of heartburn so I swigged a little Pepto before going to the TV room. I slept on the floor the whole night, which probably helped me sleep. I do think that almost the more uncomfortable I am the better I sleep.

We decided to go out for breakfast this morning since we're eating in all week, which we do anyway, but will be making proper breakfasts since I'm not going to the gym first thing. Wasn't the best, well at least the bacon wasn't. Usually they make superb bacon. Which is the main reason I go there. All morning I think I piddled around although I started on a new post. Oh! I chatted a lot with Shannon, the anonymous romance and smut writer! We haven't chatted in weeks and I really missed it. She said she did, too, so that made me feel better. She's got a wicked sense of humor.

Watched the last 20 laps of the gran prix of Australia, too. I did not take a short nap all morning since I got enough sleep. We went to McD's for lunch and then just did the usual UVil shopping thing. It started raining in the morning and then kept up all afternoon until about 5:30, so we were able to walk outside. Very pleasant.

This afternoon I spent mostly watching the NASCAR race and practicing guitar. Good practice, too. I'm really starting to see how much work it will really be to get anywhere near good enough, and will require just a ton of repetition. I guess I didn't really clue into that when I was a kid playing trumpet which is why I never got very good, although good enough to perform I guess. I really would like to see myself and have others see me as A Guitar Player. I think I shall embrace cousin Michele's advice and repeat that over and over to myself. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

19 March 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954. . . .in the slammer! (Friday):
Had some [damn] stuff to eat this morning and at noon. Beans and mush. Dad sent up a box of candy and Mr. Ball sent up my school books. Did some work on my history. 
I think I can definitely look forward to 10 days of short entries. Heh. He'll probably get more studying done than in the rest of his high school career.

I had a so-so day. I woke up at 4 and got up because my mind was going a thousand miles an hour, but I went back to sleep for probably 45 minutes around 5:30. The Spousal Unit didn't get up until 7:30 so I just made pancakes. Kinda did nothing all morning, was tired. Took another short nap. Just didn't have a lot of energy all morning.

We went to NGate's Ivar's for lunch and I just had some salmon. Wasn't all that hungry. But THEN we went to the big wine and beer store by NGate and I found some beer with 3.8% alkyhol. Had a can of it this afternoon and, although I didn't care a whole lot for the taste -- bit too fruity and hoppy -- it was okay on the alcohol content. I could really drink the whole thing if I was really thirsty and not worry too much about feeling awful, although I kinda nursed it for an hour. So, I think I shall attempt to make my own <4% beer and tailor it to my liking.

Made dinner of all potatoes and vegetables on the grill and then went to NGate for a walk. I got an $80 fleece-lined flannel shirt (like a shirt-jacket) for. . .$8! Yeah. Wearing it now.

Was in kind of a pissy mood most of the day but then was listening to a song and reminded myself of Wisconsin and then felt better. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

18 March 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Got up about 9:00 this morning and went down to court. Got sentenced to 10 days in jail and no driving for a year. Driving without a license. Got thrown in the can right after court. Mr. [Barb] was up to talk talk[sic] with me a while around 2:00 I guess. 
Something too light to read in pencil right under that "[Luciene drie] to be returned" or something close.

But. . . .wow. 10 days in jail! I think he gets his license revoked later, too.

Anyway. Weird night. I woke up twice, both times really kind of suddenly with my heart beating kinda hard. Managed to get right back to sleep both times though. Ended up on the floor. Had a pretty good workout although I was kind of tired. Not many people there, last day of the quarter and all. Talked to Monnie some.

I went over to Cascadia and did a few minutes of work work and then started a new Car Lust post. I just felt like working out of the house. I came back around 11:30 and made ramen for lunch. Then down to UVil to cash a check and then hung out at SBux for a bit. Before I left for there I got out my cylinder and hydrometer and filled it with Kool Aid (type stuff) and let it sit out to get to room temp so I could experiment with the hydro. I measured it when I got back, and then dumped a little rubbing alcohol in it and read it again and it worked! The readings made sense and the computed alcohol % got higher when I dumped some more in. So now I can actually measure my own alcohol content and adjust it accordingly. I'm aiming for about 3% alcohol beer.

After that I sat around and tried to read Michele's book and drink a beer slowly. I'm actually getting a bit tired of the cheap beer. . . .yeah yeah, maybe I'm becoming a snob. Ha. No. Never. I just calculated how much my beer has been costing and I think if the bitter ale I make comes out to $30 for a batch (2 gal) it works out to $8.57 per 6 pack. Which is actually more expensive than the manufactured stuff. Which would be a reason not to do it except that if I can control the alcohol content it would be worth it. So we'll see.

Michele does have some really good stuff in her book. She had an extremely good and succinct description of Christianity in there that actually kind of choked me up some. Desperately needs an editor though. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

17 March 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to [sic] this morning. Had a [buzy began] assembly this morning. Had a [fiston] on [wild] lips. Everything else was about the same. After school I walked doen town and bought Laurie another ring $5.00. Helped dad at the church until supper time. Laurie [walked] me up tonight and she skipped church and I took her and her [sic] with me to the Donut Shop. Eats $.80. Just [box] $.40. Walked home about 9:30. Listen to the radio until about mid-night. Spent $6.20. 
My mid-back spasmed at the gym this morning right before squats and I only got one set in. Didn't hurt much all day except it was a bit. . .dully sore. Sucked. Anyway, I managed to sleep well again. The workout was quite good for the most part. Although for some reason even though I left nearly on time I was late getting there, partly due to the frost I had to scrape off the windows, then the lights kept stopping me, etc. Sheesh.

This is a kind of scattershot entry today.

I had a Skype call with the Kenya folks at 8 so we did that until a little after 9 and then I did a few tasks for that so I have my 10 hours in. Will probably go to Cascadia for a little bit in the morning. Otherwise, I worked at home and then went to McD's for lunch, stopping at Assumption to drop off the big crucifix. I walked in and said "Carol told me to drop off this super duper vampire deterrent". I think she wasn't all that amused. Anyway, I'm glad it has found a good home there.

Came home and futzed around a bit and then went to UVil to get my new card activated (have a new chipped one) and paid my Alaska card, and then sat in SBux for a few. A really attractive woman was in there who looked like one of the local news people. Couldn't really tell. If it was her she looks way better in real life than on TV. I came home and mad a mediocre guitar practice. Well, it was okay. I'm more apt to just concentrate on chord switching nowadays. I can tell my fingers are getting stronger though.

So. Walked. Tomorrow we may walk up to the thai place for dinner since it will be nice out and we are meatless tomorrow, too. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

16 March 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Had a marching practice this morning before the assembly. It was a [gannish] meeting assembly. Walked Laurie home after school and then walked back down town with Laurie and her sister. After supper at grandma's O went down to Ron's for a little while. Came home about 9:00 and studied on my History until after 11:00. Am sure tired tonight. Had a bite to eat and am getting to bed in a hurry. 
Good news: I can almost play "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Badly. But close! I practiced a good 45 minutes this afternoon and was doing quite well. Hate to take it up again this evening since I'd probably do badly and then feel bad. So I shan't.

Slept pretty well last night. Good workout, too. I came home and had my bagel and then went to Cascadia. I worked on the report for Ft. Ebey most of the morning and ate my yesterday's sandwich for lunch. Was listening to the old 98.9 radio station online -- Zeppelin all morning -- but didn't hear the transition to the new format. Which is hard rock! I was expecting either sports or some dippy pop music thing. We're going to get 30 days of commercial free stuff, too! I liked the selection, good mix of old and new and a few that I hadn't heard before. Reminded me of WAPL back home, without the hair metal and Kiss. So I'll have that on a lot for the next month.

When I got home -- by way of the hardware store for a wood screw -- I put up the old Mary and Jesus picture from St. Pat's. I need to write that on the back, too, for posterity. I like it there. Reminds me of home.

I went to UVil to drop off the cable box package and then to SBux for a bit, but only sat in the QFC one. Got some salad for dinner and then came home and did the guitar thing. Still kinda sloppy fingering, but they're going to the proper places more quickly and without thinking. Was even doing a halfway decent bar chord, though not quickly.

I walked most of the way of our long walk and my foot was doing kinda better. Sunny and maybe 53 today, pretty pleasant. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

15 March 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Laurie made it to school early this morning. Gave my [vocation/vacation] report this morning in English. Everything else was about the same. Walked Laurie home after school tonight. After supper I worked on my [sack outfit] in the basement. Got my ring back tonight that I gave to Laurie. Her old man brought it back and [shoved] it in the door. He took it away from [him] I think I will [know] in the morning. 
Wow. Laurie seemed to like him but her dad sure didn't.

Slept pretty well last night and woke up early enough to hydrate with a Diet Pepsi early and so had a pretty good workout. I did a low weight-high rep one and it durn near killed me daid. Really wiped me out. That's why I do it, of course. I came home, ate bagel, and then took the bus to U District to get a mocha and thence down to Harborview. I submitted my paper to a new journal although I probably bolloxed up the formatting. I managed to keep pretty busy the whole time, too except for the last hour when I read something on alcohol and Kenya around WWI. Had a chat with Rowena, too. I actually didn't have lunch because I was waiting for her but she wasn't out of a meeting until almost 1:30 and I had had a protein bar and bought a Subway sandwich but didn't feel like eating it that late. So it was almost like a fast today.

Anyway. Bus to UDist was chock full o' middle schoolers. Ride home uneventful. Had nothing for dinner so I went to the Slaveway and got some junk.

Otherwise, mostly blasé day. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

14 March 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Slept in until 10:00 this morning. Got up and went to dinner. After dinner I worked on the car and did a lot of work on my [rash honch]. Worked on it until about 4:00. Laurie's girl friend call up to to and so did Laurie and her sister. Had supper here about 9:30. Did a little bit of studying and got to bed about 11:00. Dad is about [sick] tonight. I [and] am a little tired.
So right now the old KLCK 98 FM is playing 6 hours of AC/DC. This morning at 6 it was Neil Diamond -- which I listened to most of and enjoyed it quite a bit -- and then Madonna from noon to 6. I'll probably listen more by the time it changes formats than I ever did in its old form. Which is, I suppose, why. . . .

Anyway, had a weird dream shortly after falling asleep last night. First I was at Tim's house (Madison) and eating dinner or something with Tim and Beth and I had been drinking wine and was starting to wonder if I was being too loud or something, but then they disappeared and I found myself alone in their house (which was actually not their house at all, it was kinda ratty) and wondering what I was doing there by myself in their house. Then I started feeling like I was sobering up and then I woke up. Whew. Weird. And now my bizarro dream is there for posterity!

Went to the TV room and slept the night on the floor. Sometimes it's kind of comforting in a way to sleep on the floor. My hips were starting to hurt by morning though. Woke up at 4:30 so between enough sleep, pasta for dinner, and hydration I had a BITCHIN' workout this morning. Could have gone for a couple of hours. I stayed home all morning and worked mostly on Coptic stuff. Michael offered me another 10-25% so I should be reasonably set for a while. At least making enough to hit my IRA limit again this year. That's the important thing. I even ate lunch in! Leftover thai. I did go to the UVil because I needed bagels and had to sit at the QFC SBux because the main one was full up. *harumph*

I practiced guitar for a bit when I got back. Went okay. Still having a lot of buzzing on C and G chords but my fingers are getting steadily stronger. That's the main thing I'm working on now is just getting the finger strength and dexterity. Am not worrying too much about song playing right now.

Went to NGate to walk because the Spousal Unit had to get a bunch of Cinnabons for work tomorrow. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

13 March 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Laurie came down real early this morning before her folks got up and talked to me a little while. Slept in after she left until about 12:00. After dinner at Grandma's I came back and worked on the car some this afternoon. Roy came by and picked me up and I played for the [Tony] dance tonight at the Y.M.C.A. Laurie couldn't go tonight. Dad picked me up and brought me home. Got to bed tonight around 1:30 this morning. 
Intrigue! Well, if my daughter were going out until 5 in the morning with some kid driving without a license I'd probably have his head, too.

Well. Slept pretty well last night and woke up at 4:15 which was really 5:15 because we set the clocks forward. Spousal Unit slept until after 7, probably 7:30 or so. Ate breakfast in. I started on the taxes pretty soon and all was going well until I filed them and then the stupid tax software neglected to get me to enter my new higher security PIN, then did it again with the Spousal Unit's higher security PIN, and didn't give me a place to enter it and it made me really irritated and I swore a lot. I get ticked off at software anymore. Well, you could have guessed that by now.

I watched a bit of the Indycar race, took a short nap, and then we went out to UVil to do our usual stuff. Wind picked up right about when they were predicting it to, about 1:30-2. Gusting up to about 60. Nothing major around here except the neighbor across the street had their roof coating start to peel off. I finished the taxes this afternoon and then did a few minutes on the guitar. I learned from the trumpet playing last year more of what practicing is all about so I think it's going better this time around.

Cooked dinner around 4:30. Managed to walk around here since it had stopped raining. It didn't rain that much today, mostly showers, but occasionally pretty heavy. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

12 March 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had an English test and a spelling test. Walked home after school. Laurie went down to her girl friends place. Laurie's old man and me had it out tonight. Her old man turned me in to the police for driving without a driver's-license. The dirty son-of-a-bitch. Got in home about 11:00. Am so dam mad tonight I don't expect to get much sleep. [Sotty] to [bit] a little after one this morning. 
He is a little trouble maker, isn't he?

I slept pretty okay last night. One thing I may not have mentioned, a radio station here just went off the air, or rather, is in the process of changing formats. Yesterday at noon they just started playing Frank Sinatra, and then they switched to The Eagles, and now they're doing Billy Joel. I have to say, I will miss that little station. Started in a sort of pop music format maybe 5 years ago? Maybe less. I started listening when I started really getting control of the anxiety (or whatever) stuff, and I was really enjoying listening to basic pop music without all the goofy (awful) dance and hip hop junk. So I will miss it.

Otherwise, we went out for breakfast as the Spousal Unit was up early because the cats were bizzy. After that, I set up the new cable boxes which were far more involved than I had anticipated. Took me almost an hour. Don't think I like the new format though, it's hard to read a lot of what's on the screen. I realized that I've been futzing with cable TV since the mid-1970s. Back then one of the first 'remote' channel switchers was a sliding thing (32 channels, I think) on a long cord. How far we have come.

We went to lunch at Wendy's because when I was staring out the window Marge and Norma drove by and told us to go there. So we had a nice visit with them. Then we went up to the QFC by NGate and then to an estate sale (nuthin). I came home and had a really good practice session, watched Twin Peaks and drank a beer. I had to drink one in my new/old Hamm's glass. Twin Peaks was on in 1990-91. I was living on 12th Ave and NE 50th at the time, with Ken my old college buddy. We thought it was awesome. I had, in probably September of that year, started at the County. . . .I think summer of 1990 I worked at UW and also Intiman Theatre. Met the Spousal Unit in May of 1990, too.

What else. Walked up at Northgate North, across the street from NGate because it looked like it was going to rain but it really didn't. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

11 March 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Skipped assembly this morning with Laurie and caught hell for that. Stayed after school and did some drawing until about 5:00. Walked home and dad took me to grandma's. After dinner got ready to play U.S.O. dance tonight. Roy picked me up and Laurie and played for that tonight. Went down to the Donut Shop after. Got home and in bed about 1:00 this morning. Eats Spent $.85.

Right now I'm irritated at my iPad because it's hung and I can't do anything with it. . .all because I. . .*GASP!!!!*. . . .tried to open a PDF file in the Kindle app. This is proof positive that electronics/software is not getting better, it's getting worse.

It's crashing iBooks, too. See? This devices are just plan crap anymore. Yeah, you can take pictures and send them to your dippy teenaged friends but you can't just just open a stupid file, let alone simply drag and drop a file to it without it barfing up all over itself.

ANYway. I plan on going to Wisconsin around July 19 to paint because Kansas is playing Oshkosh that day. Yay! Also, I am listening to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer because Emerson died today. Was never a really big fan although I acknowledge his talent.

I slept okay last night, but on the floor, just for fun. Was just on the margin of not being warm enough the whole night. Had a really good workout, too. Could've kept going for a while yet. I came home and then went to Cascadia. Seemed like it took forever to get there. Was behind a double-dump truck that had "WIDE ASS TURNS" on the back, heh. Did some piddly stuff and then started working on the Ft. Ebey report some, the background anyway. I went to NGate for lunch and had to walk the length of it to get cash. Ate there, and then went home for a bit. Went to the Trading Musician on Ravenna and Roosevelt to get a new capo for the guitar. Practice didn't go so well this afternoon. CanNOT get rid of the buzzing in G and D chords. Very irritating. I assume a lesson or two would take care of that, technique or whatever.

I went to UVil and sat in SBux for a bit. Meh. I came home and did the guitar thing and made dinner. Raining so we walked at NGate again. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

10 March 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got up this morning and dad took me to school. Had test again in first class. Stayed after school and took a Biology test. Laurie came to town with me to eat dinner at Grandma's. Laurie [our look] down to the [plans] about 7:30. I put in from 8:00 until two this morning in that [Venetian report]. [Sam on toad] and a little [Lbaop]. Laurie did some of her [break] keeping down her while I did my school work. 
Man, some of that was tough to figure out.

I had a good day, and a fairly busy one. Slept really good last night once again. Workout was really good, too. Came home, did a bit of work and then went to Cascadia. There was a big gas explosion early Wednesday morning that took out two full buildings near the 85th and Greenwood intersection. I could see some buildings with windows boarded up but not the missing building spot itself. I got there around 9:30 and only worked until a little after 11, just finishing up the one report. Came home, did a couple of things, and went to McD's for lunch and Norma and Marge were there so I sat with them. They had already finished and just sat with me while I ate. Nice visiting with them. They're hilarious.

I'd taken the two prints I brought back from Wisconsin with me and took them to the frame store and got two nice frames for them. One was the Memorial Union print and one was the drawing Emma (Michele's daughter) had done for her book. Both look nice. Did a few other things, too. I was practicing Gordon Lightfoot's "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" on my guitar for a while, too. Pretty simple chord structure, but I didn't have a capo so it sounded a bit off. I could learn that one though (A, E, G, D is all it is). Then I started cooking, just fried up some chicken for salad. Walked.

Speaking of walking, my foot did much better today. I think my strategy of walking normally despite it hurting is working.

Anyway, I also posted two links to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" and suggested it was something else. This is called "Rickrolling" which started a few years ago. For some reason, people just started making links to that song's video by making people think they were going to see something else. Sooooooo. . . . .I made one link to my mom's supposed recording of her talking today, and then I also put one on my ArchaeoBlog Facebook page saying it was to a recording of Hurrian Hymn. Heh.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

9 March 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up early this morning and too the Dodge and went down and picked Laurie up and we came up to [the plans hour]. [Shorty Hobby] with picked Laurie and I up and took us to Ellensberg to the [movie frontable]. Played most of the [by] in the all state band. Took Laurie to dinner at the New York Cafe $2.56. We ate supper at [Wabaties] $2.99. Played the concert at 8:00. Had a solo in the band with a piano called [Assandties]. Dad brought us home. Went up to lookout point with Laurie tonight after we got back. Spent $5.53. 
At least this Laurie chick doesn't seem to be a total drama queen.

I slept really well last night although woke up at 4:10. Meh. I did okay. Had a really good workout, too. I drove there and came home and then took the bus downtown. I chatted a bit with Rowena and Jillian (hottie cubicle neighbor) but mostly just worked fairly steadily until around 3. Well. I spent the last hour and a half or so just reading stuff. So I guess it was fairly productive.

The 76 bus now runs down 4th Ave. It used to go up 3rd (I think) and then go up to 5th and then almost right on the freeway, then it went through the tunnel for a few years (which I didn't like) and now it's rerouted again. Like it better, I think, not as far to walk to.

What else. Walked at NGate cuz it's raining like crazy. Last winter all the nitwit politicians around here were up in the mountains talking about how "climate change" was going to make snow almost forgotten and now we've had record rain and snow the very next year. Well, I shouldn't call them nitwits; they're just evil jerks.

Anyway. I got nuthin' else. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

8 March 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Everyone practiced their solos this morning in band in preparation for tomorrow. Had a big history test this morning. Went down town with dad after he picked me up from school. [Dayton a road] $.35. Came home and practiced some. Laurie's dad was down for a little while this evening. Ate at Grandma's. Stayed home tonight and got a [hair] out and got to bed about 11:00. Spent $.35. 
I slept magnificently last night. Really. Woke up once, went to the TV room, back to sleep, alarm. Workout was pretty okay, too. There was a tall, stunning blonde that I touched! Well, she had her headphones on and I touched her arm because she was staring at her phone and asked if she was done with the one squat rack. Heh. Other than that, not much excitement.

Yesterday one box arrived, the one with the glasses. One side was crushed and the Miller glass was rubble. Happily, the Hamm's made it okay. Today the big one arrived at 11:15 and I didn't even hear it. This one made it fine. Happy to have all of them.

Anyway, I worked at home all day and didn't accomplish a great deal although I finally fixed the date problem. Some dates were in the data as mm/dd/yy and others as dd/mm/yy but the former were in a date code and kept not importing/exporting properly. Took some doing, but I finally determined that the codes were the # of days since Dec. 30 1899 so I was able to convert them manually. There's still something funny about them though. All of the dd/mm ones seem to have only double-digit day numbers. Like nothing 1-9. Must investigate that tomorrow. I didn't even go to SBux in the morning. Am cutting back on that.I went for lunch at McD's though and got a Quarter Pounder for the first time in a long time. Wasn't too much for me to eat either.

I can't say I did a whole lot of work today. . .people aren't getting back to me, except for Sharon. Still haven't gotten the end-of-2015 data yet.

Had a half hour with the guitar. Was using the pick again and really just working on getting a few chords down without any buzzing at all. I was only marginally successful at that. The pick really uncovers those.

Walked around here tonight. Was really trying to walk normally on the left foot, although I'm not sure what 'normal' is anymore. Maybe I've been walking abnormally for a long time. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

7 March 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up this morning about 9:30 and walled down to Laurie's place about 10:15. We then walked down to the Baptist Church and stayed for the service. Laurie ate with me down at Grandma's after church. Play pool down at the [Toof] most of the afternoon $1.00. Went down and saw Ron at his place tonight. Went to a [ring] from out church about 9:30 tonight. Drove the Dodge around until about 1:30 this morning. Gas $1.00. Spent $2.00. 
Well, last night wasn't altogether pleasant. I woke up(?) before midnight and my guts felt awful. Really thought for a long time that I might throw up. Ended up. . .well. . . .let's just get it out there: Took a big horrible dump around 12:30. Kinda felt better. Still didn't feel well, but eventually went back to sleep, only getting comfortable on the floor. But I slept until the alarm went off at 5. Was thinking that maybe I should fast all day to clear my system out, but didn't bother.

First workout back was okay, I still felt kinda lousy. Came home, ate, did a couple of things, and went to Cascadia. I only worked on the one report, chatted with TT for a bit, too. No one seems to be very busy. I took off a little before noon and ate lunch at NGate and then got some more chamomile at the place across the street. Also went up to Spam's Club to get some allergy stuff for the Spousal Unit and a couple other things. I came home for a bit and then went to UVil to cash a check and see if the last one had actually bounced (it hadn't). Hung at the SBux for a bit, too. Was trying to figure out what to make for dinner that my stomach seemed to feel okay with. Ended up with humburgers and rice and green beans. Decidedly meh.

Came home and practiced guitar, this time using the pick for the whole session. Not a bad session. I figure if I just keep using the pick it'll eventually become second nature. You hear all the mistakes in fingering with a pick though. We walked at UVil, too, as my foot was hurting and the Spousal Unit needed cash. I decided that the foot hurts not from the original injury but from walking on it funny for almost two weeks so I was trying to walk normally. Don't know if it did any good or not. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

6 March 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 12:00 this morning. Laurie came down and woke me up. Had a neat time. [Yeah, I bet you did. ed.] Eat dinner at home today and did some studying in the afternoon. After supper down at Grandma's came home and cleaned up and then took Laurie down to a dance at the [Sy blat Toe] $1.50. Went for a drive before the dance. Gas $1.00. Had some eats down at [Ralfs] before going home $1.10. Got in [line] and in bed about 2:30 this morning. Spent $3.60. 
Flight last night went well, but a bit bumpy. Got home fine as well. Slept like a rock last night, too. I woke up around maybe 12-1 (I think) and went to the other room and then went back to sleep right away until after 5. Amazing what decent sleep will do. We went out to Burgermaster for breakfast which was quite good. Came home and I put away my things from traveling and then picked up the guitar for a while. I'm feeling good about the progress I'm making. It's actually fun to practice. I would like to be known as "the guitar guy". Heh.

Anyway, spent most of the morning doing little chores. Ethan, Michele's son, Friended me on Facebook. I like having them as a little family. Liz the speech therapist also Friended me this afternoon. Didn't recognize her full name at first ("Who the hell is that?"). Dayum, she married a hunky looking guy.

We just did the usual junk today, except also washing the SuBAru because when we parked it under a tree at the Slaveway some birds pooped all over it. Practiced guitar more this afternoon, too, while watching NASCAR race. I made Tater Tot caserole! I liked it. Had it with brussels sprouts. It rained most of the morning and then was okay, but around 5:50 it poured down hard. Last night it was still like 60 when I got in and it felt sooooo warm. 

5 March 2016 (Saturday)

[Written in flight from Wisconsin to Seattle]
No entry yesterday as I was out making merry until almost 8. Friday was a fairly bleh day for the most part. I remember waking up early, around 4, but had a decent night’s sleep anyway. I even left for the gym early and worked out for an entire 1.5 hours. It was cold in the gym. Did the usual, although spent much of the morning getting everything ready to be away. I went over to the Home around 9:30, later than usual. Didn’t spend much time there but talked with Liz.

Went for lunch at Rocky’s, and had MEAT. I decided to anyway since it was the last time I could for a while. Did several little errands, like packing up some glasses to ship out to me, and getting Jeff’s package of stuff ready. Got all the lights and such timered up. Kinda hung out for a while and then went to Gille’s and got a junior sundae. Still made me not hungry the rest of the day for the most part.

Went back to the Home around 2:45 and waited until it was time to go to the horse-pistol. Grrrrr. Turned out they couldn’t replace the feeding tube anyway since it was not put in using a balloon or whatever so they need to either pull it out (meaning she had to be off of coumadin for 3 days) or going through the throat which would require sedative. So we ended up doing nothing. Was going to meet Jerry and Linda at Ledgeview Lanes for fish, thought I was going to be way late, but got there around 5:40 anyway. We ordered. And waited. And waited. Took like an hour for the food to get there. But hey, I drank beer. And got some fries only, and then only ate half of them.

BUT. I had texted Sara the Nurse to say Bye (she’d been out) and wondered if she’d like to meet there and she did! Brought her daughter and they bowled while we ate, and then I went down and watched with them for a while. It was nice to see her out of the Home. Daughter is really sweet, too. Looks nothing like her.

So, had trouble falling asleep. I slept on the couch because I’d washed the sheet that day. Slept until 5, showered, went to McD’s. Forgot phone. Iced tea wasn’t out and they filled it up to the brim. Without ice. Grrrr. Also it had snowed and that ticked me off since I’d washed the car Wednesday. SO I WASHED IT AGAIN IN THE DRIVEWAY. Only with water, but still. Oh, met them for breakfast, too. Had coffee. Went home, finished packing and junk and waited for Michele to arrive, which she did around 11:15. So wonderful to see her again. We went over to mom’s, chatted for a while with Janice, and then went to lunch at Ala Roma. Michele and I went back home and talked for an hour before leaving for the airport. Adored talking with her for so long.

Anyway, airport process went fine, have a nice seat mate and everything is going pretty well. I ate a brat in the airport. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

3 March 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Laurie did my English for me this morning during band. Walked her home after school and then went down to the church. Went to supper with dad at grandma's and then went to church at Laurie's church. Had to walk back from her place. Got to bed about 11:30. Didn't feel like doing any studying tonight. Laurie gave me her class ring today. Eats $.50. Spent $.50. 

Typing this portion up at the Home this evening. I came by to Skype with Phyllis but they're not home yet. I will hang out for a half hour or so. Mom is in her underwear (read: diaper) which is a little uncomfortable but at least she's in a decent mood.

I drank wine last night but, surprisingly, slept quite well last night without assistance. I did wake up at 4 but that was okay since I went right to sleep and didn't wake up much. Workout was coooooold but okay. I was almost the only one there. I didn't do a whole lot of work today, mainly because no one at Coptic is responding to anything. I worked on the one report for Cascadia mostly. Mom had three visitors today and I think she liked it. She was in a chatty mood all day. I went for lunch at Rocky's but only got the salad bar and breadsticks. Checked prices at Enterprise (car rental) to see how much it would be to rent one-way to MKE if needed (around $60). Did a couple of other things, too, but I can't remember what they were (note: got the car washed). I came back after lunch and worked and took a short nap out in the sun room. Started to Skype with Phyllis then but the WiFi was awful so we gave up, that's why I came back this evening.

I went home and also did some more work on the report, and then tried to decide what to do for dinner, ended up going to the 11:11 burger place, which are awesome. Then went to Gille's. Walked at mall.

So mom was pretty good today. No real sad portions. I talked to my brother for a while and he also thought she really was tired of having us around all the time. So we're pretty much in agreement that she will be fine without us around. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2 March 2016 (Wednesday)

No entry for 1954, too late. Just got back from a quick walk after going to Schwartz's Supper Club for dinner with the family. Was looking forward to seeing Michele but her kid had a reaction to meds so she stayed home with him.

Slept well last night, albeit with help. Workout was pretty meh. Didn't do much work work today either, but I got most of my To Do list done. Mailed the pictures out this afternoon. Spent time with mom, although this afternoon she was kind of morose. Well, she gets kind of worked up and then goes off on weird tangents. Today she was telling me in no uncertain terms that she wanted me to take her home, take her to Marian's, and that Phyllis was going to go get Wes and Marian, etc. So she does have some deficits or weirdnesses going on.

Anyway, I got a lot done and dinner was really good. I drank wine because of dad's birthday. Hope my workout goes halfway decently tomorrow. . .  .

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

1 March 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had no band practice this morning. Stayed after school tonight until about 4:30 and worked on a drawing. Came home and then went to supper at grandma's. After supper I went down to Laurie's place and watched Television until about 10:10. Came home and did some study[sic] on my Biology lesson for tomorrow. Got to bed about 12:30 tonight. Am a little tired. Coke $.05 Spent $.05. 
Kind of a bad night again. Went to sleep, woke up, couldn't get to sleep, took 1/4 ambien, went downstairs, still couldn't sleep, took 1/3 ambien and finally went to sleep but woke up at like 3:45. Didn't feel too bad today though. Workout went okay. Actually quite well, my legs felt great. It had snowed overnight and snowed all day until around 3. I didn't use the 4WD at all and didn't have any real problems. I mostly did the usual stuff. Mom wasn't in a good mood today. Breakfast didn't go well as she was sleeping when Liz got there and she didn't eat much; was distracted by the other people in the dining room. This afternoon she was having some back pain and was in a bummer of a mood.

Found luggage straps at Shopko but they were rainbow colored so, no. I came home around 2:30, shoveled, talked to neighbors, played guitar for a while (good practice today), made dinner, walked. The vast majority of sidewalks were clear, unlike Seattle which is the exact opposite. Was going to get a couple bottles of tea but decided they were too expensive. Will try drinking coffee tomorrow morning instead as it's going to be like 3 degrees anyway.