Wednesday, February 3, 2016

3 February 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Took the Dodge down to Laurie's place this morning and then walked her to school. After school I took her down town to get her class ring. When we came back I did a little studying at her place and then she came to supper with me. After supper we came up to the house for a little while and then we went to a party down at the church tonight. She had to stay a while afterwards to practice a play. Got home about 10:30. 
So anyway, sometime around 4 this morning I had a bad dream. Seems the Honda was parked facing a river and I had to move it forward just a bit but when I did it went plowing right into the river. I opened the door while it was still sinking -- which I was thinking even at the time was not really the way it worked -- and swam to the shore, quite gallantly, and climbed out. Sadly, the Honda was last seen mostly submerged and floating downstream. That wasn't too bad, but the Spousal Unit showed up and I was sobbing that I'd drove her car into the river and ruined it!

I woke up and the feeling disappeared pretty quickly. Still. . . . .

Anyway, I slept okay otherwise, for the most part. Because I had time to drink lots of soda I had a really good workout, too. I think the new exercise (an old one really) is helping my shoulder, although I tried playing my trumpet this afternoon and it's been sore again. So I dunno. I played really well though, good tone, good fingering, didn't lose any range. Was really happy with my playing.

The Spousal Unit drove me to the gym and I took a bus back. I headed over to Cascadia pretty quickly and did a little bit of work there. Went to Spam's Club. Was going to go up to Lynnwood to get the parking pass from the Honda but decided against it eventually. So I went home, gave the cats some attention, and then got lunch at McD's. Counter guy had all kinds of warts on his knuckles, ick. Think he screwed up too, because the manager was talking to him outside. Kinda feel sorry for him. I hope he ends up doing well.

Saw a raccoon on the way to the gym this morning. Thankfully we did see him/her and he/she got out of the road, although we did slow down for it.

I went to the UVil and cashed my check and then hung out at SBux. When I got home I gave the cats more attention and then played the trumpet for about a half hour. My left arm did okay, some pain but not much. Went to UVil walking and got some groceries since it's raining.

I should explain my various sleeping problems over the years and how I got to this point. Well, heck, I'll start now. I didn't have much of any sleep issues apart from the usual occasional stuff until probably in the late 1980s. Probably 1989. I'd gone home to Wisconsin for a couple of months to work on my MA thesis. I'd been having a couple of alcoholic beverages before bed for a few years by that time, partly because I thought I needed it to get to sleep and partly as a security blanket or some such. I mean, it was comforting. The first couple of years out here I was. . . .not depressed. I dunno. Sort of in personal exile I guess. Anyway, I would belt down a couple of stuff whiskey-and-waters and listen to sad piano music and get all weepy and junk and then go to bed. I never thought of myself as anything approaching an alcoholic and still don't (seriously did not rise to that level), but it was a bad habit.

Anyway, back home I secretly kept up the practice (my parents did find out, kinda, but they were pretty much teetotalers), but after a few weeks I would go to bed, fall half asleep for about ten minutes and then abruptly wake up with a rush of energy. Kind of like the way I nap nowadays. It did that on and off for a while, even after coming back out here, but then it came on with a vengeance and I was going through that every night for probably three years. Nothing I did made any difference. Every night, same thing: fall half asleep, wake up, can't go back to sleep for 45 minutes at least. Sometimes I wold cycle through that 2 or 3 times. I could go out clubbing, come back at 12:30 exhausted and still go through the same thing. After a while I got dressed again and would go outside for a walk for maybe 20-30 minutes. I think I did that for most of the three years. In a way it was kind of pleasant, going for a walk every night at 10 or so. I became really cognizant of the changes of seasons during that time. It was incredibly frustrating. I'd even cut down my alcohol to only on the weekends, and even then not much, but it still persisted. It even traveled with me to Egypt in 1991 and 1993.

I finally went to Argentina, in 1994 I think, got all jet lagged, didn't drink a lick of alcohol while there and. . . .it mostly cleared up. When I got back I stayed totally sober and it pretty much got better. That was when I really quite drinking pretty much altogether.

Later it got worse again, which I shall hopefully relate tomorrow, if I remember it. 

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