Monday, February 29, 2016

29 February 2016 (Monday)

No 1954 entry because 1954 was not a leap year.

Good day today, for everyone. I had a pretty bad anxiety attack (or whatever) last night for some reason. Had a twinge of it earlier in the evening and then at 1:30 it walloped me. Went downstairs and had to have some assistance. Ended up sleeping until 5 so I felt fine today. Don't know what, if anything, may have triggered it.

Decent workout. Worked about an hour at home before heading to the Home. Took mom to the hospital for her swallowing test. I guess it went well, although that was not my impression. But Liz said tomorrow she is going to feed her some breakfast before any tube feeding happens and they will continue doing that and try to wean her off of the tube. That is definitely progress. She was in good spirits today, too. Quite talkative. I think she gets confused sometimes about who is here -- she asked me yesterday if "Tony was home" and was mentioning Barb to Janice today. I think that's weird connections, not any sort of dementia.

I had lunch at Culver's and then went and got two keys made, so I have a set to take home. I went to A&W for an ice cream and then back to the Home for a while. I worked out in the sun room for a while. Got take out for dinner cuz I had nothing here, and then went to the mall for a walk and look for luggage straps (found one) and then to Target (found three, none matched), went back to the Home where mom was buck nekkid and then we Skyped with Phyllis. 

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