Wednesday, February 24, 2016

24 February 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got in [here] this [many] about 5:00. Got a little sleep and then went up to school and saw Laurie for a while. [Laurie] skipped school today and we came up to the house and worked the car and sat here. We walked down town and Laurie bought a new coat. Laurie ate dinner down at Grandma's with me today. Watched Television down at Laurie's place until a little after [min]. Walked home and went to bed. $.25 bottle of milk. $.50 gas $.20 pop Spent $.95.
Not a bad day today. I just got back from eating dinner at Applebee's up by the mall. Meh steak. But I wanted a slab of meat. I also drank some beer (!) late this afternoon. I dunno, I'd just had a salad for lunch and spent part of the afternoon at the Home and then didn't have any sort of snack. So there. I also took over admin of an Advent Loudspeaker Facebook page from some guy. I'll post stuff every now and then. What else. Really slept well last night, too. Also took the Sydney papyrus out of its frame (not terribly gently, it had been glued in) and replaced it with the Flight into Egypt papyrus and will mail it back to Seattle with the St. Pat's Mary and Jesus. I kept the Sydney one in there and it's now safely behind the other one so someone will have a little surprise when they open it up at some future date.

Had a decent workout, not terribly inspired though. I may wear a thermal shirt tomorrow; it's cold in that place.

Also did a couple of bills and took care of a bunch of mail. Some of the pool women came to see mom. I think she liked it but was getting tired and in some pain by the time they left. I dunno, I think she has a lot of pain/discomfort in her back and legs during the afternoon. But the PT said she'd been able to get her standing by herself which was a first. Mom's been active and sort of leaning forward to almost stand during the afternoons.

After dinner I went to DQ and then walked the mall. Decent walk actually. 

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