Tuesday, February 23, 2016

23 February 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up [our hor] at Lola and Ray's this morning about 9:00 and Roy and I went down to see what I could find in the way of jobs. Spent most of the day down town. When we got home I worked on the car a while and watch television some. Started back to Yakima about 1:30. Stayed for a show in Seattle $1.25. Got in Yakima about 5:00. Had a flat tire in the pcarsion] on the way. It sure was a [bull] of a drive. A big storm was in the pass. Gas and oil $5.00. Spent $6.25.
I think he was in Everett or at least somewhere in Puget Sound where his brother(?) Ray/Roy (Ray, I think) lives.

Mom was much better today. Liz sat down and said when she saw her around 1:30 or so she was very despondent and wouldn't work with her at all and kept waving her away and saying she "couldn't do anything for me" and being very teary. But she was fairly talkative in the morning and had some visitors around noon. She was even looking through the visitor book and, I think, reading it. We got her a book from the cart but Liz came in and said she couldn't read that sort of thing yet. I believe her (probably) but I thought we could keep it anyway and she could try if she wanted.

Otherwise, I slept really well last night and a decent workout. Cold in that gym though. I worked on the Ft. Ebey report for a while this morning and then went for lunch at Panda Express. I can get that in Seattle but I felt like something different from Rocky's/Culvers/etc. I went to Menard's and got an alarm for the one basement window. Small thing but it makes a lot of noise. I also got together a few things I'm going to ship back to Seattle including the Mary and Jesus picture that was in St. Pat's, and a couple of other things. I'm going to put the drawing Emma gave me into the frame that the Egyptian Sydney is in; it's a stupid thing but I guess I should keep it. I'd also like the one barn building one, too.

Ate in and then went for a good walk mostly downtown. Foot was hurting much less today. 

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