Sunday, February 21, 2016

21 February 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up this morning about 9:00. Went out and got a place cleared out in Ray's shop to park my car. Got it in there this morning. Went down town with Ray and mailed a letter. Watched television most of the afternoon and up until about mid night tonight. Had a bite to eat before I went to bed. Got to bed about 12:30. About all it has been [doing some] I have been here is raining. 
I'm writing this up in the afternoon around 4. With a glass of Leinenkugel's Big Butt Doppelbock beer. A wine glass of it. Decided what the heck. I woke up at 3:30 (again, duh) and decided to go back to sleep with some assistance since Saturday I woke up at 4 and was tired all day. Slept until 5 after that. Have decided not to see mom as much the rest of the time I'm here; she doesn't want me in therapy with her and I really think she's ready to be more on her own to work on her rehab. Doesn't seem all that thrilled to have me around either. I mean, not like she hates it or anything, just not terribly chatty and such. Mostly I think she doesn't want me/us fussing over her all the time.

So anyway, went back to McD's for breakfast mainly because I didn't feel adventurous. Foot hurt still. Sara the Nurse offered to dig around in my foot but eventually decided she didn't have a proper tool. I may give it a few more days and maybe even run on it a little to 'encourage' whatever it is to work its way out. After breakfast I did two loads of laundry and then went off to see mom because we had planned on Skyping with Phyllis at 10 or so, which ended up not happening. Nurses were at least happy to see me.

Went for lunch at Culver's out on 23 by 151 and then did a little shopping at the Festival out there. It's better than Pick N Save, but too out of the way to go out there regularly. I'm making Tuna Helper tonight so I will have pasta to eat several times this week. I brought that home and then watched a bit of the Daytona 500 and fiddled with my guitar and then took a short nap. Went back to Home and fiddled around until Phyllis could call in and then mom more or less fell asleep. I think she's kinda tired of being fussed over. I said that above but I really do think she's getting tired of family always hanging around.

So, here I am at home and I plan on making dinner, going for a walk, and then hanging out the rest of the evening.

UPDATE (post walk): I walked all the way up to Pioneer Road to check out a little pioneer cemetery (Pier) that I never knew existed. Gate was locked so I couldn't go in. I started out listening to the Beach Boys' Endless Summer album (song kept repeating from a previously unknown Repeat button that I accidentally pressed) which I chose, not because it feels like summer here, but because it's really emblematic of my first kind of nostalgia period, which would have been my high school years. I'd been a lousy student up until that point (late junior high, 1976) but when my sister moved out and I got her room and sometime in there I bought a small stereo and started getting into school more (mainly because I was deciding to go to college). I would sit in my room and listen to music, much of it the Beach Boys on LP, and study. I enjoyed it. I started doing better in school and enjoying it. I know it wasn't really all happy and stuff, but it was one of those times of my life I'm legitimately proud of. 

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