Saturday, February 20, 2016

20 February 2016 (Saturday)

No 1954 entry again since I am typing this at the Lutheran Home. Waiting until 7 to Skype with Phyllis. I just turned off the feeding thing since mom was motioning for me to do that. Was making her stomach feel bad, I think. She's not sitting up really straight which may have caused some discomfort.

But that's not the big news.

When I first came in this morning the nurses told me she was being sassy and that she had yanked out her feeding tube and then blamed Sara the nurse who, she said, told her to. Well, no, obviously, she just told mom they were working on getting it out. . .you know, eventually.

So anyway. I started telling MOM about how I had to go to a physician since my foot still hurt and that I thought I had a splinter in it.

Do you know what she had to say about that?

"Is that all?"

So yeah, Mom is still in there.

But I do need to see a doc about it.. It is still hurting after more than a week and I think I can see something stuck in there, maybe a splinter. There's a place on the corner of Johnson and Main which I will probably go to Monday. I'm going to put ZMO oil on it anyway just to see. The pool people at breakfast told me to do that. I think it will fail, but whatever.

Janice was at the Home when I was there and we went to Gille's for lunch. I had a double burger and it was quite good, much better than the hot dog I had last time. She dropped me back off at the Home and I drove up to Oshkosh to the outlets. I only went to the Jockey store for some test underwear and some waffle shirts, and then Vanity Fair for two new pairs of jeans (both Lee/Wrangle). Came home and put in some laundry and then went to A&W for a root beer ice cream while it was going and then did some guitaring while waiting for it to finish. I hung a bunch of the clothes out on the lines and then went to the grocery store because I had nothing for dinner (went to McD's for breakfast, Eden Grille with the pool peeps for coffee). Came home, finished the laundry stuff, and then poured a beer and sat on the porch and fiddled with the guitar. After eating, I went for a walk and then came here. 

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