Friday, February 19, 2016

19 February 2016 (Friday)

Missed last night because I didn't get home until later again. I was just at the Home, I think. Yesterday was pretty good; I slept very well, staying in the bed the whole night (IIRC). Mom had an accident when I got there in the evening, and had another one this evening. I dunno, they need to do something about that. She did well today, was speaking a lot and I understood quite a bit. She can talk fairly well when she slows down and concentrates. Didn't sleep all that well last night. I came downstairs after a while and went back to sleep on the couch but then woke up at 3:30, not realizing the time until almost 4. I went back upstairs and managed to fall back to sleep. Was counting backwards from 900 by 9s this time. Got stuck between 720 and 630 for quite a while.

Had good workouts both days. I went over to talk to Liz this morning and she thinks mom's memory is pretty good but that we need to do some repetition for her to remember things. That's why I don't think she's fully aware of Hank and Marian, they may have only told her once. Otherwise, I went to the funeral home and got things arranged for The Future, at least getting a cost estimate so we can put away $$$ for the burial trust. Runs to about $6400. Jeff hadn't included any memorial service in his plans, but I think the people here would like at least a Mass for her. One of us could get back for that at least, and even if not, the funeral home could arrange that. I think it would be a good thing.

Also saw Meghan at the Bank! She was very helpful with us last year and then she disappeared on family medical leave for a while. Turns out her dad was dying and she had to take care of him for 3 months. Poor thing. I like her though, she has a good heart.

Went out for fish at KC Hall with the relatives. Pretty good. The neighbor chick was there again.

Walked at the mall again (foot) and I think I'll get a hard case for the plane trip back. Didn't talk to mom for very long because of her accident but a few minutes. 

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