Friday, February 12, 2016

12 February 2016 (Friday)

No 1954 entry today, I already packed up the diary. Picked the Spousal Unit up last night, lots of traffic at the airport. For once I did not leave the house until I was texted that she had landed. It would have turned out almost perfectly except that because of the traffic nearing the Arrivals pickup area she had to wait for a bit. Otherwise, the timing works very well.

I slept really well last night. Woke up like three times and went right back to sleep every time up until the alarm. I slept with my bar foot out all night, too. It was still sore this morning but after working out and stuff it felt much better. Workout was really good. REALLY good. I packed and junk most of the morning apart from doing a bit of work work. We went for lunch at Taco Time and then I went over to Cascadia for a little bit, and stopped by a florist on the way home for some valentines flowers for the Spousal Unit (and Daisy). Fiddled around the rest of the afternoon and then went out to the thai place for dinner. Meh. Well, I had to order mild stuff so the Spousal Unit could eat it later. Went to NGate and got Cinnabon for dessert.

So, off to Wisconsin tomorrow. Sunny and 7 degrees apparently. 

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