Monday, February 1, 2016

1 February 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. The Plymouth is still broke down. The [seniors] got their [assembly shots] this morning. Walked home from school. Laurie walked me home tonight. She [made] down to the church with dad and I and then I took her home. Went over to her place about 7:15 and played checkers and [Mopology] until [way] up in the morning. Got home and in bed 1:30 this morning. 
Might be Monopoly up there but didn't really look like it.

Managed to sleep well last night despite being awake a lot. It seems to be surprisingly difficult to count backwards by 3s from 300.

Anyway, I had a really good workout although kind of got tired out near the end. Walked up to the HUB afterwards and drank a soda and ate my bagel. Mostly chatted with Shannon and Sonja while there, then went to SBux and saw Dennis the alcohol guy. Chatted a bit, need to go see Grace about which journal(s) to try next for my paper. Walked up to the Ave and happened to catch a 71 in about 2 minutes, go me. So, got home, gave the cats some attention (10:15 by then) and then went to Cascadia. Didn't have much to do, just made up a summary, sent off a bid, and then futzed around for a while. When I was leaving I got a call from the client I'd just sent the bid to. Sounded like a young(ish) woman, and so I answered a couple of her questions. Should be going up to do that field work next week.

I went to NGate for lunch and then went back home, checked in with the cats (i.e., popped out a few treats and some pets) and then went to UVil to cash a check and sit in the SBux. So some guy grabbed my drink off the counter as I was walking up and gave it to me, commenting on my Packers sweatshirt. Couldn't tell if he was gay and hitting on me or what. Actually, I was kind of preoccupied and ended up just sort of confused and such so it's not like it was uncomfortable or anything. Besides, too much scenery to worry about some dopey guy. Sat there for a bit and then went home. Did some minor chores and then headed up to Lynwood to drop the car off when the Spousal Unit texted that she was leaving. Went up there and then sat in another SBux to wait for her. Two middle-aged (40s, I guess) women were at the next table (one rather attractive, the other not so much) and one of them said "Dude is showing off his man parts." (looking at photographs) I decided that was funny but didn't pursue it further.

So, that was about it. Shoulder did okay today, probably much sorer yesterday due to sleeping on it on the floor. I can do dips okay, and also overhead presses, less so flys on the machine. The new (not really, I used to do them) rotator cuff things might be working, it feels more secure after doing them anyway. 

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