Monday, February 29, 2016

29 February 2016 (Monday)

No 1954 entry because 1954 was not a leap year.

Good day today, for everyone. I had a pretty bad anxiety attack (or whatever) last night for some reason. Had a twinge of it earlier in the evening and then at 1:30 it walloped me. Went downstairs and had to have some assistance. Ended up sleeping until 5 so I felt fine today. Don't know what, if anything, may have triggered it.

Decent workout. Worked about an hour at home before heading to the Home. Took mom to the hospital for her swallowing test. I guess it went well, although that was not my impression. But Liz said tomorrow she is going to feed her some breakfast before any tube feeding happens and they will continue doing that and try to wean her off of the tube. That is definitely progress. She was in good spirits today, too. Quite talkative. I think she gets confused sometimes about who is here -- she asked me yesterday if "Tony was home" and was mentioning Barb to Janice today. I think that's weird connections, not any sort of dementia.

I had lunch at Culver's and then went and got two keys made, so I have a set to take home. I went to A&W for an ice cream and then back to the Home for a while. I worked out in the sun room for a while. Got take out for dinner cuz I had nothing here, and then went to the mall for a walk and look for luggage straps (found one) and then to Target (found three, none matched), went back to the Home where mom was buck nekkid and then we Skyped with Phyllis. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

28 February 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up this morning about 10:00 and started studying on my Biology. Studied until about noon. Grandma's eat[sic] my dinner up to [no] today by dad. Slept some this afternoon. Went down and got Laurie and she came up tonight and [bodypoliped] with my [standin]. I studied on my [moul] report from 10:00 until 12:30 this morning before I finished it. Staying to bed about 3:00 this morning. Monthly spending $36.25. TOTAL SPENDING FROM JAN $83.35.
Tomorrow is not a leap year in 1954 so no entry tomorrow and then we'll be a day off again!

Kind of a decent day today. I slept pretty okay, until just before 5. Hung out downstairs for a while and then took a shower and went to McD's for breakfast. Pleasant. I'd put some laundry in before I left so I put those in the dryer and then did a final bit, too. Piddled around a lot, fiddled with my guitar. . .I did look up a new beginning guitar course and found one that seems interesting. Starts out with three chords -- D, G, A7 -- that work for both some odd song and also one by Supertramp that I had fiddled around with earlier. Was practicing those a couple times today and felt like I was making some progress. I do remember when I was trying the Supertramp song last year I was much worse at it anyway. So I feel good about the geetar today.

Went to see mom at around 10, Janice and Sue came in around 10:30 so I went to the sun room for a while. Oh, two things about mom: 1) When I got in she heavily sighed and bowed her head like she was massively disappointed to see me. I don't know why. I think it may have been a joke. 2) She was looking over the church bulletin! She looked really interested in it and, if not really reading it, was really checking it out in some detail. Paged through the whole thing. I snapped a picture and everyone on Facebook was very pleased with it. She wasn't in that good of a mood this afternoon, but this evening she was mostly lying on her side in the chair which is a good thing.

I did very minor grocery shopping after lunch and then went back to the Home and watched NASCAR (Atlanta) with mom for a bit and then went home and drank  another beer! Shouldn't have but whatever. It felt good to drink that over an hour and practice my geetar and watch the race. Had to go to the store again for chips though. And a mango.

Was going to get a sundae and then park at the library again and walk up, but it was raining/snowing so I walked through Walmart instead. Partially to just get a walk in, but also to sweep the place for anything the house might need. I mostly walked every aisle, took about 30 minutes. 

27 February 2016 (Saturday)

No 1954 entry. Also writing this the next day.

I managed to sleep rather well Friday night, although I felt a little crappy because of the beer the night before. I went to McD's for breakfast and then went over to the Eden Grill to see the Pool People for a little while. Stopped by mom's for a little while and then headed down to Madison. Glorious day, around 53 degrees. I went to Tim's place and then we went to State St. Had lunch at the (former) Brathaus and then did some souvenir shopping. We went to the Union and checked out the terrace (under construction) and then drank a beer in the Rat. After the beer we went back and bought all the stuff I was looking at. I got a poster of a painting of the Terrace (like an old travel poster), a t-shirt for the Spousal Unit ("I Married Into This") and because they were 2-for-22 I got some dumb one for Stewart because I need more tshirts like I need a hole in the head. Also got some bagels from the Einstein Bros on State St.

Then we went back to Tim's and ended up drinking Tom Collins's in his basement Tacky Bar which is full of cool old stuff, including a pint glass with classic cocktail recipes which I also have and which is where we got the Conllins recipe. And called Ken. Had fun. I went home around 4:15, made it by about 5:15 and got a salad at Culver's. I decided to walk to see mom that evening, actually drove to the library lot and walked from there. About 15 minutes. Mom was in a good mood, good and chatty, and watching the TV. When I was about to leave at 7:30 she said, quite clearly, "You're welcome to stay" although she may have meant stay there the night.

Which leads into my next observation: Now that she's talking, I can begin to see some of the deficiencies she has. When she wasn't talking I really thought she was 99% "there", but now I'm thinking more like 85%. She says some confusing things every now and then. In the morning (or night, can't recall) she asked me if Tony was at home. Some other things were similarly odd. I should say, however, that some of this might be me misinterpreting what she's said or that I missed other stuff that would have provided context. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

26 February 2016 (Friday)

No 1954 entry today. Sitting here with mom at the Home right now. I was just at the mall and walked some and bought a guitar case. Nice guy, Jim Laab, has a piano and instrument store there. Gave me a really good price, too.

Mom did well most of the day. I guess she did well in PT and then in OT they had her, in part, put on her own lipstick since she had expressed some desire to do so. I think all these little normalizing steps are doing some good. However, this afternoon her back was giving her problems and this is how I described it in Facebook:

The following over about 25 minutes:
Me: Do you want to lie down, would that make your back feel better?
Mom: No. (in not so many words)
Me: Do you want to go in the recliner, would that make your back feel better?
Mom: No. (in not so many words) *minor sob*
Me: Are you sure you don't want to go in the recliner, wouldn't that make your back feel better?
Mom: No. (in not so many words) *sob sob sob* (minorly)
etc. etc.
Sara the Nurse: Aw, is your back hurting? Would you like to go in your recliner?
Mom: Why, yes, I would love to go in my recliner, thank you very much, Sara. (in not so many words)
So yeah, she continues to not do anything I suggest.

I slept pretty okay last night, and had a decent enough workout. I drove out to St. Cloud to have the car's oil changed, Skyped a few minutes with Sharon while there, and we Skyped again this afternoon. I went to Walmart this morning right before lunch and got mom a watch and a small humidifier for the house. I am itching like crazy. Can't even keep up with it using lotion. I put it in the living room all afternoon and will put it in the bedroom tonight.

Came back to the Home and piddled around, Skyped, and then went home and had a Schlitz in a crystal goblet. Just cuz. Ate leftover Tuna Helper and mixed vegetables and then drove to Gille's and thence to the mall.

Tomorrow I'm going down to Madison to see Tim. Will do a little souvenir hunting on State St. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

25 February 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Stayed affter school and made up a Biology test that I had missed. After school went [way] to the Eagles hall where Laurie was practicing with an all state band. Walked her home. Laurie and I played for a U.S.O. dance tonight. Dad came and got us afterwards. Laurie and I stopped in at the Donut Shop. Eats $.20. Stayed down at Laurie's place until about 2:15 this morning and then I had to walk home. Spent $2.00. 
Boy, I tell ya, my parents wouldn't have let me stay at some girl's house until 2 when I was that age. I like this Laurie chick better than Barbara though.

I slept well last night although the beer yesterday made me feel cruddy this morning. Workout was fairly uninspired because of that. And no cheese. Hmmm. Still no cheese. I actually wore a long-sleeved shirt to work out in! I don't think I've ever done that. Place is cooooooold. It actually looked pretty good on me though. Came home and started a load of laundry, did some work, went to the Home a little later than usual because. . .well, here's how I described it in mom's update:

She had an appointment with Dr. Hatchet at 12:45 anyway, so I was going to hang around for that.
Except the nurse came in at 10:40 and said the van was here to take her to her appointment. Okay, 10:45, 12:45, whatever. So we get all bundled up against the fierce and biting wind whipping across the frozen tundra of southeastern Wisconsin and travel the ten feet from the door to the van without incident.
Then we get to the hospital (St. Agnes) and thus spake the Keeper of the Appointments: "Dr. Hatchet isn't even in today."
Huh. As it turns out everybody but the actual hospital thought she had an appointment today. After waiting in the lobby for some 20 minutes and enjoying the spectacles of hospital staff searching in vain for something called "cadillac wheelchairs with legs" (legs?) and people who couldn't seem to figure out how the *automatic* revolving door is supposed to work, we once again braved the fierce and biting wind whipping across the frozen tundra of southeastern Wisconsin and made it from the door to the van without incident. We never did figure out what the mixup was but I suspect the actual appointment was yesterday. At any rate, she at least got out on a little field trip and I think she enjoyed looking around her fair home town once again, despite the fierce and biting wind whipping across the frozen tundra of southeastern Wisconsin.
So yeah. I hung out there until about 3:45. She was in a decent mood after Phyllis hung up. Came home, and mostly was busy and listening to Robin's radio show. They still need to work on their banter and perhaps script some of it. Went for a long walk south and east. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

24 February 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got in [here] this [many] about 5:00. Got a little sleep and then went up to school and saw Laurie for a while. [Laurie] skipped school today and we came up to the house and worked the car and sat here. We walked down town and Laurie bought a new coat. Laurie ate dinner down at Grandma's with me today. Watched Television down at Laurie's place until a little after [min]. Walked home and went to bed. $.25 bottle of milk. $.50 gas $.20 pop Spent $.95.
Not a bad day today. I just got back from eating dinner at Applebee's up by the mall. Meh steak. But I wanted a slab of meat. I also drank some beer (!) late this afternoon. I dunno, I'd just had a salad for lunch and spent part of the afternoon at the Home and then didn't have any sort of snack. So there. I also took over admin of an Advent Loudspeaker Facebook page from some guy. I'll post stuff every now and then. What else. Really slept well last night, too. Also took the Sydney papyrus out of its frame (not terribly gently, it had been glued in) and replaced it with the Flight into Egypt papyrus and will mail it back to Seattle with the St. Pat's Mary and Jesus. I kept the Sydney one in there and it's now safely behind the other one so someone will have a little surprise when they open it up at some future date.

Had a decent workout, not terribly inspired though. I may wear a thermal shirt tomorrow; it's cold in that place.

Also did a couple of bills and took care of a bunch of mail. Some of the pool women came to see mom. I think she liked it but was getting tired and in some pain by the time they left. I dunno, I think she has a lot of pain/discomfort in her back and legs during the afternoon. But the PT said she'd been able to get her standing by herself which was a first. Mom's been active and sort of leaning forward to almost stand during the afternoons.

After dinner I went to DQ and then walked the mall. Decent walk actually. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

23 February 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up [our hor] at Lola and Ray's this morning about 9:00 and Roy and I went down to see what I could find in the way of jobs. Spent most of the day down town. When we got home I worked on the car a while and watch television some. Started back to Yakima about 1:30. Stayed for a show in Seattle $1.25. Got in Yakima about 5:00. Had a flat tire in the pcarsion] on the way. It sure was a [bull] of a drive. A big storm was in the pass. Gas and oil $5.00. Spent $6.25.
I think he was in Everett or at least somewhere in Puget Sound where his brother(?) Ray/Roy (Ray, I think) lives.

Mom was much better today. Liz sat down and said when she saw her around 1:30 or so she was very despondent and wouldn't work with her at all and kept waving her away and saying she "couldn't do anything for me" and being very teary. But she was fairly talkative in the morning and had some visitors around noon. She was even looking through the visitor book and, I think, reading it. We got her a book from the cart but Liz came in and said she couldn't read that sort of thing yet. I believe her (probably) but I thought we could keep it anyway and she could try if she wanted.

Otherwise, I slept really well last night and a decent workout. Cold in that gym though. I worked on the Ft. Ebey report for a while this morning and then went for lunch at Panda Express. I can get that in Seattle but I felt like something different from Rocky's/Culvers/etc. I went to Menard's and got an alarm for the one basement window. Small thing but it makes a lot of noise. I also got together a few things I'm going to ship back to Seattle including the Mary and Jesus picture that was in St. Pat's, and a couple of other things. I'm going to put the drawing Emma gave me into the frame that the Egyptian Sydney is in; it's a stupid thing but I guess I should keep it. I'd also like the one barn building one, too.

Ate in and then went for a good walk mostly downtown. Foot was hurting much less today. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

22 February 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Slept in this morning until about 9:30. Went out the first thing and did some work on the car. Took apart a tire and cleaned some [plays]. Helped Roy around the house some today. Sat around and watched television for a while today and up until 11:15 tonight. Took a bath tonight and cleaned up some. Polished my shoes and had a bite to eat and got to bed about 1:00 this morning. 
I checked a couple of days that I missed to see if he had gone somewhere out of town but didn't see anything. It seems like he's somewhere else.

Writing this just back from a walk and am a little irritated. Nearing the end(ish) I decided to cut over from Marr to Ellis but went down the wrong street which went all the way to Park without a cross street. By that time my foot was hurting and my arms were cold. Anyway, foot: Went to the clinic today around 10 and the doctor sliced away (!!!) the wounded area with a scalpel and it didn't hurt much at all. He found nothing embedded in there, but made me have an x-ray anyway. Nothing there. So I just have to wait until it heals.

When I got to the Home Carol the PT found me to tell me mom did really well. . .she walked 7 steps nearly on her own! Only using a left-side walker thing and only minimal help with her right leg. She was very happy with her. OTOH, a little before noon mom became very despondent and was crying some. Apparently, this is common with patients like this after they make some progress. Made me sad.

I went for lunch at Rocky's a little later than normal (dealing with mom), had a call with Chris about the project tomorrow, came home and did some little things, and then went back to the Home for a Skype with Phyllis. Mom was uninterested in the call. I really do believe at this point that she's not much interested in us constantly fussing over her. She's ready to be on her own and take some control, I think.

Michele didn't want to get together this week or weekend which kind of bummed me out, so was kind of a bummer of an afternoon. I'd slept pretty well last night and had a decent workout. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

21 February 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up this morning about 9:00. Went out and got a place cleared out in Ray's shop to park my car. Got it in there this morning. Went down town with Ray and mailed a letter. Watched television most of the afternoon and up until about mid night tonight. Had a bite to eat before I went to bed. Got to bed about 12:30. About all it has been [doing some] I have been here is raining. 
I'm writing this up in the afternoon around 4. With a glass of Leinenkugel's Big Butt Doppelbock beer. A wine glass of it. Decided what the heck. I woke up at 3:30 (again, duh) and decided to go back to sleep with some assistance since Saturday I woke up at 4 and was tired all day. Slept until 5 after that. Have decided not to see mom as much the rest of the time I'm here; she doesn't want me in therapy with her and I really think she's ready to be more on her own to work on her rehab. Doesn't seem all that thrilled to have me around either. I mean, not like she hates it or anything, just not terribly chatty and such. Mostly I think she doesn't want me/us fussing over her all the time.

So anyway, went back to McD's for breakfast mainly because I didn't feel adventurous. Foot hurt still. Sara the Nurse offered to dig around in my foot but eventually decided she didn't have a proper tool. I may give it a few more days and maybe even run on it a little to 'encourage' whatever it is to work its way out. After breakfast I did two loads of laundry and then went off to see mom because we had planned on Skyping with Phyllis at 10 or so, which ended up not happening. Nurses were at least happy to see me.

Went for lunch at Culver's out on 23 by 151 and then did a little shopping at the Festival out there. It's better than Pick N Save, but too out of the way to go out there regularly. I'm making Tuna Helper tonight so I will have pasta to eat several times this week. I brought that home and then watched a bit of the Daytona 500 and fiddled with my guitar and then took a short nap. Went back to Home and fiddled around until Phyllis could call in and then mom more or less fell asleep. I think she's kinda tired of being fussed over. I said that above but I really do think she's getting tired of family always hanging around.

So, here I am at home and I plan on making dinner, going for a walk, and then hanging out the rest of the evening.

UPDATE (post walk): I walked all the way up to Pioneer Road to check out a little pioneer cemetery (Pier) that I never knew existed. Gate was locked so I couldn't go in. I started out listening to the Beach Boys' Endless Summer album (song kept repeating from a previously unknown Repeat button that I accidentally pressed) which I chose, not because it feels like summer here, but because it's really emblematic of my first kind of nostalgia period, which would have been my high school years. I'd been a lousy student up until that point (late junior high, 1976) but when my sister moved out and I got her room and sometime in there I bought a small stereo and started getting into school more (mainly because I was deciding to go to college). I would sit in my room and listen to music, much of it the Beach Boys on LP, and study. I enjoyed it. I started doing better in school and enjoying it. I know it wasn't really all happy and stuff, but it was one of those times of my life I'm legitimately proud of. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

20 February 2016 (Saturday)

No 1954 entry again since I am typing this at the Lutheran Home. Waiting until 7 to Skype with Phyllis. I just turned off the feeding thing since mom was motioning for me to do that. Was making her stomach feel bad, I think. She's not sitting up really straight which may have caused some discomfort.

But that's not the big news.

When I first came in this morning the nurses told me she was being sassy and that she had yanked out her feeding tube and then blamed Sara the nurse who, she said, told her to. Well, no, obviously, she just told mom they were working on getting it out. . .you know, eventually.

So anyway. I started telling MOM about how I had to go to a physician since my foot still hurt and that I thought I had a splinter in it.

Do you know what she had to say about that?

"Is that all?"

So yeah, Mom is still in there.

But I do need to see a doc about it.. It is still hurting after more than a week and I think I can see something stuck in there, maybe a splinter. There's a place on the corner of Johnson and Main which I will probably go to Monday. I'm going to put ZMO oil on it anyway just to see. The pool people at breakfast told me to do that. I think it will fail, but whatever.

Janice was at the Home when I was there and we went to Gille's for lunch. I had a double burger and it was quite good, much better than the hot dog I had last time. She dropped me back off at the Home and I drove up to Oshkosh to the outlets. I only went to the Jockey store for some test underwear and some waffle shirts, and then Vanity Fair for two new pairs of jeans (both Lee/Wrangle). Came home and put in some laundry and then went to A&W for a root beer ice cream while it was going and then did some guitaring while waiting for it to finish. I hung a bunch of the clothes out on the lines and then went to the grocery store because I had nothing for dinner (went to McD's for breakfast, Eden Grille with the pool peeps for coffee). Came home, finished the laundry stuff, and then poured a beer and sat on the porch and fiddled with the guitar. After eating, I went for a walk and then came here. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

19 February 2016 (Friday)

Missed last night because I didn't get home until later again. I was just at the Home, I think. Yesterday was pretty good; I slept very well, staying in the bed the whole night (IIRC). Mom had an accident when I got there in the evening, and had another one this evening. I dunno, they need to do something about that. She did well today, was speaking a lot and I understood quite a bit. She can talk fairly well when she slows down and concentrates. Didn't sleep all that well last night. I came downstairs after a while and went back to sleep on the couch but then woke up at 3:30, not realizing the time until almost 4. I went back upstairs and managed to fall back to sleep. Was counting backwards from 900 by 9s this time. Got stuck between 720 and 630 for quite a while.

Had good workouts both days. I went over to talk to Liz this morning and she thinks mom's memory is pretty good but that we need to do some repetition for her to remember things. That's why I don't think she's fully aware of Hank and Marian, they may have only told her once. Otherwise, I went to the funeral home and got things arranged for The Future, at least getting a cost estimate so we can put away $$$ for the burial trust. Runs to about $6400. Jeff hadn't included any memorial service in his plans, but I think the people here would like at least a Mass for her. One of us could get back for that at least, and even if not, the funeral home could arrange that. I think it would be a good thing.

Also saw Meghan at the Bank! She was very helpful with us last year and then she disappeared on family medical leave for a while. Turns out her dad was dying and she had to take care of him for 3 months. Poor thing. I like her though, she has a good heart.

Went out for fish at KC Hall with the relatives. Pretty good. The neighbor chick was there again.

Walked at the mall again (foot) and I think I'll get a hard case for the plane trip back. Didn't talk to mom for very long because of her accident but a few minutes. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

17 February 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Drove my Plymouth down to Laurie's place this morning. Walked Laurie to school from her place. Had an assembly which I skipped this morning. After school Laurie and I went down town for a while and then I went to supper at Grandma's. After supper I picked Laurie up about 7:30 and took her to [abrunch]. After church we sat up at her place and watched Television until after twelve. Got to bed about 1:00. $.20 pop. Spent $.20. 
Had a decent day today. I took 1/3 of an ambien at bed because I'd been not getting to sleep, and ended up sleeping all through the night, only waking up once or twice until the alarm went off. Didn't have the greatest workout, but a decent one. Had my bagel at home and then went to Rolling Meadows to meet the Pool People for breakfast. I just had some awful iced tea. Note to self: get a Coke next time. Nice to see them though.

Went to SBux and then to the Home. Mom was in a good mood and chatting a lot, though not being very understandable. Slowly got more tired through the day but she was in good spirits. I bought a new kitchen faucet at Menard's after lunch at Culver's, and then went on a little field trip to the Chief Oshkosh Beer silo out on 151 and then. . . I drove out on the lake! Don't think we'd ever done that when I was a kid, and I certainly never did. I only went out a couple hundred yards or so, just to say I did it. Took a couple photos. Then went back to the home, did some work, and mom was mostly tired and doing therapy. Liz said she did really well. Also got her therapy extended to March 20, YAY.

What else. Came home, did the mail, did guitar a little bit, made dinner. I actually walked to the DQ when it was 15 degrees. Not too bad, really. Then went to the Home again and Skyped with aunt Phyllis for a bit on the Kindle. I stopped by the Kohl's to see if I could use our Kohl's Cash, but no. So, just came home. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16 February 2016 (Tuesday)

No 1954 entry again.

Managed to sleep well again last night, although with some assistance and after a half-asleep-and-wake-up thing. I don't think I woke up a single time after that though, until 4:30. Had a decent workout, more or less. I went over to the Home around 9:15. Mom was in with Liz at that time and I sat out and did some (Cascadia) work, along with a couple of Coptic emails. Sat at the table with a totally adorable RN. I went over when she was in PT and she was tired by that point and not very cooperative. They did have her stand though, twice. She didn't seem to do too well though. Well, she was wiped out. I hung out until about 11:20 and then went to Menard's to get a new bathroom lamp, which I did. Even made a quick stop at Wal Mart to get. . .something else. Then lunch at Rocky's.

I went right back over the the Home and just sat around with mom for a while. She was getting ready to go to more PT so I left around 2. And then. . . .I went home and installed the new light fixture! Went in in less than an hour and only minimal swearing. Looks nice. Brighter than the old one. I used LEDs. I hung out for a bit and then went out and shoveled and went to grocery store. Had leftovers mostly, including the lasagna from Sunday but I didn't like it very much warmed up. So I mostly ate french bread and salad. Went to Gille's again. I did two laps of the mall and checked Kohl's for stuff. Also went to Wal Mart again to get some more supplies.

Mom was tired and taking her pants off. She actually was putting a blanket on her right side as a pillow so she could sleep. I watched The Flash for a while and then the nurses came in to Do Stuff. I waited in the sun room but it was taking a while so I left.

So, good day all around. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

15 February 2016 (Monday)

No entry again. Missed yesterday too as I didn't get back to the house until after 8. Slept pretty well Saturday night, went out for breakfast, went to gym and got a month's membership (wanted shorter), got a few supplies at the Wal Mart, went to see mom. I left around 11:30 and went to the flower shop after getting a Rocky's pizza. Drove up to Appleton and had a perfectly wonderful time with Michele and her family, and also Zeedy and Don and Terry. Saw more pictures, half of which including me and Michele we were hugging in. Apparently we were quite close. Emma gave me a drawing she did. I think she likes me. Why? I put it down to probably never having a really good father figure-type. I suspect her father and stepfather(?) were abusive towards Michele, however and how much fault anyone had in it. Perhaps she's never really seen a man of her mom's age actually treat her with kindness and respect. 

Last night I slept rather badly, not getting to sleep (except perhaps for a short while) and waking up at 4. I didn't nap at all though. Mom was tired when I got there at 9 and didn't talk much all day. We FaceTimed with Robin! Talked to her like 45 minutes. Mostly she and I talked, obviously. Nice to visit with her for a change. Also Skyped with Phyllis but not very long. I bought a few things at Menard's for the house. Shoveled the driveway and sidewalks. Went back to see mom after some ice cream, as I was famished after shoveling. Left around 3:30, got some groceries, went home. I got a whiskey peppercorn brat but it wasn't too good. Drove to Gille's and walked at the mall and looked for a sweatshirt for mom. Found one. Went back to see mom and watch X-Files. Her back was hurting. I need to find her old pad that she used to put behind her back, but I suspect Barb threw it out. 

Anyway. Oh, someone died at the Home between when I left and came back. Elvera, I think. They wheeled her past twice. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

12 February 2016 (Friday)

No 1954 entry today, I already packed up the diary. Picked the Spousal Unit up last night, lots of traffic at the airport. For once I did not leave the house until I was texted that she had landed. It would have turned out almost perfectly except that because of the traffic nearing the Arrivals pickup area she had to wait for a bit. Otherwise, the timing works very well.

I slept really well last night. Woke up like three times and went right back to sleep every time up until the alarm. I slept with my bar foot out all night, too. It was still sore this morning but after working out and stuff it felt much better. Workout was really good. REALLY good. I packed and junk most of the morning apart from doing a bit of work work. We went for lunch at Taco Time and then I went over to Cascadia for a little bit, and stopped by a florist on the way home for some valentines flowers for the Spousal Unit (and Daisy). Fiddled around the rest of the afternoon and then went out to the thai place for dinner. Meh. Well, I had to order mild stuff so the Spousal Unit could eat it later. Went to NGate and got Cinnabon for dessert.

So, off to Wisconsin tomorrow. Sunny and 7 degrees apparently. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

11 February 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Drove my Plymouth down to Laurie's place this morning as usual. Worked hard in school all day today. Took Laurie to the doctor after school tonight. After supper at Grandma's I came home and got ready for the [bar]. Picked Laurie up and we played for the U.S.O. dance at the Y.M.C.A. We came by the house for a while before I took her home. Got to bed about 1:15. Is seeming like [a ned out] when I came in tonight. Coke $.10. Spent $.10. 
So right now my left foot hurts like the dickens. This morning, while wearing socks, I took a couple of steps away from petting Daisy in the guard tower and the ball of my foot hit something. Felt like a nail head sticking out of the floor. Hurt hurt hurt! Small, but painful, puncture wound. I looked for a nail but nothing. I must have managed to hit a little piece of gravel or something just right to drive it in. Dangitall, hurt all day.

Anyway, weird night again. Couldn't sleep in the bed, took 1/4 ambien. Couldn't sleep on the couch, 1/4 ambien. Finally I went downstairs and pretty much slept happily until 4:30. Workout started kind of slow but went really well eventually. Did some really good squats. Oddly, my shoulder barely hurt today. I think it might have something to do with sleeping on it rather than something at the gym. Hmmm.

Anyway, it was after I came home that I hit my foot. Went to Cascadia and things are getting busy. I have the one project on Whidbey to either manage or do when I get back. I guess we have some sort of excavation coming up, too.

I left there around 11:30 and went to McD's for lunch. Came home, fiddled around a bit, then went to UVil SBux. Pleasant, but too much walking. Stopped by Slaveway on the way for a donut and butter. Great combination!

Came home, fiddled around, ordered pizza for dinner with a salad. And the donut. Can't walk, so I did the kitchen and bathroom floors since my new Swiffer pads came today. Leaving to go get the Spousal Unit at the airport around 9:15. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10 February 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Drove the Plymouth down to Laurie's place this morning and then walk on to school. Had a test in American History this morning. Came home after school and went to bed and slept a while. After supper down at Grandma's O took Laurie and her sister to a school program at their church tonight. After I took them to the Donut Shop for some eats. $2.00.Laurie's family wasn't home tonight and I stayed at her place until 1:30 this morning. Spent $2.00. 
Well, well. . . . .

Weird day today after the good day yesterday. Slept. . .weird. Couldn't get to sleep in the bed so I went to the TV room floor, which Jack was happy about because he led me in and curled up in his warmie bed (heated bed thing, warms up when something is in it). Then I woke up at -- you guessed it -- 3:30 and went back to the bed (the actual bed!) couldn't get back to sleep but I decided 1/4 ambien was worth it and then slept until almost 5.

Workout was pretty good actually. I didn't feel so great but the workout went well. I dunno, guts/stomach just felt blehh. Came home, bagel, etc. Made a tea latte and went to Cascadia for a bit. Neither project I made bids for have come to anything (yet) so I had nothing to do. Piddled around some. Oh, I did apply for an archaeology job at HRA. Not sure I want to work there (I think I mentioned the place earlier) but I did it. Went to McD's for lunch, just had some fries because it's Ash Wednesday, and chatted with Marge who was there for a few minutes.

Was really at a loss for something to do because it was raining most of the morning. Then it lightened up and I decided to see if I could get the trunk of the Honda steam cleaned at NGate. They were booked up. So I went to the SBux there and finally decided I should go clean it out myself with a little rug shampooer and the shop vac. Which I did. Seems not to be leaking any more anyway. I'll have to wait a couple of days to see if it still smells.

So, did that, did a few more little things, made dinner, and then went back to NGate to walk and look for some more thermal shirts. Found two at Penney's -- is Penney's still around in the future? -- for $9 each (down from $38!) so got those. I should be set for winter in Wisconsin. At this point the forecast is for 6 degrees Saturday and then gradually warming to the low 30s. Ugh. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

9 February 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Drove down to Laurie's place this morning before school and left the Plymouth there. Went to the Library in English period today. Did some drawing during study hall today. Stayed after school and drew some more. Laurie stayed after and practiced a solo tonight. Went to a church basketball game tonight. Stay up until about 2:00 this morning working on some music. Made myself a cup of coffee to keep awake. Tel $.10. Coke $.05. Candy $.05. Spent $.20.
I had a good day. Yes. I did.

I slept in the bed the whole night, or at least until 4:15. That was fine. I wanted to get up a little early because I had to bus down to the gym. Had a really, really good workout, too. Legs felt very strong and didn't really get tired much. This one young chick keeps looking at me. Can't tell if she's "interested" or if she thinks I'm creepy and wants to make sure I'm not up to no good. I think next time I get the chance I'll say hello so I know what her intentions are. I mean, not that I'd do anything about the former, except perhaps enjoy the adoration, but she seems like a nice young lady. Well, and she's hot. Duh.

Anyhoo, I left there, went to the Rotunda and had my bagel and then went downtown. I did some decent work on the cytology and histology diagnoses, actually clearing up a few of the latter. Worked pretty steadily apart from a trip down for coffee with Rowena. I left at 11:10 to meet Lisa for lunch. Cousin Jenny called and said that aunt Phyllis has asked her to tell mom about Nancy. She wanted to know if it was okay with me to tell her; I said fine. She might not react anyway. She might see her before me, but I'll tell her if not. Well, maybe. Jenny said she'd probably break down blubbering. Mom might just try comforting her instead.

Good lunch with Lisa. She's quitting her new job in March. She's almost had more jobs than I have the last few years! I think when we get older we're less amenable to putting up with crap, that's probably why we're job hopping so much. But it was pleasant to see her again. We were chattering away right off the bat.

So. Then I took the buss to the U District and then walked to UVil. It was still a bit chilly and by that time I was actually starving already (only had a small bowl of soup) so I had to go to QFC and get an apple; I'd planned on a banana but they were all green. Ate that and then went to SBux for a bit for some more sugar (still kind of hungry). Then I walked home. By then it was nice and warm out so it was a totally pleasant walk. I listened to REO Speedwagon on the way. Was starving by the time I got there, too. I did kind of want to drop a little weight this week so it was okay. Made sure to give the cats lots of attention when I got home. Made the rest of the pork and ful for dinner, neither of which were all that tasty. So, more weight lost? Went for a nice long walk, too.

Just a good day altogether. 63 high and sunny. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

8 February 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Everything about the same in school today. Did some drawing during study hall period today. Walked Laurie home after school this evening and then walked on home. Drove down to Grandma's for supper and then went down to the Library and did some studying. Went by and saw Shirley Holly for a little while. Did a little study[sic] onhistory tonight. Got to bed early. 
First full day as a bachelor. Busy, too. I slept pretty well last night, neither of the cats came in. I started to drive the Honda this morning but the windshield was all fogged up and would have taken a while to clear so I jumped into the SuBAru and drove it instead. Had a dandy workout despite the wine I drank last night.

Stopped by UVil to get new bagels and came home. I left for Cascadia fairly quickly, and got a couple of things straightened out there. Sent out a cost estimate so I'll have some work to do on that if we get it. What else. . . . .not much. Left there about 11:40 and went to McD's for lunch and then came home for a bit to drop stuff off. I drove over to the Office Despot to get boxes to pack the sediment samples in, and was just going to buy all 6 there and then hang at SBux, but I didn't know if the ones there wold fit properly so I bought one and took it home to check. Worked okay, so I went back and got 5 more and some packing tape. Then hung out at SBux. Meh.

When I came home I packed up the boxes. I ran out of tape on box #4 so I still have some to do there. But they look good. I'm happy they're going away. I really shouldn't have them. Besides, they take up space. They are various bags of sediment that wouldn't fit through window screen size (I think) from Kom el-Hisn in Egypt. Collected in 1986 and 1988. They were bags of sediment that were "floated" or dumped into water, agitated, and whatever organic junk floated to the top was skimmed off and analyzed (plants). I used a bunch of them for my MA thesis. Not the most informative stuff. Worthwhile for an undergrad project though.

Anyway, I did that, and then did some more chores and finally sat down for a bit to watch TV and get dinner ready, which was mostly leftovers anyway. I walked all the way to UVil to get more packing tape. Quite a decent hike, a brisk 25 minutes each way, up and down hills.

Aunt Nancy's funeral is Friday. Can't make it, don't get there until Saturday. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

7 February 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up about 11:00 this morning and went to church. Laurie could not leave the house this morning. After church I drove around town with some of the boys. Slept a little while before I went down to supper. After supper at Grandma's I went down to church. Stayed for Young People's and all. After church I drove around a little. Got home about 10:30. Had a bite to eat and got to bed early. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
Well, the Grim Reaper is indeed cutting a wide swath around me an mine: my aunt Nancy (Hank's wife) died yesterday. Very much a shock to everyone. She was not super healthy, but no one was expecting this. Jenny (daughter) called us at around 9 last night and let us know; we're the only phone number they have for us. Apparently she had been somewhat ill all week and then Saturday she wasn't answering her phone so Jeff (their son) went over and found her. Don't know what time. My brother Jeff had called at 5:30 and left a message. That's one bad stroke and three funerals since August.

I do feel. . . .good? about her passing. Peaceful about it is perhaps a better term. If anyone was prepared to go at any time, it was Nancy. I feel somehow that she is free to intercede on our behalf without the interference of this mortal coil. Mom was apparently happy and chatty today, so perhaps St. Nancy is already at work. Be at peace, Nancy.

So, other than that. Slept well last night. Had breakfast in. Drove the Spousal Unit to the airport around 9:45, stopped in Renton for gas on the way back. Diddled around when I got back around 11 and then went to UVil for lunch, etc. I bought some liver for like $3.00; more on that later. Didn't buy much, but some necessities that we've been needing. I came back home quick and dropped the groceries off, and then went to the hardware store for a new light for above the sink. I think the fixture is shot because this new one doesn't work either. After I got the light I went to NGate and got a mocha and sat there for a while.

When I got home I started in on the chores: washing the jeans and sheets, put some ribs on the BBQ to cook, and the fava beans, and then washed and waxed the Honda. I didn't wax it for years because I didn't think it would make a difference with that paint, but I did it a couple of years ago and it looked really nice Added a nice luster to the finish.

Okay, I cooked the liver on the grill and then prepared a plate with the liver, fava beans, and then a glass of chianti that I had also bought today. Because: Hannibal Lecter. In The Silence of the Lambs he says a famous line "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti." Heh. I did NOT eat the liver. But I made a nice setting for it with a place mat, and nice glass for the wine. No comments on it on Facebook yet though.

So, went for a good long walk. Coming back, I made the bed, and now am doing this. Super Bowl looks to be winding down -- I have watched virtually none of it -- but last I heard Denver was winning. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

6 February 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Slept in this morning until about 12:30. Went down to Grandma's for dinner when I got up and then took the Dodge and went down town and bought myself some sheet music $1.50. Picked Laurie [sister] up down town and then took her home and stayed and Laurie and I [transposed] some of the music. After supper at Grandma's I went back and watched Television for a while. Got home about 12:00 Spent $1.50. 
So I missed yesterday's entry because we lost power around maybe 7:30 and didn't get it back until after 9. We'd been out at NGate after picking up the Honda at Cascadia and when we got home it was out. We have plenty of candles and junk so it wasn't much of a big deal. As for yesterday, I slept properly the night before, had a good workout, went to Cascadia for a bit and then around 11 walked over to Aurora and got a bus up to Lynnwood (2 busses actually). That went fine. I ate a quick lunch at SBux (overpriced, but good) and then went over to see if it was done yet; almost. I stayed around while he put it back together and we chatted some. Drove it back to UVil where I went to SBux again to get some quiet(ish) time and enjoy the varied scenery. Went home, dinner, etc.

Today we went downtown for a change. Had lunch at the Italian place, which we've been going to for years and it's always good. Stopped at a couple of places down there, too. When we came back we watched a movie, The Martian. I started the book a while back but never finished it -- thought it was kind of boring. Decent movie though. Too much going wrong and junk though. It just loses believability when too much happens.

Walked up to the library and returned the movie and then walked some more. Pleasant afternoon although we spent it inside. My last beer went bad. Had a bad smell to it. Oh well, first batch lost. When I get back I'll make another batch of bitter. I'm going to start ordering from the company I got the kit from originally (Mr. Beer) since they sell stuff in quantities for the barrel (2 gallons) so I don't waste it. Like malt extract and stuff.

Supposed to be in the teens in Wisconsin this coming week I hope it warms up when I get there.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

4 February 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Drove my Plymouth down to Laurie's [lace this morning and walked her to school. She wasn't feeling so good this morning. After school came home and went to bed and slept for a while. Ate supper at home this evening and about 7:00 went down and picked Laurie and we went to the [Tuly] and played pool $.75 until we went up to the Y.M.C.A. and stayed for a U.S.O. Dance. This was it's[sic] 13th anniversary. We stopped and had eats at the Donut Shop $1.00 [on way home]. Spent $2.15.
At the moment my back really hurts. I tried doing squats on a rack with the rails so I could really go back on my heels. Felt great doing them, but I went over to do some abs stuff and it started to spasm a bit. It's been kind of iffy all day. So. No more of those. I'll stick to the regular rack, I think.

Anyway, I slept really well last night. Got up early, drank soda, etc. Workout was a little weird. I felt really strong but kind of wore out during the sets quickly. Odd.

Took the bus home. Driver neglected to open the back door so I had to ride another stop. Need to start going out the front door regularly. I went to Cascadia and did basically nothing with archaeology, just some other stuff. Got set up to be hired at UW again. Don't know for how much time though.

The plan was to drive my Mustang to Cascadia, walk over to Aurora, take the bus up to the shop, get the Honda, drive it back to Cascadia, then drive the Mustang home, and we go back and get the Honda later. But, it wasn't ready yet. So I went home, went to McD's for lunch, and then went home and decided what to do. I ended up writing a Car Lust post on the Ford Prefect which is also in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Clever little post, I think.

Found out Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire died today. I liked them. My brother bought the All 'n All LP way back when and I inherited it. I don't play it a whole lot, but this morning I coincidentally took the CD with me to listen to in the car. I didn't, listened to Jethro Tull instead. But I played it and the LP this afternoon while cooking. Was fun.

We walked up to the post office and Safeway this evening.

So, back to sleep. After more or less fixing the alcohol-related problem, I did okay for several years. I think in 2002 we then moved to a place on 50th and Sand Point and it all went to hell. For several months I had an awful time sleeping. Really bad. In the neighborhood of insomnia. Many nights I was awake until 1 or 2. Just awful. I eventually cut out caffeine altogether and even decaf coffee after noon or so. That helped quite a bit. Perhaps I also discovered sleeping pills, that is diphenhydramine, and also melatonin. Still wasn't the best, but it cleared up fairly well. It's been mostly okay since, but then I started with the anxiety attacks (or whatever). I discovered ambien going to China in 2008 or 2007. The travel person suggested it. Wow. It was a revelation. The stuff actually worked. Not in the way of kinda of making you sleepy, but really putting you to sleep. I eventually discovered that a whole one was kind of overkill; really, most of the time I just need a bit to get me over the hump. Besides, the bigger the dose the more I would bolt awake a few hours later.

I talked with my various doctors about it and they seem okay with my use, which is a way to manage my sleep. I really try to not take it at all (I wish I could get rid of it completely), but it allows me to not get into a pattern of not sleeping. That's what I would develop before: patterns where I'd be so tired I couldn't sleep or be worrying about not sleeping that I wouldn't sleep. Even just having them around gives me a good psychological boost to sleep anyway, knowing that if I do need them, they're there.

So, I'm cruising along fairly well now. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

3 February 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Took the Dodge down to Laurie's place this morning and then walked her to school. After school I took her down town to get her class ring. When we came back I did a little studying at her place and then she came to supper with me. After supper we came up to the house for a little while and then we went to a party down at the church tonight. She had to stay a while afterwards to practice a play. Got home about 10:30. 
So anyway, sometime around 4 this morning I had a bad dream. Seems the Honda was parked facing a river and I had to move it forward just a bit but when I did it went plowing right into the river. I opened the door while it was still sinking -- which I was thinking even at the time was not really the way it worked -- and swam to the shore, quite gallantly, and climbed out. Sadly, the Honda was last seen mostly submerged and floating downstream. That wasn't too bad, but the Spousal Unit showed up and I was sobbing that I'd drove her car into the river and ruined it!

I woke up and the feeling disappeared pretty quickly. Still. . . . .

Anyway, I slept okay otherwise, for the most part. Because I had time to drink lots of soda I had a really good workout, too. I think the new exercise (an old one really) is helping my shoulder, although I tried playing my trumpet this afternoon and it's been sore again. So I dunno. I played really well though, good tone, good fingering, didn't lose any range. Was really happy with my playing.

The Spousal Unit drove me to the gym and I took a bus back. I headed over to Cascadia pretty quickly and did a little bit of work there. Went to Spam's Club. Was going to go up to Lynnwood to get the parking pass from the Honda but decided against it eventually. So I went home, gave the cats some attention, and then got lunch at McD's. Counter guy had all kinds of warts on his knuckles, ick. Think he screwed up too, because the manager was talking to him outside. Kinda feel sorry for him. I hope he ends up doing well.

Saw a raccoon on the way to the gym this morning. Thankfully we did see him/her and he/she got out of the road, although we did slow down for it.

I went to the UVil and cashed my check and then hung out at SBux. When I got home I gave the cats more attention and then played the trumpet for about a half hour. My left arm did okay, some pain but not much. Went to UVil walking and got some groceries since it's raining.

I should explain my various sleeping problems over the years and how I got to this point. Well, heck, I'll start now. I didn't have much of any sleep issues apart from the usual occasional stuff until probably in the late 1980s. Probably 1989. I'd gone home to Wisconsin for a couple of months to work on my MA thesis. I'd been having a couple of alcoholic beverages before bed for a few years by that time, partly because I thought I needed it to get to sleep and partly as a security blanket or some such. I mean, it was comforting. The first couple of years out here I was. . . .not depressed. I dunno. Sort of in personal exile I guess. Anyway, I would belt down a couple of stuff whiskey-and-waters and listen to sad piano music and get all weepy and junk and then go to bed. I never thought of myself as anything approaching an alcoholic and still don't (seriously did not rise to that level), but it was a bad habit.

Anyway, back home I secretly kept up the practice (my parents did find out, kinda, but they were pretty much teetotalers), but after a few weeks I would go to bed, fall half asleep for about ten minutes and then abruptly wake up with a rush of energy. Kind of like the way I nap nowadays. It did that on and off for a while, even after coming back out here, but then it came on with a vengeance and I was going through that every night for probably three years. Nothing I did made any difference. Every night, same thing: fall half asleep, wake up, can't go back to sleep for 45 minutes at least. Sometimes I wold cycle through that 2 or 3 times. I could go out clubbing, come back at 12:30 exhausted and still go through the same thing. After a while I got dressed again and would go outside for a walk for maybe 20-30 minutes. I think I did that for most of the three years. In a way it was kind of pleasant, going for a walk every night at 10 or so. I became really cognizant of the changes of seasons during that time. It was incredibly frustrating. I'd even cut down my alcohol to only on the weekends, and even then not much, but it still persisted. It even traveled with me to Egypt in 1991 and 1993.

I finally went to Argentina, in 1994 I think, got all jet lagged, didn't drink a lick of alcohol while there and. . . .it mostly cleared up. When I got back I stayed totally sober and it pretty much got better. That was when I really quite drinking pretty much altogether.

Later it got worse again, which I shall hopefully relate tomorrow, if I remember it. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2 February 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a test in in[sic] English class this morning and also a test in history class .After school I walked Laurie down town to the post office and then talked with her until her [bas] came. I then went on down to the church and helped dad until supper time. After supper came home and did a little study[sic] on my history and got to bed by 9:00. Listened to the radio for a while. 
My God, in bed by 9??!!

I woke up at like 2 last night and felt. . . . weird. No really sick, and not exactly an anxiety attack (or whatever), just kind of weirdly restless. Ended up taking two 1/4 ambiens to get back to sleep, but then slept until the alarm went off. Had a really good workout; I can't decide if some chick keeps checking me out or not. I did squats and for one set my back felt like it was about to spasm, but the next set I concentrated a little more and it did okay.

I went downtown and actually worked steadily most of the morning. Don't know how much I actually got done, but I really felt like working. Some tall chick in a short skirt who I have never met was sitting nearby and sniffling a lot. I sat in with Rowena for a little while when she was eating lunch, then had regular lunch with Engi, then went down and saw Janet, and then over to HRA and saw Jenny for a bit. I was just a little social butterfly all afternoon. Good to see all of them. Engi brought me a little ebony rhino bottle opener back from Kenya. Must bring her something from Wisconsin.

Got my LP back from Dimitriou's, unsigned. Had to wait outside because the door was locked, call the office, then the lady couldn't unlock the one door, yadda yadda yadda. But I made the bus okay. I wasn't really expecting it to have been signed (my Whipped Cream & Other Delights, by Herb Alpert), but I guess it was worth a try. Maybe a bit more trouble than it was worth though.

Crowded bus coming home. But not a bad crowd. Thinned out considerably after the U District. We just walked around here. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

1 February 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. The Plymouth is still broke down. The [seniors] got their [assembly shots] this morning. Walked home from school. Laurie walked me home tonight. She [made] down to the church with dad and I and then I took her home. Went over to her place about 7:15 and played checkers and [Mopology] until [way] up in the morning. Got home and in bed 1:30 this morning. 
Might be Monopoly up there but didn't really look like it.

Managed to sleep well last night despite being awake a lot. It seems to be surprisingly difficult to count backwards by 3s from 300.

Anyway, I had a really good workout although kind of got tired out near the end. Walked up to the HUB afterwards and drank a soda and ate my bagel. Mostly chatted with Shannon and Sonja while there, then went to SBux and saw Dennis the alcohol guy. Chatted a bit, need to go see Grace about which journal(s) to try next for my paper. Walked up to the Ave and happened to catch a 71 in about 2 minutes, go me. So, got home, gave the cats some attention (10:15 by then) and then went to Cascadia. Didn't have much to do, just made up a summary, sent off a bid, and then futzed around for a while. When I was leaving I got a call from the client I'd just sent the bid to. Sounded like a young(ish) woman, and so I answered a couple of her questions. Should be going up to do that field work next week.

I went to NGate for lunch and then went back home, checked in with the cats (i.e., popped out a few treats and some pets) and then went to UVil to cash a check and sit in the SBux. So some guy grabbed my drink off the counter as I was walking up and gave it to me, commenting on my Packers sweatshirt. Couldn't tell if he was gay and hitting on me or what. Actually, I was kind of preoccupied and ended up just sort of confused and such so it's not like it was uncomfortable or anything. Besides, too much scenery to worry about some dopey guy. Sat there for a bit and then went home. Did some minor chores and then headed up to Lynwood to drop the car off when the Spousal Unit texted that she was leaving. Went up there and then sat in another SBux to wait for her. Two middle-aged (40s, I guess) women were at the next table (one rather attractive, the other not so much) and one of them said "Dude is showing off his man parts." (looking at photographs) I decided that was funny but didn't pursue it further.

So, that was about it. Shoulder did okay today, probably much sorer yesterday due to sleeping on it on the floor. I can do dips okay, and also overhead presses, less so flys on the machine. The new (not really, I used to do them) rotator cuff things might be working, it feels more secure after doing them anyway.