Sunday, January 31, 2016

31 January 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Slept in this morning until about 10:30. Picked Laurie up about 12:00 and we went down to grandma's for dinner. Broke the drive line on my Plymouth on the way down. Barbara took Laurie and I for a drive this afternoon. [!!! ed.] Had supper at Laurie's place and then we came down here and I did a little studying. About 9:00 we went down to the [Turf] for a while and shot some pool. $.50. Got home about 12:00. Spent today $.50. Monthly spending $47.10. 
So anyway. My shoulder hurt a lot today, owing no doubt to sleeping on the floor most of the night. I went out there and both cats were on the couch and rather than go downstairs (which I should have) I just went on the floor and probably slept on my right shoulder most of the night. Ouch. What else. Nothing much. I did sleep pretty well though. Ate in. I decided not to go to Mass and instead cleaned the main floors: front room, dining room, hallway. Meant doing a lot of moving stuff around and then sweeping and mopping. I would have done more but only had one Swiffer pad. Oh, Daisy threw up sometime in the night and I managed to step in it. Oogh. Not much, just a little. I mean that I stepped in.

I watched some stupid TV the rest of the morning and had my weekly Nestea. Took a short nap. We went to UVil as usual, and then got the SuBAru washed and had ice cream up by NGate because I found $5 on the floor in the Bartell's. Came home, piddled around, then Skyped with the siblings. Good thing we talked, just so we all know what's going on. Jeff's his usual pessimistic self, and he was doing all this in mom's room -- talking about how much money to set aside for her funeral expenses and such. But it looks like we have everything under control. Mom and dad did well raising us, I think.

Did the usual chores. Went for a walk.

Sister says that she thinks mom might have wished we'd "pulled the plug". That's too bad. I can understand it though, I imagine she's not terribly excited about being helpless. 

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