Sunday, January 24, 2016

24 January 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Woke up about 10:00 this morning and got ready and took Laurie down to church with me this morning. Took her home after church and then went to dinner at grandma's. After dinner came home and slept until about 5:00. Picked Laurie up at about 7:00 and we went to a show at the Yakima [$1.80]. Went to the Donut Shop afterwards and had a burger and drinks $1.25. Got home tonight about 11:45. Picked up around a little before I went to bed. Spent $3.05.
Writing this a bit earlier than usual as The X-Files reprise supposedly starts at 7, although I kind of think the football game will delay that a bit. I barely watched any of it. Well, none of the first one and maybe 5 minutes of the second. New England is out at least. That's about all I cared about at this point.

The X-Files kinda sorta defined the '90s in a way for me. I liked it. I didn't watch too much TV during that decade but made sure to watch that. It was dark and creepy and I liked that. I think I may have been starting down the anxiety road, perhaps. So maybe. It's neat that on the TV menu it's described as "Season 10, Episode 1" as if it never really had a hiatus for 15 years.

Anyway, I slept quite well last night. Had breakfast in and I went to Mass. Relatively large number of hot females there this morning for whatever reason. Was okay. Came home and did a few little chores, not much else. Spousal Unit was downstairs most of the morning. I finally used up my jar of Nestea from probably 3 years ago. Back in the late '70s and early '80s I would have used it up in like 4 months.

Went to UVil. The Specialty's is closing after today, which we only found out about when we got there. We're kind of Meh on it, but that cuts the potential lunch places back down to one again. I hope something else decent moves in, although the Eddie Bauer is going into that space. They've been steadily shrinking their footprint there, and the one guy said they do most of their retail sales online anymore.

We came home and the Spousal Unit did some baking and I did some more chores. I washed the Honda and I think the trunk is still leaking. I know I did something else of significance, but can't remember what. I made up some meatloaf hamburgers, cooked a couple for dinner. Nice change, but I think I could grow tired of them. Walked outside afterwards; pleasant evening, no rain and around 48. 

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