Friday, January 22, 2016

22 January 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Drove my Plymouth down to Laurie's place and walk to school with her. Got our report cards today. After school walked her home and then took her to walk. Picked her up after work about 8:00 and we came down to my place and stayed until dad came home about 11:00. I then took the Dodge and we went down to the Donut Shop and had a meal $1.55. Got home about 12:30. Gas $1.00. Spent $2.55.
So. Managed to sleep okay last night. I went downstairs and only woke up once I think before waking up for the final time. . . .at 3:45. So, eh, a little better. I felt okay today though.

Had a really good workout, I did kind of a full upper body one again, arms, back, etc. The usual right-after-new-year's crowd has thinned down quite a bit. I started out kinda feeling wiped out, but got stronger pretty quickly. So. AWEsome.

Came home, bagel, etc., and then left for Cascadia a little later cuz I was futzing around. I did quite a bit there, finishing the manhole report (such as it was) and starting on the Renton one. I was sorta wrong about that; turns out there is a big site not too far away (a few blocks) so there really was some cause for thinking they'd hit something. OTOH, it was still under a building so I wasn't really concerned about it. But whatever. I started in on it and it shouldn't take too long. I went to Jimmy John's for lunch and brought it back. They got the order slightly wrong, mostly getting a bigger one. So I should have the other half for next week. I worked there until about 1:15, also getting the project summary done for the Orcas one.

I went over to the UVil and decided to sit in SBux for a bit. I went and had a big ol' frap because I had an offer for one. Not free but cheaper. Plus lots of seats. Lots of scenery. Good time. Well, I mean, not a good time but a pleasant little respite. I went over to the QFC and got some dinner materiel which turned out to be moot as we went up to get the Honda and that took so long we ate dinner up there (Lynnwood). We went to an Azteca, which kinda smelled like a load of dirty socks. Well, a bit anyway. We hadn't been to one of those for probably over 10 years. Used to be one on the corner of 25th and 55th. Went there quite a few times. They have one at NGate and that was the last one we went to. I decided the food's not terribly good; typical American-Mexican type stuff. But the service was good tonight and we got out in less than a half hour I think. We drove down to NGate and I got some ice cream and then we walked around. Went to the Barnes & Noble.

The car still has lots of moisture in it so tomorrow I need to vacuum it out reall well and let it dry. I really hope they got it all. 

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