Sunday, January 17, 2016

17 January 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up early this morning and shoveled some more snow.At 10:15 went and picked up Laurie and went with her to her church. Laurie came down to Grandmother's with me for dinner today. after dinner we came up to the house and messed around until supper time. Ate supper at [Wendtels] this evening $2.25. Went to church after supper. After church this evening we went to the Donut Shop and had some more eats $.50. Got home about 11:00. Studied until 1:00. Gas $1.00. Spent $4.05.
Football season is over as far as I'm concerned. Green Bay lost last night and Seattle lost today. Totally uninterested in the rest of the season except that I hope both New England and Carolina lose. NFL is a mess anymore. Seattle was down 31-0 at the half but came back to 31-24, but ran out of time. Anyway, I plan on not watching any more this season.

Had a minor anxiety attack (or whatever) last night and decided I wanted to sleep on the floor. After that (with some assistance) I went to sleep and was out until the alarm went off at 5:30. I sat around until around 6 and then when I went to get another soda I noticed the light was on in the basement. Did I forget to turn it off last night? Hmmm. The TV was on! Did I forget to turn it off last night? No, the Spousal Unit had been down there since before I got up.

Made pancakes and did not go to Mass. I did some cleaning and regular chores instead. Took a little nap around 9:30. We watched most of the first half of the game (started at 10) and then went and had lunch at McD's, following the score. While shopping they scored three times so we decided to go back home and I did some more chores while she watched the game. Well, I watched the last few minutes. Then I decided to go to the Safeway to get some beer for cooking the brats we'd bought, so I went there and also got some soda. Got back and we started to watch Jurassic World (movie). Meh. I mean, it's the same movie as the others. Probably the same things happen down to the minute. In the middle I started cooking dinner and then saw texts from my sister saying I should call so they could talk. Not any emergency or anything, but they were talking to people today. Mom's still not talking I don't think. The trach may come out this week. Sister also wanted to know how I felt about it not going in again. Mom doesn't want it back in so I am going with her wishes. Hopefully once that's out she'll make even better progress. It's really a very big thing that it's even coming out.

Didn't walk because it's raining. A lot. I checked the rain totals and for December we had 11.2" where the normal is around 5.5". For the whole year we got 45" where the average is 37.5". Yes wet winter so far. They predicted a warmer and drier winter. Ha.

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