Wednesday, January 13, 2016

13 January 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Just did get up in time for school this morning. Took the Dodge. Had another history test today. I [loose Ifield] it o. Did some drawing in Study Hall today. After supper I took the Dodge and picked up Laurie and she came down to the house and we practiced until about 10:00. We then went to her place and warch Television until 12:00. We then went down to the [Nonet] Shop and had some eats $1.25. We stayed out until 4:15 this morning. We had some eats before we came in [your] $.60. Gas $1.00. Spent $2.85.
Weird night last night. Went to bed okay, went to sleep okay, but when I woke up I felt kinda crappy. I went downstairs and still felt uncomfortable (or something) and ended up going upstairs and laying down on the floor so I could feel really uncomfortable and perhaps ignore how crappy I felt. Which wasn't really crappy but enough to keep me awake. Worked though, and slept until 4:45.

I had a really decent workout, owing to the sleep and pasta last night. I wonder if cake performs the same function as pasta? Hmmm. Pretty uneventful. Came home, at bagel, and then drove up to 220th and Aurora (or whatever it is up there) and dropped the car at the leak place. He seemed okay. He said it would take until 1 but I mentioned that I was hanging at the SBux and if he could get it done ASAP it would be great (and he did; 11:00). So I went up there, got my mocha and sat down and did whatever work I could, which wasn't much. I read an alcohol paper and then wrote up a couple of posts, chatted with Shannon on messenger, until he called. Will take it in next week sometime.

Went over to Cascadia after that, got set up, and then went to the QFC for some soup for lunch. After that. . . .well, my guts went a little haywire again. Something must have gotten into me. So I left shortly thereafter, although I have some little project in Renton to manage coming up. Same sort of stuff I've worked with them before on. Didn't feel very good all afternoon. I did pop down to the guitar store on Roosevelt and Ravenna, hoping to find a cheapie guitar I could buy and practice on until I get mine back, but they only had them $99 and up, which was too much. Also went to the vintage (and new) audio store but didn't see my speakers there. I wonder if I have to ask them if they've sold them. Must find receipt and call them. So, came home and just did next to nothing.

Went to UVil for our walk as it was raining (again) and I needed some stuff. For my guts, okay! And cream cheese. 

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