Tuesday, January 12, 2016

12 January 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a test in American History which I slept through. Sure am tired today. Walked home from school and worked on the car for a while. After supper at grandma's I took the Dodge and went and picked up Laurie and we went to the Library to get myself a book and then we came down to my place and we played [wands] until late. Took her home and I got to bed about 12:30. Eats at the N***t Shop $.80. Spent $.80. 
That probably does say "Donut Shop" but it really doesn't look like a D.

Anyway. Decent day today. I slept really well, until about 4:45. Had a really good workout, too. The wimmins are back downstairs, like 8 of them this morning. Not a complaint, just an observation.

Hahahaha. . .'complaint'. . . .hahahahahaha

I went downtown this morning because I figured I had some diagnoses to figure out. I actually kept kind of busy for most of the morning but then realized I had pretty much done most of the biopsy ones and the ones I didn't have I don't have data for anyway, so that petered out. Rowena and I went over to the Maleng cafe for lunch. Not a bad sandwich. However. Once I got home my guts, errrmmm, kinda blew up. And by "up" I mean "out". Yeesh. I sat around most of the rest of the afternoon (3 on) because I was feeling kind of blehh. I watched two episodes of The Grinder. Still giggling furiously at it. I waited until after 4:30 to even start cooking. I made sure to give the cats attention while I was recovering.

We didn't walk because it is raining furiously outside. And I didn't feel like going to NGate to walk. So I cleaned some and then blogged and then am doing this.

I will say that tonight my guilty pleasure show -- Pretty Little Liars -- starts up again tonight. It's mostly a show for teenaged girls, but I like it. I've probably mentioned it before. It's relatively clean and I like that. Kind of noir-ish. Ummmm. Scenery, too. Yeah. That. 

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