Monday, January 11, 2016

11 January 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Ron and Jerry came down and got me up this morning. Did not go to school to day[sic]. Helped Ron on his car for a while this morning. Did some studying and ate dinner at Ron's friends place today. Drove around most of the afternoon. Had some pop at [Kadder waterout] $.10. Went to grandma's for supper this evening. After supper I went down to the Library and studied until time to pick Laurie up from [C.A.D.]. I got her home about 11:10. Studied 3 1/2 hours on Biology tonight. 54 calendar $.50. Spent $.60.
I know the 'C' part of the C.A.D. above, but not the rest. What does one do while "driving around"?

I had a decent day. Sadly, I had a bit of an anxiety attack (or whatever) last night, for something that turned out (almost) on first light to be quite unwarranted, so there you go. Again. First time I resorted to 1/4 ambien in about 6 days though so good on me. Ended up sleeping until the alarm went off. I noted at the time that I really used to sleep until the alarm went off all the time. That hasn't been the case for years now. Sad.

Anyway, was well rested at least. Had a really good workout although my right shoulder was hurting. I don't think doing reverse curls is helping my right arm either. I tried light bench pressing but my shoulder hurt a lot so those are out. *sigh* Oh well.

Came home, did the usual and then sped off to Cascadia. The trunk lid is really wet anymore even though I had the desiccant in there the whole weekend. Oh, plus the inside of the windshield was frosted this morning again. The leaky trunk really needs to get fixed. So, went there and did very little archaeology work, mostly just a half hour or so on the report. Mostly I worked on something for Coptic, deciding how to get the Final cytology diagnosis. Sharon at least agreed with me so that made me feel good. I left there at 11:30 and was going to go to McD's by us but then remembered I had to hit the Target at NGate so I switched directions and ate lunch there instead and then drove over to the Target. All I got was some saline solution for my contacts. I think I went straight home after that. Yes. I had vague notions of going to the SBux at UVil but decided it was raining and I should get something done around the house so I did some put-away projects that I'd been putting off and also did some research on rebates for furnaces and insulation and junk. Turns out there's only one place I can go for those -- not PSE or City Light -- so I had to make an appt. to get an "energy audit" which will probably irritate me, but whatever. Then we have to go through their contractors. So we'll see.

David Bowie died today, too, so KEXP was playing Bowie music all day. I had it on most of the day, too. I was never a big Bowie fan -- never bought a single album of his, although I taped someone's Let's Dance -- but I actually enjoyed most of it. Really amazing how much stuff he put out. Really didn't like his later stuff much. He was 69; I was surprised he made it that far myself, with all the drugs and smoking he did. He finished his last album (Blackstar) while he knew he was dying so some day I will need to get that to see how it is.

Made dinner and then we just went to UVil to do a bit of grocery shopping. Wish we could have walked more. Alabama playing Clemson tonight for the national title. I'm kind of meh on it. My interest in football has really ebbed so I will probably watch most of the second half.

Addendum: Came across this quote when reading last night:
His caprices had their origin in a mind that lacked the support of an engrossing purpose, and in feelings that preyed upon themselves for want of other food.”
(Hawthorne, Nathaniel. “Twice Told Tales.”)

When I read this I immediately thought about Anxiety. I'm sure I've commented on this several times: my need for a Big Goal and such, and without one I get all anxious and junk. I wonder if he's referring to this? Or perhaps he's just making a general observation about a lack of a larger purpose, rather  than a specific Goal? Dunno. 

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