Sunday, January 31, 2016

31 January 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Slept in this morning until about 10:30. Picked Laurie up about 12:00 and we went down to grandma's for dinner. Broke the drive line on my Plymouth on the way down. Barbara took Laurie and I for a drive this afternoon. [!!! ed.] Had supper at Laurie's place and then we came down here and I did a little studying. About 9:00 we went down to the [Turf] for a while and shot some pool. $.50. Got home about 12:00. Spent today $.50. Monthly spending $47.10. 
So anyway. My shoulder hurt a lot today, owing no doubt to sleeping on the floor most of the night. I went out there and both cats were on the couch and rather than go downstairs (which I should have) I just went on the floor and probably slept on my right shoulder most of the night. Ouch. What else. Nothing much. I did sleep pretty well though. Ate in. I decided not to go to Mass and instead cleaned the main floors: front room, dining room, hallway. Meant doing a lot of moving stuff around and then sweeping and mopping. I would have done more but only had one Swiffer pad. Oh, Daisy threw up sometime in the night and I managed to step in it. Oogh. Not much, just a little. I mean that I stepped in.

I watched some stupid TV the rest of the morning and had my weekly Nestea. Took a short nap. We went to UVil as usual, and then got the SuBAru washed and had ice cream up by NGate because I found $5 on the floor in the Bartell's. Came home, piddled around, then Skyped with the siblings. Good thing we talked, just so we all know what's going on. Jeff's his usual pessimistic self, and he was doing all this in mom's room -- talking about how much money to set aside for her funeral expenses and such. But it looks like we have everything under control. Mom and dad did well raising us, I think.

Did the usual chores. Went for a walk.

Sister says that she thinks mom might have wished we'd "pulled the plug". That's too bad. I can understand it though, I imagine she's not terribly excited about being helpless. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

30 January 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Slept in this morning until about 11:00 Got up in time to take Laurie to work and then went to dinner and down to the [ahask] and [tooled came] with dad and came home. Went over and saw Lee Roy for a while this afternoon. Picked up Laurie after work and we went to Youth For Christ. After we went down to the [Touf] and shot some pool $.45. Went to the Donut Shop and had a [miss] big [fuel] $2.25. Gas $1.00. Got home about 2:30. Spent $3.70. 
Well, I guess the big news is that mom went and fell out of her chair today. They thought she had broken her clavicle but later said she didn't. Sheesh.

As I figured, I woke up in the middle of the night and started worrying and junk about the stupid Herb Alpert LP. That was about 1:30 so I took 1/4 ambien and I went back to sleep pretty quickly. I find it works primarily as an anti-anxiety thing. After hearing about mom, and then talking about the funeral preparations -- we're starting the financial planning for that, not that she's on death's door or anything -- I have hopefully put the LP thing into proper perspective.

Had nothing in the house for breakfast, so we went out. Had scrambled eggs this morning. I don't like them there (Burgermaster). They feel. . . .I dunno. Plastic. Or something. I don't think they're freshly cracked eggs. Roof guy came over at 10. I'd gone up in the attic and checked the leak, which wasn't that bad, just some wetness around the chimney. He didn't even go up there and didn't talk about fixing it, just about a new roof, so I'm going to get other bids, obviously.

We went up to Alderwood so the Spousal Unit could do some clothes shopping She started as a manager at Boeing Friday before last so is getting more and better clothes for that. We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Crowded, but good. Clean, staff was friendly and very good and their jobs. I was very impressed. Good place.

I bought some long underwear shirts. Go me.

Came home, piddled around, made dinner, went back up to NGate to walk, and do a couple of things.

Right now I'm listening to streaming audio through a service called Pandora. I have it on the New Age Ambient station which is just a lot of peaceful new agey music, and I probably have it on most days for hours. It's a nice median between something like classical and more pop/rock music. I dunno, I adore new age music. I don't usually sit and listen to it, it's more of a background kind of thing if I'm working or reading. This one is almost purely instrumental. I can listen for hours. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

29 January 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Drove down to Laurie's place and walked her to school this morning. We had a National assrmbly this morning. [Saw real hot missionaries] We also had a pep assembly this afternoon. Took Laurie to work after school and picked up her[sic] at 7:30. We went to the basketball game at the Armory at which I had to play. After the game we went down to the [Turf] and shot pool for a while. $.60. After that we went down to the Donut Shop and had some eats $.70. Got home and in bed about 1:30. Spent $1.35.
I'm sure it didn't say 'hot missionaries' but that's what it looked like.

A decent day all around. I slept really well last night. A relief from yesterday. Had a really good workout, too, just kicked @ss the whole time. I've been doing something that I thought was helping my right shoulder but I'm not sure anymore. Kinda hurt today. I'll keep it up next week and see.

Came home, ate bagel, went almost right to Cascadia. I had to get a cost estimate done and get some other piddly things done as well. I finished that up by 11:30 and went to NGate for lunch. Went home and then went to the UVil for a much-needed break at the SBux. Scenery was really good today -- I mention this because it's an interesting phenomenon to me -- and I mostly just read some blogs the whole time. Well, I was there for maybe 40 minutes. On a lark I walked over to the QFC -- okay, partly to use the bathroom (and it was pleasant out so I didn't want to go back home right away) -- and decided to make a pumpkin pie for the Spousal Unit. The one we made last week with cream cheese she didn't like very much so I made up this one. Turned out quite well, I thought. Did that, did some other stuff, dinner, walk at NGate. I bought socks.

So, I dunno. A decent sort of a day. I was well rested. I feel like I should say something Significant right now, but I can't think of anything in particular. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

28 January 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Drove down to Laurie's place as usual this morning and walked her to school. Sure was tired today and I had also got a bad cold. After school I came home and [read] some. After supper at Grandma's I picked up Laurie at about 7:30 and we went down to the Y.M.C.A. and we play[sic] for a U.S.O dance. After the dance we had some eats at the Donut Shop $1.20. Sat out in the car a while at her place. Got home and in bed about 2:00 this morning. Spent $1.20. 
So. Great show last night. We left here around 4:45, but it took a long time to get downtown because of the rain and I went down Eastlake which was really difficult to get to across the University Bridge. Ate at the Johnny Rocket's in Pacific Place (parked there, too). Raining pretty heavily. It was very nice. At a jazz club (Dimitrous' Jazz Alley) so it was very intimate. Good show. I could have used more of the old Tijuana Brass music but it was still pretty good. I actually almost ran into him. . . .literally! Their bathrooms are down the same corridor where the dressing rooms are and I decided I needed to take a leaker right before it started and he was coming out of the hallway as I was going in. Ha! He's taller than I expected.

I had a couple of Maker's Mark bourbons. Meh. Didn't really feel much of it. At one point while his wife (Lani Hall) was singing and he was just waiting he dropped his mouthpiece and it rolled under the piano. So while they're up there playing on stage he's crawling around under the piano trying to fetch the piece!

He's still my favorite trumpet player. I decided he doesn't so much play it as sing with it.

Got home around 9:45. Watched TV a bit and then slept on the couch cuz the Spousal Unit wasn't going to work today. Jack had me pinned there most of the night. But I ended up sleeping pretty well, albeit only until 4:20. Felt okay though.

Had a reasonable workout despite the lack of sleep. Came home and the energy assessment guy came by around 9. Decent fellow. Sadly, he noticed that we have a leak by the chimney. I think it is probably not a bad one or the other insulation guy probably would have spotted it. But we'll need to get it fixed. Hope it doesn't come with a new roof. But he gave us some good advice on our options. He left a little before noon.

We went to McD's for lunch and then up to the PetsMart for cat supplies and then the QFC for dinner stuff. We had salad. I ate like no vegetables yesterday except minimal ones in soup or a side strawberry to a dessert. Eeesh. Walked around here.

It rained pretty good over night and most of the the morning but it cleared up nicely in the afternoon. I did some archaeology work here. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

27 January 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got up early this morning. We had about 6 inches of snow last night. Shoveled [power] and then drove to [unk ] and walked Laurie to school. Snowed all day. After school helped dad shovel the church walk [dropped] off Laurie [walkes] and at home. Laurie baked me a cake at her house while I cleaned the walks. She ate supper at Grandma's with me tonight. Took her to church and picked her up afterwards. [Wak] on my chains a while tonight. Got to bed about 1:00. School supplies $.70. Spent $.70.
Man, a lot of that was tough to figure out.

Am writing this up about 3 in the afternoon as we are going downtown later to see Herb Alpert at Dimitriou's by the Westin. He was here a few years ago and I neglected to go and was kicking myself ever since. He's 83 now so you never know. We're leaving here around 4:30, having dinner downtown somewhere, and then going to the show around 6:30. We're in the cocktails area on the balcony but there are apparently no bad seats in the place. I'm excited about it! However, yesterday and maybe the day before I was in my worry mode about it. Nothing specific, just the general anxiety I used to get about doing anything new. I used to get intense worry about almost anything and then didn't do much. I've gotten way better at it, but it still niggles at me sometimes. I did, however, sleep very well last night. Also had a great workout. Stewart is not working out for a month because of his shoulder. He was giving me a hard time last year about taking a month off so I gently needled him about it.

I went to Cascadia today and pretty much finished the report. Left around 12:45 and went to UVil SBux and enjoyed the abundant scenery. It's almost 60 today, but kind of rainy.

Anyway, Herb. My parents (read: Dad) had the Whipped Cream album when I was a kid and I loved it. I was too young to enjoy the cover art but I played the crap out of it because I was a little trumpet player then and it was fun music, not like the stupid band music we played at school. By the time I got hormones, of course, the cover of that album was pretty tame. I still played it sometimes, but the original of theirs disappeared long ago. I got one at an estate sale, and then picked a few more along the way, and then another really mint condition Whipped Cream. I'm taking that one tonight in hopes he'll sign it. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

23 January 2016 (Saturday)

[bumped. apparently it hadn't published earlier]
On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Didn't get up until about 11:00. Walked down to Grandma's for dinner. After dinner had dad take me down town. Bought Laurie a corsage for the formal [Table] Dance tonight at the High School. $3.00. Walked down at the almost a[sic] which the afternoon. Picked Laurie up after she got off from work. Had supper at her place tonight. Picked her up for the dance about [8:26]. We had eats after the dance. We came down to the house for a while. Took her home about 5:00. Gas $1.00. Spent $4.00. 
Man, I didn't stay out that late in my 20s!

I managed to sleep okay last night, most of it on the floor. I need to only do that as a last resort, but it sure seems to help me sleep. I think the minor discomfort takes my mind off of whatever it may get all anxiety about. Anyway, I slept until almost 4:30 and wasn't awake very much.

We went out for breakfast. It was raining all night and until mid-afternoon. When I came home I cleaned and sanitized my new fermenting barrel and then decanted the old beer into it to secondarily ferment for a few weeks. Will probably bottle it right before I leave for Wisconsin. The Spousal Unit took me to the gym around 9:30, as I really wanted to work out. Really good workout, too. I think 5 of the morning peeps were there (1 guy, the rest wimmins). I walked across campus and over the the Ave and met the Spousal Unit there who was getting her hair cut. We went to Pagliacci's for lunch and I guzzled lots of soda. Then we went over to the UVil and got some pie makings, as today is National Pie Day. Well, whatever. Made a cream cheese pumpkin pie. It was okay, not much like a pumpkin pie, but I liked it. In the afternoon I vacuumed the Honda out in the trunk and there was little to no water under the mat and the cardboard, but both of those were fairly wet. Have to wait until it dries out completely and then rains again to see if it all worked. Some water did drip out of the left tail light though.

Watched an episode of Galavant and then one of The Grinder while waiting for the pie and then went down and watched the end of a stupid movie, San Andreas or something. I have to say, I wasn't all that sad to see San Francisco wiped off the face of the earth, but then at the end they said they'd rebuild it. No thanks.

Walked to the library and returned the movie and thence to the Safeway for some donut holes. I eat a couple of those on the weekend mornings before the Spousal Unit awakens. 

26 January 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Took the car down to Laurie's place and walked her to school again this morning. Bought myself a English [ed.: Heh] Workbook $1.00. Paid my drawing fee $1.00. Laurie came down to the house after school with me tonight. After supper I picked her up and we went to the [Weasley notices] at the Armory tonight $2.00. Afterwards we went to the Donut Shop and had some eats $1.25. Got home about 11:30. Sure had a lot of fun tonight. Gas $1.50. Spent $6.75.
Slept okay last night, albeit with minor assistance around 3. Worked well. Had a really good workout, too. I went downtown and that went well. I was busy the whole time, first getting the cytology diagnoses fixed -- there were some in as Unsatisfactory as well as Normal (neither a good thing) -- and I got most of them squared away. Rowena went over for coffee with me and then we went to the gift shop; also went down to get my lunch with me and we ate it upstairs. Met someone new (Kate) as well. Then I was digging in my bag and found a piece of paper with notes from our last meeting (Michael) and I was supposed to send my CV to Christine. Oops. (Well, not a big deal) so I spent the rest of the time until around 2 making up a new one. Took the bus home which was uneventful save for the scads of high school students (Roosevelt) that got on. They were okay though, not too loud or anything.

Came home, opened the trunk of the Honda and it was all wet. So the leak place didn't really do much. I called them and left a message but they didn't call back yet. That's disappointing. We just walked around here. It was like 56 today and still pretty warm this evening. The worms were out, hanging out onto the sidewalk trying to hook up with other worms and make little worms. Have to walk more towards the center of the sidewalk to avoid squishing them. I don't remember them doing that back in Wisconsin although they would crawl up into the grass a night (i.e., night crawlers). Maybe I just never noticed them on the sidewalk. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

25 January 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Just got up in time to get off to school. Didn't even have time to eat breakfast. Went down to Laurie's place and left the car there and then walked her to school. Our new semester started today. Laurie came home with me after school. I put my chains back on the car. Laurie went down to grandma's with me for dinner. We came back home and Laurie baked a cake for me. [Left] it [buoyed] up. Went to her place about 7:00 and watched Television. Got home about 1:00. 
Busy day today. Learned I'd left the garage door open all night. I do remember hitting the button and waiting a couple seconds to hear it go down, but it must have gotten stopped or something. Oh well. I think from now on I will get in the bait of making a check of the perimeter every night.

I managed to sleep well, although I was in the other room at probably 11 and then awake having an anxiety attack (or whatever) at around 1:15. I did remember that I hadn't started the dishwasher so I started it then and then slept on the floor, with a bit of assistance, and didn't lose much. Slept until almost 5 after that. Also had a really good workout. Stewart apparently messed up his shoulder.

Came home and swapped the cars putting the Honda in the garage with the trunk open. I need to dry it out as much as possible and then see if it leaks tomorrow when it rains. Probably will and then it will have to go back. What a pain. It was pretty wet.

Headed off to Cascadia and dropped some stuff off at the church first (no Julie, damn it!). I spent most of the day finishing up the Tukwila report and then the Renton report. I didn't take enough pictures of the latter, but it's okay. The background will take a bit longer than expected but I still have 6 hours left on it and some of Jana's report to steal from. I brought my sandwich from last Friday and put the bacon on it from breakfast Saturday and it was okay.

Left there around 1:15 and went over to the UVil and sat at the SBux. I just needed to. Decent enough scenery, I suppose. I didn't get anything else there, just came home and put the fan in the trunk. Did that, took the stuff out to the front, and then started the whole dinner thing. We just walked around here because it was a nice evening. Was like 50 today and mostly sunny and relatively pleasant. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

24 January 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Woke up about 10:00 this morning and got ready and took Laurie down to church with me this morning. Took her home after church and then went to dinner at grandma's. After dinner came home and slept until about 5:00. Picked Laurie up at about 7:00 and we went to a show at the Yakima [$1.80]. Went to the Donut Shop afterwards and had a burger and drinks $1.25. Got home tonight about 11:45. Picked up around a little before I went to bed. Spent $3.05.
Writing this a bit earlier than usual as The X-Files reprise supposedly starts at 7, although I kind of think the football game will delay that a bit. I barely watched any of it. Well, none of the first one and maybe 5 minutes of the second. New England is out at least. That's about all I cared about at this point.

The X-Files kinda sorta defined the '90s in a way for me. I liked it. I didn't watch too much TV during that decade but made sure to watch that. It was dark and creepy and I liked that. I think I may have been starting down the anxiety road, perhaps. So maybe. It's neat that on the TV menu it's described as "Season 10, Episode 1" as if it never really had a hiatus for 15 years.

Anyway, I slept quite well last night. Had breakfast in and I went to Mass. Relatively large number of hot females there this morning for whatever reason. Was okay. Came home and did a few little chores, not much else. Spousal Unit was downstairs most of the morning. I finally used up my jar of Nestea from probably 3 years ago. Back in the late '70s and early '80s I would have used it up in like 4 months.

Went to UVil. The Specialty's is closing after today, which we only found out about when we got there. We're kind of Meh on it, but that cuts the potential lunch places back down to one again. I hope something else decent moves in, although the Eddie Bauer is going into that space. They've been steadily shrinking their footprint there, and the one guy said they do most of their retail sales online anymore.

We came home and the Spousal Unit did some baking and I did some more chores. I washed the Honda and I think the trunk is still leaking. I know I did something else of significance, but can't remember what. I made up some meatloaf hamburgers, cooked a couple for dinner. Nice change, but I think I could grow tired of them. Walked outside afterwards; pleasant evening, no rain and around 48. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

22 January 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Drove my Plymouth down to Laurie's place and walk to school with her. Got our report cards today. After school walked her home and then took her to walk. Picked her up after work about 8:00 and we came down to my place and stayed until dad came home about 11:00. I then took the Dodge and we went down to the Donut Shop and had a meal $1.55. Got home about 12:30. Gas $1.00. Spent $2.55.
So. Managed to sleep okay last night. I went downstairs and only woke up once I think before waking up for the final time. . . .at 3:45. So, eh, a little better. I felt okay today though.

Had a really good workout, I did kind of a full upper body one again, arms, back, etc. The usual right-after-new-year's crowd has thinned down quite a bit. I started out kinda feeling wiped out, but got stronger pretty quickly. So. AWEsome.

Came home, bagel, etc., and then left for Cascadia a little later cuz I was futzing around. I did quite a bit there, finishing the manhole report (such as it was) and starting on the Renton one. I was sorta wrong about that; turns out there is a big site not too far away (a few blocks) so there really was some cause for thinking they'd hit something. OTOH, it was still under a building so I wasn't really concerned about it. But whatever. I started in on it and it shouldn't take too long. I went to Jimmy John's for lunch and brought it back. They got the order slightly wrong, mostly getting a bigger one. So I should have the other half for next week. I worked there until about 1:15, also getting the project summary done for the Orcas one.

I went over to the UVil and decided to sit in SBux for a bit. I went and had a big ol' frap because I had an offer for one. Not free but cheaper. Plus lots of seats. Lots of scenery. Good time. Well, I mean, not a good time but a pleasant little respite. I went over to the QFC and got some dinner materiel which turned out to be moot as we went up to get the Honda and that took so long we ate dinner up there (Lynnwood). We went to an Azteca, which kinda smelled like a load of dirty socks. Well, a bit anyway. We hadn't been to one of those for probably over 10 years. Used to be one on the corner of 25th and 55th. Went there quite a few times. They have one at NGate and that was the last one we went to. I decided the food's not terribly good; typical American-Mexican type stuff. But the service was good tonight and we got out in less than a half hour I think. We drove down to NGate and I got some ice cream and then we walked around. Went to the Barnes & Noble.

The car still has lots of moisture in it so tomorrow I need to vacuum it out reall well and let it dry. I really hope they got it all. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

21 January 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Took my band test this morning. Had my History test this morning also. Stayed after school tonight and practices with our sax quartet. Walked Laurie home after school and walked home. Snowed all day today. Put chains on the Plymouth when I got home. At 6:30 drove down town and play for U.S.O. dance. Got home about 12:00. Listened to the radio for a while and then went to bed about 12:45. 
Early night. . . .

Tired. Slept about the same way as the night before, badly. Same pattern, too, ended up waking up at 3:30 again. I did try counting backwards from 900 by 9s (complete) and then backwards from 300 by 3s; not successful. I may have dozed off while doing the latter but I doubt it. So, tired.

Spousal Unit and I carpooled as I was monitoring in downtown Renton. Raining hard most of the morning. After dropping her off at Boeing I managed to find my way to the job site -- 724 S. 3rd St., the old Renton Western Wear store -- after a few wrong turns. They were excavating inside so the rain bothered me not! Interesting stuff. About 72 cm of coarse fill above. . . .something. Had trouble with it. It was mostly a medium clean sand -- no rocks or anything -- although in places it had bricks and brick fragments, wire, etc., and some pipes were going through it, so it was obviously not in situ sediments. But. . . I guess it was probably local sediment that had been screened maybe? To provide a compact base for the wall footings? Dunno. That's what I'm going with though.

Anyway, it was fits and starts. The contractor had rented a big garden tractor but that turned out to not work very well, so the guys he'd hired to work it got a larger track hoe and then it went quickly. I ended up spending an hour at the SBux down the street. Then the bucket broke so I went for lunch across the street at the Indian place (yum). Came back, escorted a nicely attractive lady into the building (she was a potential client for the space), and they finished by 2. So I went to Walmart and got some cinnamints and then to Spam's Club and got gas, and then waited for the Spousal Unit and we drove home. Took an hour. Didn't walk because it was raining so I vacuumed downstairs and did some other little junk. Don't mind because I'm very tired. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

20 January 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. At 8:00 this morning it was 19 below. Had some more [tits] in band today. Gave a [semester] speech in spanish class today. A 20 minute speech. Got b+. Went down town after school and got a [his cat] and went on down to the church. After supper I went to the Library and then came home and stayed here all evening. I practiced some and did a little school work. Got to bed about 12:00.
Yes, I know it's not 'tits' but that's what it looks like.

Slept like crap last night. I think I dozed off but then woke up right away and couldn't get back to sleep. Then I woke up at 3:30 -- what IS it about 3:frickin' 30??? -- and couldn't get back to sleep. So decided not to go into the UW. I went to the gym and really had a great workout, no doubt due to the liquids I consumed after getting up so early. Came home, ate bagel, went to Cascadia. Mostly I worked on cytology dx's, about 30 of which seemed to be wrong. I probably knew that already, but some were just not right in the data set I used. I mean, the original data had them as HSIL (or something) but in the imported data they were Normal. So I spent like an hour fixing those.

Paper got rejected by PLoS One dangitall. I think there are just limitations here that I can't get around. Oh well. Downstream we go.

Also spent time figuring out this Tukwila manhole thing. JAYsus. All they're doing is digging out 7" of asphalt and we're supposed to monitor it. I mean, money for nuthin' (but no chicks for free), but a waste of time. So I tried to get that worked out. I went to NGate for lunch and worked for a bit after that. Then went to UVil to cash a check and sit at SBux (holy moly, lots of scenery) and then drove up to the leak place and dropped the Honda off. Spousal Unit met me up there. Could not follow directions and ended up in two different places, eventually making me walk to where she was. All's well. Chatted with the owner's son quite a bit.

Oh, hot chick at SBux chatted a bit about the Packers.

Went to UVil to get a couple donuts for tomorrow and some new earplugs. Yay!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

19 January 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. We did not have band this morning because of test for the [Chinets]. Had a big test in Biology which I think I failed. Dad picked me up after school and I went back down to the church with him. After supper I came home and studied my speech some. Laurie called me up this evening about 8:30 and invited me down to watch Television. I went down to her place until 11:00. Got home in bed by twelve. Still have about 8 inches of snow on. 
Rained most of the day today. I woke up like 6 or 7 times last night but always went right back to sleep without assistance. I dunno, watching the X-Files movie seems to have inspired me. To do what, I don't know, but I was very intent on working today. So, awesome workout, mainly because I woke up at 4:15 pretty well rested and drank a lot. I mean a really good workout. What else. Came home, went to Cascadia and did some other work there on a different (new) project as well. So, felt good about all that. Had lunch there. Left around 12:45. Went straight to the barber to get my hair cut, got right in, too. Then over to UVil to cash a check and then sat in SBux for a few.

Came home and just did some minor chores and gave the cats lots of attention. Dinner, walk at NGate.

Made flight reservation for the 13th of Feb. Probably return on the 5th of March or so. Plan is to get the house ready for being empty for weeks at a time, get mom communicating more, and ready to be more on her own.

And go to Gille's and Rocky Rococo. . . .

Monday, January 18, 2016

18 January 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Everything was about the same. We are [missing] for the big test that [are] coming up the rest of the week. Dad came after me after school and we went back to the [home]. Carl and Jerry {when] down [like easy]. After supper I [we] down to Laurie's place and we went driving. Gas $1.00. Got in about 11:30. [Broke or as] bad as I have ever seen them. Looked over my speech for tomorrow before go to bed. Eats $1.25 Spent $2.25.
Pleasant day today. It was nice weather-wise, mostly cloudy with some bit of sun and 52; felt a little like spring. I managed to sleep okay, although had a minor anxiety attack (or whatever) but went back to sleep pretty quickly (with assistance). Slept until almost when the alarm went off. No workout today -- IMA closed for MLK day -- so made breakfast here. I kinda piddled around but then checked my Cascadia email and found I needed to go in and finish the one report, so around 7:15 I went over and started on that. I didn't work the whole morning (not enough to do) but I stayed there the whole morning anyway and did some other stuff. I thought I was leaving kind of early but once I got home it was almost 12, so I just ate leftover BBQ and beans. Heh. (no ill effects as of yet)

I piddled around and then went to the Hawthorne Stereo to find out what happened to my consignment speakers -- they probably sold them but never told me. So I should get some $$$ from them soon. Also went to UVil and the SBux mainly because I needed dinner stuff. It was pleasant, I sat outside. A little colder than I would have liked it to be, but not bad. Cute bulldog nearby getting lots of attention.

Last night my brother texted and he's sending his old guitar here so I'll have one here again and one in WI. I am hell bent on learning that thing if it kills me. I will lay out a plan and do it.

What else. Here is what happens with the cats: Jack will chase me downstairs and then we'll play a minute or two, which is basically him twitchy-tailing by the TV area and then walking over and doing a somersalt, back again, etc., or me pushing him across the floor on his back (he loves that). Then monkey-see-monkey-do Daisy will come down and walk over and then Jack will stop playing and go sit somewhere and Daisy will go sit somewhere and they'll just stare at me. Cats. . . . .

Also, here is a description (if I haven't already) of the sorts of anxiety attacks (or whatever) I have so any future clinicians can diagnose me from afar: It usually come on quickly or after a dream, but it is a really dark, negative, worrisome feeling about something or other. Sometimes it's a big existential thing or it could be a little thing. For the former, I often feel awful about my career path and life in general; I haven't concentrated and been successful in either archaeology or something else, for example. The latter can be almost anything. I may have said something in an email to someone and worry that they took it the wrong way and hate me or something like that. Often, especially with the smaller things I can tell myself and actually be aware that it's almost undoubtedly not as bad as I think, but that doesn't seem to help. Sometimes I can alleviate it somewhat by mapping out some sort of plan for actually dealing with it. Mostly, however, I just have to fill my head with something else (like counting by 7's or 8's or the fast-talking thing I've mentioned before) and wait for it to pass, which it usually does after about 45 minutes. Sometimes it just keeps coming back. Really, only ambien can really alleviate it, which is why I am confident that it's some sort of chemical thing in my head since ambien (zolpidem tartrate) calms brain activity down. I can usually feel it working just like that, too. That's why I've been wondering if something similar in a low dose might keep the whole anxiety thing at bay.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

17 January 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up early this morning and shoveled some more snow.At 10:15 went and picked up Laurie and went with her to her church. Laurie came down to Grandmother's with me for dinner today. after dinner we came up to the house and messed around until supper time. Ate supper at [Wendtels] this evening $2.25. Went to church after supper. After church this evening we went to the Donut Shop and had some more eats $.50. Got home about 11:00. Studied until 1:00. Gas $1.00. Spent $4.05.
Football season is over as far as I'm concerned. Green Bay lost last night and Seattle lost today. Totally uninterested in the rest of the season except that I hope both New England and Carolina lose. NFL is a mess anymore. Seattle was down 31-0 at the half but came back to 31-24, but ran out of time. Anyway, I plan on not watching any more this season.

Had a minor anxiety attack (or whatever) last night and decided I wanted to sleep on the floor. After that (with some assistance) I went to sleep and was out until the alarm went off at 5:30. I sat around until around 6 and then when I went to get another soda I noticed the light was on in the basement. Did I forget to turn it off last night? Hmmm. The TV was on! Did I forget to turn it off last night? No, the Spousal Unit had been down there since before I got up.

Made pancakes and did not go to Mass. I did some cleaning and regular chores instead. Took a little nap around 9:30. We watched most of the first half of the game (started at 10) and then went and had lunch at McD's, following the score. While shopping they scored three times so we decided to go back home and I did some more chores while she watched the game. Well, I watched the last few minutes. Then I decided to go to the Safeway to get some beer for cooking the brats we'd bought, so I went there and also got some soda. Got back and we started to watch Jurassic World (movie). Meh. I mean, it's the same movie as the others. Probably the same things happen down to the minute. In the middle I started cooking dinner and then saw texts from my sister saying I should call so they could talk. Not any emergency or anything, but they were talking to people today. Mom's still not talking I don't think. The trach may come out this week. Sister also wanted to know how I felt about it not going in again. Mom doesn't want it back in so I am going with her wishes. Hopefully once that's out she'll make even better progress. It's really a very big thing that it's even coming out.

Didn't walk because it's raining. A lot. I checked the rain totals and for December we had 11.2" where the normal is around 5.5". For the whole year we got 45" where the average is 37.5". Yes wet winter so far. They predicted a warmer and drier winter. Ha.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

16 January 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got up early this morning and started in shoveling snow. We had a good 8 inches this morning. Shoveled [hoe] at [unk] and down at the church until about 10:45. Took Laurie/Louise to work. Study a lot of the afternoon on my speech. Picked Laurie/Louise up from work after supper this evening. Took her home and I came home and changed clothes and play for the [Fury] Club Dance at the Y.M.C.A. Got home about 12:30. Still [ironing utils]. Candy and pop $.10. Spent $.10. 
I do think it is 'Laurie' but it may be Louise.

Had something of a decent day. When I went downstairs at probably 12:45 I took my iPad down and it dinged that I had a message then. Turned out to be Sonja. Yeesh, she is a dedicated one. Well, I use it as a reminder to myself to take things easy with people. Anyway, I ended up sleeping fairly well down there, waking up when the heater kicked on at 4:30 and I think I dozed off for maybe another 20 minutes.

We ate breakfast out at Burgermaster. I came home and didn't do much. I did watch a goofy movie from 1965 called 'She'. It was a Hammer film, they did lots of cheap horror-type things. This one had Ursula Andress as a 2,000-year old Egyptian(?) queen and got some British chap to fall under her spell. I have to say, the ending surprised me, it wasn't a happy one. I would have expected it to be all wrapped up nice at the end. Also had Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in it.

Anyhoo, watched that and then we went off to lunch at the BBQ place because there was an estate sale nearby. Sale was okay. There had been a lot of vintage audio stuff but it was mostly gone. Great house, right on the water next to the Burke-Gilman. Huge. Spousal Unit bought two glass bowls. We went to another one in Viewridge that wasn't too good. Got nothing there. Next, went to UVil and got dinner material and some yogurt. Meh.

When I got home I tested my beer again. Nice and clear but very, very light. I ordered a second fermenting barrel and I plan on decanting it into that one and letting it go for another month or so. I did some Interwebs research and found that the Chief Oshkosh recipe I used was a fairly standard American lager one: barley malt, corn, and some hops. I may try it once more after this and see about getting it a bit more robust (darker). But otherwise, I'm not sure. The one bitter recipe I have used is one that I really do like, so I may experiment with that one and try to get the alcohol down so I can drink it more often. But I do need to concentrate on learning how to use the hydrometer so I can accurately measure that.

Anyway, rained like the dickens for a while this afternoon but after dinner at 6 it was just lightly drizzling so we walked around here. Nice evening, probably 50 degrees, little windy. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

15 January 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a [ambaticts band terphes] this morning. Everything else was about the same. Dad picked me up after school and I worked at the church until supper time. After supper I took the Dodge and went and picked up Laurie and took her to the [football] game. We both played for it. We went to a party at the [pastors] place until about 11:00 and wen then went down to the Donut Shop and had some eats. $1.25. Having our first big snow tonight. [Ask] Laurie to go study with me tonight. $1.00 gas. Spent $2.25. 
I guess Barbara is pretty much out of the picture. I like Laurie better.

I managed to sleep okay last night albeit with assistance. Not much though. I woke up downstairs when the heater turned on and kinda didn't know where I was. I had to go to Tukwila so I had a shortened workout but a pretty intense one. When I got to the locker my phone was ringing and it was Mike C. (City of Tukwila) telling me that yes, they did need me out there. Apparently they had a bunch of emails going back and forth and he'd just sent me one in bold and highlighted saying THEY DON'T NEED ME THERE. Heh.

Anyway, drive down was okay. Turned out it was completely useless, they weren't even excavating anything. I just stood around a bit, took a couple of photos, and then went to a SBux to wait out the traffic. Left there about 9:30 and traffic wasn't too bad. I decided to go straight to Cascadia to make a topo map and aerial and did a little writing of a brief report on it. Left by 11:30. Went to NGate for lunch. Came home and Daisy desperately wanted attention. She was rubbing and meowing in the bathroom and finally I had to pick her up and put her on the counter and give her a good brushing. She loves that. You could brush her for an hour and still get hair off. She went in the sink for a couple of minutes, too (she likes that).

Went to the SBux at UVil for a while. Not much in the way of scenery I'm afraid. But I had a nice time reading the web and chatting with Shannon (not her real name, btw; it's a nom de plume. She goes by Shannon Macallan, the last name after the whiskey which I was the only person to notice so far). Anyway. Did that, got some stuff for dinner, came home.

I took a sample of my beer and it doesn't seem too good. Very watery, not at all beer-looking. Not even sure it fermented at all. I will let it go another few days and then siphon some out to see how it looks. I may stick to malt extract from now on. Or I may keep trying until I get it right? I dunno, there was a LOT of sediment coming out, too. So hmmmm.

Had dinner (I also drank some Miller to get the taste of my beer out of my mouth) and then walked at NGate. Someone came to the door bitching about pesticides. I didn't answer it. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

14 January 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
I was so tired that I didn't go to school this morning. Slept in until about 11:30 this morning. Ron came up and I went down to [Kendalls] Cafe with him. I had some pop. At 2:00 Ron Carl [pery] Barbara, Laurie, Dad and myself went up and [saw] the trial of Jim Forest the kid I [had] a [fat som] with on the [avenue]. After supper tonight came home and work on my semester speech. I got to bed about 11:30 tonight. Pop $.10. Spent $.10. 
Tried to find this 'trial of Jim Forest' on the web but couldn't. COuldn't really make out what he was saying about him either.

Kind of a weird day today. Woke up at like 3:30 so that wasn't great, but I felt okay. Had a really good workout though. Really quite good. Back is doing fine with squats, too. When I got home I had an email from my sister telling me that our aunt Marion had died at 5 this morning (central time). Not unexpected at all, but I was saddened by it. She was a bit of an odd duck, Marion was. I'm convinced she had something psychological wrong with her, like bipolar disorder or something. Never married. Tended to turn on people for a time and then later on act like it never happened. But she wasn't really a bad person for the most part, so it is a loss. I went up to the church to light a vigil light for her, but Mass was going on so I sat in for the last half (like 15 minutes). Saw Marge there, and Fr. Basso was saying the Mass -- he's from Michigan. I had on my Wisconsin sweatshirt so I said that I half expected him to just fling the wafer at me, and that "we are pilgrims in an unholy Pac-12 land." Heh. That last line is from a movie, you future readers can go look it up as your trivia assignment.

So, after that stopped by SBux on 35th and then went to Cascadia. Didn't do much while there and then went to lunch at NGate. When I came back. . .well, the one report is still in progress, Mike is being kind of slow on it. Kinda sloppy, too. Then Meg had one down in Tukwila which is monitoring and that is all messed up. At first, we were supposed to be there the 19th-21st and the 26th, nearly all of it at night, which I was probably going to have to do. Then it turned out I had to go out tomorrow morning. So I was getting ready for that. Then the guy who I've worked with before down there called and said, no, no monitoring needed at all, so fine. Then Meg called after I got home and said some other guy called her and really wanted someone out there tomorrow. Sheesh. So I'm going to the gym and then heading down to see what they're doing. Should only take like 20 minutes off of my workout.

So I got all that stuff ready for tomorrow. The Civic is really being irritating. There's so much moisture in the trunk that it's making the entire car into a humid sauna (if a cold one) so the insides of the windows are always all fogged up and it takes 10 minutes to clear them in the morning. Can't wait to get that stuff fixed.

Anyway, nice and sunny today. I drove my Mustang most of the day. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

13 January 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Just did get up in time for school this morning. Took the Dodge. Had another history test today. I [loose Ifield] it o. Did some drawing in Study Hall today. After supper I took the Dodge and picked up Laurie and she came down to the house and we practiced until about 10:00. We then went to her place and warch Television until 12:00. We then went down to the [Nonet] Shop and had some eats $1.25. We stayed out until 4:15 this morning. We had some eats before we came in [your] $.60. Gas $1.00. Spent $2.85.
Weird night last night. Went to bed okay, went to sleep okay, but when I woke up I felt kinda crappy. I went downstairs and still felt uncomfortable (or something) and ended up going upstairs and laying down on the floor so I could feel really uncomfortable and perhaps ignore how crappy I felt. Which wasn't really crappy but enough to keep me awake. Worked though, and slept until 4:45.

I had a really decent workout, owing to the sleep and pasta last night. I wonder if cake performs the same function as pasta? Hmmm. Pretty uneventful. Came home, at bagel, and then drove up to 220th and Aurora (or whatever it is up there) and dropped the car at the leak place. He seemed okay. He said it would take until 1 but I mentioned that I was hanging at the SBux and if he could get it done ASAP it would be great (and he did; 11:00). So I went up there, got my mocha and sat down and did whatever work I could, which wasn't much. I read an alcohol paper and then wrote up a couple of posts, chatted with Shannon on messenger, until he called. Will take it in next week sometime.

Went over to Cascadia after that, got set up, and then went to the QFC for some soup for lunch. After that. . . .well, my guts went a little haywire again. Something must have gotten into me. So I left shortly thereafter, although I have some little project in Renton to manage coming up. Same sort of stuff I've worked with them before on. Didn't feel very good all afternoon. I did pop down to the guitar store on Roosevelt and Ravenna, hoping to find a cheapie guitar I could buy and practice on until I get mine back, but they only had them $99 and up, which was too much. Also went to the vintage (and new) audio store but didn't see my speakers there. I wonder if I have to ask them if they've sold them. Must find receipt and call them. So, came home and just did next to nothing.

Went to UVil for our walk as it was raining (again) and I needed some stuff. For my guts, okay! And cream cheese. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

12 January 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a test in American History which I slept through. Sure am tired today. Walked home from school and worked on the car for a while. After supper at grandma's I took the Dodge and went and picked up Laurie and we went to the Library to get myself a book and then we came down to my place and we played [wands] until late. Took her home and I got to bed about 12:30. Eats at the N***t Shop $.80. Spent $.80. 
That probably does say "Donut Shop" but it really doesn't look like a D.

Anyway. Decent day today. I slept really well, until about 4:45. Had a really good workout, too. The wimmins are back downstairs, like 8 of them this morning. Not a complaint, just an observation.

Hahahaha. . .'complaint'. . . .hahahahahaha

I went downtown this morning because I figured I had some diagnoses to figure out. I actually kept kind of busy for most of the morning but then realized I had pretty much done most of the biopsy ones and the ones I didn't have I don't have data for anyway, so that petered out. Rowena and I went over to the Maleng cafe for lunch. Not a bad sandwich. However. Once I got home my guts, errrmmm, kinda blew up. And by "up" I mean "out". Yeesh. I sat around most of the rest of the afternoon (3 on) because I was feeling kind of blehh. I watched two episodes of The Grinder. Still giggling furiously at it. I waited until after 4:30 to even start cooking. I made sure to give the cats attention while I was recovering.

We didn't walk because it is raining furiously outside. And I didn't feel like going to NGate to walk. So I cleaned some and then blogged and then am doing this.

I will say that tonight my guilty pleasure show -- Pretty Little Liars -- starts up again tonight. It's mostly a show for teenaged girls, but I like it. I've probably mentioned it before. It's relatively clean and I like that. Kind of noir-ish. Ummmm. Scenery, too. Yeah. That. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

11 January 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Ron and Jerry came down and got me up this morning. Did not go to school to day[sic]. Helped Ron on his car for a while this morning. Did some studying and ate dinner at Ron's friends place today. Drove around most of the afternoon. Had some pop at [Kadder waterout] $.10. Went to grandma's for supper this evening. After supper I went down to the Library and studied until time to pick Laurie up from [C.A.D.]. I got her home about 11:10. Studied 3 1/2 hours on Biology tonight. 54 calendar $.50. Spent $.60.
I know the 'C' part of the C.A.D. above, but not the rest. What does one do while "driving around"?

I had a decent day. Sadly, I had a bit of an anxiety attack (or whatever) last night, for something that turned out (almost) on first light to be quite unwarranted, so there you go. Again. First time I resorted to 1/4 ambien in about 6 days though so good on me. Ended up sleeping until the alarm went off. I noted at the time that I really used to sleep until the alarm went off all the time. That hasn't been the case for years now. Sad.

Anyway, was well rested at least. Had a really good workout although my right shoulder was hurting. I don't think doing reverse curls is helping my right arm either. I tried light bench pressing but my shoulder hurt a lot so those are out. *sigh* Oh well.

Came home, did the usual and then sped off to Cascadia. The trunk lid is really wet anymore even though I had the desiccant in there the whole weekend. Oh, plus the inside of the windshield was frosted this morning again. The leaky trunk really needs to get fixed. So, went there and did very little archaeology work, mostly just a half hour or so on the report. Mostly I worked on something for Coptic, deciding how to get the Final cytology diagnosis. Sharon at least agreed with me so that made me feel good. I left there at 11:30 and was going to go to McD's by us but then remembered I had to hit the Target at NGate so I switched directions and ate lunch there instead and then drove over to the Target. All I got was some saline solution for my contacts. I think I went straight home after that. Yes. I had vague notions of going to the SBux at UVil but decided it was raining and I should get something done around the house so I did some put-away projects that I'd been putting off and also did some research on rebates for furnaces and insulation and junk. Turns out there's only one place I can go for those -- not PSE or City Light -- so I had to make an appt. to get an "energy audit" which will probably irritate me, but whatever. Then we have to go through their contractors. So we'll see.

David Bowie died today, too, so KEXP was playing Bowie music all day. I had it on most of the day, too. I was never a big Bowie fan -- never bought a single album of his, although I taped someone's Let's Dance -- but I actually enjoyed most of it. Really amazing how much stuff he put out. Really didn't like his later stuff much. He was 69; I was surprised he made it that far myself, with all the drugs and smoking he did. He finished his last album (Blackstar) while he knew he was dying so some day I will need to get that to see how it is.

Made dinner and then we just went to UVil to do a bit of grocery shopping. Wish we could have walked more. Alabama playing Clemson tonight for the national title. I'm kind of meh on it. My interest in football has really ebbed so I will probably watch most of the second half.

Addendum: Came across this quote when reading last night:
His caprices had their origin in a mind that lacked the support of an engrossing purpose, and in feelings that preyed upon themselves for want of other food.”
(Hawthorne, Nathaniel. “Twice Told Tales.”)

When I read this I immediately thought about Anxiety. I'm sure I've commented on this several times: my need for a Big Goal and such, and without one I get all anxious and junk. I wonder if he's referring to this? Or perhaps he's just making a general observation about a lack of a larger purpose, rather  than a specific Goal? Dunno. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

10 January 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Ron came down and got me out of bed this morning and we went to church. I sat out in the car and talked with Barbara during most of the service. Ron ate dinner with me today. This afternoon Laurie came down to the house with about six other kids and we had a party most of the afternoon. Ate supper at Laurie's place. Went to a show tonight at the Yakima $1.30 and some eats at the [Furff] $.55. Dad picked me up and took me home. Tel. $.20 Got in about 12:00 tonight. Spent $2.55.
Well, another really decent day. I managed to sleep okay last night and woke up a bit before 4:30, which was fine because I didn't spend much time awake last night. I even went to Mass this morning because I felt okay. It was more crowded than usual because I think a lot of the 10:30 people came early so they could watch the SeaChickens at 10. They won, barely. Played Minnesota in Minneapolis where it was -6 at kickoff, 3rd coldest. 10-9. Minnesota had the game winning 24-yard field goal all set and then muffed it. Amazing. Packers played later and they beat Washington, the REDSKINS REDSKINS  REDSKINS REDSKINS REDSKINS REDSKINS REDSKINS, 35-18.

It was sunny and 52 so I decided to go for a run this afternoon as well. That went pretty good, neither of my knees hurt at all. Very pleasant. Drank a beer when I got back as well, meaning I nursed it for an hour and feel okay. Mostly I just watched the Packers and did some minor chores all afternoon. We missed most of the 2nd half of the SeaChickens cuz we went to UVil for lunch and a bit of shopping.

Just went out walking around here.

Oh, Bud Grant the old Vikings coach went out on the field for the coin toss wearing a polo shirt, no jacket or coat or anything. Heh. Stud. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

9 January 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got up early this morning and went down to the church with dad and went tobogganing at Bald Hill with the church [break]. [Drove] up with Ron. Ron and Carl [san] together at [Brusican Drive] and [horsedad] Ron's car until we but I [pad] it back to Yakima. Had a lot of fun up there today. Played a [Troy] CLub dance at the Y.M.C.A. tonight. Ron has my Plymouth tonight. Got in about 1:00 and got to bed about 2:15. Eats $.20 Gas $1.00. Spent $1.20.
Kind of a weird night last night. Jack decided he wanted to sleep next to me so at some unknown time -- probably 12 or so -- he walked across me and then sat on the nightstands and meowed at me until I got up. He does that. So I went downstairs and he dutifully followed me down and curled up right next to me, pinning me there all night. I think I woke up every hour or so to roll over and he didn't move. Finally at 4 I had to go to the bathroom so bad my bladder hurt so I just got up, and tried to make my way across the room and upstairs with an aching lower back. Yeesh. Was very thirsty for some reason and downed two sodas within like an hour. Ate in this morning. I decided to make something New! and Exciting! Well, different at least. I made up an omelette and a couple of bagels and quartered the omelette and put each on half of a bagel with some cream cheese. It was quite delicious, I thought. Will do that again.

Showered, didn't do much else this morning except take a short nap. We went to two estate sales before lunch (nothing) and then lunch at NGate, and then one more estate sale. I got a pint glass with a bunch of classic cocktail recipes on it. We watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron this afternoon. Meh. Kinda fun but not as good as the others. Went to eat at Red Robin at NGate on a gift card. Okay. Well, best chili fries Ive ever had but I haven't had that many. Worthwhile though. Then we went to Target for our walk and got a few items. Very cute and friendly little cat in the PetCo there.

So, not a bad day, I guess. Pleasant weather, foggy in the morning but sunny and probably around 50 in the afternoon. While we were inside. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

8 January 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Barbara [!!!! ed.] wanted to go [back] with me today. Had a pep assembly this afternoon. I went in after school and got some information on Biology lessons. Barbara came home after school with me tonight. I took her home in the Dodge and then got ready to go to the basketball game. Dad went to the game to[sic] tonight. Yakima got beat by Wapato. Got home about 11:00 and went to bed early. (Circled capitol P) Listened to the radio for a while tonight. 
I really thought we'd seen the last of Barbara.

Good day today. I stayed in the bed until 3 and actually got back to sleep (in the TV room) without assistance. Go me. Really good workout, too, although the last bit was tough. I left there a few minutes early since I was going to meet a contractor to get an estimate on insulation between 8 and 9, but he didn't get here until 8:45. But I got in early, too. He was decent enough. Hope it's not too much to do. I think it would make a big difference.

I went to Cascadia after he left and worked on the report after getting a short summary off to San Juan County telling them we didn't find anything, didn't think we would find anything, and that we shouldn't monitor anymore. Hopefully they'll buy it. No one was there most of the time. I did about all I could until about 11:45 and then went to NGate for lunch. Went right home and futzed around a bit, also chatted with Shannon which was great fun. She's a riot. Decided to go to UVil SBux for a bit and chatted with her some more, too, which was also fun. Had to discuss the boots some chick was wearing. Anyway. Came home and I drank a beer! One of mine, because I'd been talking so much about my Chief Oshkosh beer. And, of course, by "drink a beer" I mean drink it over the course of an hour and a half. So I don't feel much this evening.

Also posted some field notes the Spousal Unit wrote back in 1992. It was funny. One page in big capital letters said SHANNON FARTED along with some other stuff. Ha. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

7 January 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Drove the Dodge to school today. Had a lot of fun in band this morning with a [whitotin trader]. Gave a couple speeches in speech class this morning. Checked out of school at 12:30 and went to [Grant again]. Got my license for a [good down gear] and $.25 to boot. Went down and saw Laurie for a while tonight. Checked around town for a while with Russ tonight. Had some eats at the DOnut Shop $.60. Got home about 1:00 this morning. Am a little tired. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.60. 
I just noticed that I've still been writing in "1953". Must go back and change those.

Another decent night, slept through without assistance. Yay! Almost until 5. Switched to counting down from 800 by 8 and don't make it very far. Probably woke up 4 times total last night.

Had a really decent workout this morning, too. I didn't really lose much in my legs over break; those are usually the first to go and get weak pretty quickly. I started the dishwasher when I got back since I'd forgotten to last night. I usually leave the door open so I remember but the Spousal Unit likes to close it and then I forget. Anyway, I went to Cascadia, stopping by the SBux over on 35th to get a free drink. Didn't do much there, still waiting for Mike to write some stuff from the monitoring. Apparently he's becoming somewhat unreliable. We need another tech, I think. At least, in addition to Mike. Or I'll start doing everything myself. Well, hopefully I won't need the work there much longer. Meh. I applied for two positions today, one at UW and one at a place called Qualis Health up by NGate. Don't expect much from either, to be honest. But I also updated my CV and LinkedIn profile so 2016 is me ready to find regular employment again. I think I'm ready.

What else. Didn't do much this afternoon except the aforementioned job stuff. Oh, made a cople appointments for the car and one for an insulation estimate. Need to figure out how to get up to Lynnwood next Wednesday. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

6 January 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got up a little early and took the Dodge to school this morning. Ron was still in bed when I left. Gave a short speech in speech class today. Everything was about the same. After school drove around town with Ron until supper time. After supper came home and slept for a little while. Ron came by about 9:30 and we went down to the Donut Shop and had some eats $.50. Got in about 12:30. Gas $.50. Spent $1.00. 
At the bottom of this I will relate my latest little epiphany. Forgot about it yesterday. I think.

Anyway, I slept pretty well again last night. Had a really good workout. Did I talk to anyone today? I don't think so. Hmm. Anyway, came back, did the usual, went to Cascadia. I took the Mustang because I wanted to put the desiccant in the trunk of the Honda. I love driving that thing. I started out kind of timid (ish) but by the end of the day was blasting around. It turned sunny and very pleasant, up to 53, a welcome relief from the cold and rain of late. I went to NGate for lunch and then came back and did a little bit more. I didn't actually do much work work but had a nice e-chat with Shannon in Maine. I went over to UVil to cash a check and hung out in SBux for a bit. Damn fine scenery out today.

Came home, made dinner. I made 'loaf burgers': my mom's meatloaf recipe (sorta) into burgers. I thought they turned out delicious. An egg, bit of ketchup, and half a packet of onion soup mix. Yum. Walked around here.

So the epiphany. When I was at the gym (and before) I had been thinking about this whole Big Goal thing I keep going on about here. I'd been wondering if it wasn't really the goal that I was after, but really something of an identity for myself. Sort of "I am a Grad Student of Archaeology" as I did for a long time, or "I am an undergraduate working to go to graduate school" etc. And, lately, with my guitar and trumpet playing I may have been trying to define myself as a Guitar Player or a Trumpet Player. I think that's possible because, in a way, it lets me know how I should present myself and act? I dunno, but defining myself as something seemed to feel about right.

But that wasn't the epiphany! It also occurred to me that doing that wasn't all that great, I don't think. Trying to be an [insert identity here] is kind of 2-dimensional, yes? I mean, even someone known as a musician is far more than that and, if I'm honest, when I thought of myself as A Graduate Student that sort of gave me license to ignore the rest of my life, in a way. Gave me an excuse for other stuff, if you want to put it that way. And I thought "I don't need an identity. My identity needs to be all that I do" from doing good work to treating everyone I meet with kindness and respect, etc. Basically, all of the things I've been trying on these last few years as Stuff I Should Be.

Make any sense? Well, as much as anything else has. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 January 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up this morning a little after twelve. Skipped school today. Helped Ron with his car some this afternoon. Ate dinner here and drove around town with him some. After dinner at Grandma's I came home and did a lot of study of my history. Call Jerry and Carl was down tonight working and Ron's car in the garage. Got to bed about 1:00. Ron is staying with me tonight. Sure am tired tonight. Pop $.10. Spent $.10. 
Not a big entry tonight because I just got done brewing beer a few minutes ago. What a process. I wanted to try something simple to maybe try to find my Signature Beer. I had the bright idea of calling it Elsinore Beer/Bier after the Strange Brew one. Not to sell, obviously, but as my little joke. I looked up the old Chief Oshkosh Beer recipe and it was really simple. OTOH, it used real malt, not extract, so it was a LOT of stuff. Meaning it filled up my kettle and so I had to get a 5-gallon one. I hope it turns out okay. Had no extra sugar, hmmmm. But lots of grains and corn. Again, hmmmm.

Anyway, I managed to sleep pretty well last night. Woke up several times but went back to sleep. Upstairs. Had a really good workout. I came home and messed around a bit before heading to Cascadia -- actually, almost forgot the pork butt again, but I remembered and put it in the slow cooker. Didn't do much actual work there. Left for NGate for lunch, called TT about the project up on Orcas, she didn't even think they needed to be there, so I told her to do the minimum to make a decent case for not going back.

Went to the brew store and got the stuff and decided to do it right then and there (well, here) this afternoon! Should have waited until tomorrow. Oh well. I hope it turns out. Did that most of the afternoon, made dinner, went to UVil to get bagels, finished the process afterwards. Whew. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

4 January 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Hated to start back to school this morning. Things were just abut the same. Got out of school at 12:30. Ron came home with me. Dad Ron and I had dinner here. Had to go to court at 2:00 this afternoon on a driving charge. Got fined $100 and no license for 60 days. Took the Dodge tonight and went to the [Aint] Air Pistol meet. Took Louise home after we drove around and had some eats at the Donut Shop. Got in about 12:00. Eats $1.40. Gas $1.00. Spent $2.40.
Um, yeah, you got your license suspended for 60 days and then you drove around half the night. Uh huh.

So, Monday. Spousal Unit went back to work and I was busy all day. Weird night last night. I slept vaguely okay, but had several weird dreams. At one point I woke up gagging after chewing something disgusting in my dream (I don't know what). Also dreamed I was driving a big ol' tractor-trailer. That was a result of Strange Brew. I woke up sometime around 3:30 and may have kept dozing off. I kept getting stuck on 476 (counting backwards from 700 by 7s) and think I may have kept drifting off. Anyway, I felt pretty good.

Workout was. . . .well. Started off really good but about halfway through I started feeling those 2 weeks off. Just got really tired. But it felt great to be back down there. Shoulder did okay. Came home and worked on the report for the monitoring going on this week. I can do the background and junk before the results. Went for lunch at McD's and then did some errands. Stopped by Cascadia and then went to the carpet store and paid the balance, then to UW parking and got my pass for the IMA, then to the UVil QFC for some dinner stuff -- forgot to put the pork butt in this morning -- and then dropped some stuff off at the church. Came home, piddled around a bit and then took down the tree. That was the best tree we've ever had: hardly dropped any needles the whole time (even when I was taking it out) and looked good the whole time. Sucked up a lot of water. I cut that up and put it in the compost bin, and then cleaned up the living room. I decided to leave a string of lights up on the rubber tree because I like having the lights on at night and early in the morning. Like colorful night lights. We need some light in there though, otherwise it's very dark.

We just walked. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

3 January 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up in time to go to church this morning. Went to grandma's for dinner today. After dinner I [chanel wood] town with Ron most of the afternoon. Got a ticket for speeding $25 [band]. Took Ron's car and picked up Laurie and took her to church with me tonight. After taking her home drove around town with Ron a while and then had some eats at the Donut Shop. $.50. Did some school work after I got home. Got to bed about 1:15 though. Spent $.50. 
Say I also "Got up in time to go to church this morning" although with me it was more like I slept enough to go to church this morning. Which I did. I really did sleep well last night, without any real assistance. Until 5:15! Ate in this morning. Mass was pretty good. A server girl fainted at one point. That's like the 5th person that's fainted when I've been in church. After that I came home and watched football some (not much though). Last night was pretty much the end of my football season. Figures the last game was a good one and I missed the second half. Oh well, the TCU-Oregon one was good. In the second half anyway.

We just went to UVil for the usual shopping, etc. Didn't really do much else. It was snowing a bit this afternoon but not enough to stick to anything. This afternoon I did some of the usual Sunday chores (changing the litter box, cleaning the bathroom a bit, etc.) and then went downstairs to watch Strange Brew. Cheapo movie from the 1980s but I adore it. Makes me giggle throughout. After that I made dinner and then it was raining some so I started out cleaning and stuff but then it quit so I walked up to the Slaveway to get some milk. I could have gotten it tomorrow but I needed the walk.

No great epiphanies to report today. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2 January 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 10:30 this morning. Ron came down and got me out of bed. I put another [generator] in my Plymouth this morning. Ron came to dinner at Grandma's with me today. I worked at the church this afternoon until supper time. Took Laurie to Youth For Christ with me tonight. Afterwards we went out to the [Suzy Short Far] on a double date. Got in about 3:00 this morning. Had a lot of fun. Gas $2.00. Eats $1.25 Car parts $.25. Spent $3.50. 
Looks like he may be done with Barbara altogether. Yay?

Second day of 2016: Okay. I think I had trouble getting to sleep last night? Can't really remember. Well, I remember going downstairs and not being able to get to or back to sleep anyway. Maybe it was the running, although I was exhausted.

Anyway, we went out for breakfast again, and then I did some cleaning. I suggested a NY resolution for us: Keeping flat surfaces uncluttered. We're both terrible about that, been that way all my life. I just put stuff on tables or whatever and it just sits, piles up, etc. Same with my desk. I am bound and determined to keep this sucker clean this year!!!!!

Anyway, watched a bit more football. Penn State lost to Georgia, Big 10 is 5-5 this year. That might have been an interesting game but the other two so far have been boring (i.e., blowouts). We decided to go down to Renton for lunch and some other things. Went to the Walmart first and I got some cinnamon hard candy -- I bought a bunch of it in Fond du Lac so it's nice to have them here, too. Went to Popeye's chicken. Meh. No collards anymore. It was okay. Different. Went over to the Uwajimaya and picked up some new calendars. I like them because they have the whole year on it so I can see what's in any month. I keep taping the new one in front of the old one so now I have 6 up under my window. They were also having a dog adoption nearby so we had to go look at those.

Also went to McClendon's. No light fixtures with plugs in them. Unsurprising. Drove up to Redmond just to go to the Dairy Queen there and were going to go back to I90 by way of West Lake Sammamish Pkwy but I didn't look at the map closely enough and we went through Blahvue instead. Came home, watched more football, and made dinner from leftovers. Also swilled some wine but not enough to really feel too many effects. That makes four days in a row I have consumed alkyhol. Which isn't really good for me, but whatever. I'll get back to normal Monday.

Walked some packages up to the post office. Cold again tonight but last day of that for a while. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

1 January 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Louis[e] called me up this morning about 10:30 out of bed. Talked to her for a while and then went back to bed and slept until 5:30 this evening. Got up at this time and went to supper at grandma's. About 7:30 I went down to [Laurie's] place to a party. We ate and played records and danced and had a good time. Stayed until 4:00 this morning. Carl got me out of bed at 5:15 this morning and I talked to him until 6:00. Spent $.35.
That first "Louis[e]" may be a Laurie. Gads, he's just about shifted his entire schedule by 12 hours.

So, first day of 2016. Was okay. Slept okay, although I was awoken at probably midnight by someone lighting of firecrackers out front. Needed assistance to get back to sleep downstairs. Ate breakfast in. Didn't do much except watch football most of the day. Big 10 had a so-so day. Michigan beat Florida big, Ohio State beat Notre Dame big, but Northwestern and Iowa lost big, the latter in the Rose Bowl to Stanford, like 44-16. Actually, every game today so far has not been close. Pity. Not that many really good games this year, really.

We went out to lunch and to the UVil around noon. At 1:30 I went on my annual New Year's Day run and it went pretty well. It was sunny and 40-ish, so it was quite pleasant. I probably overdressed, and then at one point a (really attractive) probably late teen-aged girl popped out in front of me just wearing short shorts and a long sleeve top, so I felt really overdressed. First half was pretty hard on the ol' lungs, but my knees didn't start to hurt until the last quarter so it went okay for the most part. It felt good anyway. I came back and drank a beer, just because. Nostalgia. I don't feel very bad because of it. Watched the Rose Bowl and switched away a lot (Twilight Zone marathon) because it was dull and a blowout -- it was 21-0 at the end of the first quarter.

We walked at Northgate instead of outside because my lungs/windpipe are kinda sore from running in the cold. I bought Strange Brew for $6.00. Ha! Bob and Dough Mackenzie. Comedians from the early 1980s. It's really kind of a cheap, cheesy movie, but I adore it. It came out at the height of my nuttiness in college. So sometime this weekend I shall watch it and be happy.

Pretty good start to 2016 all in all.