Thursday, December 31, 2015

31 December 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Got up about 11:00 this morning. Took Grandma shopping. Went up to Shirley Holley's and picked her up and we went down to the church and practiced for about an hour. Bought a reed $.40. After supper I slept a little while before going down to the church. Played two solos at the [Washington] service at the Baptist Church. Played Slow Poke and Winter Wonderland. Picked myself up a girl from the [C.A.P.] Party and went to a midnight show. Had some eats at the donut shop. Got in 5:30 this morning. $1.55 eats $2.00 gas Monthly spending $64.15. Spent $3.95.
Well, that about wraps it up for 2015. I went back and read my post for December 31, 2014. I didn't say much about 2015, although I thought 2014 went pretty well. I certainly did not see this whole thing with Mom happening. Nor Hank dying. I guess those are the lowlights. The time spent in Wisconsin was worthwhile, I guess. Certainly reconnecting with cousin Michele was very much a positive from 2015. As the photo below (which I found today) shows, she and I were close even as kids. Anxiety-wise I made some progress. Not having as many really bad events (or whatever) at night. Sleeping has improved. Way closer to what I used to be. Some injuries, but the ol' workouts went well all around. At least I got this stupid arm thing under control, that was the oddest and, arguably, the most severe injury I've ever had, although the back spasms may have been worse (but those are mostly under control, too).

I slept downstairs last night and that went very well, I slept until almost 5 without any assistance. Oh, Wisconsin beat USC 23-21! Woo frickin' HOOOO!!! We went out for breakfast and I at bacon and hash browns. YUM. Not too salty this time. Came home and I piddled around, but then had some minor excitement with the project on Orcas next week. I sent the monitoring plan to DAHP and they hadn't heard about it so they got in a snit, so I had to get ahold of the contractors and they eventually had the County send the State the letter saying it was an emergency. Actually Gretchen -- who is usually a major pain in the ASS (there, I typed it out!) -- got right on it and was quite cooperative. So kudos to her. Mike is going out Monday.

We went to lunch at the Wendy's on Lake City and I ate fries with bacon and some kind of goofy sauce on it. Meh. Got gas at the Spam's Club, wine at the grocery store, and then came home. I did more junk on the Orcas project, and then watched some football. Drank 1.5 glasses of wine and didn't feel really good, but whatever. Clemson beat Oklahoma, and Michigan State is now playing Alabama. Will let you know tomorrow who won.

So, good riddance, 2015. You mostly sucked. But the dark cloud had several silver linings so I'm not going to complain too much.

BTW, in this photo, probably from 1970 or so, we are at a large house/cabin up north (Wisconsin) called The Boar's Nest. Standing (L-R) are my sister Barb, brother Jeff, cousin Terry (short), uncle Bob (Terry's dad), Zeedy (aka, Rosita, Bob's wife), uncle Hank (died this year). Below are my dad (Leonard), cousin Michele, grandma Scholz, and my mom (Carole).

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

30 December 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Slept in this morning until about 12:00. After dinner down at Grandma's I took Grandpa to the doctor. Picked up Larry at about 2:00 from the [backlog] and took him home. Spent a good part of the afternoon [shopping around the moring stories]. after supper tonight I went down to the church and saw Carl a little while. Sat up until 3:00 this morning transposing music. Sure am sleepy. Got to bed about 3:10. [Decand] $.95. Spent $.95.
Weird day today. I slept pretty well last night, but then woke up at like 3:45. Grrr. I think around 8 I may have taken a nap, but I didn't think so at the time. Anyway, it ended up being kind of a waste of a day. I was tired so I didn't do much all morning except watch some football and do a little work. Spousal Unit went off to Renton to have lunch with a friend around 11 so I went to McD's by myself. Came home, did next to nothing again, and then left for Cascadia around 2:15. I'd suggested we do an informal happy hour to drink up my mead and some beer, so around 3 I poured myself one of my beers and nursed that the rest of the afternoon (and that was enough). They liked the mead and the beer, so it went well. Still at least a quart of mead left. Will need to make a new batch of beer, too. Was nice to talk to them on off time.

Came home, at dinner, walked up to Slaveway for more donut holes, not much else. Badgers play USC tonight in the Holiday Bowl; I'm no confident in their success, but I will watch anyway, at least the first half -- they don't start until 7:30. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

29 December 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Got up at 9:00 this morning and walked down town and register at the Draft Board. Had breakfast at [Kindler] Cafe on the way back $.35. After dinner worked on the car most of the afternoon. At 7:30 took a load from the church in the dodge[sic] down to Wapato  to see a church basketball game. Barbara and[sic] called it [quits] tonight at the game. Sat out and talked to Don [Morse] until about 2:00 this morning. Spent $.35.
Dang it dang it dang it, had another stupid anxiety attack (or whatever) again last night. At about 1. But I went back to sleep (with assistance) and actually slept right through until a little before 5. Spousal Unit didn't get up until almost 7. Had pancakes. I piddled around some and then went to Cascadia for a short while, didn't do much. I came back before 10:30 and we went up to a place called Old Country Village in Bothell. Used to have some nice shops there, but it's mostly junk stores for middle aged women nowadays. They have a bunch of ducks and chickens running around and they used to sell duck food to feed them, but they stopped that (too much poop, I guess). I assume they still feed the chickens at least. We ate at a BBQ place which I thought was fairly bland. Well, good enough but not all that great.

Drove home and made one stop at a grocery store, that was it. I went downstairs and watched some football and then put my mead into bottles. Looked pretty good. I saved a small bottle for us. I should make up a new batch for next year I suppose. I need to make some more beer too.

So, did that, watched more football and took a short nap which I regretted because then my contacts felt like paste. Ordered breadsticks from Pagliacci and went and got them. Walked up to the post office.

I was going to write something. . .oh yes. Was going to describe my whole thing with epiphanies and such. I've written here about the various epiphanies I've had and how I'm looking for the next Big Goal and such, blah blah blah. I do this because I've had them in the past, moments when my whole attitude about things changed on a dime. I think I have done that four or five times in my life. I suppose I could describe it as something like when alcoholics or whatever else "hit bottom" and they all of a sudden, in a way, realize what they're doing to themselves -- in a deep understanding sort of way -- and then start to fix themselves. I might describe all of these in one shot or maybe over a few days.

The first one, arguably, happened when I was like 3 or 4 years old. I remember I was playing in front of our house on Bischoff street and it all of a sudden struck me that, and these are almost the exact words I thought, "I'm going to start remembering things now". It really was kind of like waking up. I do vaguely remember some things before that, but from that moment on I started having normal memories of things.

The second one happened in probably grade school? Sometime before 6th grade. I hated school, was bored, thought it was stupid, etc. and kept trying anything to get out of it. I once said I must have swallowed some paint thinner or something so I could be sent home. Kind of painful to write about now actually. Anyway, one day I was in with the school nurse and whined about having a sore throat and I should go home, right? She said something like "Lots of people walk around all day with sore throats" (she was obviously sick of me). For some reason, that hit me. I don't know if it made me feel guilty or what, but from that moment on I rarely missed a day and it became something of a source of pride to never be sick and home from school. I didn't exactly do well in school after that, at least not for several years, but it was a total change in attitude from that point on.

I was also, through most of my childhood, scrawny, out of shape, with a pot belly. I will say when when much younger I was known for running really fast. But otherwise, totally unathletic. Really. Always one of the last to be picked for team sports, didn't like gym class, etc. I think when I was about 15, however, I was with my brother and someone else -- one of his friends or mine -- and they decided they were going to run around the block or something. I took off after them, but after only like 3-4 houses I was wiped out. I didn't think this in words as such, but at that moment I decided that I was never going to be out of shape again if I could help it. And, again, from that moment on I started doing some form of exercise. I might have started running, as my brother ran then as well. One summer I was bored and discovered my mom's old Jack LaLanne workout book and started doing some of the exercises in it. It was difficult, but I kept at it and I was amazed that I could actually get stronger and in shape! One of them was dips (between two chair backs) and when I got back to school that Fall and did the old President's Physical Fitness Challenge (which involved dips), I recall getting up on those things and just blasting them out. Some of the guys watching were shouting "Yeah, go Cagle!" Made me happy. Anyway, I've kept at it ever since.

The next time, I was walking home from classes at UW-Madison to the house on Gilman street and, at the time I was all mopey about a girl and stuff, and the thought just struck me that "I'll go on and get a Ph.D. in archaeology and. . .". I'd been thinking about it, but right at that moment the idea of doing it was absolutely set in my head and there was just no way I wasn't going to do it; it was a given. And I did.

Lastly, I may have already written this here, but maybe in early 2009 when I was at PATH and horribly anxiety-ridden and probably depressed, I was awake in the middle of the night and feeling sorry for myself and making excuses and such, when the thought struck me with these exact words: "What the hell happened to you". That moment I realized that what I was going through wasn't the way I had been most of my life. I think I started this a few years later, but that was the point where I started recovering.

And so, I wait for something else like that to happen. Some moment of clarity when I know what I need to do with myself. Who knows if I have one more Grand Epiphany left or not. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

28 December 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Slept in until about 10:30 this morning. After I ate I started in working on the car. Put in another transmission. Grandma and Grandpa came up for a while with[sic] evening. After supper at Grandma's I took the Dodge and just drove around town until about 10:30. Went up to the [lippide] and saw Mr. Ball a little while tonight. Got to bed about 10:40. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
I slept okay last night, although I needed assistance at some point as I was being al anxiety-ey and restless. And then I woke up at 4, grrrr. But I felt okay most of the day. Ate in again. Spousal Unit is home again all this week and no IMA for me in the morning. I went over to Cascadia for the morning and got some minor stuff done. Stopped off at the SBux and loaded up my own card with the gift cards we got for Xmas ($50 worth). Not a bad morning.

I came back before noon and the Spousal Unit and I went for lunch and then to the UVil for some stuff for her. I checked on shipping rates. Looks to be about $60 per box of Egyptian sediments. Will have to buy new boxes though. Came home, I watched football, and read a romance novel. Heh. I "met" someone online who had been following my blog (ArchaeoBlog) since its inception and she Liked the Facebook page for it and we've been chatting. Great young lady (probably mid-30s?), married, one kid, lives in Maine. . . .and writes romance novels. She's kind of a tough, snarky broad who wears combat boots and Converse's, and has the same sense of humor. So I got her first book free and said I'd read it. Eh, nothing I'm really interested in. The sex scenes are rather graphic though, but well done. She asked if I'd help her with one involving an archaeologist at some point.

Went back to UVil tonight to get a cord for my phone and look at boxes and some other stuff. Cold today,  maybe got to 40 but that was it. Rained this morning but then cloudy. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

27 December 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Slept in this morning until about 10:45. When I got up I walked down to the Baptist Church and went to dinner down at Grandma's with dad. After dinner I came home and slept most of the afternoon. After supper at Grandma's I came home and during church time I practiced my Sax. Went and picked dad up from church about 9:00. Ron came and picked me up about 12:15 and we went and had some [coffee]. Got in about 1:30. Eats $.25. Spent $.25.
Dangitall, had another anxiety attack (or whatever) last night. Ended up on the floor again. Which was fine, I ended up sleeping until 5:30. Whew. We went out for breakfast at McD's and I had another Morning Mac. GAWDALMIGHTY I love those things. It's almost too much though. If I eat it without half the bun, it's okay. I can sacrifice half the bun for a second sausage.

Came back and I decided not to go to Mass. Instead I'm not sure what I did. Well, one thing I did was transcribe the letter below. My mom had kept it and my sister found it (I'd seen it when I was back there, too) and photo'd it for me. Not a bad letter. Kind of bland. Mentioned Siendie (i.e., "Cindy") who I hooked up with during that summer. Mostly just futzed around although I did do some straightening up and cleaning.

We went to UVil as usual, mostly because it's been a cold rain all day. Even came back earlier than normal. Mostly did nothing all afternoon, too. I dunno, just felt lazy all day. Still raining after dinner so we stayed in and cleaned some, I vacuumed the basement. The carpet guy said that stuff down there is really good quality (in the long-lasting sense) and probably been there since the 1970s so I'm eager to retain it longer. We could even have it re-stretched.

Anyway, felt pretty. . . .I dunno. Whatever. All day.

This is a transcript of a letter I sent home to my parents from field school on San Juan Island in 1987:

Dear Parental Units,
Well, I;ve given up trying to use the phone so I figured it was time to actually write a letter. We’re just starting to calm down from the initial excitement of being in the field so I don’t feel too bad about popping down to the lab for a while to do something un-exciting.
Anyway, things are going pretty well so far. I’ve *finally* gotten things in my tent organized in a proper way so I don’t have to dig frantically every morning. This tent is something else; for the first week it half collapsed every afternoon. Now I;ve got so many stakes & liner coming off of it a hurricane wouldn’t blow it away. I think my next investments are going to be tents; I need a larger one for fieldwork like this (these, incidentally, make excellent Christmas gifts!!) and a smaller, better quality 1- or 2-man for backpack surveying in more remote areas.
We spent the first week setting things up and learning how everything works. We also removed the backfill from the actual excavation. This was no small task as the pit is 8 meters (24’) by 8 meters and about 1.5 meters (4.5 feet) deep. This week I’m down in the pit excavating one unit that’s horribly complex and tedious. Haven’t found anything in it yet but I am definitely learning how to use a trowel!!
We seem to have a great bunch of people up here. Everyone gets along well with everyone else and we all work together very well. I’m the only grad student here which makes me feel kind of weird — like I should know this already. It has its rewards though; like getting the hardest unit to excavate.
Got the camera last weekend (our weekend) and promptly broke part of the first roll of film. This weekend I think Ill go down to the site and snap a few pictures. The area is *fabulous*. Lots of trees, water, and mountains all around. Siendie (pronounced “Cindy”) has been taking me beach combing at ow tide and teaching me about certain marine invertebrates. I can spot oysters, dig up clams, and pick up a crab without being pinched. Such an education I’m getting!
Oh, I got my grades from last quarter and they’re quite pleasant. Two 3.9’s and a 3.3. It rather made up for winter quarter and ended my first year on a good note. I also paid my tuition for the quarter (check #111 — 476.10), the last of the phone bill (#110 for 38.27) and the rent on my storage space (#109 for #32.00). Should be set for money the rest of the summer. I have $120 in travelers checks $190 in an account here on the island, and $100 coming from Diane & Greg soon. I’m hoping this will get some work done on the car & get me home (Wisconsin) at the end of the summer.
Well, gotta go. Thanks for the camera & see ya in a couple months!
Intrepid Archaeologist

Saturday, December 26, 2015

26 December 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 9:00 this morning. Don and Earl came down and we all went down to the church and helped dad until noon. Don/Ron, Earl and I went down to Grandma's for dinner. After dinner we worked on Don's car and drove around town. Tonight I took the Dodge and went down to the [Fun] Club and shot pool until about 11:30. $.75. Came home and Don picked me up and we went down to Kempers and had some eats $.75. Got in about 2:00 this morning. Spent $1.00. 
So last night I had what I think is my first Western dream. That is, I was in a western movie type thing. Part Western, part antebellum South. We were trying to escape. At the end I was somehow, weirdly, trying to go up a bunch of stairs on the underside. Or something. Odd.

Anyway, I slept okay, albeit on the floor because Daisy and Jack were monopolizing the couch. Slept great once there though, until almost 5 without waking up again. Ate breakfast in. I cleaned up all the Xmas stuff in the morning so everything was a little neater the rest of the day. Then I watched football for a while. We went off to the Spam's Club and then lunch and then just back home. I took down the lights this afternoon and put them all away. Tree will stay up until after January 1 though.

We walked up to Riot Aid and QFC this evening. Didn't rain today, but only got up to like 39 or so. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

25 December 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Ron came down and woke me up this morning. I rode around with him for a while and he dropped me off at grandma's about 12:00. Dad came down and we opened our presents. Got a tie [shoals] and a lot of candy. Was with [am] most of the afternoon. Carl called me up about 8:00 and I went to the show with him. Saw [Body] and [Seth] at the Roxy. Sure was good. Had the Dodge. Got in about 11:00. Had a bite to eat and got to bed about 1:00. Gas $.75. Spent $.75.
I had a decent day, started off with sleeping pretty darn well. And without assistance!

So, Xmas. I got an iPad Mini which is good, and a couple of shirts from the Spousal Unit. She was uninspired by the luggage. She couldn't figure it out. Oh well. Spousal Unit baked and I cleaned up most of the morning, then I took a short nap (like my usual 10 minutes) and we left for Gig Harbor about 11. Easy drive. Wasn't too bad there. I got some nice little items. Not too noisy. I mean, pretty okay. So, stayed until around 5:45 and an easy drive home, too.

When I was driving I noticed a fairly normal car passing us and it struck me that it was very different from the cars I grew up with and that I am indeed Living in the Future. I mention this only because. . . .well, I don't know why. Maybe some of my anxiety has stemmed from being uncomfortable with The Future? I dunno, I know a lot of older folks who kind of retreat into the past, don't bother with any new music or technology or anything. I've always said I wasn't going to end up that way, but I do wonder if I've been hanging on to that some. Well, perhaps it's a consequence of the anxiety rather than a cause.

Eh, just a little rambling on Christmas. I hope whoever is reading this in the future has a fine Christmas day, if you happen to read on on that day. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

24 December 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Ray came down this morning and went down to [coast] with me this morning. It was [suspended] until Jan 4 2:00 o'clock. [Ato] down at Ron's and spent the rest of the day there. $6.50 for Christmas presents. Saw Lee and Jerry tonight. Went up and saw Barbara for a little while tonight. Called up Carl and talked to him for a while. Got to bed about 12:30 tonight. Am not as tired as usual tonight. Spent $6.50. 
He spent about $60 on gifts in today's dollars. I think it is his school that is out until Jan 4.

So, my latest epiphany/revelation/whatever -- for posterity's sake -- last night was that I will A0 Quit whining about my situation, B) Do whatever I need to do to improve said situation, and C) Strive for perfection in everything. Kind of an amalgam of various other things I've come up with over the last couple of years. Was feeling kind of down last night, if you can't tell.

I slept okay last night, although I was all worked up when I went to the TV room and used some minor assistance to get back to sleep. Worked well, though, and I slept until 5. Was raining most of the night and 40 degrees this morning. Didn't change much all day. Ate in. Did some baking this morning. I don't remember much about this morning although I watched some of the "Bahama's Bowl", Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee State (WK won). I actually took a short nap while watching it and the Spousal Unit flipped it to "How to Marry a Millionaire" at some point. After I get done with this I am going to finish watching the Hawaii Bowl (San Diego State and Cincinnati). Oakland and San Diego (NFL) are playing as well and the skinny is that both might move to LA this next season. Not that I care too much, but there you have it.

We did our usual trip to the zoo. Some things were different. They have a nice tiger enclosure, much better than the old one, a big concrete thing where the tigers were 50 feet away. Now they have a nice place with glass walls so they can be inches from us. And one was! Snoozing against the glass. Also some small, fun otters. Some other new places but didn't see critters in them. Hanging out in the tropical rain forest building was heaven again; like stepping into summer. Got back around 2:15. Did some more baking and such. I entertained the cats mostly. Jack needed attention.

Also walked by the old neighborhood (65th and 23rd NE), to see the luminaria all over. Pleasant out. Not raining. 38 degrees but no wind, very calm and peaceful. Felt kind of sad though. When I lived over there in the 1990s life was pretty good. I for the most part became an adult living over there.

Oh, also Skyped with mom (and Barb and Liz) this morning as well. She might get the trach out next week! And they're going to start letting her eat more as well. She'll like getting the trach out. She was tired so not very bright and cheery. I made them laugh though.

Can't wait for the end of this stupid year though. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

23 December 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Ron and I got up just in time for me to be able to get off to school. Not to[sic] much doing in school today. Skipped fifth period today and the Christmas assembly. Played a basket ball game at the armory tonight. Got beat by Walla Walla. After the game got picked up for speeding on the [apron]. 60 M.P.H. from 6th Ave to 1st Street. Dad bailed me out of jail for $150.00. Got home about 12:30. Gas $1.00 [eats] $2.00. Spent $3.00.
Oooo, jail. And right before Christmas. Tsk tsk.

Weird day today. Slept okay, unassisted. Woke up around 4:30 which was okay. Went out to Burgermaster for breakfast and it wasn't all that good. The hash browns were incredibly salty and my bacon was also salty and drier than usual. So, meh. Came back home and checked my Cascadia email and found I needed to print the contracts up so I went over there to do that and mail them. Of course, when I got there and had them ready to go and was heading out the phone rang and it was the client saying she'd gotten the thing by email and signed it and would send a copy back by email. So, waste of a trip. But I swung by the Goodwill and took some bags of stuff there. I got back around 10:30 and the carpet guy was already there and halfway done. New carpet looks pretty good, mostly the same as the other stuff (cream colored). We got most of the stuff moved back in this evening instead of walking (raining anyway).

After the carpet guy left around 11:30 we. . .well, first got a call from the MIL who now wants us to kick in money for some event tickets for the aunt and uncle which irritated the Spousal Unit. Finally left around 11:45 and dropped treats off at the hair people. Then went for lunch at Pagliacci.

Only stop after that was at UVil where I cashed a couple of checks and then we did some grocery shopping. Kind of a mad house there but we found parking at it was okay. Came home, fiddled around, made dinner, etc. Just checked my work email and found that the project might go for a month! But I don't think we're out there for the whole thing, but it might be bigger than expected. But maybe not, we're only needed for a portion of it.

So anyway. A little bit of a bummer of a day -- rainy, cold, not much going on -- but okay. I should be ready to go back to work after all that. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

22 December 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Got to school a little early this morning. Everything was about the same in school. Ron came up during the noon hour and we drove out to Joyce [Brian's] place and got back in time for [show]. Went caroling with the C.A.D. band tonight. Went to a party afterwards down in the basement of the medical center. Took about 8 girls home afterwards. [Yeeeeahhhh. ed.] Ron stayed all night with me tonight. Got to bed about 2:00 this morning. Gas $1.75 Spent $1.75.
Wow, it wasn't raining for most of the day! Of course, it's raining again now. So far we have had, I believe more rain and snow in the mountains this December than in all of last winter.

I managed to sleep okay last night albeit with assistance around 2:30. I slept on the floor and 1) After a while both my hips hurt no matter what position I was in, and 2) For the longest time I think I kept dozing off and then waking up again thinking I was still awake. But, ended up doing okay.

Spousal Unit arose again around 6:30, made oatmeal here. Meh. Then she dropped me off on campus and I took the shuttle downtown. Chatted with DOCTOR Wagner for a bit (I do like her a lot) and went for coffee with Rowena, did some work albeit not much because Sharon hadn't gotten back to me. However, I got an email for an emergency septic repair on Orcas so I spent some time doing that. I may have to go do it myself if Steve can't. Not looking forward to that because it's cold and rainy all week, but I would to get someone's septic system working for the holiday.

I left to see Lisa around 11:30, went to a super crowded place in Chinatown (Jade Garden) but Lisa had been there earlier and snagged us a table. I need to see her more often; we chat somewhat reservedly for the first 30 minutes or so, but then are old yakkity-yak-yak friends after that and I remember why we've been friends for so long.

So, rode bus home, uneventful. The Spousal Unit had cleaned out most of the room downstairs so we just moved the desk out. Also finished up the septic proposal and monitoring plan and sent that out. I really did make sure it was all good before sending out.

We went to UVil for a walk to get some cheap holiday plates for goodies, but then the Spousal Unit decided we needed to rush home because she was all uncertain that she hadn't clicked the correct selection for a job offer and we needed to check. Yes, she was offered the manager position she has been interim-ing for the last few weeks (Boeing). So, good. Somewhat more $$$ but probably more travel and longer days? Well, it's been longer days mostly lately. But it's good. Still need to get my ass in gear and find something reasonably gainful and worthwhile. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

21 December 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Picked up Shirley Holley and took her to school this morning. Got in a fight the first thing this morning with [Uno's] cousin. [Igo] came up [sassing] many hours. Had a big Biology test this afternoon. Helped dad at the church for a while after supper. Ron and the boys picked me up about 10:00 and we drove all over town until about 1:00. Eats at Kempers $.70. Spent $.70. 
Not much going on today. I slept okay, until about 4:30. No working out so I just sat around until the Spousal Unit got up. Ate breakfast in, and then I mostly piddled around all morning. I did go outside and do a quick wash of the Honda and just soaped it up and let it sit while the rain rinsed it off. First time I've ever done that! We left to go out around 11:20 and went to the carpet store (Vogel's on Aurora) and got the carpet for the downstairs room going. They're going to install it on Wednesday morning. About $750 total. Then we went for lunch at the Five Guys by NGate, and went to UVil for the weekly(ish) groceries. It wasn't too crowded, although much more than usual. It had been raining pretty heavily all day and when we were driving back there were some little globs of slushy rain. It was about 37 degrees this afternoon.

Once home I piddled around some more until TT texted and told me to check my email and found I had some work to do: WSDOT needs updated CV's so I made up mine. At least I'm getting some more publications and junk. Daisy came in and really wanted attention about 4. We drove up to NGate and had dinner there at an Italian place. I had ravioli in marsala sauce which is deeeelish. Walked around there a bit and came home.

Right now I'm listening to the soundtrack from a TV show called Millennium from the late 1990s. I loved it then, it was a spinoff (sorta) of The X-Files and had a lot to do with the approaching millennium. Very creepy and dark -- literally, it was filmed up in Vancouver so the weather was like here. The music, by Mark Snow, is kinda creepy and such. It's actually good nostalgia for me because between about 1995 and 2001 I was reasonably happy. I had my dissertation going and working on that consistently, was working at the County almost full time, and really living like an adult for the first time in my life. I liked it. Of course, once I got the degree in 2001 it all sorta went downhill as Ive discussed here often, but for that time it was really quite pleasant in my life. Not to say ideal; I did have a lot going on that wasn't real great, but overall it was a time where I had direction and felt good about that direction. I knew where I was going and how to get there. That's important to me and what I have mostly been lacking these last years. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

20 December 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Just got up in time to go to church this morning. Went out to Don[Mari's] place for dinner today. [Drove] around with Don most of the afternoon. Barbara told me she didn't want me tonight and went and ate with another [fairy] tonight. [Don] Carl and Jerry and I [changed gravel] until about 2:30 this morning. We [got] around the house for quite a while. Got to bed about 3:00 this morning. Oil $.50. Eats $1.00. Spent $1.50. 

I wonder if that means he stayed out until 2:30 Sunday morning or Monday morning?

Last night when I went to sleep on the floor at around 3 I wondered whether I tended to get to sleep there because the floor is cold? It's right above the unheated garage and when I can't sleep it's sort of because I have too much energy and I think being cold/cool tends to relax me by getting rid of the extra energy. Sort of something like that. That's the way I think of it anyway. But I couldn't get to sleep initially because of the beer I drank and the thai food was kind of troublesome. Woke up at 3 on the couch and decided not to take anything but was going to just hang out on the floor and see if I went back to sleep, which I did, thankfully. So I went to Mass today.

Came home from there and, as has become almost my usual these days, made some Nestea instant tea and had a small bowl of dry Cap'n Crunch. I've mentioned the Nestea before; I became addicted to the stuff when I was a teenager. It doesn't really taste like tea and I'm not sure why I like it, but I put nothing in it, no sugar or anything, so it's very bitter. But I love it. Didn't drink it for years and years because you couldn't find it out here. So, did that and then watched TV for a while. No football, just some thing about Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons". Took a short nap.

For once we did not to to the UVil on a Sunday! The Spousal Unit is taking 3 days of vacation this week and I have no real work to do so it's kind of like a vacation for the next two weeks unless something comes up. Well, I'll be doing some work, of course, just not for money. Instead, had lunch at Taco Slime on Lake City, then to Spam's Club for gas -- $1.99/gallon, filled the Subaru up for less than $30, long time since that's happened -- also got it washed, and then went to an estate sale. It was actually someone Id seen at the IMA for several years. Had a '65 Mustang convertible for sale which they are not going to sell. He's asking $25k for it and its just not in good enough shape for that amount. I think he's keen on keeping it though.

When we came home I did some chores and watched some thing on ESPN about Bill McCartney, the Colorado coach that took them to the "National Championship" in 1990 (I thought it was 1989). I liked them then. They've sucked ever since he left, of course. I was kind of being lazy all day. We walked up to the tree lot by the post office on 35th and Juno the reindeer/caribou was there; the Spousal Unit fed her an apple which she liked.

Rained heavily early this morning but stopped by the time I went to Mass. Oh, the cat from across the street was out front when Mass got out whoring for attention. Heh. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

19 December 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Don and I got up about 11:00 this morning. Took Grandma shopping and as soon as we got down there. Don and I ate dinner there and then we went to town together and did some Christmas shopping. On gifts spent $11.00. Jerry came down about 4:30 and I work in the basement with him for a while. He ate supper with me. Played a basketball game tonight. Louis [Dospcason] [projected] me to [part] with her and [in use] left at he half-time. Eats $1.00. Got in at 2:00. Spent $13.00. 
Odd night. I didn't sleep in the bed very long and then woke up at 1:20 thinking it was already 3:15 or so. I resorted to chemistry to get back to sleep as I planned on driving today. So, mostly got enough sleep. Ate breakfast in. I actually ate too much (well-rested) and wasn't very hungry all day. We drove up to North Bend, got to the North Bend Bar & Grill by 11:30, but for some reason the Waitron Unit said we were right at the breakfast-lunch switch and we ended up waiting and waiting and waiting. Actually the last couple of times it's been a lot of waiting there. I only ate some bleh fries. Made a nice cobb salad though, with big thick little bacon chunks. We didn't go to the outlet mall this time, but did stop at Snoqualmie Falls. With all the rain it was really heavy flow. The observation deck was in a heavy mist and I only stayed there a couple of minutes or I would have been soaked.

Drove back on I90 and I5 was crowded up to about . . . past downtown. We went to the Basin & Robbins by NGate and then hit our friend's estate sale (nothing), and then home. I watched football and part of a movie, and then we went to a thai place for dinner by 65th and 23rd. After that (meh) walked down to Candy Cane Lane, which was kind of nice, a little different than the last time. Nice walk, wasn't too cold and wasn't raining for a change.

I drank a beer! I can mostly drink one a week if I nurse it for an hour. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

18 December 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Just did make it to school this morning. Didn't play in band this morning because of a sore throat. Had a pep assembly this afternoon at 2:30. Played a basketball game to [it] the Armory at 7:30. Went to [spok] party after the game. Drove around a while after the party. Don came home and stayed the night with me tonight. Got to bed about 1:30. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
So, woke up at 3:15 again, and so resorted to chemical means. Which was okay because I felt way better. If I let it go I end up getting into a pattern. On the plus side, I stayed in the bed until 3:15, with Jack next to me. I don't think I moved the whole night.

Last workout of 2015 today, too. Talked to Hannah a bit, otherwise not many people there today but more than in past years. It's only 2 weeks break this year. Good workout, too. Came home and after consuming my bagel I went over to Cascadia for a while. Actually only an hour. I piddled with some shipping information, as Wenke would like me to ship the dirt to him. I feel a little bad that I haven't analyzed it because I am almost certain it will never be touched again. I may go through it all and relabel the bags, as I think many of them are probably getting worn off. I can at least do my part for posterity.

I went over to Hobby Lobby and got some silicone sealant for the tail light and then came home and applied it. Yeesh. I had to squeeze the tube so hard because I needed a very fine bead that my left wrist has hurt all day. But it looks okay, let's just hope it works. It's not a lot of water coming in from that, but I want it gone so I can figure out if any more is coming in elsewhere. I think the left side is okay now.

Went to McD's for lunch. Quick one. Came home, then decided I might go to NGate SBux for a bit but when I got there parking was atrocious. So I left. I didn't think it would be that bad early afternoon on Friday, harumph. So, came home and did some straightening up around the house, and began the dinner process. Also spent some time with the cats downstairs.

We went to UVil for our walk because it was raining. Also dropped hats at the Ronald McDonald House. An Eddie Bauer salesperson in leggings had the most awesome butt imaginable. I mean, from an artistic sense, obviously.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

17 December 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Got to school just in time this morning. Gave a speech in speech class today. Everything else was about the same. After school came home and [brushed] off the car. Went down o Don's place and we went to the lights tonight at the Y.M.C.A. Got home about 12:15. Got a bite to eat before going to bed. Have a sore throat tonight for some reason. The light $2.00. Spent $2.00. 
Dash it all, I woke up at like 3:20 this morning and, despite using all of my tricks (save chemicals), I didn't get back to sleep. Tried for an hour. Oh well. I had a really good workout anyway. It's finals week so hardly anyone is there this week.

Came home, ate bagel, did a little bit of work. I decided to go to Cascadia for a little while in the off-chance there would be something for me to do, but nothing. Instead I reviewed the Fayum paper a bit. Also sent off an email to Wenke and Redding seeing if there was something I could do with the heavy fraction Kom el-Hisn samples. I hope they can find some money to ship them there.

Left there around 11:30 and went for lunch at the Five Guys burger place by NGate. Had a hot dog with mustard, grilled onions, and. . . . .jalapeno! Yum. Pretty hot peppers though. But good. And iced tea. Then I went to the Hobby Lobby and tried to find some silicone for the tail light -- left one still leaking -- but no go, so I got some gas at the Spam's Club instead. Came home, got the change we'd collected and took it to the bank at UVil. $99! Sat at the SBux for a while and enjoyed the so-so scenery, and then went over to the nearby Safeway and spent the $99 on pet food for the Seattle Humane Society. Actually spent $106.75 and filled up the bin. That felt good. When I came home I futzed around for a while and made dinner. Walked at NGate because of the rain.

Yes, the rain. Again. But remember, they said it was going to be a warm, dry winter. Morons.

Also watched the last half of a show on ESPN called Four Falls of Buffalo about the Bills who went to four straight Super Bowls and lost all four. I didn't really know about this at the time (1990-93) since I wasn't paying much attention to pro football then. I may have been vaguely aware of it. Sure I didn't watch any of them. Or maybe I did. Obviously not very memorable. Anyway, Barnes and Noble is selling vinyl records for minimum $25. Sheesh.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

15-16 December 2015 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday-Wednesday):
Took my Plymouth to school alone this morning. Drove around before school for a little while this morning. Had a test in American History Class today. Took Shirley Halley down to the church after school for a play practice. Went by the church and then went to supper. After supper drove around town for a little while. Got my hair cut tonight after I got in. Got to bed about 11:00 Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Got up early this[sic] and went and picked up Shirley Halley and took her to school morning[sic]. Had a big history test this morning. Also gave a [couple] of [speedy]. After supper I went down to the High School about 7:00 for a Pep Band practice. Drove around town for a while after it was over. Work in the basement for a little while after I got home. Gas $.75. $.05 paper. Spent $.80.
Right now I am listening to Def Leppard's High 'N Dry album which TOTALLY RAWKS. I haven't heard this in years. The opening riff to the first song is still one of my favorites. I'd forgotten how good the whole thing was.

Anyway, couldn't/didn't do an entry last night because the WiFi was down. I could have just turned it off and on but I was busy. Or something. I watched Field of Dreams most of the way through, great movie. I hope my Dad never decides he needs to come back like that because I would be stuck building a frickin' golf course. . . .

I went downtown yesterday and met with Michael. He seemed keen on getting me more support, but I will need to start working with Sharon more on things. He's also writing me into grants. I had lunch with Rowena, which was nice, and it was free because they'd left a bunch of scones and muffins in the lunch room. Left there around 1:45, didn't do much when I got home.

Today, I slept okay, had a great workout, came home and had to change a couple of things on my PLoS One paper and resubmit. Carpet guy came by around 10:10. I sweetened my mead this morning which necessitated testing it, so I had a (very) minor buzz by 9:30. I tried not to sweeten it too much. Piddled around until lunch and then went to McD's and ate fries. When I got home I ran the lawn mower over the yard to clean up some of the leaves and junk, and then raked up the back yard. It looks pretty good. Much moss came up so it looks pretty patchy back there. Then I went to UVil and sat in the SBux for a while. There was a princess at the next table in a short skirt and high boots who went into the bathroom and put on lots of makeup. It looked. . . . .well, she did a nice job and I suppose for display purposes it looked good, but it seemed a bit too much. Very pretty young lady though.

So I sat there for a while and then grabbed some pasta at QFC (didn't make it tonight) and went home; I had driven my Mustang over. Piddled around, made dinner, we went to UVil tonight so the Spousal Unit could get some candy presents. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

14 December 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Things about the same in school today. Rode home with [Bob Wheel] after school. As soon as I got home I started doing some studying on my spanish. After supper I talked to Shirley Halley on the phone for a while and then I got a date with Shirley Noble and I took her out to a show tonight at [bola] $1.00 also we went down to the [xxx] for some eats. $1.00. .Gas $1.00. Got to bed about 1:00. Spent $3.00. 
I had a pretty decent day today. Slept well. Really good workout, talked to Stewart quite a bit. Well, for me "quite a bit" is like 4-5 sentences exchanged. But anyway, it was a good workout. I decided this week will be a low weight-many reps week, and that is a killer. Was wiped out 3/4 of the way through. Came home, did the usual stuff, walked up to the SBux. I did some work here and then decided I needed to go to Cascadia for some files (which I actually already had, but anyway). I stopped at the carpet store on Aurora. Was impressed. Seemed about half the cost of the place I went to last week and seemed pretty professional. He's going to measure Wednesday. Went to Cascadia for only like 5 minutes and then headed to the Goodwill to drop off a bunch of CDs and I found a 15-lb dumbbell to use over break (left arm). It's a weakness injury rather than an overuse/fixable injury, meaning I have to keep working it the right way. So got that and then headed home. Well, I went to McD's for lunch first. Then I decided to go to the Best Buy to get a DVD for the Spousal Unit, which I did, and then came home. I put the two reindeer and the Santa above the garage. Took about 30-45 minutes. Had to do it now because it wasn't raining for a change.

That as about it. Mom is improving, they swapped out her trach tube for one that can be capped for talking more easily. The sister says she seems more interested in walking than talking, which I can understand as she probably wants to be able to use the bathroom on her own more than yak at people at this point.

Was driving around this afternoon and decided I am kind of tired worrying about what I'm not. That's part of what's been causing me so much anxiety the last few years. I'm not successful or in a long-term career or whatever. Of course, all the worrying and junk is more or less causing a lot of that anyway. I realize that's probably a trivial assessment and conclusion. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

13 December 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Barbara came [after] me this morning and took me to church. My Plymouth has a broken spring. Dan [Moon]came home to dinner at Grandma's wth me today. We [have scaned]. Took [Vera] to church tonight. Went down and saw Shirley Noble before services and then sat in church with Shirley Halley and took Halley home after church. Got in about 12:00. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
I checked on Shirley Halley, but only found that she was born in 1937. Shirley Noble I may have linked to before but here is her obit.

I slept about the same last night, pretty well. Hung out. Spousal Unit got up around 6:30, I made breakfast here. I showered and then went to Mass which was okay. Rest of the morning I watched the SeaChickens game, took a short nap. Jack was on my lap which made me happy because he (or Daisy) hardly ever sit on my lap and I miss having a lap cat. We left for UVil about 11:30 thinking we needed to get there a little early but it turned out to be not very crowded. Ate at the Chipotle. I need to get kids meals there from now on, except for the salads it;s all too much food. Limited menu, too, I don't know why it's so popular. Did the usual shopping stuff. Went back for yogurt.

Also went over to the City Peoples place, no reason for me, I just wandered around. Came home and. . . .what did I do? Swept the floors, I know that. Dismantled some old chocolate stuff in the refrigerator and tossed some of the peanuts out for the squirrels.

Didn't walk because it's raining so I straightened up and vacuumed downstairs. Listening to the Beatles, the blue compilation album after one side of the red one. I'm not a big Beatles fan but sometimes I like these. My sister had the LPs back in the early-mid 1970s and I listened to them a lot; it was when I was first discovering music of my own so it is rather nostalgic for me.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

12 December 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Jerry called me up about 9:30 this morning and got me up. I did a little work on the [shot] and then he came down about 11:00. I took Grandma'[sic] shopping and we ate dinner there. This afternoon Jerry and I went down in the basement. Picked Barbara up for Shirley Holley's birthday party about 9:00. Went to Midnight [Basheth] show at the [Roxy bright] show $1.00. Eats today $.75 Gas $1.00 Spent $2.75. 
I managed to sleep quite well last night! We went out for breakfast as we had no breakfast-type food in the house. I usually have two eggs and 4 bacons and a little of the Spousal Unit's hash browns. I mention that just for posterity's sake, not that I believe it at all interesting.

So, came home and attempted to do a bit of a Wildcat concept car post but didn't get very far.

Oh, forgot to mention last night: Shoulder (right) hurt a lot after working out. Also when lifting a tree at the lot I really nailed my left arm; it's been pretty much okay lately but that really hurt it. Okay today though.

Don't remember what all else I did in the morning. Not much TV on. Anyway, we left around 10:45 for the UDist for the Spousal Unit's hair appt., and I wandered around the U Bookstore during that. Was raining nearly all day and 45 degrees. Not pleasant but lots of snow in the mountains. Lunch at Pagliacci. Went to the Slaveway for breakfast food and then hit two estate sales, nothing much of interest in either one. When we got home, I put the lights on the tree and it looks quite nice. I packed up both boxes to mail east and piddled around some more. Finally watched some TV around 3:30, a movie called "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" a 2013 film. It's very good, I think. Got a lot of touching stuff in it.

Went to NGate for a walk, and over to Target to get some light things but they didn't have what I wanted. Guts felt horrible, too. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

11 December 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Took the Dodge to school this morning. Had a pep assembly this morning. Everything else about the same. Had a [morit] in biology this afternoon. Took Barbara home from school. Picked her up about 7:15 and we went and played for the basket ball at the Armory. Yakima and [Moseport]. Yakima won. After the game we went to the [Keapro] and then just out and parked. Got in about 1:00. [Capital P circled] Gas $1.00. Eats $.80 Spent $1.80.
I really wonder if this Capitol P thing is some code for how far he got with her. . . . .

So, last night I slept in three different locations. I think. Don't recall if I actually went to sleep in the bed or not (probably not) but had to go out to the TV room within 2 hours because Daisy decided to jump on the bed and that caused the Spousal Unit to start talking to her which woke me up. So, went out there and at 3 on schedule I woke up. Happily I managed to get back to sleep with no chemical assistance. Go me.

Had a smashing workout, talked with Hannah a bit. She's doing work out at Quinalt and her car died when she was like 2 miles down the north shore road. Came home, blah blah blah, went to Cascadia. Oh, found out my aunt Marion is on her way out; had a "heart attack" in the last few days and is now in hospice care. We were never close and I think she was probably bipolar or something. Odd cookie, Marion. Anyway, she was very frail for the last few years so this is no surprise. On the good front, MOM WALKED TODAY. Yes, yes, with a walker and assistance, but she was on her feet and putting weight on the right side. WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO. I had doubts if this day would ever come.

Anyway, I only worked there until about 11:30 and then went to NGate and got a box for the gift (luggage) and then had lunch there. Was going to drive to a carpet store on 82nd and Aurora but decided to try Ravenna Interiors instead but, as usual, the door was open but no one was around. So I will try this other place next week. I went home and wrapped up the gift and then went down to UVil to go to SBux but the place was packed. So I hemmed and hawed and eventually drove to NGate. Meh. frappucino wasn't all that great, not that much scenery, and I dunno, just not the same. Came home, fiddled around a bit, made dinner.

We got a tree this evening -- almost $50 for a 6-ft noble fir -- and just finished putting it up. Big and full and plenty of room for the cats to hang out under. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

10 December 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Picked Barbara up and took her to school this morning. Had a test in Biology that I failed today. After school I practiced in the band room for a little while and then took Barbara home. Worked around the yard until supper. After supper I went p and saw Barbara just a little while. The rest of the time I practiced a little and did a little study on my [sprush]. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
No wonder he failed a test, it's not like he ever studied. Or at least he never really writes about studying or doing homework or anything.

Man oh man, I slept like a log last night. Zonked right out and then didn't wake up once until after 3. Of course, then I was all restless so I had to take 1/4 ambien, but I did go right back to sleep. Wow, that felt good. Workout started off slow but I cranked it up eventually and had a good one. At one point I went over to where Stewart and what's-his-name were and said "I decided to come over here and give you guys something to shoot for." Heh. They thought it was funny.

So, came home, piddled around, went off to Cascadia. I actually worked there for quite a while on various things. Almost failed twice at my new "Aim for Perfect" motto. I tend to assume I've done something and then ignore it and don't look at it again. I've placed some new screen backgrounds of perfect things to rotate through to remind myself.

So, what else. I bought the Spousal Unit's main Xmas gift, deal of the year: a $320 piece of luggage for like $96. Have to wrap it up soon because there's no where to keep it. It's in the trunk now. One side of the trunk I've managed to get leak free, but the other side (which was leak free) is being stubborn. It's much less than it was, but still not insignificant. I went by a carpet store on the way back and found something I liked although it will be over $1k for it. I may try Lowe's or something, I'm not sure I want to spend that much on a basement room.

Anyway, came home and cleaned up the basement. That didn't take too long actually, but it looks much better. I didn't completely put the Spousal Unit's room back together because I plan on getting the carpet done soon. Did a few other things, made dinner, walked to the post office for a couple boxes and, of course, they were out. Plan on getting everything mailed out tomorrow, if possible. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

8-9 December 2015 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

On these days in 1953 (Tuesday-Wednesday):
Went to school alone this morning. Carl had a big wreck this morning at 15th and [Marckasan]. He got himself in the hospital for the day and totaled his car. Went up to see him during noon hour. Took Barbara home from school tonight and then went back up to see Carl. Had our first snow this fall. Snowed all day today. Have about an half an inch on the ground. Dad got my car [sherd] done today. $1.00 [lookin] gas $1.00. Spent $2.00.
[B.] B. PER Didn't want to go to school today. Worked down at the church until about 2:00. Ate dinner at Grandma's. Put a [back wall] on my shed in the back yard. Worked until supper time. At 7:15 I picked up Barbara and we went to a pep band practice at the high school. Drove around after it was over. Got in here about 12:00. Sure is cold out tonight. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
I can't honestly remember much about yesterday (Tuesday) except what happened in the evening: We had a big ol' leak. The Spousal Unit was yelling at me about 7 that we had a leak with lots of water and it turned out that when they'd replumbed the house they'd left the old water main line open, and all the rain had raised the water table up to the pipe level and it was coming in through that. Not a whole lot but enough. The carpet in that corner was already soaked. I started with the carpet cleaner sucking up the water, but it was almost coming in faster than I could suck it up. We tried several ways to either plug it or something, eventually trying to siphon it out, but that really didn't work. We finally lit on the idea of using an old champagne cork, drilling a hole in it, putting a plastic tube in that (leftover tubing from back in the jaw surgery days), then connecting that to a section of my brewing siphoning tubing and into a bucket. And it worked! Used quite a bit of duct tape to make everything fit, but I am so thankful that we had the materials and wherewithal to rig that up. I'm actually quite proud of that. Anyway, it was filling up a gallon and a half (or so) bucket in less than a half an hour, so I was faced with staying up all night and emptying buckets (it was still raining heavily). Eventually we hit upon the idea of connecting it to a garden hose and running it to the floor drain. . . .and it worked! So, got to bed around 11:15 or so.

I woke up at 5 and worked out (pretty well, too) and then came back and ran the vacuum thing over it some more to get most of the water out and then turned a fan on it and put the dehumidifier in there. Then I went to the plumbers that did this and asked about getting a cap for it, but letting them know that they had left it open. They were very good about it and said they thought their people should cap it so they know what's going on. So I went to Cascadia and they called around 10 to say they'd be over, so I went home. I've seen this guy before, and he was impressed with our "MacGyver" job. He capped it and that was that. Will still get new carpet for in there though, since that one area was thoroughly soaked. And it needs a new rug in there anyway.

Kinda flubbed around the rest of the day, doing odd jobs here and there. Was kinda too tired to do much else. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

7 December 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Everything about the same in school today. Took Barbara home after school and sat out in the car and talked to her until about 5:00. After supper came home and did a little work in the basement. Barbara called me up tonight and I went up to her place for a little while. Did some studying on a speech before I went to bed. Got to bed about 11:10. 
Back to Barbara. *sigh*

Much less excitement today; certainly far less in the way of gunfire.

Daisy woke me up again in the middle of the night to let me know that she brought up the ball of yarn from the basement. Happily I managed to get right back to sleep on the couch. Go me. And slept until almost 5. Worked out very well, thanks to the pasta last night and the decent sleep. Stewart made fun of my little weight. However, all of my parts were working properly today so I didn't care, especially since my left arm is darn near healed, I think.

Came home, blah blah blah, went to Cascadia. I only did a little on the one proposal and spent the next 3.5 hours photographing artifacts. I may go in tomorrow anyway and just practice photographing those things. I only do it every once in a while and end up having to relearn everything. Besides, it's something I could get into. Not sure how much of an 'art' it is or not. But I like doing it.

Rained, rained, rained all day until about 5. After Cascadia I went to the Spam's Club and didn't bring a cart and forgot I was going to get a big ol' honkin' bag of litter so I carried a 4-lb bag all over the place. Thence to the Riot Aid to get a card for The Cuz and then to the Office Despot to get a box to send the gift box to The Cuz. She sent me a wonderful card and family photo today. I'm smiling whenever I look at it, I just adore her and all of them.

Went to UVil to get bagels. No biggie. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

6 December 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Picked up Shirley [Holley/Halley/Holly/Hally] at [Verne's] place and took them both to church this morning. After dinner at grandma's I picked Shirley up and we drove around town until church time. $1.00. With oil Gas $1.00. Supper at [Washell's] $2.60. Sat in church with Shirley tonight. Took her home after church also. Sat out in the car with her and talked with her until twelve. Am a little tired tonight. Spent $4.60. 
If I were Shirley I'd kick his ass to the curb since he only seems to hang with her when Barbara's all bitchy at him.

Last night was weird. I don't know if I'd gotten to sleep or not, but at some point early on Daisy had to come in and announce how she'd brought her wad of yarn upstairs, so that woke me up. Then I went out to the TV room and camped out on the floor, went to sleep okay, but then she also started wigging out at something by the front window where she hangs out. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. I think I may have woken up once before that as well. Dangitall. Anyway, once I did drop off again I slept until almost 5:30. So not all was lost.

Went out to McD's for breakfast and I had another "Morning Mac" which is an sausage egg McMuffin with two sausage patties. Y.U.M. Anyway, I was kinda full the rest of the day. I did a bunch of little things around the house this morning but neglected to go to Mass. I figured FrOliver would just bellyache about the shootings (Islamic terrorists this time, so we need to ignore that part of it) and I just wanted to finish cleaning off my desk anyway. Hey, so now I have a clean desk! For probably two weeks.

What else. Went off to UVil after watching SeaChickens for a while (they thumped Minnesota), had lunch, shopped, etc.

Okay, so then the excitement started. It had stopped raining so I decided to wash the Mustang, which I was doing, and all the while sirens were blaring and about 6 police cars went roaring up (east) 65th. Hmmmmm. That kept up and eventually we found out that someone had hijacked a car by the U District or downtown or something and ended up by Sandpoint, and then tried to get away by roaring up 68th (west) -- three houses down from our house -- and made it up to 35th before they caught him. One police car crashed into a rock wall the next block over. I actually didn't see any of this, although I don't know why, I was out washing the car at the time. Maybe I was inside at that point. Anyway, once they caught him there was a lot of shooting and they ended up taking him out. The Spousal Unit saw the car and heard the shooting though. So we were up there rubbernecking and there were a few more shots, but no big deal.

I spent much time cooking after that. For us and for the Spousal Unit's little thingie tomorrow. And doing the usual chores. We went up to NGate for our walk and I bought a couple pairs of workout shorts. . .$13 for both! Raining still. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

5 December 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 11:00 this morning. After I got up went to grandma's for dinner and then took her shopping. After the shopping I came home and started working on my car. Cleaned the [parts] up. New oil $2.00. After supper work on the car until after mid-night. Sure was [danty] tonight. Eat some before going to bed. Got to bed about 1:15. Spent $2.00. 
The Spousal Unit slept until about 8:00 this morning. Which is quite late for even her. I had already started making pancakes so at least I could eat. They were meh. I slept until 5:30 with a minor wakeup at 3:30. I think I was on the floor. . . .

So, didn't do much all morning. Watched some football, but left for Alderwood mall about 10:30 to maybe beat the rush a little bit. Worked out okay, we got there and were able to park nice and close to the entrance, since it was raining heavily. Been raining all day, pretty steadily and heavily. Had lunch there, I just had bacon cheese fries. Eh. Didn't even buy anything. The Spousal Unit's sister is now up to wearing a size 5X. She's steadily going downhill. I can't imagine she makes it much past 60, if that. (I know I shouldn't type stuff like that)

So, drove back from there and stopped at an estate sale on the way back. I think it was an old lady probably living alone as there didn't seem to be much guy stuff around. Mostly a whole lot of knick knacks. Baskets galore. Nice little house though.

Once home, planted myself by the TV to watch yet more football. Alabama beat Florida pretty handily, the Gators have no offense to speak of. Tonight there are several other games on, notably Iowa-Michigan State. Will watch that once I am done writing here.

Am listening to my "STFU" playlist, composed of several sort of sad songs from the early 1980s. This evening I am wondering why I can't go back to how I was in those days. I was certainly productive for parts of it, working and really doing well in school (undergrad). Lots of rose colored glasses there though, much of it I was ridiculously miserable. Besides, I have no school, don't drink alkyhol and carouse a lot, etc. Still, I can't help but feel like I can still regain that old cockiness in my abilities and such, the drive to show people what I can really do, etc. Easier while single, too. Oh well, I will figure something out sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

4 December 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Drove the Plymouth to school this morning. Had a [clipper] assembly this morning. Had a big test in spanish class also this morning.  Did my drawing in study hall time again today. Went to the [gone addy] in Wapato with the [pal] band tonight. Sat with Shirley Holly. Took some girlls home afterwards. Saw Shirley at her place when we got back about 11:00. Stayed and talked until 12:00. Gas $2.50. Spent $2.50.
Last night and first thing this morning it rained cats and dogs and the inside of the trunk was pretty dry. I think I probably have the leakage 90% contained. Now I just have to track down any other little bits that I may have missed. There was a bit in the usual spots but it may or may not have come in over night. Will try to change the tail light gaskets this weekend.

Otherwise, slept okay, had a really great workout, too. Monnie (hot older chick at the gym) wanted to talk, too, said her mom passed away a few weeks ago. From a stroke. Very sad. I wanted to give her a hug but I didn't.

Came home, blah blah blah. Daisy doesn't move much when I come in anymore. I went to Cascadia to work on a cost estimate, a tough one that TT doesn't really want because the tribes and the County (Klickitat) will probably sue because the land in a big site. It's on the Columbia River in Lyle, just downstream from The Dalles. Would probably need an overnight stay even with a very few probes. Actually, I suppose if one is going to stay overnight then one person could do it in two days. Hmmm. May need to consider that. Well, would need 2 for the larger survey anyway.

I didn't actually stay there long because their Internet connection sucks, so I came home and worked on it. Went for lunch at Taco Slime up on Lake City. Worked on it a bit more when I got back, too. Decided to go to UVil/SBux for a while. Scenery was okay, I guess. Drove back and checked for Reka again (nothing). I played my trumpet for a while and was doing quite well hitting the high B regularly and may have mostly gotten over my C-D problems. As I've said, it's so nice -- compared to the guitar -- to be able to practice something and actually get it. Thinking of getting a Herb Alpert songbook, a larger one with all the songs (almost) I want. Seems odd to me that there's not more out there online. I suppose it's still copyrighted?

Anyway, not much else new to report. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

3 December 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Took the Dodge to school this morning. Dad is taking the Plymouth down town to get a [first plani] part in it. Did some drawing during my study hall today. Had a movie in biology. Picked up the Plymouth after school and took it home and worked it before supper and after supper. I spent 4 hours polishing it in the garage. When I got done I did some study for a [spuds] test before I went to bed. Got to bed about 11:30. Spent $.10. 
I had a busy day but ended up getting very little accomplished. Mostly. Had a fairly intense anxiety attack (or whatever) last night, will report on that further down. Ended up sleeping okay anyway I guess. The workout started out slowly but I ended up killing it. Or "crushing it" as Young People say nowadays. Or they did last year and now they're on to something else. Whatevs. (They also say that or said that or whatever)

So, came home, piddled around. . .well, I did a few worthwhile things with the data for the paper. Went to Cascadia for only a few minutes to get the files with the new codes for billing. Kind of a lame way to do it, IMO, but whatever. (Word of the day!) Then I drove up to Lynnwood Honda and got the tail light seals. They're pretty useless as far as diagnosing the trunk leak. The new Civic looks pretty good though, I might opt for one of those if we ever decide to get a new one. Like, if I can never fix this $(*@^*$%@(*$^ leak. . . .

So, went to McD's for lunch. Came home, piddled around some more and then went to get my hair cut. Sheesh. Hard to find parking. But I got right in and a fairly attractive Philipina cut it, and did a fine job, too. Left there and went to UVil, mostly for dinner stuff and to cash a check. But SBux was fairly empty so I went in there and enjoyed a chocolate milk with whipped cream and abundant scenery. I older chick in high heeled boots was checking me out, always a nice ego booster. Left there, got some salad for dinner, and then drove a slightly circuitous route home to see if I could see Reka the lost dog (former neighbors).

Piddled around more, made dinner, went to Fred Meyer on Lake City for our walk (raining a lot).

Have I described an anxiety attack (or whatever) before? Probably. But here goes again for posterity. Generally they happen between about 1 and 3-3:30. I'll often have some dream related to something that sets it off and I'll wake up feeling awful -- guilty, regretful, etc. -- about whatever it was. It can be a very minor thing, but at the moment it just feels intensely bad. Like accidentally cutting someone off in traffic would strike me like if I had hit and killed a pedestrian or something. And then nearly whatever else I think of is usually the bad things -- every little thing I think I did wrong or bad in my entire life comes rushing back and I feel terrible about it. Or just a general malaise -- I get very fearful about screwing up my career and not really working again and things like that.

Strategies for dealing with it. About the only thing that really works is to just "think fast": just stream of consciousness whatever pops into my head as fast as I can. It crowds out the bad thoughts. If it gets to that I usually will take 1/4 ambien. Then after a few minutes of that and I am starting to calm down some -- oftentimes I can feel the ambien start to kick in, I can just feel my mind slowing down -- I can think of something else. Such as describing everything I did from the moment I woke up in great detail ("I woke up and listened to the radio for maybe half a minute, and then got up and folded the blanket up and put it on top of the pillows. . .") or, lately, counting backwards from, say, 900 by 9, or 800 by 8, etc. Most of the time if I have a big one it takes roughly 45 minutes to get back to sleep. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2 December 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Just got to school in time this morning. Had an honors society assembly this morning. I skipped half of the afternoon and drove down to Topenish and picked [Homen] up from school and took her home. After supper tonight I went to prayer meeting down at the church. Took Don Moore home after the service. Got home about 11:00. $1.00 [mialam's] $2.00 gas Spent $3.00.
Another chick. He seems to have no problem hooking up with them.

Weird night, but I slept until the alarm. Had a decent enough work out, although my right shoulder is still bugging me. 2.5 weeks until the winter break; I think it will need it. I went to the Rotunda and then to downtown. Didn't think I'd have much to do but then the PLoS submission took quite a while. I piddled around after that. Thought Engi might be by at 10 but no go. I left around 12:15 after deciding what I should or shouldn't do, went to a couple places in search of lunch but no go. So I decided to &#($ it and just go home, which meant waiting for a bus for like 20 minutes, so I plugged in my headphones and listened to Nirvana. Also found a protein bar in my bag and ate that. Uneventful ride home.

Sadly, upon arriving I found that the trunk still leaked. Dangitall. So after piddling around a bit, I sprayed some more sealant by the window and hope that might get it. Otherwise, I'm stumped. Those seem to be the only places where it might get in. If this doesn't work it may need to hit the body shop.

Other than that, not much else. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

1 December 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Got to school a little early this morning. Things were about the same around school today. Went down to the church and helped dad a little while after school and then we went up town and I got a new pair of shoes. After supper at Grandma's I came home and worked in the basement a little. Drove around a little tonight but got in early. Got to bed by 11:00. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
The good news: I stayed in the bed the whole night!

The bad news: That was only until 3:15. =(

I tried to get back to sleep but was unable to so I got up around 4:15. Meh. I felt okay most of the day so it wasn't too bad.

The other good news is that I may have fixed the leak in the trunk. It rained last night and there wasn't any new water in it when I checked after working out this morning. It's raining a lot overnight tonight so we'll see tomorrow. I cleaned it out good this afternoon and there was a bit of standing water in the bottom of the trunk. Looked to be some mold/mildew around but nothing excessive. I gave the trunk floor a good cleaning with bleach and vacuumed it all out really well. The jumper cables looked in bad shape so I tossed them; appeared to have had the insulation eaten through in places (like rotted). The fabric and junk needs to be steam cleaned though, once I know there's no new water coming in. The seals on the tail lights also need replacing. I'll do that Thursday.

Anyway. Great workout, too. I went over to Cascadia and only did a little work there, mostly I prepped the alcohol paper for submission. I left there around 11 and came home to check on. . . .something. Don't remember what. I went to NGate for lunch because I needed to check with an auto cleaning place in the parking garage there. Probably be around $75 to steam clean the trunk. I came home and piddled around for a while before going out to work on the car (just like the diary guy!). I should go drive around for a couple hours. . . . .

Anyway, it's raining now and will be all week. We should be making up for the lack of snow last year. It rained a lot last year but it was always too warm for a lot of snow in the mountains, but so far this year it's stayed cold enough.

Went to UVil for our walk because of the rain and got new jumper cables, which here they now call booster cables.