Monday, November 30, 2015

30 November 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Went to school by myself today. Sure was a miserable day at school. After school I picked up Shirley [Holley] and took her home and talked to her for a while. Went out and picked up Jerry [Groniy] and he came to dinner to Grandma's with me tonight for a birthday dinner. I dropped him off at the [Sitcoff] and I drove around town until about 11:00. Gas $1.50. Monthly spending $41.60. Spent $1.50. TOTAL SPENDING FROM JAN $592.63
Guess Barbara must have really dumped him. Again.

Couldn't get to sleep last night again. Once I got to sleep I stayed pretty much asleep until 4:45 though which is quite unusual. Had some trouble with the Honda this morning. I drove to the IMA and somehow when I was pulling in to stop I put it into 5th instead of neutral, and of course it stuttered to a stop. That got me all discombobulated so I put it in neutral, didn't put on the parking brake, and got out. And got right back in, obviously. Whew. It wasn't icy on the inside this morning so I think it dried out some. I was wrong last night though, it got colder, down to 30 overnight. It's warming up now with the rain.

Had a really great workout, came home, started working on some minor Cascadia stuff, and then started the proceed of reformatting the alcohol paper for PLoS One, an online open source e-journal. Much to do still. Did that junk most of the morning and then went to lunch at McD's. I checked the trunk and I think the right side is good but the left side was a bit leaky again. *sigh* I dug out the black crud I used at the base of the window and put the silicone gel in there. Had to mess with it a bunch to make sure it got sealed. Fingers crossed.

Did some more piddly work around the house and then played my trumpet for a good half hour and it went well. I played O Come O Come Emanual, Unforgettable, and Amazing Grace. Meh. I practice my tone a lot, but still missing notes on the start (like hitting A instead of the low E). Nice to be able to practice and, you know, get better.

So, Spousal Unit was late, but we made dinner, and went to UVil. Got my one niece a Seattle Sounders scarf to match the SeaChickens scarf I got the other niece. And a bottle of (good) "Numbskull" wine for Lisa.

Tonight ABC has on a 1 hour special on the making of A Charlie Brown Christmas and then the show itself on its 50th year. Just think, I was just three years old when it was broadcast the first time. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

29 November 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Today was a bad day for me. I didn't go to Sunday school or church this morning. This afternoon for dinner I went to Jerry's place a little while. Played my first clarinet solo tonight for a Young Peoples [garage]. Took Barbara home after church. Barbara was in one of her bad moods again tonight [What else is new? ed.]. Drove around a lot after I let her off tonight. Got in 12:10. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Well, that didn't sound so bad. Except for Barbara being her typical bee-yotch self.

I had a decent day. Slept okay, although I spent most of it on the floor again. I dunno, I get real antsy sometimes and being on the floor where it's uncomfortable is about the only thing that gets my mind calmed down. Well, and 14 ambien. But I ended up sleeping until 5:15. We stayed in for breakfast this morning.

After breakfast and showering I almost immediately got to work on my Charlie Brown post and it took like 2 hours! It's a decent one though. I tried to keep it fairly simple and just present the commercials and intro spots they did for Ford and the Ford Show between 1959 and 1964. Finished it up around 10:30 although I continued to add stuff all day.

Sat down and took a short nap with football on after that, and then we left for the UVil after ordering salads online at the Specialty's. If you recall, that was the place that irritated me enough to send them a complaining email. Worked okay. Salads were fine and there were plenty of places to sit (they can be crowded). We did the usual shopping, not for all that long though. It was very foggy this morning and it didn't lift and become sunny until after noon. Only got up to 36 today, too.

When we got back I got busy most of the afternoon. I brought the Honda into the garage and sealed up by the window again, hopefully this will take care of it. Did many other little things, putting away some laundry, sweeping the floors, etc. I tried to be busy all afternoon so A) I wouldn't take a nap, and B) So I wouldn't watch football. Trying to avoid the NFL, even though the SeaChickens were playing (they won). Finally around 4:15 I sat down to watch some stupid TV, and did some minor cooking after that. Still cold when we walked but I think it's warming overnight. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

28 November 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
No school today. Worked about all day on my [rock] outfit. Just taking off time to eat at [anpour] and I put in about and[sic] [hour] at the church polishing floors after supper tonight I took Barbara to the High School to a 3D movie the church put on. The [Burning] Truth. Drove around town and went to the Drive-in but got in fairly early. Eats $.95 Gas $1.00. Spent $1.95.
I tried to find a reference to this Burning Truth movie, but couldn't find anything.

Decent day today. Slept pretty well again, and although I woke up at 4:30 that was okay with me. Spousal Unit woke up around 6:15 and we went to BurgerMaster for breakfast. I had my usual two eggs and four bacons. A few years ago I would have been appalled at such a terrible choice in food, but lately I've become quite skeptical about nearly all dietary advice (besides, much research has been done to refute the whole fat = cholesterol = OH MY GOD YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK ANY DAY NOW schtick. Anyway, they make awesome bacon.

Came home and I worked on my Monday post for a bit. It's about the early Ford commercials the Peanuts comic strip did. I did a little history and tomorrow I think I just need to write up something about each video.

I watched much of the Michigan-Ohio State game this morning. OSU ended up winning like 42-21 or something close to that. I kind of didn't care who won, but mostly I guess I wanted Michigan to lose just because I think Jim Harbaugh is a jerk. Oh, the Spousal Unit was having fits because she went to submit application for the manager job she's doing as an interim and found it was no longer posted. !!! They'll reopen it or whatever, since she is slated for it anyway, but she was upset.

After that we went to NGate and ate at the 5 Guys Burgers across the street. I guess they're decent burgers, although I usually have a hot dog there, which are also good. Fries suck though. (IMO) Went to NGate after that and I got some gifts for people. Well, Sister and one niece. I think we just came home after that. I played my trumpet for a bit, didn't go very well, although the Spousal Unit was around and I practice better when no one's here. Checked my mead and it is fine except doesn't taste very good. Need to sweeten it. Drank a beer but don't feel as okay as I did yesterday. Blehh.


Oh, checked the trunk of the Honda: Driver's side is dry, but the passenger side is leaky now, which had been fixed. So I need to do some more work on it. But at least the one side is fixed, that was a real bugaboo. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

27 November 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
No school today. Worked down at the church helping dad until noon this morning. Sure worked hard. After dinner at Grandma's I came on up home and worked on my [rock outlet] the rest of the afternoon until mid night. Just taking time out for supper. Carl came down for a little while tonight. Saw Barbara a few minutes just after supper. Got to bed about 12:45. 
No entry yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, got home at 8:30. So. T-Day was okay, I slept until almost 5:30. Didn't do much most of the morning, although I made some dip and junk for the dinner. We left here around 11:30-ish and traffic around Tacoma was kinda slow. But we still got down there a little after 12:30. Meh. Not a bad day. They had a couple of cats I could play with and football to watch. I found myself not very interested in the NFL. Really souring on that. Didn't eat too much. Actually I ate pretty well. Drive home was mostly uneventful. Back in 1990 or so it tool at least 70 minutes down there, now it only takes really less than an hour if traffic isn't bad.

Slept well last night, too, although much of it on the floor. It's been down around 30 overnight so last night I put a blanket on the floor under me and I stayed pretty warm. This house needs insulation really badly. I think I'm leaning towards getting a new furnace (small, oil) and then insulating.

So, hung out until the Spousal Unit got up around 7 or so and we ate in. Kinda futzed around most of the morning. Went for lunch and then grocery store and not much else, so said Spousal Unit could watch the Apple Cup (stupid Cougars lost again). I watched some of another game or two, and also watched something on National Geo channel about the 1990s. Meh. Really just a left-wing national media version of the 1990s. They did one on the 1980s that was fairly okay, but this one was almost propaganda.

Walked up to the post office and mailed an envelope back home to my sister. The Christmas tree lot is open so we went in there for a few minutes to enjoy the aroma of the trees. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

25 November 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Had a band assembly this morning. Also had a movie in history class. Had a test in Biology today. Took Barbara home from school tonight. Worked in the basement for a while tonight. Lee Roy came home tonight and we sat out in the care and talked about College until about 12:45. Not so very cold out tonight. [Sothy] to bed about 1:00. Newspaper $.05. Spent $.05.
Yesterday and the day before my psyche sucked. Today it turned around.Am I bipolar or something?

Woke up last night and was feeling terrible, but had another epiphany and kind of put it into practice most of the day. How many of these have I had only to have them slowly fade away? It's a good one though. I will try to remember it, as I am doing now for this very post. I shall not relate what it is, of course, just let the future reader determine what it is through intense examination of this and future posts.

Which reminds me, I need to download this thing for backup.

So I had a really good workout, although my shoulder hurt. I think the trumpet hurts it. I tried something this morning to try to alleviate it though. Came home and almost immediately went to work on the last report and stuff (part of my epiphany) and got a good chunk of it done here. I switched the cars so the Honda could spend the day in the garage with the windows and trunk open. Very wet back there still.

Only spent about 45 minutes at Cascadia as I finished the report and their WiFi was hinky. Also had a long email from Meg so that seems to be okay again. Part of the upswing today. So, left there and stopped at Spam's Club for chocolate syrup. Came home and shop vacc'd the trunk. I went to McD's for lunch. Turned the fan on the trunk for a while before leaving for UVil. I actually found a seat in the SBux! Man-oh-man there was scenery there today. Had a chocolate milk with whipped cream. that they first made as a vanilla milk, blech. I think the barista was flirting with me. She was not overly attractive.

Oh, also bought tickets to see Herb Alpert on January 27. He's my favorite trumpet player.

Was pleasant at UVil. I went to the QFC for Thanksgiving supplies. It was crowded but everyone seemed happy and decent. Plus, you know, scenery.

This afternoon I cooked stuff and listened to Herb and then turned on the Yes CD I bought in FdL. I, um, well, I wept at one point during one song (Our Song) just because. . . .well, it reminded me of when I was happy in the 1980s and how happy I was in FdL and having Michele around again. Just overcome with contentment, I guess. I imagine that is what the whole 'tears of joy' is all about.

Anyway, walked outside tonight. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

24 November 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Used my study hall period to draw today. Stayed after school tonight and did some drawing. Took Barbara home after school. Did some work in the basement before supper and after supper I spent most of my time studying on my History. I drove around a little bit tonight with the Dodge. I got in early tonight and studied. 
I worked on the car most of the afternoon. Ha! I got to say it, too! But I did. I found that after the rain last night the trunk was pretty wet, indicating quite clearly that the sealer I took off really had been doing something. So I went to Riot-Aid and got something called Flex Seal that is advertised on TV. I asked my mechanics guys if they had anything to suggest but no. So I cleaned the trunk channel and sprayed on three coats, an hour apart this afternoon. I had to get some newspaper so I'd gone over to Norma's. Of course, that took like 25 minutes because I had to chat and eat a defective cookie that she was baking. Marge came over, too. They were having fun with my old flame (Julie) at the church. "Well, let us know if you have a fling."

Anyway. I slept halfway decently. Had a really decent workout, too. Back is doing fine with the squats (knock wood). Knees are better, too, I started stretching them a bit. Only a bit. Came home, blah blah blah. Didn't go into Cascadia. I did contact someone at HRA though, I may try to start working over there every so often. Cascadia's getting a little weird. The Coptic people are meeting today (i.e., tomorrow) to see how I can start getting more involved in stuff, yay. Had a nice note from Sharon who's over there after I'd emailed her.

Kinda wasted lots of time actually. DIdn't feel like working on the stupid site form although I did some on it. I dunno. I'll finish it up tomorrow. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

23 November 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Skipped today and came home and did some work [played line]. Ate dinner at grandma's. Picked up Barbara after school and took her down town to the library and then home. Called her up after supper tonight an then drove around town for a while. Got in about 11:00. Spent $1.00. 
Okay, today probably would have been a really good day except for one thing: I'd sent M at Cascadia the site form I made up and I really thought I'd done a decent job on it. Took my time, made sure everything was filled in, double-checked stuff, etc. I was actually kind of proud of it. Then she said it was really sloppy. I couldn't see what I'd sent so I was dumbfounded and emailed back asking if it were the right project she was talking about. Sheesh. I finally got to look at it and there were a couple of things that I did wrong that I honestly wouldn't know from a whole in the ground (like whether the UTM Zone was correct). But. . .I dunno. Maybe she was just in a pissy mood. I told Janet this and she said M would occasionally just get in a snit and blame her or whoever else for stuff. So I probably shouldn't have gotten all worked up, but I did.

So. Other than that. . . . .I slept pretty well last night. Had a really great workout. Guy named Joey was really chatty today. He's kind of a flake, but a nice chap. Went and got my soda at the Rotunda (flat) and ate it quick and went off to NJB. I met someone named Elisabeth and oh lordy is she an attractive young lady. Was not expecting that. But we had a good talk about cervical cancer stuff. Am more optimistic I can figure something out on this angle to work on. Plus, you know, work with Elisabeth. . . .

I hung out there until 11:30 and then went to see Janet for lunch. She was also dressed to the 9's today. I must have had my tired look on today because I kept getting checked out. Or it was the green shirt, I dunno. I went to The Bon after lunch and got some items for Michele and family, and then rode home and fumed about that stupid form.

Well, one additional rant on that. I SWEAR SWEAR SWEAR I changed a figure caption. I remember doing it: Copy, paste, change to bold, save. And then it was unchanged. Either I'm going senile or something in Word is just not doing what I think it's doing. That irritated me more than anything. What more can I do? I change things, check things, and they're still wrong. Am I that much of an airhead? It infuriates me to no end. I did, however, find a bunch of files on my desktop that I know I had deleted but there they were so I'm wondering if this computer isn't all whack in some way.

Anyway. I spent most of the afternoon fuming about all that, but also took the garbage and junk out. It started raining around 4 and is supposed to be colder tomorrow and the next day. We went to UVil to do a little grocery shopping for Thursday. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

22 November 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Barbara called this morning about 9:00 and [wohes onne] up and I went to Sunday school and church with her this morning. After church I took her out to dinner at Wendell's $3.75. Took her home afterwards but picked her up again about 4:00. Went drove down to the house until time to go to church. After church we went to the drive-in for some eats $.85. Got her home about 11:00. (circled capital P). Gas $1.00. Spent $5.60.
Rough night last night. Couldn't get to sleep so I went out to the TV room and Jack was hogging up part of the couch so I shoved him to the end and tried to go to sleep but couldn't. I went to the floor and it still took quite a while. Ended up waking up a lot, but also slept until 5:30 eventually. Was not having an anxiety attack (or whatever) per se, but a political thing was really getting me irate. I won't say what, because it's usually just something that sets me off for whatever reason.

Anyway, made pancakes for the first time in a couple months. I was going to go to Mass because I was told Julie was going to be there, and she was. . . . at the 10:30! Saw her going in on the way out. Dangitall. I did help a young lad carry his food donation after the bag broke though, so I guess it was good for that. Of course, Fr. Oliver had to go an homilize on the very same political thing that was bugging me half the night grrrrrr. He's a big lib.

Anyway. Came home and spent over an hour putting up Xmas lights. One string is about 1/4 out, darn it. We went to the Chipotle at UVil, relatively new. Meh, okay. They're all organic (waste), hormone/antibiotic free (waste), local (waste), etc. Of course, they were closed for two weeks because of food poisoning. HA. Did our usual shopping. Had yogurt outside; pleasant in the sun, but only like 46 degrees. When we came home I watched the start of the NASCAR race (last one), and then went out and put up the roof lights and cleaned the gutters while I had the ladder up. Went okay, but took longer than it should have. Will have to change light strings next year maybe and make it easier.

Watched end of race and then some football and walked. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

21 November 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Caught the bus out of Portland this morning at 8:30. [ROland] about all the way back. Got back in Yakima at 2:30. Did some work at the church before supper time tonight. AFter supper Took Carl to the basket ball game and then went up and saw Barbara. We went to Youth [Two Class] for a little while. Got her home about 11:30. I didn't get to bed until after mid-night. Gas $1.00. Oil $.80 Spent $1.80.
So, not a bad day. Only slept in the bed until 11:30, but went the rest of the night, until 4:30. Made breakfast at home for the first time in like 2 months. Scrambled eggs and cheese which for some reason almost always upsets my stomach. Don't know why, but had to go get a mocha to make it feel better. I didn't do much this morning except sit around and watch some football junk. Wisconsin lost again. But Sparty beat the Suck-eyes, so that was good. Going to watch more tonight after giving Daisy some attention.

We went and did some stuff around town today, getting some desiccant for the Honda (in the trunk now), cat stuff, and various other things. Bought a cake knife at an estate sale to replace the one I broke several years ago of the mother-in-law. Watched more football this afternoon while getting the Xmas lights tested and set out. Will put them up tomorrow while it's fairly warm and sunny.

We went to NGate for a walk and to get some gift ideas. Think I'll send Michele and family a Space Needle ornament and some chocolates (whatever the old Frederick & Nelson brand was which I am forgetting. . . .Frango's!). 

Friday, November 20, 2015

20 November 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. I skipped the day and came home and took a bath and [worked my head off cleaned up] and Dad and I took the Bus out of Yakima at 12:30 for Portland to see dad's [wigfing]. [Snow ig] and Lake there. Missed our bus out of Portland that night so stayed in a hotel there. Was a nice wedding. We waited a bit with the folks when it was over. [Dained] most of the time were were here. Spent $1.00. 
I guess they went to a wedding in Portland although why they took the bus I don't know. 

I had an interesting day. I did kind of the same thing again, with waking up early and trying to do the counting backwards from 900 thing with the same result. Huh. But I felt fine all day. Oh wait, I didn have trouble last night. Wasn't in bed very long, the dishwasher was still going, and then I was really, really restless for some reason. Not worried just restless. 

Had a really good workout, too. I came home and did a little more polishing of the last report and site update form. Then cleaned up and got ready for the electrician. Not the best news, and it ended up costing like $270 to replace two outlets. They made out like bandits. I didn't know that an assessment is $189! JAYsus. Anyway, at least the outlets work. For now. 

I went to McD's and just ate fries. Came home gave my trumpet a bath. That thing hasn't been properly cleaned since the 1970s at least. The first valve is still kinda sticky though. Hmmm. It might be making my right shoulder hurt a bit, too. Dang it. Sure is fun playing it though. So I did that and then went to UVil. I actually sat outside. Next to a young mom who was feeding her tiny baby. We chatted a tiny bit. Otherwise, I just enjoyed sitting in the sun. Came home, played trumpet after putting it back together, and then hung around until dinner. 

Oh, I did bring the Honda into the garage and put some gunk on the rear window corners to hopefully fix the leak. I'll just keep gooping things until it stops. Need to get some desiccant too as the inside is full of moisture. Just walked tonight. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

19 November 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Had a test on the American [Observer] today in [Westing] class. Stayed after school a little while and did some drawing. Took Barbara home after school tonight. Drove out to Jerry [unk] a little before supper. After supper I took Barbara to the [fights] at the Y.M.C.A. $2.00 [We] and by the [hours] for a little while and I got her home about 11:00. Took a bath when I got home. Gas $1.00. Spent $3.00.
Odd night last night. Or early morning. I woke up well before the alarm (I think) and tried many times to count backwards from 900 by 9 and never made it past the first 90, but I must have been drifting off to sleep many times as well, because then I woke up at 4:50 and felt fine. Hmmm.

Anyway, really good leg workout. May have to ease off because my jeans barely fit me anymore when I have my shorts on in the morning. AWE.SOME. Came home, ate bagel, went to Cascadia after switching Honda and Mustang. I worked there for a couple of hours getting the map for the midden discovery set. That needs to be somewhat accurate for the site update form. Well, they'll make the entire parcel part of the site anyway so in a way it doesn't make any difference. But I wanted to get it decently correct. Left there a little after 11. I had plans to do the trunk channel this afternoon but scotched that, mostly. I went to McD's for lunch but realized I forgot my wallet so just had pizza instead. I did put the Honda in the garage and stripped off most of the old sealing junk, some this morning, the rest this afternoon. I think I'm going to try this in stages, first plugging up the few little gaps around the bottom corners of the window and see how that does. If that doesn't work, I'll find some spray-on junk and use that on the whole channel. The auto store guys weren't too helpful on that front. I went there (the one at UVil) this afternoon. Was planning on using my SBux reward for a big ol' whipped creamy drink but it was too crowded so I just came home and did the car stuff.

So, did that and then read cousin Michele's book for a while in the living room. I read the part where she described her earlier life. I felt sad because I think Bob (her adopted dad) died when she was like 12 and, while I remember it, I really didn't do much for her and it really affected her negatively. I'm not really regretting it, that's just the way we were brought up and the way we were, but I can still feel sad about it. I wish I could have "been there" for her.

So anyway. We went to UVil for a walk because we needed some stuff. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

18 November 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. The Juniors had a[sic] [about] assembly this morning. Stayed after school tonight and did my drawing. Took Barbara down town to the Library and then home. After supper at grandma's I went up and saw Barbara for a little while. Bob [Wheel] came down for a little while tonight. Drove around a little while but got in by 10:30. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
Today was. . . . .interesting. I slept most of the night on the couch but went until 4:30 with few wakeups. So I felt pretty good. Had a really good workout. I got dropped off at the gym so I went to the Rotunda and had my bagel and soder, and then went off downtown. Jillian was there at the next cubicle so it was nice to talk to her again. The Golden Girl of DGH. Also went over for coffee with Rowena which was also nice.

I resubmitted our paper to AIDS and Behavior although I suspect it will not get accepted; not for quality but because I think it's probably out of their purview by a bit. Anyway, that kept me busy. Then I walked down to have lunch with Janet and it was good to see her again, too. She seems very happy at the insurance company although she said reading about archaeology still makes her kind of sad.

Went back up and basically piddled around for an hour or so and then left around 1:30. Ride home was uneventful although I listened to Permanent Waves the whole way. Did a few little things when I got back, semi-work related, practiced my trumpet for a while -- mostly scales and junk -- and then ordered a pizza for dinner. We didn't walk because it was raining, so I cleaned up instead. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

17 November 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Had a test in American History today. Did some drawing in my study hall period again today. Took Barbara to the library and then home after school. Got my driver's license [renewed] this evening $3.00. Ate at grandma's/ Ran out of gas tonight. Gas $1.50. Saw Carl for a little while when he was down town. Took Barbara home from a party tonight also. Spent $4.50. 
the good news is that I spent the entire night in the bed! Before that the Spousal Unit refused to pick up a dead spider, even though I informed her that "You're 3,000 times its size and it's dead." She also got mad because I put it in the toilet but didn't flush it down (it was quite large). So she refused to use that toilet until I flushed it, which I didn't.

So, had a good workout. The Fitness Model was there with her boyfriend. Came home and then went to the Speedy Auto Glass where they checked the leak; decided it was not the back window, but probably some leaky body seam. Harumph. My plan is to completely seal the whole trunk channel area and see if that works, and then decide what to do, perhaps a body shop. Went to Cascadia and worked on a report most of the morning and early afternoon. Mostly done but need a site update form. I went to the UVil to cash a check and get some lentils for dinner, and sat at SBux for a bit. Nice scenery for a blustery Tuesday for some reason. Not a complaint, just an observation. . . .

Came home, worked on Vista Cruiser post again. Made dinner. We were able to walk around here as it had stopped raining but it did ran some on the way. Big storm last night and today although I didn't see much wind here in the city. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

16 November 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Got up early this morning and went and picked up Barbara and took her to school. Today I did some drawing during my study hall period to catch up a little. Took Barbra home after school tonight. I went out to Jerry [Sering] tonight and we drove into town and drove around for a while. Got in tonight at about 12:00. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
Had another anxiety attack-ish this morning around 3:30. . .well, not really, I just woke up then. I did go back to sleep, albeit with some assistance. I ended up feeling quite good. Had a really good workout, although I was a bit later than usual since A) Daisy threw up right before I left, and B) I had to scrape the car down. Not that late, just a bit later than usual.

Came home, blah blah blah. I went to Cascadia for a while but didn't do any actual work work there. I left and went to a body shop and the guy said I should try the glass place again, so I went to Speedy and tomorrow they are going to look at the back window to see if it's the source of the leak. There was quite a bit of water back there this morning. I mean, not inches or anything, but more than usual. It really needs to be fixed. Hopefully, this will start the process.

I came home and worked on the Vista Cruiser post a while, had lunch, and then went to UVil, albeit after pissing and moaning about the post office returning Emma's package for lack of postage. Long story but it irritated me. Went there, no seat at the SBux, so I went to the QFC one for a bit. Meh. Anyway, came home, worked on post some more, played trumpet (went well), and then started dinner.

We went to UVil again for bagels and dinner stuff for tomorrow. Drizzling a bit. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

15 November 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Didn't get up until about 10:30 and then I went out and started working on the car. Worked until noon and then went to dinner down at grandma's. Got the car going today. The new motor sure works good. Took Barbara to church this evening. Sat around tonight. Didn't leave the church until about 11:00. Got home about mid-night. Gas $1.00. Eats at Kempers $1.25. Spent $2.25.
Sports-wise, today sucked Packers lost to Detroit for the first time at Lambeau since 1991. Well, that was about it so far, the SeaChickens are still playing.

Anyway, I slept pretty well, until 5, but had an anxiety attack (or whatever) in the middle of the night, first time in a while. Don't even remember what it was mostly about. Ended up sleeping on the floor. But I felt really good. We went to McD's for breakfast and I had a Morning Mac which is a sausage mcmuffin with two sausage patties. YUM. Happily, it didn't overfill me, but I had two Alka Seltzer before going to Mass. Yes, I went to Mass! Felt I should. Plus, well, you know, on the off chance Julie was directing the choir. . . . .

But no.

Still, I'm glad I went. Came home and piddled around, watched Green Bay game, did some minor junk. Spousal Unit was outside raking when I got home. We went up to the Taco Slime for lunch. They took quite a while getting our order as well. I wonder if the whole $15/hour minimum wage has something to do with this. I had thought that service would get better since one would assume that if places were paying more for people they would be sure to get decent people. Perhaps it's the opposite, and they feel entitled now and don't really have to work so hard. Well, whenever you give something away it ends up cheapening it, and mandatory minimums are definitely giving something away (by threat of force).

Went to UVil and just shopped at the QFC rather than going on to the Safeway. May end up doing that from now on. I need to change something after being away so long. We had yesterday's lunch leftovers for dinner plus collards. We went out and raked the back yard this afternoon. Lots of moss was coming up for some reason. I seeded it afterwards as well, hoping it will thicken up over the winter. That only took until 2:30, and from then on I did busy work and did some final editing on my post for next week/tomorrow.

Penultimate NASCAR race is tonight, delayed for like 7 hours so far. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

14 November 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):

I started to work the first thing after breakfast. Worked until time to clean up for the [porch]. Marched in the [Balloon] Parade today. A huge crowd was on hand. Worked until supper time. Went to supper at grandma’s and then dad and I came back and worked on the car until 1:00 this morning. [And] in and cleaned up and got a bite to eat. Got to bed about 2:00. 
Getting to this about 7:30. We were just at NGate walking because it's still raining. Well into our second 24 hours of constant rain. I'm listening to Jethro Tull's Stormwatch album, which I always seem to break out in November. It reminds me of winter. I'm having to recreate the song order from memory, although I may have it on CD somewhere. Way back in the 1970s I put the album on tape but rearranged the songs into an order I liked better and for whatever reason I have to listen to it the same way. Mainly I did this because I read about some guy in a magazine doing it. Theory was that an LP was ordered in a certain way because it had two sides and made allowances for singles and such, but with a tape the order should be more like that, a continuous playing. Anyway, I don't do that anymore. 

I slept until the alarm went off at 5, which I thought was 5:30, but forgot to switch off the one alarm. I liked that because 5:30 would have been too much sleep. We went out for breakfast. I didn't eat too much. I finished up my Car Lust post this morning (Ventiports) and then mostly watched football (and took a short nap). It seemed like the morning dragged on and on. We went to the BBQ place for lunch and I had this sort of pile of fries covered with some pulled pork and chili kinda stuff. I think I ate too much of that because I was kinda of overly full the rest of the day. 

We went up to one of Marianne's sales and she expressed her condolences on my mother's passing! I told her that rumors of her death have been greatly exaggerated. Heh. Anyway, didn't buy anything. Went back via a hardware store, post office (mailed candy to Emma, Michele's kid, for helping me with my costume), and grocery store. When I got back I used the adjustable wrench garnered from the hardware store to tighten down the faucet, did a few other things, and watched yet more football. Had dinner here. 

My biceps are both really sore today, I did curls for therapy yesterday and really killed 'em. I hope this is a good thing. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

13 November 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Stayed home from school this morning again. Worked at the church until noon. Went to supper at grandma's. After supper took Barbara over to the church and then came home and did some more on the car. Lee Roy came [here] and came over and stayed until mid-night. [unk] Had a real good visit with him. 
Yay, I slept until 4:30 this morning! That felt great for a change. The big news is that mom is over her MRSA! Got an email from Liz this morning about that. Finally.

I had a good workout. Came home, ate bagel and drank flat Diet Pepsi. Yuck. I went over to Cascadia and worked on a report until around noon. Talked with Meg about a friend of hers that had a stroke as well, more serious than mom's. I went for lunch at NGate. Let's see, stopped at the post office and got a small box, came home, and started on the new faucet. Had some trouble getting the old one off, but I eventually just cut the one hose. The new one went on pretty well, although I panicked at one point because I couldn't figure out the last step! I even called a couple of plumbers. A connecting thing was tightened up and I thought it was a single piece, but after staring at it a while I realized it was two pieces. Yay! It works! Was so happy I played my Yes album. Still needs a bit of tweaking, need to tighten the thing up underneath. But it looks okay.

We went to NGate to walk because it's raining out. Been raining since this morning, mostly. But pretty warm, around 57. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

12 November 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Did not go to school this morning. Helped dad at the church until about noon today. After dinner we came home and worked on the car until about supper time. After supper we worked on it until about 9:30. I took the Dodge and drove around town for a little while. Was home about 11:30. Had a bite to eat and tried to clean up a little bit before getting in bed. 
Kind of a weird day today. Woke up at 3:30 again and was having fort of a weird dream/nightmare. I was at some Egyptological meeting and was supposed to be giving a talk about some bridge, but it was nothing I'd ever heard of before but it had something to do with Kom el-Hisn (which is completely bonkers) and finally woke up. Then started thinking about Egypt in 2012 and felt really bad. Dayum. So I got up.

First day back at the IMA. Stuart seemed happy to see me. It was okay. Crowded though, had to change my order of things because things were in use. Stuart said it's been really crowded all quarter so far. Hmmmm. Anyway, it felt good to be back there. I had to get driven there because I was unable to get a parking pass yesterday, so I ate my bagel at the HUB and then took a 65 home. I worked a little bit on various things and then headed out to the SBux and then to the parking office around 9:30. When I got back, I started back on my Ventiport post, and did a few other little things with the alcohol paper (mainly looking up other journals).

So then I thought I'd go to the UVil for lunch. Chipotle was still closed. So I went to the Specialty's. Well. Ordered fine. Then sat down and waited. And waited. I finally up and left after about a half an hour -- no one behind the counter but the cashier who was ringing other people up. So I went to McD's and got a jalapeno burger by friendly efficient staff and was on my way in probably 10 minutes. I sent them an email and they got back to me and offered me a $10 gift card. Eh, at least I'll get the meal back at some point.

So, worked on the post some more and finished it, except for final editing. I have another one to do, too, so I should have a couple out next week.

I played my trumpet for a good half an hour this afternoon and it went well, but my arm really hurt afterwards. I learned part of 'Peanuts', a Herb Alpert polka song which I like. Mostly worked on tone and such.

Went to UVil because it was heavily drizzling and bought Emma some candy as Thanks for doing my costume.

Kinda felt down today, I guess. Probably from being tired, also from being back and not having a lot to do, at lest for money. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

9-10 November 2015 (Monday, Tuesday)

I forgot to put this one in before today's (the 11th), which I wrote last night on the flight back to Seattle:

No diary entries for either day. Monday evening I was home later than usual and tired so no entry and tonight I am typing this in flight back to Seattle.

I find myself  feeling bittersweet to return, but trending towards the bitter. No, not really ‘bitter’ but not excited. I was comfortable in Fond du Lac. I liked being there, I liked being around my newfound family. I liked Wisconsin. It is distinctly more sensible and not as nutty as Seattle. Definitely not as chock full of self-absorbed assholes as Seattle is. And not as dark, dirty, and full of people and cars and junk. Truly, were it not for the Spousal Unit, I would not go back. I thought today that I really only went out there for one thing, graduate school, and part of my difficulties, as I’ve mentioned here, is that now I have no Big Goal. More to the point, that was one of the things that kept me amenable to living there, was, in a way, sacrificing to be there for the sake of that Big Goal.

This sounds fairly melancholy and it is, I guess. Like I said, I was happy at home. And ‘home’ is Fond du Lac. Seattle is where I live.

Be that as it may, Barb arrived at around 8:30 Sunday in a whirlwind. Two of the cats made the trip okay, but the one (Monkey) was practically feral. He did not do well and was hissing and howling at Barb. He immediately went upstairs and stayed in the big room for the next almost 48 hours. He finally came out this morning when I was up there and clearly wanted some positive attention. He let me pet him and was happy with that, but I couldn’t coax him downstairs. He let me come up later and pet him though. He should be roaming around the house by now. I think Harold peed in the medium room. He was skittish, but let me pet him a few times while I was on the couch with Mia, and was purring. He’s fat. Miss is adorable. She’s 17, tiny, and very friendly. Such a sweetheart. She is ill and may not make it back home alive though. She’s had a great life and is a wonderful cat.

Slept very badly Sunday night. I woke up at 4:30 (probably before) so I was well-hydrated and had a decent workout. I did all upper body stuff because Wednesday in Veteran’s Day and won’t work out. We went over to see mom in the morning and I think she was pleased to see Barb. She was very awake all day and had several visitors. Jerry went to see her in the afternoon and said she was fidgety and such and he didn’t spend much time with her. When we went over in the evening she really didn’t want her trach mask on, and finally a nurse came in and took it off of her and turned off the machine. First time for that.

Liz seemed happy to see me yesterday, although she didn’t stay with mom long. She called this morning and said she was leaving to take care of her daughter, so I didn’t get to say goodbye to her, which made me sad as I was very fond of her. She took good care of mom and was good at keeping me informed as well. I shall miss her. Nice of her to call though. Also did not see Sara the nurse either, also taking care of an apparently very sick child, unless it was all a ruse to avoid me. So, kind of a bummer, my favorite people abandoned me before I could say goodbye.

We went to lunch with Janice and Jerry (cousins of mom, I think) and Jerry’s wife yesterday, that was nice. Reminder to self: Send Hank’s family history to Barb. I was going to go for a bike ride yesterday but didn’t, I packed instead. We walked up to Gille’s for a last dinner and custard. Had a very so-so hot dog. Walked back, went to see mom, etc., etc.

I slept very well last night (no beer the afternoon before), and had a really good workout this morning. I put laundry in when I got back and then after putting it in the dryer we left to see mom, who was fast asleep. Janice was there, so we chatted a bit but then we all left. We hit home quick and I packed some and discovered that I had way too much stuff for the one bag, so I was forced to ditch the guitar and pack some in a carry-on bag. I had kind of wondered about leaving the guitar beforehand so it wasn’t traumatic. I don’t know, when I played my old cornet I realized again that I can become proficient at the horn much easier than with the guitar. Really, I practiced quite a bit at home but didn’t seem to improve much at all. So maybe I’ll just keep playing my trumpet. I feel better with it.

We went back and tried mom again, but she was still sleeping so we went for an early lunch at Rocky’s — oh, after mom the first time we went to the mall and Barb bought a few items — and then. . .I think we went back home? No, we went to the Home again and mom was awake. I was worried that she wouldn’t get to see me before I left. She seemed comfortable then and I gave her a semi-hug before leaving and she hugged back and seemed happy(?) to see me going back to Seattle (note: not ‘home’).

Also at some point we got some chocolates and Barb will give them to Liz and she can distribute. I’d rather she get first crack anyway.

We hit the Humane Society on the way back, and I dropped off my change and then went home for final preparations. Barb is not a great driver. I think she’s overly cautious and worried and stuff and doesn’t really like driving. Are we really related? Neither of my siblings likes to drive or thinks they’re good at it. I seem to be the exception.

But we made it okay, even way early. I’d bought a sandwich for the flight at the Jimmy John’s in FdL but forgot it, duh. Bought a Quizno’s one at the airport and it was distinctly meh. I ate it before getting on. Nice flight so far, I have the row to myself. Attendants are both pretty and competent. Am reading the Tolstoy bio and enjoying it immensely. I thought it would be dull and tedious, but it’s quite entertaining. I must read Anna Karenina next.

And so, thus endeth my trip here. There was so much good about it and I really don’t like going back, but I’m hoping to perhaps ‘keep Wisconsin with me’ from here on out and just carry on as I used to, ignoring the stupid stuff about Seattle and just being me pursuing my own. . . .whatever I decide to pursue. I enjoyed having family around, obviously especially Michele who was an absolute joy for me. 

11 November 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Went down to Davis field this morning for [moody] practice. No school today. Worked in the Armistice Day parade. Played for a football game at about 1:00. All [afternoon] after the game I worked on the car. Drove around town for a while in the Dodge tonight. Got in about 12:30. Have a sore throat tonight. Do not plan to go to school tomorrow. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
First full day back. I will say that as I was walking around the UVil this afternoon I was kind of irritated by many of these people. They seem so shallow and silly. This evening when we were back I was just kind of ignoring it though.

Anyway, I slept pretty well last night, but only until about 3-3:30. I may have gone back to sleep from 3 to 3:30 out on the couch but not sure. I didn't feel too bad today though. I spent the first hour or so getting everything unpacked and squared away, like putting all the CDs I took back in their cases and filing them away. The morning seemed to go so slowly. I went over to Cascadia in the morning, but there was nothing to do, they're kind of slow lately, too. Other people's mothers are having health issues, too. I went over to Aurora Plumbing on Randall's suggestion and got a halfway decent faucet for the kitchen this time; the last one has only lasted like 2-3 years before it started leaking. Going to try to put it in myself tomorrow.

I went to lunch at McD's and just had fries (kind of miss the Culver's chili cheese fries). When I got back I mowed the lawn, mostly to pick up the leaves and cedar needles and junk. Looks much nicer and in places the grass did need cutting. It is supposed to rain for the next three days starting later tomorrow so I wanted to get it done. I got a chocolate milk at SBux and sat outside, it was reasonably pleasant. Place was crawling with people, lots of tween girls for some reason. Must be the holiday, they're all out shopping. Spandex leggings central.

Made dinner, and then back to UVil for some minor groceries. We went into the new Amazon Bookstore there. Meh. Not the stuff I'd read. Kinda small. Liked the Barnes and Noble much better.

So, not a bad day back. Drove all three vehicles today. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

8 November 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Went to Sunday school and played a sax solo for church this morning. Played [Doubling In Balls Lord]. After dinner at grandma's I came home and slept. Went to church with Barbara tonight. Barbara got [sand] tongith. I think things are about [blown] up [hetosex] us. Got home tonight about 12:00. Didn't get to bed until about 1:00. Ice cream cone $.20. Gas $1.00. Am a little tired tonight and upset. Spent $1.20.
Guess something went wrong with Barbara.

My sister and the cats should be here within the hour. They left at 6 this morning. I slept until a little before 5. Slept well, too, in the bed all night and not much awake during the night. Drove over to the east Johnson McD's for breakfast. I spent most of the morning cleaning and getting stuff ready, mostly moving my stuff into the little bedroom and cleaning some. Did some laundry, though mostly the sheets. Briefly considered going to Mass but didn't. Thought I might watch our online, but didn't.

I went to see mom around 10:30 but she was asleep. I sat around the lobby for a while, then went home. I had lunch at Rocky's (again), and then went to see mom for a while. She was awake but not terribly interested in interacting. I left around 1:30 and went for a fairly cold bike ride. Just down to Lakeside and around, but I took the scenic route there and back. Mainly I did so to convince myself I could drink a beer when I got back. Which I did. I've taken to reading O'Reilly's Killing Jesus while sitting on the porch drinking a beer. It's very pleasant. Was also watching the NASCAR race.

Made dinner, drove to Gille's (sat outside), and then went to Target to ostensibly look for a card for Michele but mostly to walk. Went back to see mom and she was quite active, waving me in, and attempting to talk. She even gave me a "Grrrr" when I couldn't read her lips properly. She got a little less active after a while.

I'm a bit surprised and concerned that she's not really working on stuff outside of the therapy sessions. I really thought she'd be wanting to work with a dumbbell, use her arm more, practice moving her right side, etc. Maybe she's just gotten too bored and maybe getting listless. Or perhaps she's just not "there" enough to do so? I dunno. I tend to assume she's all or mostly "there" but there could be issues I don't know about. But I did think she'd be more actively working on therapy more. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

7 November 2015 (Saturday)

No diary entry tonight, back late from the Home. Nothing bad; we were watching the Husky-Utah game and I was going to leave at 7:30 but mom indicated she wanted me to stay so I did, until about 8. She was sleeping this morning, apparently because she'd had another restless night. She was awake this afternoon when I stopped and then again this evening (obviously).

I managed to sleep until 5:30 which was faaaaabulous. Went out for breakfast at McD's, and then hung up the laundry I'd started before I left. I went out to see the pool people one last time at the Eden place. I brought a mocha over. Nice to talk to them again. When I got back I did some more laundry and then packed up more clothes to mail back to Seattle. I took those to the post office and sent them out. Went for lunch at the Culver's and had the chili cheese fries. They're probably not very good but I have become somewhat addicted to them.

And THEN. . . . .I drove over to the Rienze cemetery. I didn't stay there too long because it was kind of cold, but it was nice. Saw a couple of beautiful pewter monuments, both in excellent condition. Then I was going to go to the Galloway House because the web said it was open but it wasn't. So instead I decided to drive out to where I used to ride my bike in the summer, out Golf Course Road and up the Ledge. What a long way! I took some photos of the nice cemetery up there, St. Charles, which is where I've always kind of thought is the place I might like to be buried in for some reason.

On the drive up I saw a beautiful outcropping of the Ledge, aka, the Niagra Formation, and on the way down I found a place to park off the road and walked p and took some photos. I don't remember ever seeing that when I was cycling there, and I also don't ever remember seeing an outcrop of the Ledge anywhere anyway. I also took a chunk of it for a souvenir. Drove home again, and mowed the yard, mostly get mulch up the remaining leaves. Errr, than I drank another beer. I'm kind of liking being able to do that, although it might make sleeping worse.

Anyway, spent the time with mom and then home. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

6 November 2015 (Friday)

Man, did not have a good night last night. I couldn't get to sleep, although partly that was due to the Spousal Unit and Michele texting me while I was trying to sleep. I'd taken 1/4 ambien right away and then after a while of that not doing any good took another 1/4 and then I think I went to sleep for a while, but woke up (or not) with one of my pelvic floor cramps (it just hurts for about 20 minutes). So I went upstairs (started on the couch so I could charge my phone nearby) and was getting yet another 1/4 ambien because I thought I was wide awake at that point, but while futzing with it I all of a sudden hit my head on something! And then saw the bottle in the sink and the cup on the side knocked over. Obviously, I had fallen asleep while standing there. Oye. I still don't know what I hit. Maybe the faucet?

Anyway, that freaked me out so I just went in and laid down on the bed to cool off for a minute. I think I checked my phone by that time and it was charged up enough so I just crawled into the bed. But that was weird and a little unsettling.

-- Later --

Back a bit late so no diary entry either. I managed a good workout this morning despite being tired and having a bit of a sore head. I slept right until 5. Came home, did junk, went to the Home and hung out there for a while. Mom was a bit grumpy at first, but they had her in the chair, but upright this time (she's usually been reclined). I think they're trying to keep her from aspirating. I went out and worked at my Ventiport post and when I went back in a couple of the relatives were there. Mom enjoyed their visit and we all had a good chat.

I went to Rocky's for lunch (again), and then went and got a bottle of valve oil for my cornet. When I got home I discovered my paper had been rejected, for at least one reason that I thought was bunk, but whatever. Maybe they just don't like the idea of alcohol being mentioned as a positive. I played my cornet for a while, and I think it may be easier than the trumpet. Hmmmm. Anyway, I was doing well with it. Piddled around some more, mostly doing my laundry and getting clothes ready to ship back. Oh, I also switched browsers this morning, to the Google one. Was getting tired of my cursor disappearing.

Ummmm. . . .drank some beer, had dinner, went to Gille's (again) AND SAT OUTSIDE. I drove over, but the light on the canopy was on so I just HAD to sit outside. . .and take a picture and put it on Facebook. Also went to see mom after that. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

5 November 2015 (Thursday)

No diary entry again, I'm sitting in the ER. Mom was aspirating (i.e., puking) and some got down into her lungs so they sent her here for X-rays to make sure she doesn't have a bunch of junk down there, and will probably change her back to the cuff again. *sigh* Looks like she didn't get a whole lot down (maybe) as the junk she's coughing up now is clear (not the green-dyed food junk) (which I call Soylent Green)

I had a decent day otherwise. I slept through the night in the bed without assistance until a little after 4 and felt fine. I drank a lot before I went to the gym so I had a really good, strong workout. Came home and did some piddly work and headed to the Home around 9:15. Chatted with Sara a bunch, mostly did some piddly work while sitting there. I must have gone away and done something because when I came back Janice was there, but then they put her in the chair and she fell asleep.

I went to the 11:11 place for lunch, a big ol' burger. I mostly just ate the meat part of it so I wasn't overly stuffed. I went home and then rode my bike back to the Home and hung out there for a bit. Liz came in and I enjoyed talking to her while she put mom through her paces. She was doing well, too. I left before she as finished because it was looking kinda nasty outside, but I rode my bike to the end of Main street to the Gille's and then over to the Pick 'N Save. As I was riding back I heard what sounded like a hawk making the usual hawk noises and sure enough above the Dutch Gap in a tree was a big ol' hawk making hawk noises. That was really neat. I'd seen them before but never one making the call.

So, went home and played my old cornet for a while. The valves were doing okay but then they started sticking so I had to quit. It was fun. Had a nice sound to it, softer then the trumpet.

So then I made dinner, went for a walk, and then headed to the Home. As I was walking down the hall the nurse saw me and said they'd just sent her here.

I'm just test-typing here to see if the cursor appears in this browser (Opera) or not.

Must go back and try again.

Yeah, it's just the stupid Safari browser. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

4 November 2015 (Wednesday)

No diary entry, got home late. Nice day. Slept weirdly. Had a nightmare about the attic and woke up breathing hard. . . at 10:15! So I went downstairs all night, but ended up sleeping very well. Had a good workout, did a lot of stuff because, well, was seeing Michele tonight.

I went to the Home early and mom was in PT and doing well. She did a bunch of things with the dumbbell and was even using her right arm some. Later on she was moving her right arm and also her right leg on her own. Very good.

I went to Menard's around 11 and got some contractor names, called a couple but none called back yet. Had lunch at Culver's (salad) and then got stuff ready and went to the Home again for a bit before driving up to Chilton. Marion was sleeping in her room so I didn't get to visit, but I put her prayer blanket in her room. I tried to find a nature area but it was in the opposite direction to where I was going, so I just drove up 32 to Appleton. Had some trouble finding things, just because I was farther south than I thought. But I got some nice flowers and <$10, and then hung out at the mall and SBux there for a bit before heading up to Michele's. She was gorgeous tonight, or at least I thought so. Her mom, Zeedy, was there, and it was nice to visit with her, too. I really adore Michele, she's been the best thing to happen to me with all this. Drive back was quick, they changed the speed limit to 70 on 41.

The Ex is being irritating.

Started feeling a bit more positive about going back to Seattle. Have work to do there. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

3 November 2015 (Tuesday)

Another decent day today. Had trouble sleeping which I blame on the beer. I did sleep in the bed the whole night, but had to resort to ambien twice. Still, I felt good when I woke up, even if it was at just a little after 4. I went to the gym a half hour early since I had to be back by 8 and ready for the contractor. He was there right at 8. Turns out his mom had a stroke 12 years ago that is about the same as mom's. Decent guy, I thought. I think he quoted around $1500 to completely rebuild it.

I finished my Buick Famingo post and posted it, and then went to see mom. She as getting done with PT and was tired after that so when I was in with Liz she wasn't being all that energetic. But she seemed to have done well and is doing okay without the cuff. I left around 10:45 or so? Maybe later. I went downtown and checked at the bank for Meghan (nix) and then checked at the H&R Block but it was closed until noon. Was trying to see if I could find Cal Moely, my old band director there. I went home and raked up the leaves and then went out to Rocky's for lunch and then stopped at the St. Vinnie's to look for a butt pack or small backpack for bike riding (nix) and then went back to H&R and they said they would give Moely my name and number and he can call if he wants. I found a little butt pack at Goodwill but I tried it on at home and it was too small. So I emptied out mom's swimming back pack and used that. I saw a TV stand while at Goodwill and then went home.

Rode the bike to the Home but mom was sleeping so I rode over to Lakeside, rode through there, and then went to the A&W. Did the usual ride after that around UW-FdL and then home. Laura Liebelt was outside so we chatted a bit, and then I went back to the Goodwill and got the stand and also a couple of things from the Pic N Save.

I put the TV and junk on the new stand, which actually went pretty well. I tried it out with a CD (Yes) when I was done and it worked! So I rocked out to Yes for a while and made dinner. After that I took the old TV stand and VCR to Goodwill and now am at the Home. have nothing much to say. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

2 November 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Didn't have time to eat breakfast. Things are about the same. After school went down town & bought myself some new [shoes] $1.50. After dinner practiced for about 1:30 and then I drove around and picked Barbara up and took her home from the [washouse]. Did about 1 hr of [hashing] in on my yard [tonight]. Am [unk] [slap] I [want eat go]. To bed about 1:00. Spent $1.50. 
All in all, I had a really nice day. Woke up around 2 and had to take 1/4 ambien and slept on the couch the rest of the night, buy slept enough. Had a really good workout. I got bagels, ate one fairly quickly, and then went to the Home to accompany mom to the doctor visit. Didn't get to ride in the ambulance though, darn it. But the new Dr. took out the cuff and said he didn't like them because he thinks they're just little petrie dishes of disease. Also put a stop to night feedings. Didn't take long. Liz was surprised the cuff was out. Mom was zonked after that; the nurse said she was awake and alert at 4 am.

I went home around 10:30 and dropped the bike off at the cycle store for a complete overhaul. They put on new tires, inner tubes, toe clip pedals, new seat, and handlebar wrap, and cleaned and lubed it. I took it out this afternoon and it works really pretty well, for probably a 30-year old bike. I think it must have been someone else's because it was not one of ours. Probably Phyllis's. I rode down Park (bad idea) and then over to the UW campus and around. Kind of windy, but it was okay. Came home and had a beer, hee! I was wiped.

Tony and Roger came up and we went to Schreiner's for lunch, which I think is meh, but they ate there a lot. Edna the waitress remembered them and they chatted about her husband, named "Thunder". We went to see mom, Tony anointed her and we had the little prayer service. Mom liked that. Tony thought she looked much improved.

Anyway, I was looking for a butt pack to carry my phone in while riding (negative) but found my old cornet in a closet. Oh. My. God. I thought that was long gone. I bet the case hadn't been opened since the late 1970s. And the valves still worked! I gave the mouthpiece a good cleaning and tooted it a bit this afternoon. Neat. I may play that some while I'm here. will probably leave it here though, so I can play it without hauling it all over. I think that was my second one, I believe I trashed the first one. Wow. Gads, I wonder what else of mine is hiding around here. . . .

Sunday, November 1, 2015

1 November 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Got in to Jerry's [under] place about 6:00 this [morning our home] in Seattle. Slept in until about 11:00 then had a bite to eat and drove around town for a while with Carl's car. Gas $2.00. We also went to a show in the afternoon $1.50. Started back for Yakima about 6:00. Make it here in tow and a half hours. Drove around Yakima and then took Jerry home and Carl dropped me off here about 11:00. Spent $3.50. 
Pretty good day today. I slept vaguely okay last night, to about 5:20 old time, 4:20 new time. Hung out and then went to Rolling Meadows for breakfast. Had some sort of hash browns plate, the other half of which I ate for dinner this evening. Was good.

I came home and did some laundry, and then decided to go to Mass. Mis.Take. Gawd. First, they had a baptism. I hate those during regular Mass. Then they had a stupid jazz band/choir. Well, the choir was actually good -- better than our so-called "choir" -- but did not like the music. Then the stupid priest had them do another song near the end. Then I took off my sweatshirt but it pulled half my shirt up. And it took an hour and 15 minutes. JAYsus. Well, I came home, hung up laundry, and then went to see mom. She was not doing too well. Well, she was tired and drooling. But not coughing or anything. When I went back tonight she was all busy and I think she's horrendously bored. I tried to get her to do some other stuff. I'm going to ask Liz if she has any nifty toys or anything she can futz with when she gets bored that will be useful therapy.

Anyway, back to today. I went for lunch at Arby's (meh) but chatted with some guy about the World Series; the Royals won and he was all in Royals stuff. Then I decided my Sunday adventure would be to go out to Kettle Moraine north. It was nice. I found the Greenish Kettle and hiked down to it and around the edge some. Went to Parnell Esker and went up the tower, stopped at a game and took a photo, and hit the Ice Age Center, too. Came back on 45 and got a few groceries, and a bottle of wine for Michele. Columbia wine. Went for a long walk and then went to see mom.