Saturday, October 31, 2015

31 October 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in this morning until about noon. Went down to grandma's and had dinner. After dinner helped Carl clean up his [car] a little and also took grandma shopping. Took dad down to the church and then took the Dodge on out to work at the hall. The [boss] sold the hall and tonight was my last night at the [by show Tis]. Carl and Jerry met me after the dance and we drove to [kettle] tonight. Got the[sic] about 5:00 in the morning. Monthly spending $74.60. 
It's 8 but I'm treating it like it's 7 since we set the clocks back tonight. I didn't sleep really well last night because MOM PULLED OUT HER TRACH TUBE LAST NIGHT. Yes, got a voice mail around 9:15 that she had done that and she was at the ER having it put back in. So I went down there (for no real reason) and had a talking to her, and then went back to the home with her for a bit. Ended up waking up at 3:30 and took 1/4 ambien at 4 so I could get some sleep for all the driving I'd be doing.

Anyway, I went to Madison at 7:30, it was raining the whole day. Beth drove us -- me, Tim, and two exchange students, Carlos and Maria (totally adorable) -- and we went to the Badger Bash at Union South first. That was fun. I brought the $1.00 poncho and incredibly glad I did. Game was pretty good, they whomped Rutgers at least 48-10. We left midway into the 4th, and then I drove home. I got back around 4:30 and handed out treats to probably 20-25 kids. Made dinner here and then went to Gille's and then to see mom for a bit. She was in the recliner! Good for her. She seemed comfortable there. Thought about going to a bar (The Shack) for a mini-reunion but only one weird fat chick I don't remember was definitely going to be there and I didn't feel like going to a crowded noisy place.

Oh, Sara texted me (the nurse) and asked about mom, and then she asked if she could call me when I told her about the trach thing. She's very nice and I think really cares about mom. Plus she;s hot and a former cheerleader. . . . 

Friday, October 30, 2015

30 October 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Got up at 4:30 this morning and ate a little and got ready for our Road trip to Spokane. We left the school about 5:30. Our game was at 1:00 and we won it 19 to 13. Got home tonight about 10:30. Had to walk home from the high school as car still broke down. Got the dodge[sic] after I changed clothes and drove around for a while. Trip cost $1.60. Eats during the day $1.35. Got to bed by mid-night. Spent $2.75.
Busy day, but probably a short entry. I was awake at 1:30 this morning and had lots of trouble getting back to sleep down on the couch. Slept until 5 after that. Worked out good and hard and then eventually got into my costume a little before 9. Difficult but I did it. The crotch hung down very low, almost down to my knees. I went to SBux like that, hee! When I got there Sara said she's had another rough night coughing and stuff so she was tired and they were going to take her to the hospital again and change out her trach thing again. *sigh*

Costume was hotter than blazes, I had to go wait on the balcony outside for a while. Bunch of rock or treaters came by around 10 so I had my hood, gloves, shoes and mask on. A couple kids were a little nervous but only one started crying. Whenever one looked nervous I would say "I'm a happy mummy!" and dance a little bit. Kinda worked. Probably 30 kids. It was fun. Had a couple pictures with one kid (the crier) and then Sara and Sam and Stephanie (who dressed as a witch). So it was fun. Had to have Sara help me out of it as it was like a straight jacket.

So anyway, did some more work, ate at Rocky's, went back but they were taking her away. Came home and carved the pumpkins (did well), went back but she wasn't back yet, came home, took short nap, went to fish at KC Hall with Janice, and then walked and saw mom who was almost totally undressed and futzing with everything. I suggested she do exercises instead (like leg raises, etc.). She was having none of it.

Oh well. Stopped and got a little rain poncho. And gas.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

29 October 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Carl left here for work. Had a marching practice this morning. Had test in biology this afternoon. I know about what I got. Walked down to the church and dad took me by school and I picked up my [her] and we came home. Bought a ticket to the C.A.D. show at the [downtown] Club [Home] which I went to tonight $.75. Took the dodge. Carl was down a little while before I left. Got home about 12:45. Spent $.75. 
Another busy day today. The good news is that mom had started moving her right side on some command. They asked her to wiggle her toes and she did. Liz thought she did really well this morning as well, and she was pretty energetic and stuff. So a good day for mom.

I felt crappy last night, but slept well, all night in the bed. Had a decent workout as well. I started working Cascadia stuff when I got back, did that until 9:15 and then (after hanging up some laundry) I went to SBux and to see mom. Jerry Karls was there and he was happy to see mom. He's a decent guy. I stayed around until after 11:30, chatted with Sara the nurse a while; she's very nice. I had lunch at the Culver's on Johnson (west) and then went hunting for new shoes. Supposed to be cold and maybe rainy Saturday, so I decided to get the waterproof shoes I've been looking for for a while now. Kinda pricey though, but they're Merrel's which last forever and are very good shoes. $120. Yeesh. Went back to see mom a while, and then found out that they're doing Halloween stuff there tomorrow so I rushed home and did some more work on my mummy outfit. Looks. . .meh. Well, okay. Also got a spandex skull mask to wear so it should look pretty good, I think. Needs more work though. I can work on it over the next year.

Also went to Target and got a little fleece sweatshirt for Saturday. Then went to see mom again for a few minutes and now home. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

28 October 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
There was no school today. Got up early and ate breakfast with dad and then went back and slept until noon. After dinner saw Barbara and we had a hell of an argument. Drove down to Tuppenish about 5:00. When I got back I went to a show at the [Pauy] with Carl. Carl had to push my Plymouth home tonight after the show. Carl is staying all night with me tonight. Gas $2.00. Show $.50. Candy $.10. Spent $2.60.
Was texting with Michele last night at 9:30 and then couldn't get to sleep. I ended up going downstairs most of the night. But I slept until almost 4:30, I think. Not too good, but not too bad. Had a decent enough workout and I even went in early. Did some minor work at home and then went to the SBux and then to see mom. She was doing well today. They had her dressed! Shorts, socks, and a t-shirt. I think she liked that for a change. She wasn't too cooperative with Liz the speech therapist, of the "The stupid ball's in your left hand. No? Whatever. This is dumb." variety. I think part of it was she was tired. But while I was there a couple of Propsons came by and I think mom liked that. They stood her up for a bit and then put her in the chair. She was pretty wiped out by then, but I think she liked being able to sit up for visitors. We left while she was still in the chair. I cam back after noon and she was back in the bed but looking comfortable with her leg hanging over the edge kicking it around some. She looked a little bored but comfortable and fairly energetic. So a good day for mom.

I mailed a box home this afternoon and then waited for the folks to show up to go to dinner/supper at Schwartz's out in St. Anna. It was cool! I went all native. Had a brandy old fashion sweet out in the bar area while we ordered and then went to our table, had prime rib (yum). The old fashion was garnished with a cherry and a brussels sprout. Huh. Odd but also oddly tasty. Chatted with the owner on the way out and told her what a nice experience it was. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

27 October 2015 (Tuesday)

No diary entry today as I spent a little while with mom and now The Flash is on. Heh.

So anyway, I woke up early this morning (probably around 3) and was certain I was going to be awake, but I actually managed to go back to sleep unaided, until 4:45. Had a really good workout, too.

Did some work this morning but not much. I went over to the SBux and then Lutheran home. I think mom was asleep right away. The nurses said she had "a restless night" and that's why she was tired. I guess she had a decent OT session. Liz came over and had a student with her, so we chatted a bit and then we went in. They had to suction her and her right arm was moving again. She was still tired so Liz didn't work with her too long. I left around 11 and went home and did a little work on my Car Lust Halloween post, went for lunch (Rocky's), came home and raked some leaves and mowed the lawn since it was sunny and pleasant out.

I went back and mom was asleep again so I sat in the lounge and worked more on the post, and mostly finished it. Visited her after a while and then left around 3:30; she was more animated this afternoon. Came home, did stuff, made dinner -- the vegetable bag kinda smelled but the stuff tasted okay -- and then walked at the mall. Also stopped by Wal-Mart and got some sucky thingies. Mom was pretty zonked again so I only stayed for a few minutes.

She has the infection again, so she's on another round of antibiotics. Wish she'd kick that. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

26 October 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Went to school a little early for a change this morning. Barbara and her folks haven't come back from Oregon yet. School was about the same. After school tonight I changed a tire on the car and took it up to the service station and had the oil changed and was [unk] down on it. Got done with the car about 9:00 and I drove around town until after 10:00. Came home and went to bed in a hurry. Gas $1.50. Spent $1.50. 
Busy day today. Slept pretty well although I woke up at 4 but that was okay. Had a really decent workout, too, although it went by quickly and I rode the bike for 20 minutes which I don't usually get to on Mondays. Hmmm.

Stopped to get bagels and then came home and started working on archaeology stuff right away. I worked until 9 and then went to SBux and then went to the Lutheran Home and worked in the lounge and went in to see mom, etc. Left there around 11 when mom feel asleep. I tried three places for a TV stand but nothing decent was at any of them. Came home, dropped junk off, and then went to lunch at Hardees. Ugh. I've decided I don't really like that place. Good iced tea though. Went back to see mom and Jerry Karls was leaving and we made tentative plans to go to Schwartz's this Wednesday. Worked some there and then left around. . .2? Yes, stopped at A&W for an ice cream because the Hardees burger was not sitting well, then. . . .did I stop at the grocery store? I don't remember. I know I was home around 3 or so, where I did some work on a Halloween Car Lust post. Yes, then practiced guitar on the porch. Was not going well. I was using the pick and just trying to go from D to C to G and really, the pick reveals all sorts of flaws. Frustrating because I really couldn't get the G very well.

I'd put ribs in at noon and they were done, so I had ribs and salad for dinner. I made the mistake of walking up to Gille's, a mistake because it was too cold. It felt pleasant late this afternoon but this evening was a bit too chilly for that. So, might be the last time for that. Booooooo. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

25 October 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Got up this morning and went to Sunday school this morning and church. After dinner went up to see Barbara a few minutes. They were just leaving for Oregon. Some {pickness] in the family. Slept some this [unk] and drove around town until about 11:00 tonight. Went[sic] I hoy in went straight to bed. Had a head-ache and I could feel a little better than I do. Gas $1.00 [Film] $.50. Ice cream $.15. Spent $1.65.
It's a little difficult typing this evening because my right arm is purt near dead from running the blower this afternoon. Oye. I got the yard clear though. I guess it works okay, although just mowing it up into a bag works better. I did that this afternoon when it was nice and sunny.

So last night I woke up having a horrible dream about zombies. I hardly ever dream about zombies, don't care for (most) zombie movies, but yeah, there it was. Slept on the couch most of the night. Barb texted me right before 5:30 but I was awake. Went out of breakfast again, same McD's, I'm so dull. Came home, put the jeans in the laundry, and then decided, after cussing and swearing at various software applications, that I should go to church. So I went to the 9 am one at. . .some place on Peters. Decent enough service, I liked most of it better than the one back in Seattle. Went to see mom after that (after going home to put the jeans on the line), and Janice stopped by so we chatted and then we went to Rocky's for lunch. Did the leaf blowing, put some more laundry in, the family in MD called, then I went to the grocery store for supplies for the upcoming week. Had bread, soup, and salad for dinner, and, um, some beer earlier while sitting on the porch in the delightful afternoon sun, and then walked up to Gille's again. Whew. Going to finish the laundry and then call the Spousal Unit. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

24 October 2015 (Saturday)

No entry for yesterday, I'm afraid. I should have done one in the later afternoon, but didn't. I had a really good, long workout Friday morning and everything was going normally, was on my way to see mom and cousin Michele sent a text wondering if she could come by that night. Was super excited. I dunno, ever since seeing her at the funeral I've wanted to see her and see what she's been up to, etc.

But anyway. Saw mom in the morning and she was awake the whole time, and I went home and then got some quick lunch before going back for our meeting. The (outside) respiratory people came in to check on mom and the one guy was telling me they were very pleased with the Lutheran people and the care they were going mom. Said they kept up on her condition, asked if they had questions, etc. That made me feel good. We had our planning meeting at 1 and they just gave a status update on how she's doing -- progressing -- and where they plan on taking her. Was pleased.

Went home, took a shower, and then did some cleaning of the house and waited for Michele. She showed up around 6 and it was so delightful to see her. We chatted a bit and then went out for dinner at the Three Guys and a Grill place, I think the former Trinity Lutheran church. Was good. She really is quite lovely, and we had a blast chatting. Meal was good, too. Then we went to see mom for a few minutes, and then came home and talked more, including stuff I hadn't really talked to anyone about before. Like I said, we'd always been kinda simpatico like that. So she left around 8:30 but I was so hyped up I had to take part of an ambien to get to sleep, and then again later on (midnight) and ended up on the couch most of the night.

Went out for breakfast this morning and we'd actually made plans for me to go up there today, so I did some laundry, went to see mom for a while, and then got the whole mummy suit into the car, and went off for the Best Buy in Oshkosh where I got a Kindly Fire ($50) and then headed up to her house. It's actually like halfway between Appleton and Green Bay. BIG house. Lots of land, part of it farmland (which she rents out). Just beautiful. She has done very well for herself. Met her one daughter and sone, both nice. Emma really helped a lot with my costume (although I would have just wrapped stuff) so I will need to send her a small gift in thanks. But. . . . .

I WON'T BE USING THE COSTUME.. Tim got Badger tickets for next weekend!!!! On the 50 years line WOO HOOOOOO!!!!!

Oddly, her husband came over. Apparently they're just separated. It was a bit awkward, I think. She made sure I left by 5:30. I think. . . .well, obviously they're having some trouble, being separated and all. I tried to be as friendly as possible.

So, came back to FdL, stopped by to see mom, and then came back here. Tried to get the receiver (from Michele! Her old one) but there's not enough room, may need a new TV stand thing.

Will get the diary entries going again tomorrow. Am happy tonight. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

22 October 2015 (Thursday)

Am at the Lutheran Home with mom so no diary entry today. I spent the day in Madison so I thought I would spend some time here this evening. Slept well, good workout, etc. I left to see mom this morning around 8:30, stayed there for a while, and then went to SBux and got gas and headed out around 9:30. The trip down was mostly uneventful, although I made three wrong turns getting to Tim's house. I logged into his WiFi and sent off a cost estimate and then we went to State Street for lunch, got gyros at The Parthenon. Yum. Too much sauce though. Heard all about his cancer stuff and his family and my family etc. Really had a good talk. We walked back down State and stopped at a couple of places, I didn't buy anything. Went up to campus to see Van Hise, which is still there; I'd heard they were tearing it down. Went back to the Union and then . . . . drank a beer! Yes. On a Thursday afternoon, just like old times. I drank the whole thing, he made it through all but maybe half an inch. Much laughing at all the stupid stuff we'd done. Sheesh, how'd I ever graduate.

Drive home was. . . .weird. Wasn't really even buzzed but was a little odd feeling. Made two wrong turns again, JAYsus. But I made it home okay. Made dinner (brat, potato, vegetables all fried up together) and then walked and came here. Guts feel awful.

Sheet wasn't tea stained very well so I threw it in again. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

21 October 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Barbara stayed home from school today because she was sick. Had a short assembly today. A [sossig] of the Candidates for the home coming [court]. After school came home and fixed a tire on the car. Did work on the house until [my lots] tonight. I drove around a little tonight. Got in about 11:00. Did not do my school work tonight. Am a little sleepy. Am going to get a good night's rest. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
God, I just spent 20 minutes screaming at this stupid computer because it just would not save a document properly. And now while I'm typing this the cursor disappears. Really, this crap software just has not gotten any better in 30 years. It does more junk but it's not any better.

So slept well last night. Decent enough workout. I did a little work here and then left for MKE around 8:30. Stopped at SBux down there and dropped the table and chairs off at Nancy's, and then went to Koss. What a disappointment. Their outlet store was a tiny little room with one person in it. I asked if they could refurbish the headphones I just bought and she said no. Huh? I thought they had lifetime warranties? Guess not. So that kinda sucked. But I went to the Goodwill on Capitol and found a sheet and two CDs; no receivers. The sheet is now soaking in tea. CDs were a Christmas one by David Lanz and the soundtrack from Singles (1990s Seattle stuff).

Then I went to a nearby Wal Mart market and got an awful banana and some tea bags. Then went Aliota's to wait for the priests. I sat in the lunge area and talked with the bartended, an older lady. They showed up and we went into the dining room and, except for one of the waitresses, I was clearly the youngest one there. Yes, mostly a bunch of old people. Had a good lunch and talk with them.

When we were leaving I got a text from Barb and on the main listing all I could see of it was "They sent mom to the ER". !!!!!!! Apparently, they just sent her there to get the cuff on her trach tube changed out; why the ER, I don't know. But they had tried to call me but I was in the bathroom at the exact time they called. I guess they had deflated it but mom couldn't "manage her secretions" without it in, so they sent her out to have it replaced.

Also had to do some more work with a monitoring thing. Walked up to Gille's, maybe for the last time? Might get nicer out again. Who knows. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

20 October 2015 (Tuesday)

No diary entry tonight. Just got back at about 7 and I'm watching The Flash. Slept well last night, all night in the bed. Had a decent workout, too. Came back, ate bagel, and started the process of submitting my paper to the Journal of AIDS. I got pretty far along before leaving to see mom. I got the figure changed into a separate file and also the tables. When I got there I read through the whole thing again and made some more changes, some of which I'd totally missed. Elisabeth came in as I was finishing up so I chatted with her while she worked with mom. She didn't work very long though. She's not there Thursday or Friday so we are going to meet tomorrow afternoon (Wed) when I get back from MKE so she can give me more information that she has before the meeting Friday. She even walked me down to the therapy room and where her office is.

I left there and tried to find a car wash but they were all super expensive (like $18) so I went to Menard's after lunch (Culver's by Galloway) and got some soap and a washer on a pole. Let's see. . . .came home, washed truck, and then worked on my costume for a while. I'm up to the armpits. Will probably need more material though. Went back to see mom for a bit and then came back, stopping at the grocery store for a couple of items. Checked Goodwill for a sheet (none).

I practiced the guitar for a little while but didn't have much time. I cut up a brat and sautéed it up with a small potato and veggies for dinner. AND THEN I WALKED DOWN TO GILLE'S AGAIN. I think I'll do that until it's too cold to sit outside. Walked home, bought a lottery ticket, now sitting here doing this.

Texted Tim and I will go to Madison Thursday. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

19 October 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Picked Barbara up this morning and took her to school. We were just about late. Had a movie in Biology class today. Took Barbara home after school and then went to dinner at grandma's and then came home and started to study about 6:00. I started on a history report and a speech until after midnight. Saw Barbara a few minutes after supper. $.15 pop. $.10 paper. Spent $.25.
Buggers. Computer is getting kind of whacky.

Had a decent day today. I slept on the couch half the night, but pretty well after all. Until 4:30, which was okay. Had a really good workout, too. Came home (after getting weekly bagels), did a little work, and then hit the SBux and then went to see mom for a while. One of the Propson's came in right after the speech therapist (Elisabeth) so I left for my meeting at the VA. It's looking good for that, we should be able to get the maximum amount for her so the money should last a little longer. I talked to Elisabeth for a few minutes trying to find out what the criteria were for mom getting the trach tube out but she demurred mostly. When I came back later on she said mom had done well swallowing for her and such. Also I learned that the cuff (inflatable thing keeping stuff from going down to her lungs) had been deflating so she had been at least going some periods of time without it. This afternoon they were going to look at it and decide whether to send her to the hospital to have a new one put in, but I guess they didn't (or they didn't call me first). So that's good.

Had lunch at Rocky's. Went home after that and worked on the mummy for a while. Still quite a ways to go on it. Did a little more work and then headed back to see mom, she was awake and alert again, too, and looking really pretty comfortable. Barb called and she spoke to her for a while. Well, a couple of minutes. Came home (stopped at grocery store for a couple pumpkins and the usual Goodwill before that, plus gas), played guitar, made dinner, walked to Gille's because it was like 72 today. Nice walk, too. I went back to see mom and bring her iPad with an audiobook on it, but she was sleepy. Guitar is going better. My fingers are really hitting many of the chords quickly and automatically, although I still kinda suck at hitting them properly. But it's coming together. Practice works, fancy that. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

18 October 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Barbara came up to my hotel room about 10:00 this morning [Ha. Left it is more likely. ed.] and woke me up. She stayed with me until after [teachour]. We drove into Wenatchee for dinner $3.95. She really was [our] by 3:00 and then started home about 4:00. We got back about 6:00. Went to church with Barbara tonight at her church and then we went to [supper] after church $1.20. Parked until about [smilawning]. ['P' in a circle] Gas and oil $4.70. Spent $8.95.
Seems he and Barbara had a nice weekend. . . .

I slept quite well last night. Got up around 5:15, went to breakfast at McD's. When I got back I started some laundry and did some wrapping of the costume. It was messy. Still haven't figured out a good way to do it. May also need another sheet. I got a nose bleed at around 9:30, kind of a bad one. Need to start snorting the saline more often. So I went over to see mom around 10:00 and at 10:30 started watching the Assumption Mass -- Julie was there! Hubba -- but Janice came by about 11 so I talked to her. She had invited me out to lunch at a place called Pizza Ranch, a buffet place out by the Menard's. Obviously I made them a profit: some salad, two slices of pizza and part of a blueberry thingie. They were saying that without this happening they never would have gotten to know me or Jeff so it's been kind of a blessing. I admit I've enjoyed seeing all these people.

After that. . . .got a pomegranate at Wal Mart and got some more glue at the Joanne fabrics and then stopped at the grocery store. Kind of useless. I ended up . . .  well, I found the glazed nuts, bought some, and then came home and found some in the cupboard anyway. Bought a few other things but not much. I think I'm ending up just doing the same thing I used to: deciding what I wanted to eat and then going to get the stuff for it every day.

Did a little more wrapping and more laundry and watched the NASCAR race and some football (GB just beat SD) and took a short nap and then the Maryland squad called up and we talked about mom.

Oh, mom. She was doing well, I thought. She put her own pillow behind her head, but also took off her mask thingie. Not much coughing either. So that's good.

I had a long walk down Marr to Sheboygan and then back on Park and Ellis. Found a dog running down the street and stopped it, tried to see it's collar tag, but then he saw someone and tore away to him. It was the owner and he didn't know what he was doing on that street, so he thanked me. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

17 October 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Didn't get up this morning until about 11:30. Went down to grandma's and had dinner and then I went and picked up Barbara. I let her have the car while I took my dance lesson. After I left with a car load for [Cashmans]. We had supper when we got there $2.10. We drove to [Watchhuss] and went to a show $2.00. Had some more eats after the show $2.30. Got back and got a hotel in [Cashman] $2.00. Got in about 1:15. Gas $4.00. Spent $12.40. 
Kinda didn't sleep well last night. Ended up on the couch after about 1:30 or so, but then made it until 5:30. Sat and drank soda for a while and then showered and went to Rolling Meadows for breakfast. Came back, did some laundry and then went to see mom quick (sleeping), got a mocha and then headed up to Green Bay around 9:30. Really, quick trip, almost less than an hour. Sonja was not expecting me so early and was in her bathrobe. She got fat. Still pretty recognizable though. Fairly nice stay. Sat and chatted a bit and then went to Lambeau and hit the store there (bought a polo shirt for the Spousal Unit, nothing for me), and then went for lunch somewhere else (steak place). Back to Lambeau to try to see the Hall of Fame but there was a loooooong line so we took a couple pictures and then went back to her place, chatted a bit more, and then I left. Uneventful drive home, too.

Stopped to see mom, she waved, I stayed until 4:30 (about 45 minutes) and then came home and just fried up some potatoes and veggies for dinner. Walked at the mall once around and then went back to mom's and we watched football for a while, until 7:30. Well, I watched, they had positioned her so she couldn't see the TV really. She was coughing more though which I was disappointed in. Sure hope an infection isn't coming back.

So, a decent day. Cold, but nice in the sun. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

16 October 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Picked Barbara up and took her to school this morning. Had a marching practice this morning. Ate with Barbara [inst lunch] and left at about 10:00 for Walla Walla by Greyhound. Ate supper in Walla Walla $1.95. Played for the football game at 7:30 [jailhouse] was the little brown jug. Had some eats after the game $.50. Had a [not] time and[sic] the way down and back. Got in about 8:00 this morning[?]. Took Barbara home and I got in about 3:30. 
Not sure about the times. Seems an odd chronology.

Anyway. Mom was doing well today. She had OT at 7:30 this morning and speech when I got there around 9:45-10. Lasted a good 40 minutes. The therapist was quite good I thought, and very nice. I think the other speech therapist is named Liz, not Julie. Anyway, we chatted a bit about mom. I left soon after that, but she was awake that whole time and awake when I came back around 2, even waving me in. I tried to get her an ebook downloaded but failed miserably because of the stupid connection and web site crapola. I came home and finally got one. But when I went back around 6 she was sleeping. But she was nice and settled in today, I think.

Otherwise, I kept busy. I finished the one cost estimate and sent it off for review by the septic guy. Also sent the final copy of my paper out to coauthors and will submit it Monday. I went to Tac Johns for lunch and it was decidedly Meh. Small taco salad and not much of it there. I finished one leg of my costume and started another. The paper towel roll worked fairly well but it was too narrow for the upper leg. I tried hanging it from the ceiling fan but that didn't work very well. But it looks pretty good. Will need help for most of the rest of it. This is not a small project.

After dinner I went back to see mom (above), walked around Target, walked around the mall, then put gas in the car and came home. Don't really want to go to GB tomorrow, but I suppose it will end my duty with Sonja. Like I have said, I think I dodged a bullet on that one. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

15 October 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Picked Barbara up this morning and took her to school. Had a marching practice this morning. Everything else about.[sic] Took her down town to the [lehay] after school and then leave. Bought paper 4.05. Played for a U.S.O. dance tonight and after the dance went to a midnight show at the Capitol Theater. A musical show. Got home about 3:45. Am a little sleepy. Show $1.00. Candy $.05. Spent $1.10. 
Another busy day. Do I have any other anymore? I slept okay. Woke up at 3:30 and thought "Am I back to this crap again?" but went back to sleep pretty quickly. I'm finding counting backwards from 900 by 9 puts me out. For some reason I can hardly every make it past 810. Odd.

Workout went pretty well. Did the usual stuff, but had Cascadia work to do this morning, making one cost estimate and reviewing another for TT. Felt good to be busy at something besides mom stuff. Speaking of whom, she was doing pretty well this morning. The PTist was just getting done when I got there, and then the speech therapist (Julie, very nice) started in a little after that. Mom was following her very well.


Janice and someone else were there so we chatted mostly. I uploaded an old photo of me on my birthday (1969, I was 7) and two people said I hadn't changed at all. Harrumph. I think. Also found a nice one of Jen and Hank that I sent to her FB wall. Let's see. . . . .mistakenly stopped at the VA place (appt. Monday, not today). Stopped in to see Meghan at the bank twice and the second time someone told me she was out on short term medical leave? Something like that. Hope she's okay. She was astoundingly helpful.

I took the sheets out of the tea and they looked okay. Not as dingy and dark as I'd like but serviceable. I bought some masking tape to cover up the red stripes on the suit, ripped the sheets into strips and even started gluing them on this afternoon. I think this may work.

Got a call from the Home and they wanted to give mom some anti-anxiety medication because she was yanking the cover from her O2 hose and not letting them put it back on. She gets restless or something in the afternoon and wants to futz with stuff, as I mentioned yesterday.

Walked up to DQ for dessert as it's supposed to get cold overnight for a few days. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

14 October 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
No school today. Picked Barbara up at 6:15 this morning and we went out and picked apples all day with the band to raise money for a trip. After picking Barbara and I stopped by the house a little while. After supper went up and saw Barbara a little while again. Carl came down a little while tonight. Did some study[sic] on my [speech] tonight. [Gave our] tired tonight. About dead. [Capital F in a circle] stopped. Ice cream $.15. Spent $.15.
I had a busy day. Didn't sleep well. Took a long time to fall asleep and needed assistance. I ended up sleeping all night (that I was actually asleep) down on the couch. I mostly slept well once I got there though.

Had a decent enough workout, came home, did some piddly stuff, and then headed up to the Rolling Meadows to let the Pool People know mom was here and where, etc. Stopped at SBux and then went to the Lutheran Home. Forgot my folders, but -- ISN'T FOND DU LAC GREAT??!! -- I only had to drive 5 minutes home to get them. Met with the one lady and I really didn't have much clue about mom's assets, but we got Jeff on the phone and we went over most of it.

Mom didn't look too great this morning. Err, it actually smelled awful. This afternoon they put her in a, well, a diaper and that made it much better. I can't wait until she's off the antibx's and can get rid of the diarrhea. OT was going in as I got there. I left and went home for a bit and then had a quick lunch at McD's before meeting Cassie the hair dresser at the home. She managed to sneak past me and was up by mom. Mom was asleep so she didn't cut her hair. She really likes mom. I didn't stay long, and went off to do some stuff. I snagged a couple white sheets at the St. Vinnie's and then I also bought some old Koss quad headphones at the Goodwill. $4! In their own case! Not very sensible, I know.

Went home and started to tea-stain the sheets. Meh. I could tell once they were out on the line but it wasn't a huge difference. I'm going to soak them again overnight and hope they get a bit darker.

Went back to see mom for a while around 1:45. Chuckie was just leaving, apparently mom was pulling out her tubes and junk and I think it kind of weirded her out. I sat with her for about half an hour. She was kind of . . .  I dunno. Sometimes she seems frustrated to bored or restless or something and just wants to futz with stuff. She looked and did some nodding when I talked, but it was one of those times where she doesn't seem all there. She didn't cough once. Don't know if that's good or bad. It could be she's not got junk to hork up or perhaps she's just not coughing it up or maybe she's swallowing better or some combination.

Made dinner (salad) and walked up to Gille's. Was the only one outside. Met a guy with a small dog with one eye and we chatted, but then the dog kinda bit my pants leg (I didn't mind) but he was apologetic and so I went on my way so he could calm the dog down. Shelter dog that no one wanted but them; decent guy. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

13 October 2015 (Tuesday)

No diary entry for today as I got back at 7 and wanted to watch The Flash. Mom is home! Well, at least in Fond du Lac. I stayed here today, worked out, and then started doing things. Went to the Lutheran Home and signed all the papers and then brought in some of her stuff. I bought a woman's bunny suit from St. Vinnie's and took it home and it barely fit. Sadly, I figured out later that I could just get a cheap painter suit and cover that with material. I will buy a couple of sheets and cut them into strips and then soak them in. . . .tea! The person at the Joanne Fabrics suggested that.

Waited around the Home and then mom got there about 2:45. She was sleeping most of the time and also sleeping when I left. Came home and made faux-bean s**t. Meh. Didn't have all the ingredients. I went to Fleet Farm after dinner and got the coveralls and then went and saw mom. She was asleep when I got there and I was going to leave but she woke up so I chatted with her a while and then came home.

Got a text(s) from Michele and she thought she might come down tomorrow, but couldn't, but is planning on it for the 27th or the weekend before (24-25). I'm glad she wants to see me. My mom didn't think too much of her and neither did Hank, I don't think. She was always nice to me and we got along okay, so I look forward to seeing her again and finding out what she is up to.

So that's it. No more daily driving to Pewaukee. Hope mom does well now that she's up here. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

12 October 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Picked Barbara up this morning and took her to school. Had a [hard] history assignment today. Took Barbara home after school and then went down town & bought myself a paper $.05 and then went to grandma's for supper. Took my sax and went up to Barbara's and played for a while. Took her and the old lady to the drive-in $1.00. Hung around a little after I left them for a while. Gas $.50. Spent $2.15.
Big news is that mom's coming home tomorrow. Home to Fond du Lac anyway. Lutheran Home. That's good. She wasn't doing too well today, I think mainly because she's had diarrhea for the last couple of days due to the antibiotics. That takes a lot out of one (as I know). So she wasn't very lively. Nancy was there when I got there and we had a nice chat. She left around 11 and then I left for lunch at 11:40 and also went and bought some candy for the staff there. Saw the Seahawk lady again and we had a nice chat, too. Tammy the nurse was there again, it was good to see her again as well. I gave her a hug before I left to thank her and everyone; I think she really cared about mom, as did another nurse. Well, they all like mom.

So that's done. Slept well last night. Had a good workout. Drive down and back was uneventful. Started cooking bean s**t when I got home but abandoned it as the meat smelled not right. I just had pasta again instead. Went to the mall to walk and bought the Spousal Unit a Mr. Winkle calendar. So, Christmas shopping has begun!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

11 October 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Got up in time to go to church with Barbara this morning. We went over to my church for morning services. Barbara ate dinner with me at grandma's today for the first time. After dinner we went to a show at the Liberty $1.50. After supper I picked her up and we went to church. Went to the drive-in and had some eats $1.20 and then went and parked until about midnight out in the back yard. [Capital F in a circle] stupid. Gas $1.00. Spent $3.70. 
Huh. Wonder what the F-circle means. I can think of something. . . . .

I had a nice day. I slept until 5-ish, and was undecided about where to go for breakfast, but ended up at McD's anyway. Came home and sat around a while and then about 8:30 headed down to the hospital. Nice enough drive. Stopped at SBux. When I got there mom was asleep so I went to the waiting room and worked on my computer for a bit. She was awake when I came back and pretty active. Her left eye didn't open but the whole area was more active than it had been. The left eyeball was tracking with the right and when she closed her eyes the left one closed more tightly than it had been. She went back to sleep after lunch so I left at 2.

Traffic was easy and I was door-to-door in 65 min. I sat on the porch and played my guitar for a while, and then made dinner (spaghetti). Walked up to Gille's. A nice family sat down at my table; I should have talked with them, but I kind of thought maybe they wouldn't want to chat with a stranger? Probably they would have liked it. We chatted a bit before I left. It was a very pleasant walk there and back, 74 degrees still.

So, a nice day. Mom was doing okay and nothing bad happened. Probably going back on the 10th. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

10 October 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Got up about 10:30 and took Grandma shopping and then stayed for dinner. Helped dad put some [mut] in the [basket] after dinner. About 2:00 down the[sic] Arthur Murray Studio with [Traci] and took a dancing lesson $1.00. After supper came home and dressed and went up to see Barbara before going to work. Rode around after the dance with Carl for a while and had a [hamburger] with him $.25 Gas $1.00. Spent $2.25.
I had a busy day, although didn't go to the hospital. I would have but a couple of the pool people went down so I felt okay about having her there with some visitors. I slept very well again, until 5:30. Hung out for a while, and went to McD's for breakfast. When I came home I started a laundry and then put in the dark-sensing light in the outside light in front. I just climbed on the railing and the ledge and managed to reach it. It was still too tall but I could put it in and still screw in the top slightly; even so, the bulb (an  LED) touches the roof of the housing. Should be fine for the time being. I checked a few minutes ago and it was on! Go me.

So, did that and then took the car to Holiday and had the light fixed ($78); they hadn't gotten the appointment but had time to do it anyway. So that's fixed. I went to Target and got some stuff while waiting and then talked to Fr. Tony a bit. I think I came home after that and watched football for a while and hung laundry on the line, and then went to meet Tim for lunch at a little before noon.

Getting there was kind of interesting. I went down Brooke Street to avoid a train and ended up going to areas of FdL that I'd never been to before. Kind of just south and north of where Johnson crosses Brooke. In fact, I've had recurring dreams about being sort of lost in that area; for some reason I just never went there and it somehow. . .scared me? I dunno. Interesting though. Very industrial. Lots of old buildings and such.

But I got there and had a nice visit with Tim. We'd gone to Junior High (Theissen) and high school together and he played trumpet as well. Good to see him. We were there for over and hour and a half, until 2. We parted ways and then I actually hit a couple of rummage sales looking for a receiver (zilch). Bought a Garbage CD at one though. Stopped at Pick 'n Save and got some food stuff, and then came home. I watched the Badger game (they won), did more laundry, and then after dinner I mowed the lawn. Got the whole thing done this evening. Go me again!

Was going to watch the NASCAR race this evening but it's postponed until tomorrow. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

9 October 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Had a fire prevention assembly this morning for about and[sic] hour. Took Barbara home after school and then went to supper about 7:00. I picked her up and we went to the [Dal] meeting at [Pagel Grousins]. Went to Kemper's drive-in afterwards $1.25. Picker her mother up and then took her & then [workhome] and brought her home afterwards. Got in about 11:30. Gas $1.00. Spent $2.25.
Busy day today. Slept well. I got up 15 minutes early so I left for the gym 15 minutes early as well. Had a good workout, very hard. Well, pretty hard. Came home and did a little Cascadia work, and then left for MKE. Stopped to get some sucky thingies at Walmart and then hit SBux. Trip down was uneventful, although I took 145 S instead of 100 E which is what I really wanted so after some extra driving and swearing I made it to the church in plenty of time. Good crowd. The Karls' were there and I saw Jenny and her kids. I sat with the Karls' a while and noticed -- funny story again -- a very attractive middle-aged woman. Then she began to seem familiar. Does this sound familiar as well? I finally decided it might be my old cousin Michelle, Bob and Zeedy's kid, so I asked someone and it was! She's turned into a gorgeous . . . well, not young woman, although younger than me I guess. Terry was there too, who I recognized after I figured out who Michelle was and Zeedy was also there. It was good to see them. Terry used to be a total loser and, while he's obviously not a corporate executive, he seems to be doing fairly well. Zeedy (short for Rosita) looks fairly much the same, too.

Mass was nice although kind of impersonal. None of the family spoke which I thought was kind of sad. I left immediately afterwards to go see mom. Before I left I kissed my fingers and patted Hank's urn a couple times. I think he would have appreciated that.

Mom was awake and chipper when I got there. She was interested in all the stuff I had to report. At the church I had thought about telling mom that I saw Zeedy, Terry, and Michelle, but then I remembered we were keeping the Hank thing away from her. So I told her various stuff and she seemed interested.

The Occupational Therapy people came in and I left since they were going to "clean her up" too, and did some work while I waited. When I came back she was in the chair and kind of ignored me. I think she gets wiped out after therapy. She was examining the little squeeze ball though. Didn't really respond to me much after that although she nodded when I asked if she wanted to hear the audiobook again, so I put that on her before I left.

Drive home was mostly uneventful. I walked around a lot this evening with Michael Jones playing.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

8 October 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Nothing new in classes today. After school got some gas $1.00 and got an ice-cream $.20 and then took Barbara home and went to supper. Saw Barbara a little while before I went and played at the U.S.O. dance tonight. Bought some peanuts $.15 at the Y. Got home about 12:30 a little tired. Spent $1.35.
Well, if you got home before 12:30 every night you might not be tired all the time. . . .

I slept really well again last night. Same deal, no thinking with words and no TV this morning, too. Had a decent, if dull, workout. Came home, ate bagel, and then headed to St. Cloud for the car. Turned out it was just some plate that was making the racket, and they changed the oil, too. But then the right headlight went out! Sheesh. So I have to get that fixed. I actually made it to Pewaukee from St. Cloud in 1.25 hours, in time to meet Susan for lunch there. She's an e-friend who lives around there. Nice. . .young lady? She's like 41. Nice visit with her. Pleasant drive down, too, next to Long Lake and around there.

Went over to see mom and she was in bed. Apparently her heart rate went up so they kept her in bed and didn't do much PT. Some of the Karls' were there and I think mom enjoyed their visit. She was more chipper than Monday or Tuesday, too. Told her everything that's been going on around here (except for Hank), left around 2:45 after downloading another book for her, which she was listening to when I left. Drive back was uneventful except for some rain.

Made dinner and then went to the mall to walk around. Didn't see much, although I stopped into the music store and played a smaller guitar. Might be easier to play than mine but I didn't like the sound. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

7 October 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Picked up Barbara and took to[sic] school this morning. Had a boys [league] assembly during first period. Had a big test in History today. Bought Barbara a workbook today $1.00. Took her home after school and then tried to get a little sleep before supper. Saw Barbara a few minutes tonight and drove around until about 12:30. Am very tired tonight. Spent $1.00. 
Interesting day. I woke up at around 4 and thought that was it but decided to pray (or something) and ended up doing so by not using any words. Sounds odd I know, but it felt very peaceful and I ended up dozing off (or something) until 5. Not thinking with any words really relaxed me. So I didn't watch TV before leaving for the gym and tried not to really think about anything, using words at least. It felt really good, very calming.

On the way back from the gym I stopped at the bagel store and after I said I wanted 3 jalapeño bagels I realized I'd left all my money and cards at home so I told her 'Never mind, I'll come back in a bit" but she just said "That's fine, just take 'em", to which I argue a bit, but she insisted. How nice is that?

Was going to go to Pewaukee but decided I had things to do here instead to prepare for mom's (hopeful) arrival. Met the Pool People up at Rolling Meadows just to let them know what was going on, didn't eat anything. Then I stopped and got a mocha and came home. The gutter people called and said they could do it today instead of next week so that guy showed up around 10 and was done in probably an hour. Hmmm. I think he overcharged. They said it was $45/man hour but he was here less than an hour and it was only him. Must ask about that. Anyway, they weren't very full since mom had screens put over them. So that's done. Finished a Car Lust post and then went for lunch at Tucker's (ick) and came back home and got the Humane Society change and went off to there.

I asked them about the rabbit and they said to call the police and if it was something then they would contact them. I did that later on. Then went to the Lutheran Home to talk, since they have provisionally accepted mom. Took the tour but the director(?) lady wasn't in, so I left and talked to some guitar guys for a few minutes and then hit the St. Vinny's again, and came back. Very nice young lady. I had a good feeling about them and the place. The rooms looked like normal rooms and it smelled clean and was open and bright.

Then I went and got a root beer cone at A&W, and then stopped by the grocery store for dinner stuff and came home. Talked with Laura for a few minutes; she'd seen the rabbit and thought it was good of me to call, too. Fiddled with guitar for a while on the porch, short nap, dinner. I had a nice walk, trying not to think about anything using words again and it was, again, very calming. Will just watch TV tonight. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

6 October 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Barbara was sick today and did not come to school. Got kicked out of Study Hall for talking this afternoon. Also had a Biology test which I flunked. Went down to the church after school and then I went to supper.Mowed the lawn after school this evening. Carl and I went to the show to a[sic] the Capitol. Got home about 12:30 and then did some school work after I got home. Show $.75 Gas $1.00 Spent $1.75.
After yesterday's downer day today was better, principally because they may be springing mom at the end of the week. The social worker (or whatever) started to get referrals to places in Fond du Lac so we will see where she can be accepted. It will be good to have her here, not least because that drive every day sucks. She was mostly asleep when I got there so I left around 11:40 and came back to Fondyberg to check in with the senior people about what's coming up. Don't think she'll get anywhere with the VA apart from some financial assistance. It's nice she's coming home but now the finances start becoming an issue.

I slept remarkably well for some reason.

Anyway, I had lunch at Rocky's and got a card at the Hallmark shop, some BBQ sauce at the Pick and Save next to it, and then hit the Goodwill looking for a receiver (struck out again). Talked to the senior people when I got back after finding the slow cooker and putting the ribs in it. Did I got anywhere after that? I don't think so. Came home and picked apart the pomegranate and then fiddled with my guitar for a while. But that time it was 4. Oh, also arranged the gutter cleaning for next Tuesday. Decided to walk to Gille's but I actually drove part way and then walked. And then I DROVE AROUND FOR A WHILE. Just like the diarist! Except not for a couple of hours in the middle of the night.

I had something profound to write but I've forgotten what it was.

I'd thought that this trip wold be a great mass of nostalgic bliss (apart from the mom stuff, of course), but it's not been. Part of is that it's sinking in that this is the beginning of the letting go process; once mom's gone I probably won't set foot here again once the house is sold. That makes me sad. But at the same time, although I'd thought I would be really home again, I'm not really sure that I do. Despite not really liking Seattle that much, it is my life back there. It's where the Spousal Unit is, where my friends are, where Ive gotten used to the climate and the land, etc. Some of the feeling that this is home has perhaps worn off. I dunno. Perhaps it's all dependent on my mood. This evening I was feelin' the nostalgia again. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

5 October 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Had a lot of make up work to do. The [maldhose] was the [wood screw] today for the fifth straight year. Took Barbara home after school tonight. After supper at grandma's I worked on the car a little and then went to dance band practice. Afterwards I drove around a little and came home and did some study of Biology. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
As up and down days go, today was a down day. Mom was awake when I got there but not very attentive. Dr. Pessimism said she just wasn't improving on either right side movement or being able to clear her own airway. I should just call him Dr. Downer. Of course, 15 minutes later she was moving her right arm around while being suctioned, so whatever. But he's right, she's not making progress on some of the Big Things. I will say that nearly every day she improves in some small way. Today, for instance, she was moving her left eyebrow, eyelid, and eyeball under there. She hadn't done that much of that before. And the right arm thing. I left for lunch and to find a squishy ball -- met a (fairly attractive) woman at the Hallmark Store wearing a Russell Wilson Seahawks shirt -- and when I came back she was in the chair. Sitting up nice and stuff and she was all bizzy but not really paying any attention to me. So that was disappointing. I left around 2:15.

I do need some distance from this, and not thinking so much about that being mom; it's just too tough. I didn't bother to tell mom about Hank. I didn't really decide not to, but once I got there it seemed immaterial and really with no point. Her world has to do with rehabbing, not much of anything else. So as far as I'm concerned, it's "Hank Who?" from this point forward with mom.

In other exciting news, I slept quite well last night, until 5. Had a decent workout. Was kind of phlegmy today, but I felt much better. Went down about 8:30 and got there around 10. Yes? Hmmm, seems kind of a long trip. When I got home I dealt with various things, made dinner, walked, etc. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

4 October 2015 (Sunday)

Yes, I missed yesterday. No big reason although I was feeling very poorly. My cold peaked yesterday.

So at any rate, I slept pretty well, I think until about 4:30. Hung out, I may have done some cleaning before heading out to breakfast with the pool gang.

And then I left to pay my bill and came back to my phone ringing from "H & N Scholz" but missed it. When the voice mail popped up it was Nancy. . . .Hank died. It was fairly unexpected even though he was in hospice care. It was very peaceful according to Nancy, he just was unconscious and his breathing became shallower and shallower and then a little after 5 he just stopped breathing. So definitely a mixed blessing. We've been debating whether nor not to tell mom; I feel like she cold handle it and should know but also that she has enough to worry about right now.

So, for the rest of the day it was sad. Nancy asked me to contact some people so I did that, and mostly stayed around home all day. I think I went out for lunch and got a new porch light and probably some other things, I don't really remember. I found the battery cover for the stationary bike is busted, which really irritated me, but I really wanted to ride it so I put the batteries in and taped it in. Well, it worked. So I did that for 30 minutes. Ate dinner in, just brats and broccoli slaw. Watched football and went to bed.

Today (Sunday) I slept really well and in the bed. Still felt ruddy this morning and was coughing a lot so I stayed home again. Hung out, took a shower, and went to McD's for breakfast. I wanted to stay and read but I started coughing so I left. Vacuumed this morning and did some laundry, etc. Watched Assumption Mass at 10:30, used an Oreo for the Eucharist this time. Oh, before that I installed the new light on the porch. Went fairly quickly. Cannot reach the one outside yet; tried with two ladders this afternoon but still can't. Harrumph.

I decided to go to Chilton. It struck me as funny since I've always bitched about how we always used to go to grandma's house every Sunday and I hated it. I drove past grandma's old house -- it's apparently being gutted and remodeled (one hopes) -- and checked out the river; they have a new fish weir. They redid quite a lot of the river area. I tried to find the cemetery where grandma is but failed for a while, finally broke down and looked at my mapping app. Stopped at the DQ across the street. Told grandma and grandpa that mom really needed their help right now.

I drove home, and stopped at the grocery store. I'd thawed out some ribs all day and ate those for dinner, although they really need to be re-slow-cooked. Oh, a cub scout came by and sold me some popcorn.

I watched the end of the NASCAR race (Dover) and then switched to the Packer game. Then went out to the Target and Wal Mart to get a few things. Called Nancy to see what she might need, funeral is probably Friday in Milwaukee.

Friday, October 2, 2015

2 October 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Slept in this morning until about 10:00 then went and had dinner at a Cafe $.80. Went back to my room and slept until noon. Went to the college and picked up Barbara and took her to diner $1.60. After dinner we took off for [Boca Sluts]. Went [thought] the Capital [then] and then went to a show $1.00. Pop and a [peinst] $.45. Went to the Talent Show in the Chapel went[sic] we got back. After the program we went to supper $.90 and then went and parked for a while. Got back to the Hotel about 12:00. Am a little tired. Spent $4.75.
I'll bet you're tired. . . .

Am sick. Had a bad night mostly. I went to sleep right away but then woke up and was awake for a while and then went back to sleep down on the couch but woke up at 3:30. I wasn't that tired today though, but I made sure not to sit down for an length of time. Throat is less sore and am coughing more. Stayed home, of course, I don't want to be the one to give mom pneumonia. So I went to the gym as usual and had a decent workout. Came home, did the usual, blah blah blah. I went to the bank and saw Meghan and made sure what to do with the new cards. She made me activate it right there heh. Then I went to SBux and came home and got the clothing packed up to send home and some other mailings to go out.

I stopped at the Library to copy the two Medicare documents and then went and mailed them. I think after that I went to Wal Mart to get some nasal saline since it's dry and I'm blowing my nose a lot and I'm sure it will start bleeding soon. Also got some donut holes and a pomegranate. Stopped by the Chevy dealer to try to get the nut covers but they're $7 each! Will have to go online if I want them. Then I went to lunch at Rocky's (again, *sigh*) and tried a car parts place up the road, no deal. I think I went home then. Laura and Lexi were sitting out in the yard so I went and talked to her for over an hour, I think. It was pleasant in the sun and she's nice to talk to and Lexi loved the pets and being in the sun for so long. They were going out for fish at Knights of Columbus. I just made salad and brats.

Lessee. . . .I also did a load of wash this morning and hung some of it outside. I played my guitar on the porch for a while and while doing so I saw movement off to the north and a crack and half of a tree fell over! It was cracked down the trunk and probably 1/3 of it just fell over. Talked with the guy down there who we thought were kinda scummy back then but he seemed nice. Asked about mom. They pruned most of the tree later on and will take it all down, too rotted and cracked up. Too bad.

After dinner I just walked. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

1 October 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Got up at 3:00 this morning and went and picked Barbara up and four more kids and then took off for [Marsipa]. Got there just in time for the parade! Had breakfast on the [say] in Pendleton $1.20. Had supper at the College. Took Barbara to a show $1.80. About 10:30 I got myself a room in the Greystone Hotel for a couple of nights $7.00. The church paid my gas bill for me. Spent $10.00.
I think I definitely have a cold. Throat was very sore all night. I ended up on the couch for most of it. Need to get a warmer blanket for down there. I mostly slept okay though. Because of the cold I won't be visiting mom for at least a couple of days. Will try to arrange people to go see her.

Had a decent workout though. I dropped the candy off at Froedtert but didn't recognize anyone. Probably could have done without that. I got some more this afternoon for the current people, and will try to bring it down Monday if I'm able.

Fr. Tony stopped by around noon, after she'd had her PT. They sat her up at the edge of the bed and had her lean down and rest on her arm and elbow (which she did well), and grab things and place them in different locations, etc. She did well at that too, if somewhat uncertainly. Had trouble maintaining uprightness though, would have fallen backward. But they put her in the wheelchair (sans belt) and she stayed there for a while. I think she was glad to see Tony. We chatted for a while and then he performed the blessing of the sick on her, which she liked, and she said the Our Father along with us. We went off to Culver's for lunch and talked for a while. It was good to see him. He did look old for the first time, I will admit. Apparently he had met Pope Benedict when the latter was still a Cardinal. Seems he would go every day somewhere to feed stray cats and they chatted somewhere around the Vatican years ago. Fascinating. I drove home on freeway the whole way, probably a bit shorter.

Made pot pie and pasta. Went to Wal Mart and got a couple of things, floss, toothpaste. . . and Luzianne tea! Bottled junk tastes awful. Well, not good anyway. So I'm using the Iced Tea Pot here. Using bottled water, the tap water can make it taste funny.