Wednesday, September 30, 2015

30 September 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Barbara did not feel good today so stayed home. Had a marching practice this morning. Listened to the World Service in History class today. I came home about 12:00 and tried to get some sleep this afternoon. Went up and saw Barbara and got the car washed up to go to [Maypo] in the morning. About 9:30 took the car down town and had it greased. Got home and in bed about 12:00. Gas and oil $5.00. Monthly spending $66.45. Spent $5.00. 
I had a decent day today, with one exception. Slept all night in the bed which was great. I think I woke up the one big time and laid sideways for something different. Workout went really well, too, although there are few back things I can do. BUT I LISTENED TO MY PHONE MUSIC AGAIN. Ahhhhh.

Came home and then set out for Pewaukee, all was going well, but then I decided to take 60 over to 164. . . .and then completely missed it. I was looking for it further on, but that's no excuse. I took it all the way and through and past Hartford before I figured out something was wrong, probably only about 10 miles beyond, but it was through downtown and construction so it was like a 40 minute detour. Sheesh. So the trip down took almost 2 hours.

Mom was awake though and had her talkie thingy in so I could actually hear her attempts at talking. Hardly understood a word though. But it was good to hear her voice working again. Seemed very alert, too. They took her out to physical therapy and. . well, here's my entry for today:
Am composing this from the horse-pistol for a change as mom is engrossed in an audiobook novel. Plus I wanted to experience the thrill of typing in rubber gloves.
She was awake when I got here and had her talkie thingie in (stop me if I'm being too technical), which did not stop me from completely not understanding a word she said. Well, scratch that: I made out a few words here and there. She understands though, and I encouraged her to just keep yakking for the practice and I would nod every now and then and pretend to understand.
She had physical therapy in another room and was wheeled out in a wheel chair which she did well in, in terms of staying upright without a seat belt and such. Really getting good at keeping her head upright as well. I don't know what they did in there as I went off to the cafeteria to get some work done and then hit the Culver's for a bit of lunch.
So she's listening to a David Baldacci book and hopefully enjoying it and getting some brain stimulation apart from HGTV for a change. Will amend later if something exciting happens.
So I was pleased. She did seem to be enjoying the book and I hope this added stimulation gives her some useful therapy for concentrating.

I left around 2:30 and stopped for gas and then went to Kremer Pharmacy to get some chocolates for the Froedtert people, will drop that off tomorrow. Decided to go out for dinner, had salad and break sticks at Rocky's. Mall walked after ice cream at DQ. I bought a pair of shorts at Younker's for $14.50. Think after tomorrow I'll start eating at their cafeteria since I have $6 I can spend there every day (I think).

Cold this morning, but sunny. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

29 September 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Had a hard time getting my Plymouth to go this morning. Picked Barbara up and took her to school. Had a marching practice this morning. Took Barbara home after school tonight and washed the Dodge. After supper I went up to Barbara's place and did some history. Sat in the drive-way for a while. Got in about 10:30. $.25 pop. Spent $.25.
Weird night. It was supposed to rain in the evening but didn't, but it rained most of the rest of the night. I went to sleep but woke up before 10:30. Had to take 1/4 ambien and went down to the love seat for the rest of the night and actually slept well from then on. So I felt good today. Workout went well.

I came home and did a little bit of stuff, but decided to head down to see mom pretty quick, at 8:30. Figured I'd stop on the way and get a mocha, which I did. It had stopped raining in Fondy by the time I left, but was still raining down south. When I got there mom was in a chair, but sleeping or snoozing. Nurse -- Tammy, who is not only rather attractive, but also stunningly competent -- said she'd been almost asleep through the move. She continued to be pretty sleepy all morning.

May have solved my music/Android problem. I uninstalled a horrid piece of crapware, and then deleted all of the existing music files. I then attempted to move all of them back with the File Transfer thing (which now worked) but even that craps out after a bunch of files get transferred. So I've got maybe a third of them over. Went out for lunch around 11:45.

Mom was awake when I got back and Tammy the Competent said she'd nodded yes when asked if she'd had a good nap. So I chatted at her until the Karls' got there a bit after 1:30. She enjoyed that. I left around 2:30 and they stayed until 3:45 when they said she was getting sleepy again.

I spoke to the doctor, he wasn't all that positive sounding. He didn't think she'd ever move her right side again is she hadn't yet, but he didn't know she'd had movement there directly after the stroke. So who knows. She is definitely improving though. Tammy said they'd stood her up for a few minutes yesterday, with a board of course, but she'd put weight on her leg(s). So that was good.

Came back, found a ladder, but probably can't get it home in the vehicle. Made brats for dinner with salad. Drank some of the beer though, wish I hadn't. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

28 September 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Picked Barbara up and took her to school this morning. Moved into Barbaras locker with her today.[?? ed.] Had a marching practice this morning. Had a history test also this morning. Took Barbara home after school tonight. Ran out of gas on the way and Carl had to [park our] to the service station.nWent out to Jerry [Sourus] and we practiced until about 10:00. Called Barbara went[sic] I got home and then went to bed. Gas $2.00. Spent $2.00.
I think it does say that he moved into her locker. Huh.

Anyway, last night around 8:40 the football game showed the lunar eclipse, about 1/3 done which I'd forgotten about, and I went outside to watch. Most of the neighbors were out, too, which I thought was pretty neat. The one in Kelly's old house (Troy) brought over his sighting scope so I could see it up close (cooooool). I saw one with mom back in the 1980s I think, and we also saw one along with the first night of Hale-Bopp in 1996. It was very moving to see one here at home again. 

I slept through the night again, despite the beer, and woke up at 5. The bread in the fridge was awful but I ate most of it anyway. Blech. The new gym was okay. Scenery out the back was really nice (attached). Small gym and I was getting a little distressed, but they have most of what I need and I thought perhaps going back to some basics might be a good thing. Besides, they have photos of Arnold and Frank Zane up for inspiration. Heh. Desperately need my music though, for cycling at the end. So I signed up for 6 weeks. 

Stopped at the bagel store and came home and ate one. Did some work on the reports at Cascadia and finished them up, and then went to SBux for a mocha. Came home, piddled around a little more, and then went off to the library. I managed to get three audiobooks downloaded for mom. Don't know if she'll need headphones or not. But they're there. Did that and then went to. . .well, I stopped at a couple places downtown looking for candy for the hospital folks, and saw Gigi Mielke who remembered me and wanted to know about mom. We chatted a bit and then I took the truck to Fleet Farm for the tires and spent an hour at McD's for lunch and waiting. Tires are great. I can tell the difference. Sadly, the debit card didn't work. I learned later I'd had some temporary dyslexia and switched two numbers. So it didn't work and I paid for it and now I don't know how to reimburse myself. Hopefully it will work tomorrow sometime. Meghan helped me again; she is an absolute angel. 

I came home and started mowing the lawn cuz it's supposed to rain tonight. I hope so. Hopefully thunderstorms, too! Finished the side and front and then started cooking my pasta and yet another pot pie. I also had stopped at Pick N Save and got some stuff including a pie. I think either the bread or the jalapeño burger caught up with me during dinner though, ergh. I only had an apple for dessert since I'd not eaten much vegetal matter all day. 

Finished mowing after dinner and then practiced guitar for mom. I think doing it on the porch is a good thing; more incentive to do well if people might hear. 

Nancy thought mom did well today. I've had a scratchy throat all day so I also got some zinc lozenges. I'll have to call the horse-pistol tomorrow and see if I should be there or not if I'm getting a cold. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

27 September 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Slept in until about 10:30 this morning and then transposed a piece of sheet music. After dinner I [went] out to [Evening Service] in place and then went by Shirley Noble's place for a little while. About 3:00 I went down and helped [to all vat] on the [lap] and then went to a party down at our church. Drove around [service] the evening [wario]. Was out with Barbara until about 12:00. $.10 pop. Spent $.10.
I slept all last night in the bed! Until 4:30 but at least but I didn't wake up much. Consequently I was nicely rested. I sat outside for a while and then watched TV for a while and around 6:30 went out for breakfast at the Rolling Meadows. Almost thought it wasn't open, there was only one table occupied when I got there, but had a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, fruit and toast. And iced tea. Not too much food either.

Came home and emptied out a couple of drawers upstairs and then put all of my clothes away. I found a Panasonic Walkman thing up there, too! Had a Vivaldi tape in it, probably I was the last one to listen to it. Didn't do much else, but left for Pewaukee around 8:45. I took a modified Jeff route and got there in about 70 minutes. Nice drive, will probably do that from now on. I was going to an SBux but it was too far away so I went to a Peet's. Of course, that store is closing after today. Wasn't very good either so whatever.

Mom was kind of grumpy. I think she was tuckered out from yesterday and wasn't very energetic. Coughing a lot, too. I thought she wold like to watch Mass on my computer but she didn't want to. So I tuned into Assumption back in Seattle and watched. . . .and Julie was the cantor! Wearing a slinky long dress, too, very becoming. She was directing the children's choir. So I watched that and substituted a tortilla chip for the Eucharist and sipped my mocha instead of wine. Mom was watching Fox News Channel. I went out and got lunch around 11:45 at Culver's again, and got a lock at the Office Despot. Mom was in a slightly better mood although she didn't care too much about my guitar idea. I was trying to get her to do exercises but she wouldn't. I showed her a couple pictures of Jack the Spousal Unit sent and she liked those so I showed her a couple more.

Only stayed until about 2:30 today. I made an appt. for noon tomorrow to get the new tires and told her I might not be in until later in the day but she nodded her head no, so I think she doesn't want me to really go too far out of my way to see her. I hope she gets more energetic tomorrow. I did emphasize that she had to repeat repeat repeat the stuff to rewire her brain.

Drive back was uneventful. I stopped at the store and got some food but forgot milk so I couldn't make the pasta I bought. Grrr. I came home and had a beer! And played my guitar on the porch to keep up my end of the bargain. Ate a frozen pot pie. Talked to Butch for a while. Went to Target and Wal Mart and got some supplies.



Saturday, September 26, 2015

26 September 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 11:30 this morning. Got up and took Grandma shopping. After dinner I came home and practiced the rest of the afternoon until supper time. After supper went up and saw Barbara until time to go to work at about 8:30. Took the Dodge tonight. Got a little tired before I got off tonight. Got home about 1:00. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
At the moment I am chatting with Lori Guell on Facebook who was in my class and I remember her but not very well. I couldn't remember if we were friend or if I had a mad crush on her or what. She looks great now though.

Anyway, busy day. I heard Jeff moving around this morning but didn't get up to see him off. Guess he made it in 13 hours which is good time. I woke up a little before 5:30. I sat out on the porch for a while, watched TV for a while, then showered and went to McD's for breakfast. Will probably go out again tomorrow. After that I cleaned the inside of the car, and threw away a lot of junk. Then I went to Fleet Farm and got wiper blades, a squeegee, and some other items, and stopped by the Pick N Save and got some bananas and apples. I ate barely any vegetal matter Thursday and Friday. Came home and installed the blades with barely any swearing!

I went to the one gym out at Camelot and it looked like it will do. $90 for 6 weeks which isn't too bad. YMCA would be more expensive. There's that other place but I think this will be a better fit location-wise. Then I went down to the hospital. Went a different way, but it wasn't any faster I don't think. Took 65 minutes on the way back and actually came out a little south of the old hospital.

Mom was awake when I got there and stayed that way until I left at 3:30. Some of the Propson's were there already (beat me by 10 minutes) so we all chatted the whole time. We went out for lunch over at Culver's across the road. She was awake and alert and following things and reacting and such. Her right arm is kinda looking puffy though. After they left I told her that she had been moving her right side stuff earlier so don't give up. She also made a face when I mentioned working out at 6 am. She is trying to talk some but not making much headway, although they didn't have the talkie thingie in today.

Stopped at Rocky's on the way and then walked up to Gille's. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

25 September 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Had a long marching practice out on the field this morning. Had a [moni] in speech class and also in History class today. Played for a pep assembly this afternoon at 2:30. Took Barbara home after school and then came home and changed a tire on my Plymouth and then I went and ate. Play at the [Tasy] Club [down] and also [drifted] the about at the Football game tonight. Came [you] home after the [done]. 
First full day back in Fondyburg. I was awake last night between like 2 and 3, ended up having to take 1/4 ambien. I slept until 5:30 though, when the alarm woke me up quite rapidly. I sat around drinking soda for a while and then went up and showered when I decided to go to McD's for breakfast. Jeff was running while I did that.

Came home and actually did some work for Cascadia, though mostly reviewing a report. Then we went over the various folders full of bills we had to deal with, which took longer than I thought. Went to the bank around 10:30 and that took longer than I thought, too, although we got online banking set up and a debit card so I can pay bills and expenses right from her account without having to forge checks. So we did that (Meghan the bank chick was very helpful) and then then went to the Senior Services place that had the VA and other things and spoke with them.

Then we went to lunch at a little burger place on Main street where Taco John's used to be. It was really quite good. Kind of ate too much though. When we got home we called Janice (mom's cousin) and she came over and we all went down there together.

Mom was doing better. Here eye was wide open when we got there and she was very engaged. Coughing a lot though, at least at first. Smiled a couple of times and shook her head yes and no and such. Kind of rested for a while. The speech therapy guy came in and said he'd leave some exercises for us to do when they're not around. Oh! And someone understood her first sentence this morning! She said "I want to go home". Hah. But I thought she was doing really well, at least in comparison as to the last time I saw her.

So we drove back and we all went out for fish at the Backyard again -- Janice came with us -- and then back home and I walked for a bit.

Still wish I wasn't here under these circumstances and I'm pretty certain I will be bored silly within a week. But it might be kind of fun if all continues to go well. Still, there is a lot of busy work to do. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

24 September 2015 (Thursday, Fond du Lac)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Just got to school this morning. Had a marching practice as usual. Also had a history test. I had to give a speech today in speech class too. Took Barbara home after school. Bought her a [canto of poop] and took up to her before I went to play for U.S.O. dance tonight. Started about 8:30. Got home about 12:30 and got to bed by 1:00. $1.50 gas and [she] 1.00 to get a flat tire at the [harris States]. Spent $2.50.
Am in Fond du Lac right now and do not have my magnifying glass so text for the next few weeks will probably be often unclear.

So, got home here about 7:30. Slept okay last night although most of it downstairs (cats again). I think I came upstairs at around 3:30 and didn't expect to go to sleep again (no assistance) but I actually did. So I felt reasonably okay today.

The Chinese president is in town so due to closing I5 from downtown to Northgate, the shuttle was 45 minutes late and then we had a jammed I5 south to deal with because they also closed the express lanes. My flight was at 10:15 and he didn't even get me until like 8:05. I got to the gate just as they were pre-boarding, so it was kind of a rush. The flight went okay though, although I sat next to a guy who smoked so he had that smokey odor about him. But it was okay. Got in about 4:10, Jeff came by to pick me up and we went to Nancy's to get the Equinox. We had dinner there and chatted. Car sounded awful. The brakes were funny feeling and made some noise but they worked, and when I started out it was also making a bunch of noise. I even stopped on Good Hope Road somewhere to check the wheels. But I made it home.

Kind of depressing talking with Jeff about mom and the finances. She should be okay over the short term, but it doesn't appear as if the VA will pick things up.

She is progressing at therapy. Is trying to talk although no one can understand her unless they know what she was going to say.

Laura the neighbor chick came over and dropped off the name and number of mom's hair stylist; she'd just heard about it and wanted to know where she was and if there was anything she could do. They both do hair so I may hit them up before I leave. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

23 September 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Had a good marching practice this morning. Barbara hurt her arm playing the drums this morning and went home for the day. She came back after school to get some books. I took her down to the Library down town after school and then home tonight. Saw her tonight about 7:30 and took her down to her girl friends place a little while and then we came back and sat rounder place about 2 hours. Left about 10:00. Biology workbook $1.50. Spent $1.50. 
Interesting day today. Kinda slept like crap. I woke up at like 1 or so (I didn't look at the clock) and was sweating a lot. Didn't have a bad dream or anything, nor any sort of anxiety attack, I was just sweating. I threw off most of the blankets (was on the couch by then), turned on the ceiling fan, and actually went to sleep for quite a while almost completely uncovered. Then I woke up wide awake at 3 and had to take 1/4 ambien and went to sleep on the floor. But that went well and I felt okay today.

Decided not to go downtown. The Chinese president is in town so traffic is a mess and I didn't really have much to do anyway. And I had some archaeology work to do. Had a good workout, Stewart thought it was pretty good of me to be going and taking car of mom like this. Chatted with Hannah a bit. I did my work on the archaeology things and also made a couple of changes to the alcohol paper and sent that back to the CDC. Walked up to SBux for a mocha. Nice sunny morning.

Lessee. . . .came back and did some more work and also got all of my stuff together for tomorrow. Most of it anyway. Went to McD's for lunch (just fries and iced tea), came home, did a little more work, and then went to the vet for Daisy probiotic stuff, and dropped off some food bank donations at the church. Went to UVil to get some auto glass cleaner for the Honda since the interior windshield is really smeary and awful and fogs up in the morning. Had a chocolate milk at the SBux. Walked around a bit, still sunny and wonderful.

When I got home I did some more packing, etc. Walked.

So, I'm ready to go. Not looking forward to it, but I'm ready. Jeff is going to pick me up at the airport since he's in Pewaukee anyway. Could have just had him take me home instead of parking the car at Nancy's. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

22 September 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Just got to school in time this morning. Had a marching practice this morning. Things were about the same otherwise. Took Barbara home after school this evening. Mowed the lawn before supper. Went up to Barbara[sic] place about 7:00 and from there I went and picked up Carl and we went to a show at the Liberty $1.00. Got in home and in bed about 12:00. I am tired tonight for some reason. Gas $1.00. Spent $2.00. 
I am tired, too, but because I slept like crap last night. Couldn't get to sleep and then wok up at like 3:30. Blehh. Actually, when I found out what time it was I half thought I might lay back down, but then said -- and I quote -- "F*** you, you're going to get up and stay up". I can be mean to myself sometimes. So I drank two sodas before the alarm went off. And then iced tea! So I had a really good leg workout.

Came home, ate bagel -- one, with cream cheese, I'm trying something new -- and then went to Cascadia and spent the whole day working on this report. It was tough. The graphics were difficult and I had to write the background carefully because it's right next to a big site, Duwamish No. 1 (45KI23). Took until almost 2:30. Still have some junk to put in it, but I can actually do what back home.

What else. Left there and went to UVil to get some pasta for dinner, and then came home and made dinner and did a little packing-related stuff. We went back to UVil tonight to get me another CD holder so I can take more CDs with me.

Mom was doing better today with her therapy. So today is an Up day, after yesterday's Downer.

Monday, September 21, 2015

21 September 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Went to school just first period and then skipped the rest of the day. Had a marching practice this morning. Tried to get some [slige] today. Picked Barbara up after school and took her home. Went by and saw Shirley [Hafy] a little while and also stop by [Troy's] place a little while. Also went to dance band practice tonight until about 10:00. Saw Carl down town and talked with him for a while. Got to bed about 11:00 tonight. 
At least he stayed busy when he wasn't in school.

Okay, so last night I slept downstairs because the cats were hogging up the couch. Darn it. I really wanted to sleep up there with the window open because it was reasonably warm and rainy and windy. Grrrr. Might have helped though, it was reasonably uncomfortable down there. And I realized I had misread my alarm on my phone that it was already set for 5, but realized at around 4:15 that it was for 5 PM instead, so I got up then and got good and hydrated. Therefore, good workout. I poked a little fun about the SeaChickens-Packers game (the latter won) and Stewart kept calling them the Wisconsin Wankers. Heh. Talked to Hannah some, too.

Came home, blah blah, drove my Mustang to the shop. GAWD, that thing is so much fun. Worked on the one report most of the day (until 2:30) although I did go out for lunch at NGate and stopped at Spam's Club, too. Price information: Looked at 100 tablets of diphenhydramine at Bartell's yesterday and it was like $12. At Spam's the same stuff was 600 pills for $4.49.

I got most of the report written, but need to do the background tomorrow. It's by the Duwamish No. 1 site, a big one excavated mostly in the 1990s.

Came home and was going to practice ye olde guitar but then had to make dinner, but found I didn't have onion soup mix for the meatloaf so I had to go to the store for that, made that up and then had to make the lentils, *sigh*. I did some around 4 but oddly my fingers hurt a lot doing it. I feel like if I'm going to lug across the country I should probably start working a little harder at it. I really need to take lessons and/or interact with others.

Went to UVil. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

20 September 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Carl and I got up and got off to church this morning about 10:30. I came on back home and met [Bob has] at the house. We went to the [auto races] this afternoon $1.50. Pick Barbara up and took her down to the drive-in for some eats $1.30. Went to church with her this evening and we went down to the Drive-in again $.40. Went and parked for a while and had a flat tire. Got home 3:45 this morning. Spent $3.20. 
Yeah, the infamous "flat tire" uh-huh.

Weird night last night. I don't really remember much except that I woke up at 3:30 but managed to get back to sleep until 5. So, yay. Spousal Unit didn't get up until almost 7 so I didn't go to Mass BUT. . . .I did watch it on my computer! They live stream the Masses. Actually, I only came in at the homily. Might do that when I don't manage to go. Mostly because I felt really sleepy.

I cleaned my desk off while watching that and did a few other chores. Wrote up a very short post for Car Lust about my "first cars" (all three of them!). Before the Spousal Unit got up I watched most of the Singapore Grand Prix. Watched a bit of football this morning, too. Went to UVil, did the usual stuff. Came home and put a pork butt on the grill but checked a while later and the flame had gone out so I stuck it in the oven, was mostly done but not very tender, so I put it back in the oven for a while before we walked. Also bought a light-sensing thing for the porch light that ought to work to turn it on and off automatically, but the unit makes the bulk stick out of the bottom.

Mom slid back a bit today, wasn't terribly responsive to the therapists and the doctor is worried she might have an infection in her lungs. Don't know how worried I should be about that, but I am trying to remind myself that the ups and downs will continue and to try not to let the downs get too down and vice versa. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

19 September 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Got up early this morning and went and picked up Barbara and then we went down to the High School and from there we went and marched for a Sportsmans Day parade at Natches. Came home with the band and then went back for a while and [hang] around some. Went to work about 8:00. Carl came out to the dance and then came home and stayed all night with me. $2.50 and [heart] $.70 [at] Natches. $1.50 gas. Spent $4.70. 
Man, no more wine for me ever. Couldn't get to sleep last night and felt awful. Woke up at 2:30 and felt awful. I had assistance both times, but eventually slept until 5:30 so I felt good all day, not a single nap. Waited up for the Spousal Unit and we went out for breakfast. Don't know what I did when we got home, I think I fiddled with my guitar some and then watched football. We set out for an estate sale in Shoreline that Maryanne was doing, I bought a mint condition Herb Alpert record (Whipped Cream) for $1.00, so I have a really excellent copy of that. Had some trouble finding the place, too. Drove back and had lunch at the Ivar's on Aurora, I only had some shrimp because was still full from breakfast. Hit another estate sale in Ravenna and then went to UVil for dinner stuff and a yogurt. Meh.

Back home I went up and cleaned off the roof so it's clear for when the rains start when I'm away. The SE downspout has a small hole in it, but not a big deal. Really need to do the roof and stuff though. Watched more football and played more guitar. Actually, this morning I watched a couple of Doctor Who's and one this afternoon as well. Not compelling storytelling for the most part, but godalmighty is his sidekick double-extra-hawt. Jenna Coleman.

Made dinner which was more leftover pork and some stir fried vegetables. Still wasn't all that hungry. Walked.

Mom did some better today. Had visitors. Interacted quite a bit, apparently. I think she may be inching slowly forward. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

18 September 2105 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Had a marching practice this morning. Also played for our pep assembly at 2:30. Went down to the church after school. Got some gas $1.50. Picked up Barbara about 7:15 and I [directed] the band at the [football] tonight with Richland. Took Barbara home and came back and played a dance for the [Teen] Club. Took some girls home from the dance about 12:30. [! ! ! ed.] Am a little tired. Got in about 1:00 this morning. Spent $1.50. 
That stud.

Well, I had a decent day. Slept on the floor and it was not good on my hips and I kept waking up, but managed to sleep until 5. Didn't work out since I had to go to the field, although I probably should have gone in anyway, if only for 45 minutes. But it worked out better anyway. Left the house around 7 and after stopping at the QFC for two donuts and a banana, I drove down to the Duwamish river area (4735 W Marginal Way SW), ended up on E Marginal Way, overshot, but managed by good luck or superb navigational skills to find it anyway. Messy lot, all muddy and sloppy. The owner was there and I took photos and junk until Meg and the backhoe guy arrived. Short day, it turned out most of the lot was really compact rocky fill almost right on top of glacial. I think it had just been graded off and covered with fill. Few historic items, rusty nails, some small ceramic fragments, downspout pipe, etc. We only did 6 holes and hardly any digging on our own. Left at 10.

I stopped by the shop to drop the gear off and then got the Subaru washed, stopped by the Goodwill (nothing) and then went home. Changed clothes, drove to McD's for a jalapeño double, and then parked at UVil and walked to the gym. Lots of people there, downstairs, nearly all guys. I think one of the morning chicks was there. Had a pretty hard workout, too. Walked back to UVil and had essentially a chocolate milk at SBux, which I needed right then. Dangitall, lots of scenery. Came home. Gave Jack lots of attention.

Decided to go out for dinner at a place called Mama Stortinis at NGate. Delicious. I had ravioli with mushrooms and marsala cream sauce, which was at the place that was there before, too (Macaroni Grill). Oh, and a glass of chianti. Chiaaaanti. </Hannibal Lecter> Went to Target and got a CD case to bring to Wisconsin.

Here's Friday's Mom update which is positive:

Friday night: This is short because posting problems persist. If you visit they are having us wear plastic covers and gloves. I believe it is to prevent spreading a certain bacteria to the rest of the hospital. She did really well today in meeting her team. Speech therapist is good. Occupational and physical therapists were both surprised at her because the notes from Froedert weren't as positive. She still has no mitt. The dietician is a very positive person. Respiratory Therapist is diligent and RSI flared the cuff. She actually uses the nurse call button and I think once or twice for a good reason. I was very happy with the staff and cleanliness. I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning.
Looks like she's getting more active and busy. That's good. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

17 September 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a good marching practice this morning. Also give my first speech today in speech class. Got my car fixed after school tonight. Went up and saw Barbara a little while before I went to the [dumor] tonight. Played V. S. [Odaly] tonight and made my first $3.50 playing my Sax. Got home about 12:00 and got to bed as soon as I cold. [Silod nibbins] $.15. Spent $.15.
Somehow a drop of sap got on my computer. . . . .

So, decent day today. Slept pretty well, until 5. In only two places. Had a decent enough workout. Went to Cascadia after getting mocha at the SBux over on 35th. A gaggle of wives were there, mostly in tights and one in a short tennis skirt. I mention this because they seem to be typical housewives, which I thought went the way of the dodo around here, but perhaps not. Probably all married to lawyers and VPs.

Anyhoo. Called some guy about a project first thing (at home) and found out the project is pretty small after all, and that he'd talked to Meg yesterday anyway, so I made up the new scope of work first. Then I started on some mapping TT wanted me or Mike to do and I thought Mike was going to, but apparently he'd been ill, so I started. Happily, he came in about an hour into it and I handed it off to him because he's more adept at that than I am. Fiddled around some and then agreed to go into the field tomorrow, down around West Seattle (W Marginal Way SW, actually). After lunch at NGate and gassing up the Honda, we talked about that, I got the folder, and then loaded some gear into the car and then took off for home. I went to UVil to cash a Cascadia check and then went to the SBux, although it was kind of meh. But I wanted to go since I won't be around for a few weeks. It rained most of the day.

Mom is now in an outside facility, out of the hospital, at a place called LifeCare in Pewaukee. I hope it's a good place and that she is out of it relatively quickly. I suppose it's good news -- they wouldn't release her until she'd improved enough -- but I still wish she'd have gone to a rehab place right away. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

16 September 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Went to school with Bob this morning in his truck. Had a good marching practice this morning and also had a nice history test today. Worked on my car after school this afternoon until supper time. Pick Barbara up about 7:15 and we went and played for the [Fathead jammer] at Davis Field tonight. Drove around a little while afterwards. Got home about 10:30. Barbara paid for the eats tonight.
Am a bit somber as a write this, not because there is necessarily bad news about mom, just no additional good news. Yesterday she was better, but they're planning on sending her to an "acute care" facility instead of a rehab center because she's just not improving enough. This has all gone so much more slowly than we either anticipated or hoped. Still, I knew going in that there would be ups and downs.

Otherwise, I had a very good day. Slept okay, although I woke up a LOT. Partly because I was cold, I think, need to put a heavier blanket on the TV room couch. Or floor, as the case may be. But I ended up sleeping okay. Great workout. Went downtown. And I got all of my alcohol paper revisions done and I like them, even revised one of the tables extensively and it looks better, I think. So being productive felt good. Bus ride home was long but uneventful, mostly.

Have almost given up on managing any files on my stupid Android phone. I'm feeling utterly defeated, but I will spare you the rant again. But I reiterate: This is completely idiotic and my opinion of tech companies is probably lower now than it was back in the 1980s when everything was even more primitive. They're making glitzy crap, essentially.

Was going to practice guitar but Jack was desperate for attention so he laid in the sun on the ottoman and I sat next to him on the couch and he was happy. Just walked around here. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

15 September 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
My car is still out of order. Dad took Bob and I to school this morning. Had a test in [Diplong] this afternoon. Walked down to the church & picked up the Dodge after school. Came home and work on my car for a while. Bob came down tonight and is staying all night here. Did some drawing, history and some work for [lwd] tomorrow. Got to bed about 12:20 [unk] tonight. Am a little tired. Eats $.65. Spent $.65.
Right now I am listening to REO Speedwagon because Gary Richrath died this last weekend. They were one of my first hard rock bands that I started listening to. Too bad. They went all pop though and I quit liking them.

Last night I ended up sleeping in bed, on the couch, and on the floor. I think my most ever was four different places. I ended up getting enough though. Workout was okay, not that many people there. Some guy told me "Nice shirt" (Wisconsin) and later saw him in the locker room; he's from Kenosha. That makes like 6 of us down there from WI. Bulky dude, but I was silently making fun of him for having a bun. Should not do that. Well, yes I should. His name was Joey.

So, came home, scarfed down bagels, etc., went to Cascadia. Oh, I also discovered that the aforementioned 1980s crush, aka Julie Thornton, is also the Youth Minister at Assumption. And we'd emailed previously. JAYsus. How weird is all that?

Anyway, went to Cascadia and found the stupid DAHP had decided I needed more for the HPI and junk, which irritated me AGAIN because she said it in a letter to people instead of, you know, ASKING US FOR MORE INFORMATION FIRST. I say this without real malice, but just as an observation: Bitch. So I did that, and I think the client was happy that I arranged to do it without charging them for it. What else. Mostly did some other junk. Left around 1, I think.

So I was going to the bank to see Hot Latina Banker Chick, but she was busy with some Asians so I had to meet with some dopey guy instead. Did not like him. He was just so insistent that I use their stupid banking app and had me install it and was treating me like I was some Luddite old fart who could barely install an app. Idiot.

Can you see where this is going? I was slowly becoming more and more irritated as the day progressed.

So, came home and made more attempts to get my ($^%*$*@( phone (Android) to talk with my $(#*^$&@%$* computer (Mac) and all to no avail. I think I already fumed about this here so I shan't reiterate. We did stop at the Crapintosh. . .errr, I mean the Apple Store at UVil this evening and I may try their AppleCare support and then maybe go in and have their geeks give it a try.

So. Am listening to Speedwagon and sucking on a zinc tablet and hoping to wind down my irritation before bed.

Oh, Mom was apparently doing better, but will end up in some sort of transitional care place before coming back to FdL. Crap.

Monday, September 14, 2015

14 September 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning because my Plymouths a broken spring. Had a marching practice this morning at Davis Field. Had to walk home and then I started to work on the car. Work until supper time. Bob came in and stayed all night with me tonight. We went up to the [Drag] Store before we went to bed tonight. Eats $.40. Got to bed about 12:30. Spent $.40. 
Today was a pretty good day, all things considered. I slept okay, waking up at 4:45 on the couch. So I drank my Coke and had a really good workout. Talked with Monnie a little. Otherwise worked good and hard. Came home, ate bagels, went to Cascadia. I did about an hour's worth of work, mostly getting a cost estimate on something up in Snohomish County ready that Jana had requested. It's near a cemetery and may turn up some bodies. Maybe 1-2 weeks of monitoring. I left there before 11 I think, maybe a little after, and dropped some stuff off at Assumption (no Julie this time). Had lunch at home. Worked some more and then the Spousal Unit swung by and we went off to our co-dentist appointments. Good to see Mary again, she looked smashing as usual. Didn't get to talk long enough to find out what the deal was (she had something kinda major going on).

Came home, did a few things, dinner, walk.

At the moment I'm trying to get an old PC to recognize my Samsung phone. Rant on: JESUS H CHRIST THIS THING BUGS THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME. All I want to do is move my Mac music files over to the stupid phone. I did it once. Now it just won't let me read it. THIS IS IDIOTIC. It's 2015 and these simple file things SHOULD BE AS EASY AS FALLING OFF A LOG BY NOW. It's not because the nitwits in the companies are too busy making bells and whistles to bother with simple, stupid tasks. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

13 September 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Discovered a broke[sic] spring on the Plymouth this morning. Walked down to the church and got the Dodge. Took it and had the oil changed $2.60. and $3.00 of gas. Went by grandma's and got a bite to eat and then picked Barbara up about 2:00 and we went up to [misspeth]. We got back in time to go to grange peoples meeting at the church. Skipped church service at 7:30 and went to a show at the Liberty $1.50. Went to Kempers after the show. Eats all day $2.20. Got home about 11:30. Spent $9.30. 
Dude's skipping a lot of church lately.

O.M.G. I slept until almost 5:30! I thought it was surely only like 4:30. Was on the floor most of the night but did well as far as shoulders and back went. Consequently, I went to Mass this morning. It was kind of misting when I stuck my head out about 8:05 but was lightly raining by the time I left for the church at 8:15, so I woke my raincoat. They had the school kids there so it was pretty crowded. Walked home and it was still raining lightly, and then a little while after I got home it rained harder. Good, I don't have to water. Should be the end of that for the season.

Watched some football but not much. Not into the NFL much anymore. They're whack. Just too much corruption political correctness and such. We went to McD's around 11:45 for lunch and then to UVil for the usual stuff. Didn't really do much. When we got home I did a few little things, mostly sat in front of the TV downstairs and fiddled with my guitar for a while. Made chicken souvlaki ala Tony for dinner along with pasta (= carbo loading) and the last of the green bean casserole. Walked to post office.

New life starts today.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

12 September 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 11:00 and then took Grandma shopping. Washed the car before dinner and got $1.00 worth of gas. Mowed the lawn this afternoon. Ate down at grandma's about 6:00 and then came back and rested a little while. Went to work about 7:45. Had little crowd tonight. Got home about 1:15 and cleaned up a little around here and got to bed about 2:00. Am a little tired tonight. Spent $1.00. 
Well, I slept in until 4:30. . . .

Actually, I could have sworn it was after 5 but no. I went down on the floor right away, partly because the Spousal Unit had left the light on in that room so I had to turn it off and make my little bed in there so I just decided to hit the floor instead. But I was well rested. Spousal Unit didn't arise until after 6:30 or so, and I ate two Twinkies before that. Made eggs here.

I watched the Badger football game, which was mostly boring because they won 58-0 (Miami-Ohio). Didn't really do much else this morning. We left to get our hair cut in the UDist around 11; the Husky game started then, too, which we thought would make trouble for parking but no (Sacramento State, meh, no one probably showed up). Got that done, lunch at Pagliacci (yum) and then we hit the PetSmart, Spam's Club for gas, two estate sales, the yarn store, and QFC for dinner stuff. I made pozolli with the rest of the pork which was delicious. Also drank all of a Miller this afternoon and I don't feel bad at all. I think the key is to drink it very slowly, taking at least 45 minutes.

Bought two records at one sale, one by Linda Ronstadt (too many pops, will have to ditch) and one double Gordon Lightfoot. That one has a big warp in it, but otherwise sounded okay; may try to just fix that. Walked at NGate.

When I got up last night it took a few seconds to realize what day it was. Also, since we've been back here in Seattle I'm been forgetting where I am sometimes, am I here or in Wisconsin? Probably because My head is still kind of back there since I'll be going back pretty soon. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

11 September 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Meet our team at the Union Pacific Depot this morning with the band about 8:00. We [walked] down to the Ekwnink Hatch]. Picked Barbara up about 7:00 this morning. Had a [squash] test today. Worked the car[sic] this evening and then went and picked up Barbara and went to a [fall] meeting at [Dawengs]. Had a hell of a time. [Got] home about 11:00. Eats at the Drive-In [wear] $1.20. Spent $1.20.
Last night was one of the first times in a while that I had kind of a nasty anxiety attack. I went almost straight to the floor and slept well after that although my shoulders and back didn't like it. Managed to sleep until the alarm went off though. Had a really good workout, too. Talked to Hannah a bit, wonder if she really wants to be in touch outside of the gym.

I stopped and got bagels on the way back and then after scarfing them down went to Cascadia after making a tea latte here. Drove the Mustang. Did a bit of work, mostly just getting the cost estimates going, and when I wasn't doing that I was running the Coptic code. Left there around 12:45 and returned the porch light and then after stopping off at home I went to the UVil to try to see Ana at the bank and get learned on how to pay my new credit card bill with the ATM, but she was busy. So I had a big ol' frap and then came home. Should have played guitar more, but didn't. Oh, made flight reservations, am going back to Wisconsin on Sep 24.

Last night during the midst of the attack I prayed to just make the right decisions, mostly the big ones, not like "What kind of soda should I drink now?" 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

10 September 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Had a marching practice at school this morning. Got our assembly [septs] today. Bob [Wurl] came home with me after school tonight and we worked on the car until supper time. Bob had supper with me and then I took him out to his place. Came in home about 8:00 and studied American History until mid-night. Saw Barbara a little while tonight. Gas $1.00. Eats at Drugstore $.20. Spent $1.20. 
I have one year of entries left for this diary. Next year it ends after September 9.

I thought I'd slept really well last night but woke up around 4. Hmmm. I felt okay though. Consequently had a really decent workout. Talked with Monnie a bit, she was. . .well, not shocked, but surprised when I told her about my 'vacation'. Nice lady. Very attractive. Probably a socialist. Likes Bernie Sanders. I came home and ate a bagel and a half -- I am going to try to eat one bagel with cream cheese after this next batch is done with -- and then went off to Cascadia. Had a couple of cost estimates to work on, but cold only get a certain ways with them. Left around 11:40 and had lunch at NGate and then went to the Subaru dealer on 185th and Aurora (Carter) to get the car oil changed and some service. I worked on the latest Coptic data while there.

After that I stopped by Lowe's and bought a new motion-sensing outside light but I need to take it back for a different configuration. Hung out a bit and then watched TV a bit. Dinner was just leftovers.

No updates on mom as of this writing. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9 September 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Came in from [Walt's] place this morning about 8:00 and got in my uniform and went down and played at the Fair this morning and afternoon. At the [congenial] I spent $1.00 and eats $.40. [Took on time] and played [home] after the evening concert. Went up and saw Barbara tonight for a couple hours. Sure am tired tonight. Am getting to bed about 10:30. Cleaned up the room a little tonight. Spent $1.40. 
I had a good day. Slept well. I think I need a little assistance though. the good news is that mom improved! She kicked Jeff for reading his engineering plan to her and then held up her hand for him to stop reading it. And she seemed more alert. So, yay. The key is to irritate her, apparently.

Had a decent workout with my upper body. Left arm wasn't very sore and neither was the right shoulder. Worn out though. I went to the Rotunda to eat bagels (1.5) and headed downtown. Good seeing Rowena again, she was shocked at my news. But I got a lot done. I figured out (with Barb the statistician's help) the one analytic thing in the alcohol paper, and got the tables done, too. Including figuring out how to get the interquartiles to list out instead of just the range! Finally. </geek>

I went down and saw Janet for lunch. Very good to see her again, too. We got salad etc. at the one place and sat out behind my old building. Dangitall, nice scenery down there. Whoa. Walked back up and finished various things on my paper and then left around 2. Took a while to get home cuz the bus was late. Someone responded to my Craig's ad about the pew and (it was a female) and her husband came by to get it this evening, so that's good. That was after our walk. We brought the pew out front and I started cleaning the Honda's engine bay while I waited. That's very therapeutic.

So, decent day all around. Mom's doing better, I got a lot done, saw some nice people, etc. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

8 September 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Didn't go to school this morning but stayed home and worked on my [car intact]. Bob andI took off for Seattle about 6:00 this morning. [New] oil $2.50. Got in Seattle in time for the 10:00 show. $1.25. [Some pigtimes] $.50. Got out of the show about 12:00 and started back home. Stopped in Ellensburg about 3:00 this morning for some eats. Got the[sic] Yakima about 3:45. Slept out at his place when we got in. Spent $4.25.
I was thinking the "car intact" was really "rock concert" but probably not at that time. Interesting that they went all that way and then back.

Had a busy day today. I slept quite well last night, too. Oddly, despite adequate sleep I must have given off the hawt vibe because the females kept checking me out at the gym and elsewhere. Hmm. Sororities are back on campus, scads of 'em at the gym this morning. Not that that's a bad thing. . . .

Had a good workout although light weights because it was the first day back. Still, I was feeling it by the end and this afternoon was starting to get seriously sore. I will be hurting tomorrow that's for sure.  Came home and then only ate one bagel and after some fiddling around headed to Cascadia. No one was there! I guess TT is in the field and it was fairly quite. I got one task done and then archived an old project when Randall came in and we chatted a bit about strokes and stuff. DOesn't seem to be a lot of work though. I went and got lunch and then came back for a bit and then headed to the post office and got our mail and then came home.

So, when I was looking through the mail I found like 6 things from the same place; turned out to be a collection agency trying to get bounced check money from "TG Global LLC" out my home address. Probably more of the same ID theft crap. The company was very nice though, and after explaining that this was a private residence and that no company is here, they said they'd delete the address and we shouldn't get any more. Hopefully.

Also called the IRS and actually talked to a person and he was helpful! Of course, he found that a hold was on the return until I called and verified my ID, but of course they never told me that, idiots. I tried calling that number but was on hold for an hour before I gave up. While waiting I cleaned out the freezer: I'd put a Diet Coke in there to get cold and it had burst. Egads, frozen Coke All.Over. At least it's clean.

THEN I went to the UVil bank to cash a couple of checks and apply for an Alaska Airline credit card and got to talk with a perfectly charming (and, duh, attractive) young Colombian woman who was fascinated that she met an archaeologist! That made me feel good. So I should be getting that so I can start accumulation more miles.

No word about mom as I write this. Jeff explored some rehab facilities and the one we didn't like was actually highly rated according to Medicare. VA was less positive that we could get mom into a facility on their dime, but it may just require some pushing on our part. We'll see. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

7 September 2015 (Monday, Labor Day)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Got up sick this morning. Picked up Barbara and took her down to the High School with me this morning. The Band went down to Wapato today for the labor day celebration. [Caned] $.70. Slept some in the afternoon went[sic] I got back and then went [dade] about 7:30 on a double date with Bob and [Schson] and me and Barbara. Stopped at [Haupins] $.150 eats. Gas $.85. Went out to Bob's place a little while but got in about 12:00. Spent $2.90.
Interesting day today. I woke up like 3 times last night and then the last time I felt so well rested that I was certain it was close to 5:30. No, 4:07. Harrumph. But I felt okay so whatever. We went to Burgomaster for breakfast and were home before 7:30, how pathetic is that for a holiday? Well, we're still kind of on Central time.

After fiddling around a bit we went out and cleaned up the yard from the storm(s), mostly sweeping and raking up all the little branches and needles and junk. Didn't take long. Norma the neighbor came over (walking quite well) to get an update on mom and chat for a bit. It was good to see her. Fiddled around some more and then left around 11:15 to get the Subaru washed because it was chock full o' spruce junk. Fabulously we hit almost all green lights. Little traffic too.

After that we went to UVil to get lunch (salads) and sit outside and eat. Very pleasant. Went up to the bank and then did the usual shopping at QFC and Safeway. Back to get some yogurt. Were going to check on some candy to send the ICU people but it was too pricey there and might not get there unmelted.

Came home and I "mowed the lawn" meaning I ran the mower over everything mostly to suck up all the debris. I also (FINALLY) shimmed up the naked cherub statue in the back yard so it will hold the bird bath level. Irritation. Made dinner (ribs and green bean casserole because the adorable neighbor girl up the street -- she's like 23 but still adorable) brought us a big ol' bag of green beans last night. Not bad. Walked.

My brother who never used Facebook is now writing quite nice Mom updates. Here's today's:
Labor Day: I got there before 9. It didn't seem to matter though I was hoping to see more energy. The nurse from the morning who left at 10 said the turnover was that there was no change. She is still catheterized to help her bladder empty. I accidentally kicked the bag twice and she found the tube during PT in the afternoon. She still coughs up a lot of stuff and they try to keep towels under the trach tube along with the absorbent material. She behaved with her hand when let out of the mitt more or less. Has little interest in holding hands or at least mine. The sutures from the trach were removed successfully. I talked with the respiratory specialist who bumped her oxygen down from60% to 40%. it had been upped because blood oxygenation was below 90. It has been 94 or 95 when I watched it measured. The therapist at 3 said she was still at 40 so one measurement was still ok I guess. She got PT after being in the chair for 2 hours at around 2. She had been awake for several hours. She did ok and actually seemed happier to see him than me. When he was testing her left leg we saw her right foot actually move significantly. It didn't do it again though. I don't believe he was happy that she kept listing to the left while sitting up. At the end he did ask her to give him a high five. Her fingers and palm rose from her knee so maybe she does like the fellow. I thought her head stayed up better but I don't think he agreed with me. The Brewers had a big game today. She didn't seem so interested. When I asked if she wanted the sound it looked like she moved her head no but I turned it on anyway. Then I did play by play and color commentary. I didn't see a doctor just talked with nurses. There was little information to be gained. Tomorrow will be a big day as I run around trying to talk and see rehab places and get a cost idea. Then go in a little later than normal to get more news from social worker or doctors.
Very, very slow but steady progress I guess. The right foot is significant.

One thing I had thought of today, maybe even last night: Bringing my guitar with me and visiting mom with it. Not that I think my playing will get her going (in and of itself anyway) but thought I would make a bargain with her. Since learning a new physical skill by repetition actually causes one's brain to rewire itself, I would make a deal that while she is learning to to all the things she used to to again differently, I would make the effort to do the same with my guitar. Who knows, maybe it will help. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

5 September 2015 (Saturday, in flight to Seattle)

(Forgot to post this one before the last one)

Back to the other home. It’s a little after 7:30 Wisconsin time and a little after 5:30 Seattle time. So far so good.

Last night was odd. I went to sleep well, but then woke up and it got weird. I went downstairs as usual, but then heard someone cough and thought it sounded like it came from the porch (obviously it didn’t). Laid there a while, and then it sounded like all of the porch windows kind of got pushed by a strong wind momentarily. So I sat up and looked out there but nothing was amiss. Time for a quarter of an ambien. Even then it took a while to fall back to sleep (this was all around 1:30-2 or so, I think). Anyway, I ended up sleeping until 5:30 again. Sat on the porch, as usual. Read the paper, as usual. Went back in and watched TV until the others got up.

We were meeting the Pool People for breakfast at 8:15 so we all showered, packed up, got some laundry going, etc., and then spent some time figuring out some of mom’s finances and paperwork and such. It looks like she was financially in decent shape.

We went over and had a nice visit with everyone. Not much to say on that account, just visiting, although Jeff held them in rapt attention as he updated them on her condition. Which is not a whole lot of improvement. Maybe some more movement, but nothing to write home about (just barely enough to write here about). We came back, got everything together and then headed out in our little convoy of three vehicles: me in mom’s Equinox, the Spousal Unit in the rental, and Jeff in his car (he was slightly delayed though). Trip down went without incident. I did largely discover that I would rather drive an old truck then a new Camry.Just sayin’.

We dropped the rig off at Nancy’s house, visited a bit, and learned that uncle Henry is now in what amounts to hospice care, i.e., he is declining. Which is sad, but also a good thing; he would not want to live like he is for very long. The end will be a blessing for him.

Headed out to the hospital to see mom again. She was in a chair but not very awake. Maybe sleeping. Not terribly responsive though. It didn’t really startle us, but we’d not seen her since Thursday so we had been hoping for more improvement. It was just sad to see her still in that same place. We’d had a bit of lunch before going up. I dunno, I’d been hoping to leave with a little more sign of hope.

Anyway, we made it to the airport in plenty of time, even took a quick side trip to gas up the rental so we weren’t dinged for gas. Screening went quickly, waited a while, and then airborne even a few minutes early. They’re planning our flight for less than 4 hours which is odd, but I’m not complaining.

Wish it were either sad to get back home — after having a great vacation — or kind of happy to get back home — after having a great vacation — but unfortunately, it’s neither. I’m hoping and somewhat planning on at least minimally concentrating on things here as intently as I can just to get away from all that for a while. Have to start planning on coming back though. I’ve set my phone to alarm every day at 7 pm midwestern time so I am reminded to say a prayer, even though I do that several times a day anyway. But who knows, maybe the group prayer at the same time from all of us will work some minor miracle.

6 September 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Slept in this morning [until] 12:45 then got up and went down to Grandma's for dinner. After dinner [a] drove around a while and did some work on my history. Barbara skipped church with me tonight and we went  down to the drive-in and had some eats $1.20. Went to a party out at [busygroup] tonight about 9:30. Got home after a little driving around after the party about 12:30. [Gel] $.90 Gas $1.00. Spent $3.10.
Sounds like he's back in school.

First full day back in Seattle. *sigh* Didn't sleep all that well last night, woke up at around 4 I guess. The Spousal Unit made it to around 5 or so. Still kind of on Central time. Went out to McD's for breakfast since we had no food in the house. Oh, made it back to the house around 8:30 last night. Had McD's "Morning Mac" finally, which is their sausage and egg McMuffin with two sausage patties. Y-U-M. Didn't fill me up too much either.

Grass is a bit greener (it was raining last night and some this morning, too) and lots of material all around from the wind storm. We will clean all that up tomorrow. Hung out until around 10:30 and then we went down to Gig Harbor to fetch the cats. Were looking all over for Jack and couldn't find him, but it turned out he was locked upstairs. Just sat around there until around 2:30 and then rounded up the cats. Daisy was tough to get, but Jack went and hid in a new (for him) soft little carrier type thing so I just closed the front up and pushed him out of it and into the carrier. Jack is glad to be home but Daisy is still mostly hiding downstairs.

Had a simple dinner of rice and peas (I wasn't that hungry) and walked up to Slaveway for some minor items.

I dunno, it's kind of good to be back. I do appreciate my life here, the relative unclutteredness of the house, my big-ass stereo, etc. It feels differently now, obviously. Now "home" (FdL) is starting to not feel like "home" anymore. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

4 September 2015 (Friday)

Well, last full day here. Who woulda thought we'd come here for vacation but get a stroke instead. Jeff went down to MKE while we stayed here.

I slept. . . weirdly. Woke up first at 1:30 and had to pee so bad my bladder hurt, went downstairs and woke up later and had to pee so bad my bladder hurt, and then managed to get back to sleep (unassisted) until 5:30 again. Sat on the porch for a while. It's very peaceful out there early in the morning, I wish I could do that in Seattle.

So we went to the bank and got the paperwork for Jeff being her financial power of attorney. We opened their safe deposit box and dad's death certificate was there, which was good because otherwise the banking would have been problematic and delayed. Few other things in there like birth certificates and a $25 savings bond for me. Probably from when I was born. And found out about mom's investments (couple annuities and a life insurance policy). Came back and then he left for MKE and we went out on errands. Got two keys made, some new screws for the back door (probably won't work), and went to another facility. . . .which might work. We liked it anyway, but they also have a VA contract so if it works out she could stay there as long as she needs to.

Lunch at Rockys and then we went to the Humane Society. I like contributing but it's hard for me to be there. I want to take them all home! I wish I could spend a couple of hours there playing with them and scratching them and stuff. Then we went down to Theresa and bought some cheese at Widmer's, came back, laid about, went for fish at the Backyard Bar & Grill. Delicious perch. Did some shopping at the Pig. Went for a short walk.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

3 September 2015 (Thursday)

Bit of a tougher day today, compared to yesterday. I slept quite well, through the night until 4:30. Sat on the porch, read the paper a bit for a while. . . .came in and watched TV for a while until the others got up. We went out and got bagels while Jeff ran. He's on some weird diet eating two tablespoons of nuts for breakfast or something.

When we got back I read on the porch a bit and took a little nap. We went down to MKE around 9:15, and I dropped mom's car off at Fleet Farm to get the brakes checked. Turned out the screeching was just the emergency brake cable needs replacing (not urgent) and the tires need replacing (not urgent); we might try to get new tires tomorrow.

Mom was about the same although she looked unhappy today. Wasn't as responsive to us. Maybe she was tired or just in a funk. We have to realize that she will go through as many, if not more, ups and downs as we do. Jeff stayed down until around 6, but we came back before noon, had lunch at an Arby's around County Line Road (Q). When we got back we went to check out a couple of 'nursing homes' although we're calling them rehab facilities so mom doesn't get bummed. First one, St. Francis, seemed nice but they don't take trach patients. The director lady was (besides being quite attractive) very empathetic and professional and she looked us right in the eyes which is a good sign. Second one, Harbor something, was the old Rolling Meadows, now over by St. Agnes. That one looked decent. The third one, Manor something, didn't seem like a good fit. I dunno, seemed kinda dark and not very pleasant. They seemed focused on getting people back in their homes though, which is good.

Hit the A&W for a snack, too.

Made dinner at home. Went for a long walk up to Buttermilk Creek Park.

Walking around town the last few days has been different. I am looking at Fond du Lac differently. Like it's all of a sudden become a different place. I suppose it's the start of letting go. I see young families and think in bittersweet fashion that it's their turn now. We had our "childhood Fond du Lac" and now they will have theirs. That started when it occurred to me that I didn't want to keep the old house; we need to, eventually, just go ahead and sell it and let another family make their memories in it. Same for Fond du Lac. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2 September 2015 (Wednesday)

A good day for mom today. When we got there she was awake and was responsive and tried snapping her fingers and was smiling somewhat at our jokes (e.g., when the nurse pumped some protein into her tube I said "Not quite Rocky Rococo's is it?"). Still looked like hell though. I mean, to be honest. . . . .

So I slept okay. My pattern is back: wake up between 1 and 3 and sleep elsewhere. *sigh* But at least now I end up sleeping until 5:30. We made pancakes at home here and then I did a few things and we headed down there around 9:30. I'd planned on just being there until 1 but since she was awake and active we didn't leave until almost 2. She does need to rest a lot still. We quietly crept out when she went to sleep. On the way back we stopped at a place called Kelley's Dairy or something and got some ice cream. Apparently it was on Good Morning America or something. Not bad. Nice rolling farm scenery. Ended up going down a road for a couple of miles and it was closed for construction but we took a little scenic route back.

Decided to go out for dinner at Sebastian's. Meh. But I wanted a steak. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got a few more kitchen supplies, and walked around a clue of other stores. Drove back, stopped by a train again, etc. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1 September 2015 (Tuesday)

Good news today which I shall get to presently. Had some difficulty sleeping last night, ended up getting up at 11:10 and 1 and then finally at 5:30 again. But it was okay, wasn't tired at all today. We went out for breakfast at the Hardees and it is hereby not our favorite. Meh.

I installed a new light on the outside on the side of the house and it only took a half an hour. Took care of a few other things, found out mom's swimming membership is coming up in September so she just doesn't have to renew it. Also cancelled the paper and called a couple other people. Left for MKE around 9:30.

So, when we got there (after a detour down Watertown Plank Road to find something else to eat besides the cafeteria) (unsuccessful) Nancy was in mom's room doing a rosary and. . . .mom's eye was open! Not all the way but a good half. And she was paying attention! Even shook her head a couple of times. They took her from the ICU and then when they got to her room -- after tearing open her urine bag and then spilling it again in the room -- they did the usual test and she responded! Both my arms shot up in victory. And she had her eye open in there, too. The new nurse (Marie) is adorable and I think will take good care of her. Made sure she knew about the Brewer game, too.

So we had a happy drive home. I know it's early and this wasn't much but it's the first real sign of decent improvement.

We stopped and got a couple of things at Fleet Farm as well as gas and then went home to make dinner (salad). Walked all the way up to Gillies and then over a block or two past Main (west) and walked home that way; some streets I'd never been down before and they had some lovely houses. Bought a lottery ticket on the way, too, just in case!