Monday, August 31, 2015

31 August 2015 (Monday)

Today is kind of an "up" day following yesterday's "down" day. Didn't start out that way. Most of the day we were (well, I was) kinda down and worried she would never wake up, etc. Slept again until 5:30 and we ate in. I had to stop at SBux on the way out because the breakfast made my stomach a little icky. Got down there around 10:15. They were doing their evaluation when we got there so we got to talk with the attending physician a bit. Didn't find out anything new except she'd had an infarction at some point (whether before or after the stroke, I don't know). They took her out for the tracheastomy about 11 so we went and sat outside in the courtyard. Had lunch out there and came back in about 1.

She was back and at first I thought she looked awful, but she eventually looked a little better. Was closing her mouth which I bet felt great. Was not responding to commands but I think she was still under the sedative somewhat -- I think that stuff affected her more than they thought. By the time we left she was 'chewing', swallowing some, moving her eyes around and even opened her right eye a little bit, which is mainly what made me hopeful as she'd done none of that stuff for a long while. I hope being off the sedative and the ventilator helps her turn the corner.

Uneventful drive home, Rocky's for dinner, and then I got a sweatshirt at the mall. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

30 August 2015 (Sunday)

We stayed home today, or at least decided not to go down to Milwaukee. We are calling these 'mental health days'. After yesterday when it seemed mom didn't really know we were there we decided that, with some other people visiting her, we would stay away. Also next week will probably be very busy and there's a greater chance she'll be aware of us.

I really hated typing all that stuff about her not being aware of us.

How things change.

I slept part of the night on the little couch again. It works very well for my purposes. Slept until 5:30 with about 45 minutes awake around 3 I guess. Ate pancakes in again. Checked in with the hospital and then we headed to Madison around 9:45. It was a decent drive down and although it was kind of crowded because the dorms were moving in this weekend it was still pleasant. I bought a baseball shirt that looks like one of my favorites from when I was there, and also a pint glass and a black t-shirt. We had lunch at the old Brauthaus now State St. Brats. Not bad. Had sauerkraut on it. After State Street we walked up to campus over Bascom hill and then down past the Soc Sci building and to the lakeshore. Walked back to Memorial Union along that and then got an ice cream and sat out back. It as pleasant but still we weren't all that into it. A couple of recent graduates were sitting near us, females and one guy, and it was a riot listening to them.

So we drove home around 2. Didn't do much else except make dinner (mostly leftovers) and went for a good, long walk over to Sheboygan and Division Streets to look at the big old houses. I took some photos. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

29 August 2015 (Saturday)

Decent day today. I actually came downstairs here at around 2:45 because I couldn't get back to sleep upstairs. It was raining all night which would have been pleasant but the way the downspouts are set up here what you hear is not the gentle pitter-patter of the rain but a steady drip down to the bottom of each downspout. It's only a loveseat-sized couch but it turned out to be perfect since I was just comfortable enough to sleep but uncomfortable enough to sleep as well. That's important. Ended up being woken up by the alarm.

We hung around here and then met the Pool People at the Eden Grill out by Taycheedah/Peebles. New place, at least since 2011. Not bad. Kinda cheap interior but the food was decidedly okay.

Came home and then went down to Milwaukee. Phyllis and the nurse said mom liked having her hand held, but I found out that was only for a minute or two. Mainly she just likes her hand free to fidget. She likes feeling the stuff in her mouth; don't know if she will try puling it out but she might try adjusting it. They also put a popsicle stick in her mouth because they think she bit something overnight. I really hope she's not too aware of what's going on. Apparently, some medicine they give her is known around there as 'milk of amnesia' so perhaps at lest she won't remember.

Talked to the doctor, one of them anyway. He talks optimistically, but he's the junior physician. They don't say much different exactly, but they emphasize different things and say things in different ways. He didn't come in until after 2 so we were there for a lot of time. They had put a radio on for her, which I hope she likes. I called them at 6 and asked them to tune in the Brewer game for her.

We drove home and stopped at the Pick 'N Save and got some dinner materiel. Just rice in a box and edamame and . . . a couple of other things. For dessert we walked dow to the DQ because it had stopped raining; had been drizzly all day in MKE.  A young female (probably 13-14) kept checking me out when we walked to the Dairy Queen and made sure to hold the doors for us. Back in the day she's exactly the sort I would have gone ga-ga over; WHERE WERE YOU THEN, HUH?

So I think I'm settling in more for the long haul now. Imagine, three days ago I was freaking out about a possible tracheostomy and now I'm looking forward to it going in. The expectations keep lowering and the time frame keeps going out. *sigh*

Friday, August 28, 2015

28 August 2015 (Friday)

We stayed home today. Called the hospital at around 9 and no change, sadly. I slept pretty okay. When I wake up in the night or even at 3:30 like I did this morning I may take another dyphenhydramine but I'll not get all cranky, I'll just pray.

We decided to eat out at a non-fast food place so we went to Rolling Meadows. It was pretty good, cheaper than at Burgomaster actually, and I was able to sub some fruit for hash browns. Pretty good. Bacon's better at BMaster though.

We did some cleaning and moving stuff this morning and then got the Internet going; I'm typing this directly into the web site now. We moved the microwave from where it and its predecessors have been since probably the 1970s to free up counter space. Moved a few things down to the basement, too. Then we went to the bank and tried to find out about a safe deposit box but they wouldn't tell us. The person there was a young lady and the Spousal Unit said she got a little teary when she told her what state mom was in. She was helpful as far as she could be. I found a key for a box at the Chilton bank; called up and they had no Cagle though. Hmmmm.

After that we went to Menard's to get some light bulbs, a couple of light-sensing outdoor lights, and some shelves. Culver's out there for lunch. Hit Wal-Mart after that for shelves (none) and some other stuff. Oh, we had also gone to Salvation Army and St Vinnie's for shelves, but none. Came home and then I dug out the old gas grill to test it out. Rusty but it works. I went to Pick and Save for a lighter for it, and when I was in there the phone rang and it was the hospital which I immediately thought the worst of, but they were just getting formal confirmation of the tracheal thing. Apparently they'd called Barb and she kinda freaked out and passed it off to me and she'd called Taya, blah blah blah. What a mess.

Successfully cooked dinner on the grill after spending some time reading on the cycle. I drank some old Schlitz but it was not in good shape, will have to dump the rest. Walked at the Mall. Sad about that place, I counted 12 stores that were empty. Not many people there. In the 1970s it would have been kickin' on a rainy Friday night. Everybody is probably going to Wal-Mart and Target these days.

I confess I've been feeling a bit guilty at times, like when we were out for dinner. Like I shouldn't be enjoying myself eating when my mom was barely conscious. I know (and Chuckie the neighbor told the Spousal Unit the same thing) that mom would want us to try to have some fun and not spend all our time worrying or seeing her. I may have made something of a transition this morning; I thought that maybe it was time to. . . I dunno, not 'move on' but at least deal with the reality that I have no control over what happens now and to just do what is right as best I know how and get on with my life instead of moping around. I do see Fond du Lac differently lately. Knowing that this will perhaps be one of the final times I'm here, my connections here will probably start winding down especially if mom goes to Maryland. That's a big part of the current sadness, seeing my last connection to this place and my youth in the first stages of going away. 

27 August 2015 (Thursday)

Another roller coaster day, starting down, going up some, then leveling out to I don’t know where.

The update is that mom hasn’t improved all that much and they’re not really willing to take the tube out to see how she does. If they did that and she couldn’t breath well they’d not put it back in at this point but would have to do an emergency tracheotomy which they don’t want to do. So, it looks like they will schedule the trach for sometime in the next few days, maybe Saturday, probably Monday and that will be that. They think she will be much more comfortable. It’s been difficult for me to come to grips with that, but I’m getting better with the idea. Not liking it though. 

So we ate breakfast at home and then did a few things before heading down. We found that the wifi box downstairs was for the phones and so we contacted AT&T and, after a bit of trying to prove who we were, and we decided that we should turn the AT&T internet on instead of the cable. So tomorrow I should be able to connect directly. 

We went down there around 9:30 and found they’d wanted to talk to us — ‘have a family meeting’ — which sent us immediately down, even though we figured it was just the stuff we’d talked about yesterday. A new doctor came in (Dr. Ali Sultan, from Seattle!) and talked to me, Phyillis’ line was busy, and because Phyllis really wants to know what’s going on and we want her as part of the decision process, we had him come back later and she called in. We all decided that would be the best for her. So many difficult decisions. . . .

We left shortly thereafter (around 2:45) and came back here. Stopped for more groceries and made dinner here. Went to Gillies and then tried to go to the Salvation Army but it was closed so we went to Lakeside again. A baby goat kind of gummed the Spousal Unit’s fingers, the alpacas let us scratch them a bit, and we just walked. 

Oh, after learning all this, we’re realizing the house will be empty except for us kids for several months at least so we’ll have to start figuring out what to do about it. That’s been making me sad as well. 

It really is a new reality. 

26 August 2015 (Wednesday)

If there are peaks and valleys in this journey today was a valley. Not any particular reason, but we had to discuss options of what to do if mom can’t keep her airway open on her own after the tube comes out. I think it’s just something they have to do, but I didn’t like it. The nurses today weren’t as optimistic sounding as the doctor was yesterday and that didn’t help either. 

So anyway, we finally made pancakes here successfully. Mom’s friend Audrey called and said they were meeting for breakfast at 8:30 (at Rolling Meadows) and I offered to join them and let them know what was going on. They appreciated that. We did some cleaning downstairs before that to get room ready to maybe move some stuff down there, and got rid of some toys at Goodwill. Come home and finished some laundry and then headed down to Milwaukee around 10:15 or so. Left there by 1:30. Mom was fidgety. We’re hoping it’s because she wants the tube out so she can breath on her own. Also signed some paperwork. 

When we got home in FdL we went to SBux and I did some emailing to Jeff and Barb about what might happen, and then we went to the Lakeside Park petting zoo for a bit of fun. I liked the animals, so simple. A good scratch and food and sun is all they need. 

Got home and called Phyllis, she was not very happy with the situation although I told her there wasn’t that much different from yesterday. She agreed, however, that if she couldn’t breath on her own she thinks putting in a tracheal tube and feeding tube and putting her in a nursing home to perhaps improve would be acceptable to her. That’s one option, the other is taking the tube out and “letting nature take its course” as one of them said. I’m pushing for us all — siblings and Phyllis — agreeing to one option and going with that. I think we should all decide. If we can. . . .

So that’s been weighing heavily. We went to the library and made copies of the power of attorney documents and emailed them out and then dinner at Schreiner’s, where we’ve rarely been but I though it would be a nice place to go to. Simple comfort food. Stopped at Walgreen’s and then walked up to Sheboygan St. and back down Marr. 

While I was walking I was really overcome with a desire to turn back the clock and forget all about college and archaeology and Egypt and Seattle and all that stuff and just make a life here in Fond du Lac. I’ve never quite felt that way before, despite all of the soul-searching I’ve been doing the past couple of years, as documented here. I desperately wanted to go back and do things differently. Stay here. Be with family. 

25 August 2015 (Tuesday)

I’m feeling a bit better today. I talked with a very nice young nurse about how much we ought to be visiting and she was very understanding and said that in the ICU we didn’t need to be there all the time and no one would be judging us if we weren’t. I still felt bad yesterday for not being there at all, but I think it was an okay call.

I didn’t wake up until almost 5:30 so that felt good. We tried pancakes again but failed again. I used salt instead of sugar which I’d done before. Ugh. So, off to McD’s. Actually ate too much, so my appetite is definitely waning from not working out. We came home and got ready to go but then the attorney called and he had mom’s power of attorney documents so we went to his office (Ronald Hammer) and spoke with him a bit (very tall) and got the docs.

There were two new nurse there, the aforementioned very nice young one (only there today though) and another one, and they talked to us quite a while about mom, more of what to expect, etc. Sara (cousin) suggested we have Phyllis on the phone when we talked to the doctor to set her mind a little easier so we did that and I think she appreciated it. Found out she really did have atrial fibrillation, which surprised Phyllis, and that was probably the cause of the stroke. She also has a urinary tract infection.

SO. We stayed until about 2:45. Still was full from breakfast so I just had a bowl of fruit and some pudding for lunch. Talked with the nurses some more, and also to the social worker and they were pleased we had the power of attorney docs with us, so that’s all squared away. Came home, went to store and managed to create an edible dinner (crab cakes; the crab is cheeeeeap here) and then drove out to Lakeside and had an A&W ice cream cone and walked around the park. Aunt Nancy suggested on Facebook that we all pray at 7 but I was driving so I just did a quickie.

I feel a bit better about things. The doc was more optimistic about her recovery eventually, so I am a bit more optimistic today than I was. Well, and felt better about going down there and doing something useful. 

24 August 2015 (Monday)

Another stupid busy day for the most part. I mis-set my alarm and it went off at 4:30 but that was okay. I needed some assistance at around 3 togged back to sleep but it wasn’t for long. Was worrying that I was not spending enough time at the hospital, not giving updates to everyone, that we didn’t catch on to what was going on in time, etc.

But I sat around and read the paper until the Spousal Unit got up. We showered right away and then I went down to the pool to tell her swimming friends what had happened. They were appreciative that I had done that. Also got a call from someone else I didn’t know and told her all about it. Spent much time on the phone today.

We were going to make pancakes for breakfast but there was no flour and we couldn’t find the griddle so we gave up and went out again. To Hardee’s the time. Ate too much. Well, maybe not, but close. Not working out is catching up to my appetite. Need to start watching more closely.

Called the hospital when we got back and sadly there wasn’t much change. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was still hoping she would pull out of it quicker. I think that got me a bit despondent. And I wondered if I should be down there, but they’ll have her sedated the rest of today and tonight. Maybe she’d know we were there, but I doubt it. I did text this over with Barb, and she thought it was okay not going down there and dealing with some stuff here while she’s still out.

We walked down to the library to use the Internet where I sent out some emails and some other stuff. Stopped by the bank to change the address on an account of mine to my current address. Went home and decided to go to the mall to get some more clothing and some other supplies, had lunch, stopped at Fleet Farm to return my jeans, and then came home. Called Phyllis — she’s kind of the one making me feel like I haven’t spent enough time there, but I think she’s just desperate for updates — and then. . . .hmmm. Fr. Tony called this morning as well; he and Roger stopped in yesterday and gave her the Anointing of the Sick and hung a Fr. Solanus medal in her room (he supposedly heals the sick).

We did some more cleaning and fixing some things around here and went through many papers. Found out dad had had a bike accident in 1984 and actually retained a lawyer to get a settlement from the driver that hit him. The other guy’s rep was being a total asshat. They (my parents) won. Also dug out an old Fondy Cardinals sweatshirt to wear. Went shopping for dinner stuff and other supplies. We made dinner here for once, chicken salad. Then the two neighbors came over and talked; they really think highly of mom and were shocked to hear this. They’ll keep things going for her here. Went to Gille’s and then Wal-Mart for yet more cleaning supplies. Mom didn’t keep a bad house, but it’s kind of cluttery and not spotlessly clean.

Anyway, still feeling kind of bad. Sometimes I just can’t believe this is all happening, but at the same time I’m happy to be taking care of things.

23 August 2015 (Sunday, still in Fond du Lac)

I slept like a log last night (unsurprising) until about 4:50. We said up until 9:30 or so watching a NASCAR race. Really out like a light.

So, today. Spousal Unit got up around 6:30. 6:30? Maybe later. I think we showered pretty quickly after she was awake. We went out for breakfast at McD’s on Johnson in the pouring rain. A line of thunderstorms moved through right around 8. Stopped at the Walgreens on Johnson and Main and got a few supplies. Came home and got some laundry folded up and made an overnight bag for us, just in case Headed to Milwaukee about 9. They’d left a phone message this morning that they had to put the tube back in, which was a little depressing. But when we got there (actually a while later) they told us it was because she had junk in her lungs, probably from the first intubation and it wasn’t really part of the stoke. But they had her sedated so she was out all day and tonight. We only stayed until about 1:30 because of that. Didn’t get to see Fr. Tony, he might have gone over later.

Still hard to see her like that. When I woke up this morning I was gripped with a sudden fear that she would never open her eyes, etc., but remembered that they had said that a lot of the resulting swelling in the brain affected things like the eyes and such, so I calmed down some.

So we came back and made a stop at Fleet Farm for some more supplies — we dressed for warm days of vacationing and now are in cooler days of going to and from hospitals — and Phyllis called. She wanted to know what was happening, I think she didn’t like me not calling today so far, even though I texted. So I am on mom’s Facebook account and will be posting updates from there. I was thinking later on (actually earlier, too) that someone is probably going to complain about how we’re doing things; looking back I remember people kvetching about how Marion dealt with grandma’s passing. I don’t think I’ll care though.

Anyway. Got home and cleaned up some and then Phyllis her old workmate called, and then Nancy called, and then Jeff and Barb and Kathy called, so I spent a lot of time talking. We went to a Panera for dinner and then a DQ nearby. We went over to the Pick N Save and I found. . .Old Style beer! Only in a case, so I won’t buy any, but it’s there! And Piggly Wiggly for a few items. Home.

Did okay today. I’m reminding myself that this is the new normal and it has to be dealt with. 

22 August 2015 (Saturday)

Let’s see, what should I write about tonight. .  . oh yeah! Mom’s in the hospital with a stroke!

So here’s the sequence of events. While watching baseball I was doing that and doing a crossword and around 8 she said she was going to put her nightclothes on. Well, she fell asleep and was snoring. Then she started moving her hands and feet around, sometime about 8:30, which we thought was weird but maybe what old people do when they’re very tired? We tried waking her up at 9 and couldn’t so we called 911 and they came and took her to St. Agnes. When we got there they said she’d likely had a stroke and would I authorize administering “TPA”, which I did. Then they airlifted her to a hospital in Milwaukee which I can’t spell (Freiderts or something). We drove down, starting out around 11:50 after coming home and getting some overnight stuff. 

Once we got there (with an aborted attempt to find a bathroom in Menominee) they had her in the ICU (technically NICU) where we looked in on her, etc. until about 3 when they put us in a little room with foldout beds around 3. We both slept a good couple of hours (I actually slept quite well), until around 6:30. Got up, went over to see her, not much change, still intubated. We went for breakfast in the cafeteria, came back up, hung around. She was aware of what was going on but could mostly just use her eyebrows and left hand. Right side was weak. At one point she could lift her right arm and leg, but that went away after a while (probably swelling). Can’t open her eyes. We went for lunch. Around 2:30-3 they took out the tube and she seemed to feel better. Still not great, but aware. By 4:30 we decided (others had also suggested) that we go back to Fondyberg, so here we are for the night. Stopped at Rocky’s for dinner. 

Went over to Chuckie’s and told her what the deal was. Tried another neighbor, they weren’t home. 

So now here we are at my old house with neither one of my parents here. This saddens me. I made it all night and day, but knew I needed to break down and bawl for a while which I did right when I got home. Just need to get it out and then I’m better. We plan on going back down in the morning. 

21 August 2015 (Friday)

I slept faaaaabulously last night. All the way through the night until 5:50ish. That really felt great especially after yesterday. I had to wear my sweatshirt and put a blanket on my lap because it was cold this morning (52). Sat around and drank soda, mom got up around 6. I discovered she has a Keurig so I made some (icky) hazelnut coffee and drank about a half a cup. I got some half-caff k-cups today so I might drink some more while we’re here. We went to a bagel place while mom was swimming; pretty small bagels. Not bad though. The Spousal Unit and I went out shopping at Fleet Farm, Menard’s, and Wal-Mart. I got some long PJ pants and a couple of other things. Ha, also bought mom two pink lawn flamingoes. We came back and then went to lunch at Culver’s where the Spousal Unit had a “butter burger” whatever that is; I had chili-cheese fries (meh). After that, Tim called and we set up Madison for next Thursday. While I was talking to him out front a pit bull at the next house looked really interested in meeting me so after I hung up I went over. The woman watching him said she comes by during the day to keep her (Lexus) company. Turns out she grew up across the street but is 11 years younger than I am so I don’t remember her at all. Sweet dog (12). 

Anyway, we walked downtown, went into a couple antique places, and the Mad Hatteur, a ‘head shop’ and record store I used to buy records at a lot in the 1970s. Walked home, I took a short nap, and then rode the cycle on the porch for a while. We went to Schmitty’s Oar House for fish. Pretty good. I tasted the Spousal Unit’s perch and it was deelish and I had baked haddock. We had mom drop us at Gille’s and we split a sundae. And walked home. Brewer game in now. 

20 August 2015 (Thursday, en route and in Fond du Lac)

Writing this the next morning. Started out the vacation by waking up at 3 am and not getting back to sleep so the travel day kinda sucked. We got out at about 6:20, caught a bus downtown and then the rail to the airport. The flight was really good, even got in to MKE 25 minutes or so early. Smaller plane but the seats were 4 across and decently sized both in width and leg room. We got Starbucks sandwiches to eat on the place and they were pretty good.

Got our car, a Camry. Had signed up for a subcompact but decided it was too small. I wanted a Beetle but we got a boring old Camry. Smelled like perfumed cleaner though. Was drizzly when we left Seattle and cloudy and 65 when we got here so I needed to keep my sweatshirt on. 52 overnight. We went to Rocky Rococo for dinner, YUM. Had a salad, too, which was meh. But I needed vegetal matter.

We went for a short walk over to my old school, Elizabeth Waters, now just Waters. Came home, watched a bit of TV and heard all about how well Henry is doing, which is not well. Sad. Still don’t want to go see him because I think there’s no point and frankly I’d rather remember him as he was, not as he is. Went to bed at 9:30 and slept very well, although the night mostly. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

18 August 2015 (Wednesday)

No entry for today in 1953.

Yeah, forgot to make an entry yesterday. Was very busy getting other things squared away for our departure tomorrow. Yesterday was pretty good. I saw Julie again! I stopped by Assumption to see Carol and she wasn't there but Julie was! Just made me stupidly happy again. It reminds me to mention that in the last 10-15 years or so one reason for going home was to get some 'centering' as it were, a reminder of what I used to be like even if I wasn't really aware of it at the time. I'm finding I don't really need that right now. It will be nice, of course, but it's not all that necessary. As I've said, I don't know why exactly, but meeting Julie again has been something of the last push over the hump in that regard.

At any rate, I had a great workout yesterday, slept not all that well, and went to the shop and finished up my stuff. Got it all done by 11:30, went to NGate for lunch, and then went home for a bit to finish downloading and uploading the photos I'd forgotten, and then went to UVil for a bit. A last hurrah. What then. . . .came home, got a bunch of stuff done, dinner which consisted of heating up every  leftover we had, and then throwing everything out.

Today. . . well, I slept better. Had a truly great workout for my last day, and then came home, went to the shop to get my check and a couple other little things and then . . . .ergh, took the cats down to the in-laws. Daisy pooped again. Jack went in the carrier okay. Trip down was fine. They came out and Jack was even wandering around and then I left for a litter scoop which took maybe 45 minutes.

So then I come home and find that not only has the niece and nephew shown up, but also the dog. Which irritated me. I mean, we don't ask much, but they know the cats (especially Jack) are terrified of dogs and besides they really didn't need a bunch of other people running around two hours after they get there. I was being very quiet. And then the Spousal Unit just kept hanging around and hanging around until almost 3 and that irritated me because we had things to do and I didn't want to get caught in rush hour traffic. I think once the people leave Jack will come out and explore and stuff; Daisy probably will too, after a while overnight. But yeah, it was irritating.

When we got home we e-checked in, I gave everything outside a good watering, ordered dinner from Pagliacci, and then did about a million dishes. Had to go to UVil to cash a check and get a couple of things. Warm today, 89.

Will make entries offline while away and post them here later. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

16 August 2015 (Sunday, posted Monday)

16 August 2015 (Sunday)

In Leavenworth. Got here about 4:45. It’s very smoky all around from the wildfires (Chelan and Icicle). Actually, smoky almost all the way on 97. I got back from dinner about 30 minutes ago, went to a place called the Baren Haus. Had a schnitzel, spaetzle, kraut, and cabbage. Okay, although the kraut and cabbage were my favorites. Am staying at the Fairbridge Inn and Suites. Room 128. Meh. Well, clean and apparently functional but I’m on the 1st floor and it faces the main drag. I got a couple of restaurant ideas from the (quite attractive) hotel person, but didn’t bring the map because I thought I’d remember and find them, but I couldn’t so I just hit the first German-looking place that looked semi-informal. 

I slept okay last night and we ate in again. I was going to go to Mass but decided I had to shampoo the carpets instead. So I did the upstairs room and half of the basement. Did some other little things, and then sat down for a while. Tried to take a short nap but no go. We went to UVil, had lunch outside, did some minor shopping, and then came home. I left right at about 2. 

Seattle traffic was fine, but about 10 miles past the pass (I90) it was jammed up good. Also around Cle Elum it was pretty rough. Note to self: Sundays are not good I90 days. 

Drive along 97 was awesome though. Downhill most of the way and once I got past some cars and a truck it was bereft of traffic. 

15 August 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Got up about 9:00 this morning and got out and mowed the lawn and worked the[sic] car. Drove out to Jim's place this morning also. [Soped] around town for a [morow bag] today. Ron came into town this morning. Visited with him most of the afternoon. Saw Barbara before going to work tonight. Had a big crowd at the dance. Got home about 1:00. To bed about 1:30. Gas $2.00. Pop $.40. Spent $2.40.
Writing most of this up in the afternoon again. Probably meeting some in-laws for dinner downtown and who knows when we'll get back.

We ended up getting about 1" of rain yesterday. The rhody in the back has perked up considerably, though it still looks a bit wilted and brown. I mowed the lawn as well, even though there's not much to cut. I wanted to get it before we leave on Thursday and also get the clover in the back cut down some.

Slept very well last night, only really waking up twice. Spousal Unit got up around 6:45. Ate in. I cleaned some this morning, the bathroom and dusted and polished up some furniture (well, mostly the speakers) in my room and some other stuff. Thought I needed a nap around 10 but just couldn't nod off. Watched the movie Highlander. Total B-movie but still a fun flick. That was over at 11 and then we went out to an estate sale and then the new BBQ place on Lake City which is really mostly the old BBQ place. The new owners had been a partner in the old place so it's mostly the same, but a little better I think. Hit another estate sale where I got 2 CDs and then got gas and then the last estate sale where I got another 2 CDs, an Allman Bros and. . . .Templeton. . .Simon? Well, I have one of his I like.

We also stopped at McD's for ice cream and then came home. I finally managed a short nap. Then mowed the lawn. Its about 4 now, we'll probably leave for downtown around 5 I would guess.

Guess I didn't publish this. . . . . .

17 August 2015 (Monday)

On his day in 1953 (Monday):
Started from Tacoma this morning after breakfast for Long Beach Washington. We got ourselves a cabin the first thing when we got there. They were the Ocean View Cabins. We spent most of the afternoon down on the beach. Roy did a little fishing. Got back to the cabin about 6:00 and had supper. Sat around a[sic] read the paper for a while but got to bed about 10:45. [Unk] $.40. Spent $.40. 
I was a bit confused because they came back from Tacoma and then left the next day. Odd. I looked up Ocean View Cabins but not there any more.

Busy day. I managed to sleep very well at the hotel until 5:15, albeit with some assistance. The refrigerator had mostly frozen my soda, darn it. Still got some out of it though, so it wasn't a total loss. Watched TV for a while, showered, packed up and left by about 6:30. I decided to go to McD's for breakfast, hoping for one of those Mac sandwiched but they didn't have them yet. They also gave me a very small cup. Grrr. Oh well, I had tea instead of soda. Also stopped at the Slaveway for soda and a donut.

Didn't really need the soda though; I was done by 9:30. It was just a narrow strip on one side of Icicle Creek and a small area on the other. I did 5 probes altogether and it was all fine sand so each one took maybe 15-20 minutes. Owner of the one came out, nice guy. So, left the site about 9:30, and stopped at the SBux for a mocha for the drive back, and then went to Front St. and got a kringle. Was going to check into the Christmas store and maybe get an ornament for mom but they weren't open yet. So I just left. AWESOME drive back. Not much traffic and Hwy 2 is fabulous. I think I started driving a scosh before 10 and was at the shop at 12:30 including a stop at Jimmy John's for a sandwich. I scarfed it down there and then came home.

I unpacked, checked email (did I?), and then rode my bike to the IMA. Had a wicked hard workout. Really killed it, but the ride home was tough. After that I finished up a cost estimate and then started some cleaning and the dishes and dinner, etc. Spousal Unit came home about 4:30. We went to UVil to get me bananas and cottage cheese for tomorrow and Wednesday.

I have some time so I'll ruminate a bit. After seeing Julie again (see last Monday, etc) I decided that I'm almost back to my old self in most respects. Not sure why that was the kicker, but it was. This afternoon on the way back home I was going over (in my head) all of the little sayings and junk that I've posted here. A lot of it may have seemed kind of schlocky or whatever -- like the old line from Star Trek about "Boldly going where no man has gone before" -- but they did have a purpose. I was in a very low place and really looking for direction or, in modern parlance, 'meaning'. I had to reevaluate everything. Like Neil Peart called it in his book (Ghost Rider), I had a 'little baby soul' (or as I prefer, a beaten up soul with a scared monkey on it -- see past posts) that I had to figure out what to do with. What sort of 'me' did I want arising from the ashes, so to speak? What inspired me? What did I want to be like? How could I integrate that with my regular old self?

I guess I was looking for some guiding principles to build on and many of those old sayings are really, at base, true. I really do want to boldly go where at least I haven't gone before; that's what I used to do, and that's what I wanted to do in the future.

So please, gentle reader, cut me some slack; I had a lot to think about. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

14 August 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Got up about 8:30 and had breakfast at Mrs. Lewis's place. A lot of company came in before dinner. Right after dinner we started home. We came over Stampede Pass and then over the [Bifrost] and then on home. Got home about 5:30. Picked Barbara up and took her to church and then went to a party up at her place after church. Took her out after the party. Eats $.30. Got up about 1:45 this morning. ('F' in a circle) Spent $.30.
I'm starting this at about 4 in the afternoon where we are about to end the third hour of heavy rain. Its been wonderful. It rained some early this morning, but then about 1 it started raining heavily, which it did for about an hour and then it slacked off some to a steady, reasonably hard rain. You can almost hear the ground soaking it up like a dry sponge. This is just what we needed. If it keeps up for a while yet it should get us through the rest of the dry season in pretty good shape. The rain barrel is overflowing, but that's okay. I even sat out back under the deck for a half an hour and listed to and watched the rain, and took a short nap. A little chilly but very pleasant.

I slept okay, although needed a bit of ambien again at 3:00 this morning. Had a super workout, was talking to Hannah (from WI) and mentioned to the two females nearby that "This is the Wisconsin corner by the way" and one of them said she went to school at Marquette! The other was from California. Actually, I'd seen Marquette down there for a while -- very attractive Philippina-looking -- and also at Assumption once. So, more friends. As I said last night, after Monday I feel like I'm really back to my old self again.

Went straight over to Cascadia and was cussing up a blue streak at the Mac software for screwing with my PDF files. JAYsus. Got it straightened out and then finished a report and a couple of cost estimates. Loaded up the gear for Monday, too. Randall and I talked about the Wedgwood area geology for a bit. Then I left and had lunch at NGate and went to Spam's Club for gas, stopped at the Goodwill (nothing) and that was when it started to rain. I went over to UVil mainly just to get a drink and sit for a while, but the SBux was jammed, I guess everyone was getting in out of the rain. By that time it had really started pouring. I sat outside the QFC to watch and a drain started gushing up. I took a little movie of it. Sat inside for a few, but it wasn't very exciting.

It rained steadily and fairly heavily until sometime after 5 and then lightened up. So really about 4 hours of good, steady rain. It's pretty much quit at 7:30. We walked at NGate because of the rain. Only about 65 degrees today and probably almost an inch of rain in the gauge. Really, this rain pleased me immensely. We needed it almost desperately.

So, a decent enough day. I wish I'd done more work, but the rain made some things difficult. Actually, I had planned on cleaning some carpets before we left but I'll probably only get to one. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

13 August 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Got up this morning and had breakfast and dinner at Mrs. Lewis's. Dad and I went visiting at the Davis's and Morgans and then to a lot more of dad's friends. Went and drove down town after we got done visiting tonight about 10:30. I just walked around and [saw] what this town was like now and how it had changed. Candy $.10. Spent $.10. 
First night in several days that I didn't sleep well. Was just all wound up. Oddly, I went right to sleep but woke up an hour later and really all wound up. And HAPPY. Really, I was ecstatic practically. I decided this little event affected me so much because she was one person that, while I haven't exactly dwelt on it these many years (duh, I didn't even recognize her), it was one of those things I really regretted. It made me happy because, primarily because it was just a wonderful chance meeting and I got to do what I'd wanted to do 30 years ago: introduce myself and talk to her. It was just better because she was as charming and delightful as I'd imagined and she seemed very touched as well. So, just a very happy thing. I;ve been feeling all week like I'm kind of back to what I was then.

So anyway. Despite not sleeping well, the pasta last night and hydration this morning gave me a wicked good workout this morning. Came home and found I could go to Leavenworth Monday. I kind of didn't want to, but thought I should give TT a chance to tell me why she wanted me to go; turns out they're having some sort of problem with some of the other techs, including MW who's been there for quite a while. So I figured I'd do her a favor. I leave for Leavenworth Sunday and come back Monday. Really, it could be done in one day, but a loooong day so it will be a nice little trip, I think. Plus they're paying for a hotel anyway. I'll miss a workout but that shouldn't affect things too much, and I'll have an extra day of rest before that last one.

I went to Cascadia and took care of some things and went to McD's for lunch and then home. I admit I laid out in back for an hour in the sun. Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy (yay!) so it was a decent move. Went to UVil for dinner stuff. Came home and piddled around but started my bedding in the laundry. Been sweating in it a lot.

I'm listening to my old Styx II album (actually not the original one). Really awesome. They really knew how to mix hard rock and theatrical productions exceptionally well. When they worked at it. Dennis De Young eventually took over and made them weird.

Anyway, that makes four days of being happy over this. Who woulda guessed!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

12 August 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Got up this morning about 10:30. Had breakfast at Lola's and then started for Everett about 12:30. We stopped in Seattle for a little while but got into Everett about 3:30. We went to see [Lewis's] and had a big meal there. Dad and I went visiting tonight and I went driving around town for a little while until about 11:00. We all stayed at Mrs. [Lewis's] tonight. 
Kind of a quickie tonight as I spent a lot of time doing a Car Lust post on my old Schwinn bicycle. I just started it this afternoon. Sometimes these things just hit me and I have to write them up ASAP.

Took ambien for the first time in over a week last night. Slept well anyway, though I felt tired most of the day. Since I thought I might be going to E Washington tomorrow I had a super hard full upper-body workout because I'd miss Friday. May not miss it after all, but we'll see. Went downtown and worked pretty steadily until about 1:15. Was going to check in the the physical therapist but she had forgotten so I waited for a bus FOR 45 FRICKIN MINUTES. Damn Metro.

Came home and started in on the post, photographing my bike. I did some research on it and that always helps to appreciate things more. Did that, made dinner (leftovers), walked, came home and did the post more.

It rained! Some. A big thunderstorm (well, a thunderstorm) went through around noon. Hope it filled the rain barrel, but I was inside and didn't see how much it actually rained.

Still pretty happy. =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

11 August 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1053 (Tuesday):
Got up this morning about 10:00. Went over to breakfast at the house. We drove around town and spent most of the afternoon there. [Drove back] to Lola's for supper and then afterwards took off again and went to a drive-in movie. Drop around town a little while after the show $.70. Got home about 11:00 and watched television until bedtime. Spent $10.70. 
Still in a pretty good mood from yesterday. =)

I slept well but woke up probably 5 times. Had another good workout although my back tweaked a little on the squats. May have been from doing the weird hamstring machine last week. We'll see. Came home (rode my bike) and ate cottage cheese and a banana -- trying to get the weight down a bit -- and then went off to Cascadia to finish the report and stuff. Got that done at 11:30 and went to NGate for lunch. When I got home I did a few things, including writing a post up about yesterday. Went to the UVil to get some fishies for dinner and had a tea at the SBux, came home and mopped the kitchen floor and played with ye olde guitar for a while. I think I would be much more suited to playing an electric. I tend to gravitate to playing things like that rather than trying to strum a song.

Usual other stuff, walked down 38th and back.

So, vacation plans are in jeopardy. Let me say this, have you ever heard the phrase "twin sons of different mothers"? The Spousal Unit and her sister are the exact opposite; you would never know they were siblings from the same household. I try not to gossip, but this is rather factual: for whatever reason, she has no real work ethic or ambition. For shorthand, I'll just call it lazy. Don't think she's ever had a full-time job or supported herself. Has had 3 kids, 2 different fathers. Anyway, they're getting kicked out of the house they were renting by the end of this month and may have to stay at the in-laws', with their 3 cats and big dog. . . .where Jack and Daisy were going to be. That would flip both cats out royally. So we're hoping something will happen to make it work out, or the Spousal Unit may stay here. Just a mess. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

10 August 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Got up about 11:00 this morning and went over to the house and had breakfast. Dad and I took off for Seattle and did some shopping over there today. Got back about 6:00. We also drove around the town for a while tonight in Tacoma. Got back to Ray's about 8:00 and watched Television until about 10:30. Dad and I slept in one of their apartments again tonight. 10 parking meter. Spent $.10. 
What an awesome day.

I slept well last night and was awakened by a sweet little meow from Daisy. She'd thrown up last night after bonitos and was probably hungry. That was at 4:45. Got my soda, sat for a bit, and then did the usual stuff. I rode my bike in to the gym and had a really, really good workout. Came home, ate bagels, and then walked up to the SBux and got a mocha on my way to the church for the funeral. That was fine, I got there a little after 9. The former person isn't doing it for now, so they had different fruit, different sandwiches, etc., so things were a little different. We got everything done by the time the service started.

A quite lovely older-ish woman came in to the kitchen and she looked familiar for some reason.

I sat in on the service, and the quite lovely older-ish woman turned out to be the cantor. Beautiful voice, too. I thought she had some opera experience, did a fine version of the Ave Maria. Otherwise, it was a nice Mass, the children brought up some memorabilia -- Mariner jacket, pie pan, etc. -- and after communion I sat down for said Ave Maria it was so lovely, but then had a tap on the shoulder to go back to the kitchen, as they needed help lifting things.

So they all came in after the Mass and things were going rather well. Kind of wanted to talk to quite lovely older-ish woman, but she was up at the front and then looked like she left out the front exit. Oh well.

Went back in and did my duties and was enjoying it when quite lovely older-ish woman turned up outside the reception area so I went over and told her she sang wonderfully and wished we could have her here all the time (which she very much appreciated) and then I told here I thought she looked familiar, do I know you? So we chatted a bit, turned out she was at the UW, in theater, etc., etc. Still kept thinking I recognized her. I finally (duh) asked her name.

"Julie Olsen. Well, I was Julie Thornten."

Bang. I said "Oh, I do know you," and turned away, "I had the HUGEST crush on you in the late 1980s!"

Yes, I did. I knew a theater student from the old CSSCR (Savery Hall) and ended up going to a play with her and others and was captivated by one actress. Totally crushing on her. She took me backstage once and introduced us but I was too shy to say anything much, and we may have also all gone to Kell's downtown, but didn't do anything then either. So, oh well.

It was delightful talking to her though! We just chattered away like old friends and I think she was tickled that I'd remembered her, flustered even. So for whatever reason, that just had me on cloud 9 the rest of the day. Mostly because I made her happy saying that I really loved her singing and such. So, happy.

Rest of the day was okay. Came home, finished editing the report, and then played trumpet and guitar for a while, etc. Ribs were already in, ended up mostly good, parts were dry. Walked up to the bank at 85th.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

9 August 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Went down to the church with dad this morning and then brought the car back and did some work on it getting it ready to go to Tacoma. Saw Barbara just before we left. Grandma and grandpa are going with us this time. Left about [11:00] and got there in Tacoma about 5:00. Went down town in Tacoma [tonight] for a while. Dad and I stayed in one of their apartments tonight. Spent down town $1.70. Spent $1.70. 
They probably only left at 1 because now on the interstate it's only a little over 2 hours.

Busy day today. Slept on the floor of the TV room most of the night because Jack and Daisy were on the couch and they were so comfortable I couldn't kick them off. Actually, I went downstairs first, but couldn't get to sleep so I came upstairs again. Spousal Unit got up around 6:30 and I made pancakes. Have I ever posted my recipe? Here it is for posterity:
1 C flour
1/2 C oatmeal
3t baking powder
2T sugar (I use Splenda)
1 egg
3T butter
1.5-1.75C buttermilk

They're awesome.

I didn't go to Mass because I am doing the funeral tomorrow and will attend most of the Mass then. Instead I sorted through all of my CDs and got them all alphabetized. All of the classical and new age stuff is up here in the new cabinet since I'll play them mostly up here. I brought a few more back from the discard pile. That took over an hour, but they're all straightened out again. Changed the litter box, too. I think I did some more stuff as well (like the dishes) but it was a bunch of little things I don't remember. Sat down about 10:30 to watch TV, had a little nap, and then we went to the UVil for the usual stuff. Higher than average amount of scenery today. Yeesh.

I dropped the Spousal Unit off at the yarn store and went up to get the car washed and then came home, put stuff away, and even laid out in the sun for a while before she got back (walked home). The yard is getting less and less sun so I had to move around a lot. I listened to U2 on the iPod.

Made dinner, mostly leftovers, and then walked.

Do I have anything profound to say tonight? I thought I might discourse on something earlier but can't remember what it was. I'm going back to cottage cheese and a banana after working out until we leave so I can drop a little weight, not much, just slim down around the middle. Yes, I'm doing it for the reunion, and no, it's not that big of a deal. I'm not going to look significantly different than usual, but I do want to look my best for this. I don't know if I have anything to prove to anyone in particular, but I do want to present myself as not the scrawny, pot-bellied out of shape dork I was then. This isn't really all that much more of a diet and exercise alteration than I usually do for the summer. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

8 August 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Mowed the lawn the first thing this morning and then work[sic] on the Plymouth some and then took [grandma] to the store for some shopping. Helped dad at the church and did some work on the Dodge to get ready for a trip tomorrow. Went down to the Fairgrounds a little while to church and then went on out to work at the dance. Drove around a little afterward. Got home about 1:15 this morning. Pop $.10. Spent $.10. 
You know, I can kind of see driving around at midnight and after. In a smaller city that would be kind of neat if it's pretty quiet. The few times I've driven to work at like 4 in the morning I quite liked driving through the deserted and quiet streets.

Slept well last night. Went out for breakfast. When I go there (Burgermaster) I usually have four slices of bacon, two eggs, and a little of the Spousal Unit's has browns. That is generally enough to hold me (sometimes more than enough), but today I was chowing down on Cap'n Crunch Crunchberries by like 10. And then some nuts. Sheesh. Well, I did have a Twinkie at around 5:45, too. Piggy.

I did more work on a post although I'm not all that keen on it. I ended up not really liking the article I was linking to and then it felt like I was just saying the same things I've said before. Maybe I should just cut it down some. Hmmm.

Went up to Woodinville for lunch and a little food and pet shopping. And ice cream. Went to Molback's too. Didn't buy anything. Hit an estate sale up there, bought nothing. Hit an estate sale around here and bought two things! I got a very tall wood CD cabinet and the Spousal Unit got a set of metal shelves on wheels to hopefully put in her closet and store the blankets in. Yes, we have over 20 blankets spread around the house and they are almost all used by the cats.

I drank one of my beers while sorting through my CDs to get rid of some. The beer has gotten better as it's aged, deeeeelish. Got rid of about 4 CDs. Thing is, many of them I bought for only a couple of songs on them (mostly Bobby Darin and Sinatra and junk) but I can get those online anytime now so no use keeping the discs around. I need to alphabetize them downstairs though.

Walked at NGate. Might sprinkle some tonight. Hope so. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

7 August 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
I work[sic] on the car all day today again fixing up the [motor]. Always something. Went down town and picked up my suit today. Went to a [pat] meeting tonight. We all went to the Fairgrounds for church and then to the Pastor's home for refreshments. Took Barbara to the [parsonage] and then to the drive-in and then home about 12:30. Eats came to about $.30. Gas $1.00. Got to bed about 1:40 this morning. ['F' circled] Spent $1.30.
Yes, it was a capital F in a circle. Don't know what it means.

I had a decent day. I think I stayed in the bed quite a long time last night and ended up on the floor. Might have hurt my shoulder doing that. Man, what an intense workout. I wasn't feeling too energetic when I went in but I worked really hard. Was dead by the end. Seriously wiped out. Went straight to Cascadia, stopped at McD's on the way for a large soder. Worked pretty steadily on the report and I think it's 95% there. I did that until about 11:30 and then left for lunch at McD's (more on this later) and then home for a little while. I did some more on the report and then sent to Jana for review.

I decided on dinner which again involved McD's, but before that I went to UVil for a beverage and other dinner supplies. I went to McD's and got 10 Chicken Mcnuggets to put in a salad. So yes, I went to McD's three times in one day. And only bought four things!

Back at home I actually played the guitar for like 40 minutes. I started back on Song to the Siren, what a beautiful song.Was using the pick to try to get the pattern a little better. Still having trouble with the fingerings but I haven't been playing it much. That's one song I'd really like to play well if nothing else.

Sunny and about 82 today. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

6 August 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Slept in late this morning. Walked down to the church and then dad and I went down to grandma's for dinner. After dinner I went down town and bought myself a new suit $45.00. Also got a new watch band $1.00. Went down to the fairgrounds to a church meeting. Saw Barbara and talked to her for just a little while and came on home. Wrote a letter to Ron before going to bed. Spent $46.00. 
About a $400 suit in today's dollars, not too bad. I may have mentioned this before, but I have stopped wearing a watch. Not on purpose, really, like making a Big Statement about using only my phone, but I found over time that I wasn't looking at my watch at all most days so I just didn't bother. Sometimes I get a bit sad about that and will wear it but it's kind of a pain and then I don't look at it and then put it away again. I might start wearing it again just to make a Big Statement. Or maybe a Little one. Whatever.

Slept well again last night and had a decent leg workout although when I first got down there I wasn't really very enthusiastic or energetic. I drove right over to Cascadia and started in on the report. Got most of it run through, I just need to add photos and give it a good editing which I shall do tomorrow. Left there around 1:30 and went to UVil for dinner stuff and a cheapo Frappucino.

Oh! I bought Packer tickets! Hee! Preseason. But still a Packer game! On Sep. 3 against New Orleans.

Came home and saw the plumber was down the street so I called them up to see if he could pop over and let me know if the stinky pipe was something to worry about. He just came in (same guy that did all the plumbing) and looked at it, didn't think it was much of anything but if it got bad again, well. . . . .let's hope it was just the continued heat and dry.

Rained for a few minutes last night, fairly hard for a little while, hopefully enough to recharge the rain barrel. Didn't do much for anything else, I'm afraid, but we're supposed to have more this weekend. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5 August 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Slept in this morning until about 11:00. Lee came over and we went down and got my car from the paint shop. Took grandma to the [dantes] this afternoon. Picked up dad about 5:00 and we went to grandma's for supper. ;aye a concert at [Lim's Pool] tonight. Came about straight home and got myself a bite to eat and got to bed about 11:45. gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
No entry yesterday, got home from Orcas at 4:45 and then ate and went straight to chores and then the block party/Night Out. Field went okay. Slept pretty well until 4 and left at 5. Trip up was uneventful but had some trouble finding the place. I got there around 9:15. Old house, 1910, pretty rough shape, but big. On a bluff overlooking the Rosario Resort across the water. Beautiful location, whoever bought it will love it. Looked really graded and torn up. Found nothing. Took lots of photos of the house and will put it in the HPI (Historic Property Inventory) because I think it should. Went down to the base of the bluff and almost gagged because it looked like shell midden at first glance, but it was just a historic dump. I motored back to the dock thinking I could make the 12:20 ferry back, but it was actually at 12:05 so I missed it. Hung out -- after driving back to Eastsound -- at the Orcas Hotel and had a cookie and soda. Trip back was okay too, not much traffic.

Fewer people at this Night Out, I think it was not advertised enough in advance. Talked with Diana's girls a bit, very pretty young ladies and very personable as well, they are raising good daughters. Lola the neighbor dog had fun, even stole a kid's hot dog, heh.

I slept well last night, and then had a pretty good workout although my right shoulder hurt. I took the breaker bar and had to use it on a godawful hole full of hard, compact junk. Irritated. I admit I quite before actually reading glacial, since there wasn't going to be anything down there anyway. I felt a little bad, but whatever. Anyway, back to today: Went downtown and worked some and then had lunch with Janet. It was nice to see her again. Came home and had to take the junk back to Cascadia, then came home and fiddled around, did the dishes, dinner, guitar, etc. Walked. Cloudy and maybe a little rain, but probably not.

Oh, dead crow in the back yard. I was sad. I think it was the "friendly" one who wasn't all that scared of me. Probably ill or something. I felt bad for it, so I buried it instead of just tossing it in the garbage or compost bin. So he/she will rest peacefully under the rhododendron in the back.

Monday, August 3, 2015

3 August 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Started right to work on the car this morning and by afternoon had it ready to take down and have [painted]. Took it down for the paint job about 3:00 this afternoon. Picked Barbara up from work and also took her home from [book portion] tonight. We went down to [Kenfers] drive-in and had some eat[sic] $1.25. Got home about mid night. Spent $1.25.
I had a busy day although it felt like I accomplished little. I slept quite well, had a great workout -- d-a-i-d daid I was -- and rode my bike there and back. Had bagels, and started doing little things. Am going to Orcas tomorrow so I had to get some equipment from the shop (auger and breaker bar) so I did that about 11. Sadly, although I thought that my arm was getting much better, when I picked up the breaker bar it reeeeealy hurt. So might have to see the doctor again after all. Sucks. Called the electrician but they never called back. Called the plumber but they never called back. The sewer pipe wasn't smelly this morning so I think it had to do with the heat for several days.

Came home for lunch and had soggy leftover salad from yesterday for lunch (ick) and then went down to UVil to get. . . . .something. . . . .oh, coin rolls. Ugh. Went to SBux too. Just cuz.

Came home and did some more stuff, and fiddled with the guitar part for Sneaker Pimps' Post-Modern Sleaze. Totally favorite song right now.

We went to the UVil this evening as well to cash my honorarium check and get some stuff for tomorrow. Must get up at 4 tomorrow morning. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

2 August 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Got up this morning about 9:00 and started to work on the car. Worked all day until about 12:00 tonight. Grandma and Grandpa and dad drove down to [Wapato] this afternoon to see some friends. Saw Barbara just a few minutes this evening. Ope to finish car tomorrow. Had a bite to eat tonight when I got home and got to bed about 12:15. Am a little tired. $.25 auto parts. Spent $.25. 
Another warm day although cloudy a lot so it didn't feel too bad. SeaFair day. Heard the planes once or twice. I slept okay, until 5. I actually woke up at several points and decided to turn on the alarm. I hemmed and hawed about going to Mass, but decided against it. At one point in the recent past it did kind of occur to me that we really don't need "a Church", what we're supposed to do is right there in the Gospels, and my small-l libertarian views on people abusing any power they have has kind of directed my skepticism at Mother Church. I don't actually regard it as some Great Evil like a lot of self-proclaimed "intellectuals" do, but it's not exactly spotless either. One might suppose I would now launch in a long defense of agnosticism, but no; I am grown-up enough to recognize that religious organizations provide something we humans like: togetherness, some ritual, the latter of which is especially important in trying times. I remember when my Dad died and was so not looking forward to the funeral Mass (well, duh, who does) but having gone through it there was almost a joy afterwards; that's what they're good at. After all, the church developed in a time when life was short and ugly and mostly miserable.

Anyway, lots of blather there. I did't go but performed the Sacraments of Cleaning instead. Oh, I also watched a program on some Austrian monks. I've often thought fondly of the cloistered life and have tried at various times to emulate it to one degree or another. Had breakfast, did the cleaning, watched some TV, didn't do the post like I should have, and then went to UVil. Lunch was blehh; they got both our salads wrong and neither one of us at even half of it. Mimi Jung the channel 5 newscaster was there and, oddly, she looks way more attractive in person. Kind of a princess though.

Came home and I vacuumed out both cars. Played my geetar for a while. Watched more TV. Am watering while I write this. Might rain some next weekend. Hope so.

Oh, Clarence has a 'grandpa'? Hmmm. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

1 August 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
First thing I did this morning was to mow the lawn and then I started to work on the Plymouth again and worked on it the rest of the day. Went by Barbara's and took her to the [state] before going out to the dance. Went to a party after the dance at [Wherl's] place. Got home about 2:15 this morning. Pop $.20. Spent $.20. 
I was apparently thoroughly exhausted last night because I slept through the night until 5:15 with only one wakeup to go to the TV room. Really felt great. We went to McD's for breakfast. I tried to start a new Car Lust post when I came back, but couldn't really write anything worthwhile (it's for the early Datsun pickups). Read on the steps for a while, although I didn't feel like reading. Closed my eyes but didn't nap either. I spent the rest of the morning. . .well, I cleaned my office window on the outside, meaning I had to put a board on the roof of the deck and crawl out on that. I need to make that a regular roof, at least the inner part.

Not much else. We left for lunch around 11:30 and went to the Ivar's on Aurora. They had Sriracha sauce bites -- chunks of fish with Sriracha flavoring -- which were pretty good. Not very spicy at all, but the Spousal Unit had a tiny little bite and was belching for the next hour. Hit the Spam's Club for some supplies and gas, and then the car wash, and then an estate sale at which we bought nothing. Hit a Menchie's yogurt on the way back to settle a certain stomach. Stopped at a store for dinner stuff.

Got home and I laid in the sun for a while and sweated. I do kind of like the sweating, kind of like my own sweat lodge with a tan. I listened to Suzanne Vega's "Solitude Standing" which reminds of very heavily of the late 1980s and grad school and Egypt. There's a song on it called "Calypso" which is about, duh, Calypso, but from her point of view. I remember listening to it in Alexandria with a room at an old hotel with a view of the Med. I would really like to go back to that place someday.

Did that, watched some TV (Ghostbusters mostly!) and then dinner and a walk. 93 again today. Really dry here, many many rhody's are wilting.