Tuesday, June 30, 2015

30 June 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Went to work as usual at 4:00 this morning. Only worked 8 hours today. Did some shopping this evening. $.80.Got a ticket for [excest notes mace]. Dang if I am going to pay it. Walked around town with some of the boys tonight until about 11:00. Am tired tonight even though did not work to[sic] long. Monthly spending $55.35. Spent $.80.
Man, I could not get to sleep last night. Went to TV room, couldn't get to sleep. Finally went downstairs at 10:30 and eventually dozed off. Felt okay today, but was not fun. Maybe the humidity.

Had a very good workout. May have felt a slight twinge in the lower back on my last set of squats though. I bumped it up to 135 which is about where it used to start tweaking, so who knows if I've fixed that. My increased weight on the reverse curls didn't do my arm any good either, it still hurts today. Darn it.

Anyway, I drove the Mustang and went to Cascadia. I worked pretty steadily all morning on a couple of things, got the Red Robin one back and that was okay as well. So except for boxing up the Korell stuff I have all of my projects done for the moment. I went through that today and got the photos squared away. Now I just need to get the forms and stuff copied and make sure all of the junk is labeled and get the computer files in one location. I've been tempted to make it a mess for them to clean up, but I think it's best to be utterly professional about it.

So I did that until around 2 and then came home. Was going to go to UVil but decided to come home and lay out in the sun for a while and get rid of my incipient farmer tan. So I did that and was getting ready to make burgers but then remembered the pizza! I got the dough out and rolled it out some and then haltingly flung it in the air. It worked! Mostly. I had to make two smaller ones so it wasn't like I was flinging a 2-ft diameter pizza crust in the air, but it actually got large and thinner in the middle. Tasted okay, too. Chewier than the last batch. I might try to recreate Rocky Rococo pan pizza instead of trying to make a New York style. Dough still needs some work though. Maybe some more spice. And more olive oil, too.

What else. Not much. Warm around 88. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

29 June 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Didn't go to work this morning so slept in until about 11:00. Went to town this morning and got my [meat] and looked for some [seat cabbage]. Wrote a letter home to dad this afternoon and the rest of the time I [slip]. Bought some groceries tonight $1.00. Drove to Pilot Rock tonight with some of the boys. Got back about 10:00. Spent $1.00. 
It rained last night! More accurately, this morning around 3:30. Yes, I was awake. But I went back to sleep thanks in part to listening to the rain. Wasn't much, heavy for a few minutes, but quite welcome. Today was very humid (for here) and 86, sunny after around 9 a.m.

I had a pretty good workout, although my reverse curls may have been. . . .well, not good for my arm? I went up to 8 lbs from 5 to see about strengthening it some more, but it kind of hurt. Maybe not in a good way. We'll see tomorrow.

Went downtown, borrrring for the most part. Rowena wasn't there. Some other people were but I don't talk to them. Well, I should have chatted with Jillian but I neglected to do so. The cytology data is really a mess the more I look at it. Went out back for lunch, went for a walk, got a big banana around 2, left at 3:30. Bus ride was quick and clean. Went to UVil. Ordered bagels.

Was all set to eat the rest of the brats for dinner, but then remembered I'd dropped them in the sink. Grrrr.

Oh, this year I've had my Mustang II for 25 years:

Sunday, June 28, 2015

28 June 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Got up at 4:00 this morning as usual and went to work. Had a hell of a bad day. Drove around town with some kids I met down here. Got a Dairy Queen $.30 before I came back to the tent tonight. Called Carl up long distance and talked with him tonight $.75. Got to bed about 11:30 tonight. [I am sore all in]. Spent $1.05.
That's one thing that constantly sort of amazes me daily: Nowadays if I want to call someone anywhere in the country I pick up any phone and call and it's not different from a local call.

So. I slept really okay last night. All night, except for the usual move to the TV room (Spousal Unit said when I woke up then I was snoring loudly). Woke up a little before 5 and felt great about that. I got a soda, sat down for a bit and then got really sleepy -- only like 15 minutes later -- so laid down and mostly went back to sleep until almost 6! That's never happened before. Wonder if it's the weather. Felt awesome all day though. I even went to Mass. Fr. Basso was there and he went quickly for a change, they even cut the Gloria.

Came home and worked on (finished) my 25th Anniversary post. I like it. I took a picture of me in the same pose today as one from then:

Notice the fashion: short shorts and long socks vs. long shorts and short socks.

I kinda watched some TV the rest of the morning -- actually I watched an episode of AD: The Bible Continues, which I'm enjoying. It's the Acts of the Apostles and it's quite well done. Not just a simple almost reading of Acts, it fills in a lot of other things as well. Good acting and writing.

Then some NASCAR stuff, a short nap, and then we went to UVil. Ate at McD's first. Nothing unusual there, came home directly after that. I did the photograph and inserted it all into the post and scheduled it for tomorrow. This year is my 35th high school graduation, 30th college graduation, 25th since having my Mustang and meeting the Spousal Unit. I guess I like to do things in 5s.

Watched the end of the NASCAR race, it was a road course at Sonoma (CA). I like the road courses. Managed to make dinner with no mishaps. Walked up to the Riot Aid and cash machine up there, and were waylaid by a couple of cut little girls selling cupcakes (assisted by an attractive mother and sister, all four of which combined to make me powerless to resist) so we bought 2 at $1 each. Further waylaid by a really cute cat on the way back, too.

Am watering the lawn this evening. Clouds and thunder and lightning but no rain. *sigh*

Saturday, June 27, 2015

27 June 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Got up this morning about 4:00 this morning[sic] and went down to the [curvy] and went to work from [there]. Got four hours of sleep last night. Bought some groceries went[sic] I got home tonight $.50. Bought some pop out in the field today $.30. Went to a show tonight with some of the kids. Got in free. Had a coke $.10 Got to bed about 12:00. Long day. Spent $.90. 
Duh, it's a long day when you get four hours of sleep and then play around until midnight. I don't think I was ever like that.

Hot day today, up to about 92 or so. I slept faaaaabulously. Until almost 5. We went out for breakfast. My usual is four bacon, two eggs over medium -- which they usually make more like over easy but they did well today -- and some of the Spousal Unit's has browns, and iced tea. That's just for posterity's sake. Came home and I started a new post for Car Lust since I realized that I've had my Mustang for 25 years this summer. Egads. Yup, got it in 1990 after my new-to-me Bronco II blew an engine in Oregon. I probably would have gotten rid of it long ago had I not been commuting by bus most of the next 15 years and not driving it that much. It was a good post. Needs some editing but I like it, one of my better ones. Mainly because I started reading some of Jimmy Buffett's book and so I got in the mood to be reflective and such.

I did that for most of the morning. Around 11 we went out and hit four estate sales today! Two before lunch and two after. Actually bought stuff! The second one I snagged 6 tiles that had skeletons doing various things, like sitting on the toilet reading a magazine, sitting in the bath tub, etc. Artsy, not creepy. We had lunch at NGate and then hit another one. I got another diary for when this one runs out.This one's by a 13-year old girl from 1937-39. Short entries, but she writes neatly and it should be interesting to see what a teenaged girl then was thinking about. Chock full of stuff, too.

Came home, watched Indycar racing -- fun! -- and then we went to dinner at the thai place on 6th and 34th. Walked around the old neighborhood after that.

Daisy desperately wants attention.

Friday, June 26, 2015

26 June 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Didn't get up in time to go to work this morning. Worked[sic] the car and cleaned things up a little around the tent. Went to town this afternoon and did some shopping $.50. Cleaned up and went [skating] about 5:00 cot $1.00. After drove around town with some of the kids $1.00 gas. Stopped in at the drive-in and had a coke $.10. Spent $2.60. 
On this day in history the supreme court decided that same-sex marriage is legal. Completely unsurprising as they had decided that long ago. Reasoning was not quite as bad as the one I posted about yesterday. However, Roberts had the gall to say this in his dissent:

If you are among the many Americans—of whatever sexual orientation—who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today’s decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it.
This from the guy who just yesterday wrote his own law. Actually, apart from the inevitable lawsuits against those religiously inclined who refuse to serve same-sex "weddings", this is kinda small potatoes in my book; the real disaster is writing their own law.

Anyway, I had a crap day besides. Mostly. Meeting went okay although it was only me and Julia. Then I went and woke up at 4 so I was tired. Had a really good workout though. Actually, most of the middle of the day went reasonably well. Got a decent amount done at work, went to the UVil SBux for a bit and sat outside with a passion(fruit) iced tea and enjoyed the scenery, got some dinner stuff, came home and. . . . .then it went downhill. I was cutting the corn off the cob when the plate slipped and it went all over the floor. So no corn. Then I was putting the brats away and those fell off the counter and into the sink. Grrrrr. But we had a pleasant walk. Watered. 89 today. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

25 June 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Went to work this morning on a last minute notice. Got my lunch in the field today. Got off work about 3:30 [might be 8:30, ed.]. Went into town and got my check cashed and bought some grocery $1.50. Came back to the tent and had supper and packed my lunch. [Showered] tonight and went up and got some [larshine] and some ice $.10. Went home tonight and [wet my]. Spent $1.60. 
Today I will delve some into current events and politics. Later.

I slept okay last night but then woke up at 3:15. Don't know if I went back to sleep or not, maybe I dozed off some. Still, had a really good workout. I came home and worked all day. I was kind of worried that I should go in, but decided I would feel better about it all if I stayed home and got a lot done. Which I did. I walked up to get a mocha but that was it, otherwise, I worked steadily all day. Got my paper back from the CDC people and turned out I had the wrong numbers in my Table 3. I don't know how that happened, I remember distinctly checking the numbers with the text. I must have copied and pasted the wrong one at the last minute. Anyway, I did that all morning and then did some more on the enrollment data and the cytology diagnoses. It's a mess.

What else. Very warm, 86. We just walked.

So, the Supreme Court saved Obamacare again. By rewriting the law themselves. The law clearly -- clearly -- said "Subsidies only to states with exchanges". They decided that it really meant "Subsidies only to states with exchanges and everybody else, too." Literally. The text of the law was clear, the writers of the law were clear that was what it meant, but they threw all that out just to save the law from collapsing. Purely political. There are just no two ways about that.

Right now -- and if I'm honest, I've been trending this way for the last couple of years -- I have literally zero respect or trust in any aspect of government. None. Not federal, local, elected or unelected, legislative, judicial, bureaucratic, Democrat, Republican, none of it. Somewhere we hit the turning point that, I would argue, every society has crossed where whatever democratic form of government was in place has given way to the typical rule by the elites. This is the way things go. I guess I was lucky to have at least part of my life in something resembling a limited government country, but that has, sad to say, ended. It's nothing but lies and corruption top to bottom.

This was the day I lost all faith in government. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

24 June 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Went to work this morning as usual. Loaded about 15 tons. Not to[sic] tired tonight. Just lazed around the tent after work tonight. [Don] came over and we sat around and talked. Drove around [pout] a little while tonight and got in and got to bed about 10:30. [Saws] this will be no work tomorrow. [cens] $.10. Spent $.10. 
I had kind of a fun day today. I slept fairly okay, although I couldn't get to sleep right away. Moved to the TV room and then in the middle of the night moved to the floor mainly because my hip was hurting. Slept very well after that. On the floor. So I had a decent workout. When I was doing my daily reverse curls there felt like something gently snapping in the "front" of my elbow (where it's been hurting). I don't know if that's good or bad. After doing them it felt pretty okay the rest of the day though. So hmmmm.

Left there and then went up to Harborview, after eating my bagels at the Rotunda. I was only up there for 2.5 hours (until 11:30) and then went down to meet Janet for lunch. She's very happy at her new job, I'm very happy for her. And glad that I helped talk her into leaving. She's making twice the money, has a better commute, and the work is far more rewarding and interesting. I know she's kind of. . . .well, maybe a little sad to give up on archaeology, but that's okay. She didn't have enough invested in it to be too unhappy about it. We got some salad (actually buffet) at the same place that was there when I was, place called Market Fresh. They even still had many of the same dishes as back in 2005 when I left! We sat out behind the First Interstate nee Wells Fargo in the amphitheater where us guys would sit and eat our lunch and watch the, ahem, scenery. Which there was a lot of today as well.

I took a 72 to the UDist, made hair appts. for July there, and then took a 71 home. Worked on a couple of Cascadia things and then finished what I was doing for Coptic. Which is a little project tracking how long it takes specimens to be processed. I think I have all they needed. But it should be worthwhile for them to look at. Stopped about 4.

Hamburgers for dinner, mine slobbered in cajun spice and gorgonzola. Walked. I came home and blasted out the snails under the big planter. Hopefully they won't return. Ha. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

23 June 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Went to work this morning at 6:00 as usual. Had a hard day today. Loaded 19 tons. Work about thirteen hours today. After work went into town and did some shopping $.50. Came back to the tent and packed lunch and had supper. Got stopped for speeding on the way back from town. Got to bed about 9:30. Sure am tired. [Dafs] $.15. Spent $.65.
I wonder if he's unusual with all the accidents and tickets he's gotten or if he was just a crazy driver.

I had a pretty decent day today. I managed to sleep very well, until 5! And had a really good workout although my right knee was giving me problems on squats. But the back isn't giving me any problems at all *knock wood*. I went straight to Cascadia and got to work on the Red Robin report, finished that up, also mostly finished the one other one on San Juan. Hard to write a report when the monitor wrote nothing down and only has photos. But I try. Happily there was absolutely nothing there. Jana is back and looks great. I think she lost like 20 pounds at least, all apparently from exercising. Good for her.

I left around 1:30 because I was just in wait mode and had some Coptic stuff I could be doing. I'm not sure if I figured it out, it may have been too easy. It looks like I have everything I need in the regularly downloaded lab data files to just make up reports. Anyway, I did that until around 4. Made so-so taco salad with just beans and corn for dinner.

Also looks like there is enough work for me to do to keep me occupied until the end of my stint here. I think they have had problems with their study and are wanting to get a handle on things, which I can help with a lot.

Around 78 today, dry again. 90ish by Friday it looks like. I drove the Mustang today, love driving that thing. Needs to go on the freeway though, it spewed a lot of smoke at one point.

Oh, the Spousal Unit's mom went to the hospital thinking she had a small stroke. Let us hope for the best. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

22 June 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
There was no work today so slept in most of the day. Went to the store when I got up this morning and got some groceries[sic] $.75. Packed my lunch for tomorrow and wrote a letter to Carl this afternoon and went down town a[sic] mailed it. Drove around a little tonight and got myself a coke $.10. Spent $.85.
Was forced to sleep downstairs last night due to cats hogging up the TV room couch. Eh, slept okay, although needed assistance when I went down there. Woke up at 4:40 and so had a really good workout. Instead of going straight downtown I went and ate my bagels at the Rotunda, which was okay because I did some work while there. Easier than schlepping my tea there. I think I'll do that from now on. I got quite a bit done today, mostly just figuring out cytology results in SPSS. Tomorrow I might have to do some Coptic work to get it to them by Wednesday their time. Might not be able to, but I'll try. Who knows, maybe I'll do that work most of tomorrow and then do Cascadia Thursday and Friday.

Oh, I did my reverse curls today and my arm felt okay most of the day but it's been hurting again. Perhaps not the magic bullet I thought it was.

Ride home was uneventful. Leftovers for dinner. Watered. Went to UVil to get bagels and some other stuff. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

21 June 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Got up this morning as usual about 5:00 and went to work in a different field. Worked until six loaded about 14 [tons] today. Was [unk] hot out there. When I got back from work tonight I took a shower and washed some of my clothes. Drove around town for a while and had a Root Beer Float $.20. Spent a nickel on candy. Spent $.25. 
I was about to suggest this work might be doing him some good (maybe it was) but then he lost his license a year or so later anyway.

I slept really well again last night! Until 4:3ish, so I ended up taking another nap (short one), but I did nothing else this morning. Spousal Unit didn't get up until after 7:30; I made pancakes. Sat around watching TV all morning. One film on Brian Bosworth and one on. . . .Todd Marinovich. Both kinda bombed in the NFL. One game at Husky stadium when they beat USC we in the stand were yelling "F***!. . .Marinovich! F***! F***! Marinovich! F***!. . .Marinovich! F***! F***!. . .Marinovich!" Etc. Never liked USC. Bosworth I don't remember much about to be honest. I was busy hatin' on Miami.

Anyway. I digress. We went to UVil and had a not great lunch, albeit pleasant outside. Shopped. Went back for a yogurt -- I had roasted marshmallow flavor with Cap'n Crunch and Dream Whip. Kinda of a treat since I didn't eat much lunch and it was my lil' Father's Day treat. Came home, washed the Honda, changed the litter, etc. Did some watering, that's a daily activity now. Spousal Unit made Hawaiin Haupeia cake, although I just suggested something with coconut. We took some over to Norma's. Then walked. I'm wearing my galabeya now.

Don't care too much for celebrating "father's day" myself, although the two of us jokingly do it, treating ourselves as "cat parents". I don't call myself that to anyone else though, I will call myself their guardian, but that's about it. More people are referring to themselves as "pet parents" but I dislike that. I tend to think of them as more than just "pets" but nothing like kids.

Oh, the robins are gone. Don't know fi they'll come back or not, supposedly the Internets say they will sometimes abandon a nest for a few days before laying their eggs. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

20 June 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Didn't work today. Wrote a letter to Barbara this morning and went to a show $.75. [Bonded around] town for a while this afternoon and got some grocery $.25. Went out by the [shot rinks] tonight and watched the [shots] for a while. Got back to the tent and got to bed about 9:45. Ice cream cone $.10. Spent $1.10.
We had a really nice day today. I SLEPT WELL. Gawd, that felt good. I zonked out at 9:30 and didn't wake up once until probably 2-3, went to the TV room and went right back to sleep and then out again until almost 5. Spousal Unit didn't roll out of bed until after 7. We ate in. I made fried eggs. One thing about going out for breakfast: I make better fried eggs than they do, I make better pancakes than they do, and better scrambled eggs. They do better bacon, hash browns, and french toast.

They made my stomach feel bad so I went and got a mocha and think they gave me a triple-shot. Yeesh. I nursed it for quite a while. Went out on the front steps and read and took a very short nap, despite my good sleep. Tried to read a Heinlein book (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress) but am finding it dull. Came in after a while and started a Top Gear memorial post, but got kinda stuck. We sat around and tried to decide what to do, eventually kind of decided to go to Renton and hit the Frye's and Spam's Club for a computer monitor, but halfway down to 55th we decided to go to an estate sale instead. Nothing there worth buying. Oddly ,there was a very attractive asian woman in a tight dress and heels (wedge) which was odd because it was a Saturday and the house was kind of a mess.

We went to McD's which was lucky because Marge and Norma were there (actually we'd seen them on the way out and they said they were going there) so we sat and chatted for like an hour. That was very nice. Then we hit another estate sale, an Agape one (we've been going to hers for years now) and I got one thing. Then up to the Best Buy at NGate for the monitor and we saw Rob and Reyna in the parking lot there! We got a decent 22" LED/LCD one. That one's going in the Spousal Unit's room and I'm taking the old one to work because it's dirty and dusty there. That was around $150 total.

Stopped for an ice cream and then the QFC for salmon and a couple other things and then home. I laid out back in the sun for an hour to get some vitamin D and ease up the farmer tan. Read Jimmy Buffett's book about turning 50. Made dinner, walked up to the Riot Aid. Nice walk. 76 today, still no rain. Gonna be a long dry summer, I fear. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

19 June 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Got up at 4:45 this morning and went to work box [bucking] peas in a field about 5 minutes out of [down] here. Worked twelve hours Went down town for a while and also watched the [Arts arses] for a while. Got some ice cream $.20. Also got some grocery $.75. Got in and got to bed about 10:30. My back is also sore from work tonight. Spent $.95.
Historical note I: He STILL got up later than I did.

Historical note II: The only computer monitor Apple sells is 27" and costs $999.

Sucked last night. Couldn't get to sleep and then woke up before 4. Slept on the floor as that seemed to be the only place I could get "comfortable". I didn't feel bad, just couldn't sleep. Anyway, I had a really good workout anyway. The reverse curls still seem to be helping. My arm is really sore there so it's hard to tell if it hurst because it hurts or because of the injury. So anyway, whatever, I think it's working at this point. Didn't chat much cuz I was all ornery from lack of sleep.

I went straight to the shop and ate my bagels at Meg's desk and then arranged a space upstairs for me. It was nice, no one else was there most of the morning and I could play the muuuuusic louder than usual. Much brighter up there, too. And warmer. I got the one report done (the Red Robin one), and started on the next one. Met the Spousal Unit for lunch at NGate. I went back to the shop until around 2:45. I discovered a report I'd done on a property nearby hadn't been put up at WISAARD yet (the state's database for such things) so I didn't know how I should reference the fact that I'd found midden close by. We -- me, Randall, Steve Kenady -- decided I should ask the County (San Juan) and maybe check with DAHP, otherwise just state that I did find something but not give a reference.

I should have come home and fiddled with m'geetar but I just vegged out. I'll go downstairs after this and play it for a while. We went to UVil to cash my meagre check, that's where we checked on monitors. I might get a Samsung or something. I'd like it for work. Maybe here. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

18 June 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Slept in until about 11:30 this morning. Got up and worked[sic] the car. Bought some groceries[sic] $1.50. Cleaned up a little and went into town tonight. Just sat around most [mounds dajog]. Hurt my back today lifting a dam ice box. Getting to bed about 9:30. Will start work in the morning. Gas $1.00. Spent $7.50.
I got the prices right there, he must have spent more.

We have a robin's nest in the front rhododendron. Trying to avoid disturbing them, although I need to go water around there. Well, the rain barrel's too low so I can't do that until it rains again though. Maybe some showers tonight or tomorrow, hope so.

Last night was kind of bad. Just before bed my guts started feeling horrible and probably because of that I couldn't get to sleep for a long time. When I did I slept through the night for the most part, only woke up once. Still didn't feel all that well this morning, nor all day. Maybe something I ate. Had kind of an iffy workout, of course. Chatted with the older chick at the gym, turns out her name's Monnie/Monny and she's from Iran originally. Otherwise, pretty dull. Came home and worked pretty steadily until around 4. I got all of the cytology diagnoses worked out in SPSS, so I hope Sharon will only need to do some fiddling to settle on a final method of getting them. Still had trouble with the dates. I fear some are in mm/dd/yy and others are dd/mm/yy. Grrrr. That would be problematic.

We went out for lunch and then hit the post office to mail Kent Weeks' old MA thesis. I found out you can't mail something print rate in a USPS box, grrrrr. Well, $12, so it wasn't too bad. Saw Randall there, too.

Ate bland for dinner. Went to UVil to find slug bait (nix) and then to the City Peoples' (check). We have too many snails. I'm a live and let live kinda guy, but they're getting too numerous.

Of course, I feel bad now. . . . .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

17 June 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Got up about 10:00 this morning. [Found snowdare] a miss place in a trailer court this afternoon and close into town so moved the camp over here. Went to the [Clide Bagley Circus] tonight. Snuck in and saw the show for nothing and then stayed and helped them [taler] it [fanger]. Worked for about and[sic] hour or so. Got in about 10:00. 
Well, it looks like after sneaking in he stayed and helped them do something so he wasn't a total sneak about it.

Bachelorhood comes to an end for a while. I slept weirdly again last night, went from the bed to the couch and back to the bed again. Yeesh. Had a really good workout, I did back stuff today and so far I'm not sore at all. I do think the reverse curls are helping; after doing them my arm barely bothered me at all for hours. Fingers crossed.

I drove to the gym and back and then took the bus to the UDistrict and then the shuttle up to HView. Had a reasonably productive day; lots of people there, I guess Wednesday is the day people come in, although they were having some big event later this afternoon. Got a Subway sandwich and ate it quickly out behind the hospital. Left at 3:25, home at 4:10.

Spousal Unit got in around 10 and took the train and bus back home, getting here around 12:15 or so. Jack is happy. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

16 June 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Got up this morning about 10:30 and had breakfast. Went into town and bought some groceries and a can of tire patcher $1.00. Got myself a [penst] $.20. Went to Barbara's[?] a little this afternoon and also sent her a wrist watch band $.7.00. Walked around town for a while tonight got in about 10:30. I guess it will be a day or so before the peas will start yet. Spent $.8.20.
I think Barbara was in Oregon as well. Hope he didn't take this job just to be around her. . . .

Man, I woke up like four times last night and then the cats were making noise and the 5th time I was sure it must be like 4:30, but alas it was only 3:15. Grrrrr. I took 1/4 ambien anyway, went to the TV room and fell right back to sleep, so no biggie. Had a really decent workout this morning. Back is still doing fine. Talked to Hannah for a couple of minutes while stretching my back out. Eh, I think my gut is a little fat. Seriously need to go on a diet. Well, for me, I lost like 4 pounds but got fat. See? Weird.

Went to Cascadia and spent most of the day working on the Red Robin report and ended up recommending monitoring. Nothing's been found around there, but earlier assessments thought there might be, and DAHP would probably request it anyway. So we'll see. I got a lot done. TT was there and quite chatty. I moved my stuff out of Jana's office and upstairs though I'll set up my work area Friday. I stopped by Spam's Club on the way home. Was pretty busy when I got back, too.

Went for a long walk down 39th and then up the hill to the east and back down. Did some more watering when I got back. Daisy has been very friendly. She also threw up in the middle of the night, which I heard, but thought I was dreaming it. And she barfed up a hairball this afternoon.

Cooler today only 71.

Monday, June 15, 2015

15 June 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Got up about 9:30 this morning. Had a good nights sleep. Drove to [Marppa] to see Ron this morning. Got there about 4:00, left here about 11:15. [United] with him for a while and [bye school we] through the funeral home. Got back here about 12:00, gas $6.00. Drove around town for just a [father] [but] and then came up to the tent. It rained here today. Spent $6.00.
Don't know what the deal is with the funeral, much of this was difficult to read.

I slept in the bed all night until about 4:15 or so, not bad. Jack was up and about making noise. I kind of got back to my usual routine at the gym. I did two batches of curls with light weights. I also started doing some reverse curls on the theory that, if what's making my arm hurt is typing, I should strengthen it in that configuration. Didn't really hurt doing it, and it seemed to feel a little more. . . .stable?. . .the rest of the day. So we'll see. At least it got me chatting with the older hot babe for a bit. She even mentioned seeing me out walking. You know, she's probably 60 and she still looks great.

Oh, rode my bike to the IMA for the first time this year. Went well, the bike performed well, it wasn't at all difficult. Felt quite good. I worked here all day so I could cook the chicken and keep the cats a little company. Mostly I tried to get the Coptic CD4s matched up with the non-randomized people, and then did it all in SPSS because we really should standardize it. Worked until about 3:40. Went to McD's for lunch.

When that was done I just relaxed a bit and made dinner. Went for a good long walk, watered the front grass a bit, etc. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

14 June 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Sure was cold last night. Like to have froze to death. Got up about 5:00 this morning and had breakfast. Went into town this afternoon and went to a show $.60. Also went for a swim in the rover. Bought myself a pair of gloves [$.70] and a bottle of pop $.25 and [zoo] for some paper plates and a $1.00 for gas. Washed dishes at Ron's apartment. to in tonight about 11:00, Spent $3.85.
I could probably figure out all of the right amounts he spent but I won't.

I had an alternating busy and relaxing day. I slept on the couch all night -- no good reason, I just felt like it -- and slept until 5. Had difficulty falling asleep though, oddly. I watched TV for a while, at a bit of donut from yesterday, and then went out for breakfast at McD's. I then sat out front and mostly finished the last Dune book. As I mentioned yesterday(?), this is the "final" book in the series, at least in the internal chronology. Kind of an ending I expected -- everyone's all happy and such -- but kind of. . . .I dunno. Maybe a little too trite. But it was a good finale. There are a couple more they've written, from earlier in the chronology, but I think I'll move on to something else before starting those.

When I came home I worked pretty steadily all morning, or at least until 10:30 or so. I did the floors, more laundry, and caulked the tub. Part of the corner had been not very even and I've been meaning to fix that, so I did that finally. Looks pretty good. Cleaned the bathroom some, too. Changed the litter. Stripped the bed and washed the sheets. Few other things. I tool a short nap at 10:30 or so (probably more like 11) and then went to UVil. Ate outside, enjoyed the stunning scenery, did the grocery shopping, went to the other place, came back and used my free SBux drink to get a big ol' strawberry smoothy. I'm attaching a photo of it so my little World of 2015 will carry on so you know what it was like.

I got home about 2. Did more work. Finally around 3 I decided I needed to go out in the sun for a while to maybe get rid of some farmer tan, so I read for a little but mostly just laid there. Did not take a nap. Maybe 45 minutes in the sun, don't think I burned at all. It as pleasant. Tried making the bed up twice and both times Jack and Daisy had to come up and "help".. Finally got it done though. Dinner was small portions of pork ribs, lentils, leftover salad. Walked quite a ways.

From my table outside. My SBux cup with "Henry" on it (I use that name since they can never understand "Tony"), the cow sculptures, Ann Taylor on the right there. Facing west. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

13 June 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Left this morning for [Pendleton], Oregon to work in the pea harvest. Had a little car trouble but got into Pendleton about 1:00. Hiked around about and[sic] [hour] [fourty] a place to camp. Was all [sot] up about 7:00. Went into town and got [precious] $1.50 gas. [Cafe] eats $.50 [glycerine] $.63. [Point] of Walla Walla 15 [ice] $1.50. Kind of cold tonight. Got to bed about 10:00. Spent $2.93.
He's got a job! Picking peas, I guess. Pendleton is on the western side of the state, just south of Walla Walla. Not too far from Yakima.

I had a decent day. Stayed in the bed all night, although I woke up at 4:30 which was okay (didn't need a nap). Hung out for a while drinking Diet Coke like usual. Went out for breakfast and got hash brown and bacon. Kind of ate too much, but not too bad. When I got home I piddled around a little and then read my book on the steps for a while. Did a load of laundry (have the bleach in right now). I left around 10:40 for my hair cut (11) and parked behind the place in the lot because it's graduation day. Then I didn't know where to go, but ended up at the 175th(ish) and Aurora Home Depot and got some caulk and some edging stuff that I was unable to find in March or so. So I got a bunch of that.

Then too much driving around. There were two estate sales I wanted to hit, both in the Bothell area, so I ended up at the Pagliacci on Lake City (again) just for lack of a better idea. Went up to the first one, they had lots of neat stuff but I only bought an LP, Christopher Cross's first one. I've had one for ages (like since 1980) but mine's in rough shape and this one looked really mint.

I went off to find the next one and ended up finding out it only went until 1 today, darn it. Traffic on Lake City sucked so it took forever to get down to 145th and then I went up to the Lowe's on 130th and Aurora because I decided to get mulch, too. That took a while. I finally got home around 2, had a little ice cream cone, and then off to install edging. Meh, didn't go so well. It doesn't pound in very well into dry ground so it's a bit rough. But once I got the mulch in it looked semi-okay. It should sink down some and the grass will grow right up next to it so it shouldn't look too bad eventually.

That took until 3:30 so I guzzled a soda and then drank most of one of my beers! Really good batch. Except for that first one. Watched another Night Stalker episode and kind took a brief nap. Had dinner here (leftovers). Walked up to UVil just for the nice long walk and enjoy the scenery there. Nice walk. Now I shall just give the cats lots of attention and watch TV or something.

A good day for the most part. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

12 June 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Helped dad down at the church most of the morning. Ate dinner at grandma's at noon. Afterward went up and talked to more of the boys about our trip. [I wind] all day today. [Lens ford and page thru] to start. Went to a party from the church tonight Barbara took me home in her car. [Last] $2.00. Got with Carl tonight. Got home about 11:45. Spent $2.00. 
Back to being a bachelor until next Wednesday. I slept pretty well, until 5:30 this morning, didn't work out as I took the Spousal Unit to the airport at around 7, and got back home at about 8:30. I stopped to get a mocha but I said "light chocolate" and they heard "white chocolate" so I was only able to drink half of it. Blech. Worked here until 10 and then went to UVil and got some chocolates for Sharon to take to Kenya, and gave her my old Kenya-themed lanyard that I got at the conference last year. I have no use for such things and I think she really appreciated the gesture. We talked a bit about what she should do there and I think we are in agreement on a few important tasks.

Also got the last coauthor concurrence and now I just need to send the stuff off and wait. And wait. And wait. . . . .

Otherwise, had lunch at the HUB (where we met) and then went off to my PT appt. She agreed that I should try an ortho next as nothing we've done has done any good. So next week I'll see about making an appt there and see what comes of it. I stopped at the SBux on the way back and had a decaf mocha but couldn't finish it. I dunno, my taste for mocha or chocolate in the afternoon has left me. Darn nice scenery all over the place though.

Didn't do much when I got home except pet the cats a lot and put in a load o' laundry. Had a long walk after dinner and mailed two packages.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

11 June 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Slept in late this morning. When I got up I went and put another [hour] on my car. After dinner down at grandma's I went down to the church with dad and mowed the lawn and [raked my hair]. After supper came home and got the [def grade] and went up and saw Barbara for a while and got back home in time to get to bed early. gas $1.50 Spent $1.50. 
I slept in the bed the entire night! Until 4 anyway. So not bad. Not many people at the gym, but I had a really good workout. Back is still doing well. Stretched it again this morning. Went straight to Cascadia. I drove my Mustang and blasted AC/DC's Back In Black album. Awe.Some.

Worked pretty steadily on the Fairview report, then spent way too much time archiving stuff. Finally spent a couple hours on the Red Robin report and left there around 2:30. I didn't do much when I got home, although I gave the cats lots of attention. Spousal Unit is leaving tomorrow until next Wednesday so we went to NGate to get her some stuff.

This week American women are getting all outraged about some dopey old scientist who said he thought women cried too much. At the same time, a woman was executed quite casually in the street in the Middle East. That got no attention. This is why Western culture is going down the toilet. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

10 June 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Got up this morning in time to go to work with dad and helped him for a while sweeping floors. After dinner at grandma's I went a show at the Roxy $.25. Worked on the car a while tonight and [shop rake wand top] with some of the boys [foud which]. Drove my old Dodge for a while tonight also. Got to bed about 12:00. gas $.50. Spent $.75.
Well, last night's diphenhydramine experiment didn't work. *sigh* Ended up seeping pretty well anyway. Really good workout, too. Last night I tried something TT at work was doing with her foot, alternately heating and cooling it in 5 minute intervals. Not sure it did anything. Kinda tweaked a couple times today though. It's supposed to increase the blood flow.

Spent up to 1:30 at work downtown and got a reasonable amount done. Bus ride back took longer than it should have, it was a bit late and also had a mess of high school kids get on at 65th and 15th. I was attempting to get cytology diagnoses for everyone who was screened but they had two labs doing the work, there was some crossover, some had missing DX's, other had "a" Dx in an adjacent field, etc. Worked in Access and SPSS today.

Jack was dizzy once I got home, mostly of the needy variety of bizzy.

Oh, today was Janet's last dat at Cascadia although I wasn't there. Sad, she was a nice bright spot there. It's much better for her though. MUCH better. Still, sad to see her go.

One thing about anxiety or depression or whatever, and someone else mentioned this after Robin Williams offed himself: we tend to remember bad things that have happened very intensely, probably worse than when it actually happened. To this day I still recall things I did when I was very young (in grade school) and it will give me a tight feeling in the chest and such. I was thinking of one today, but I can't remember what it was. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

9 June 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Slept in late this morning. Worked on the car most of the day packing it up. Ate dinner at grandma's and supper. Took Barbara out to a show tonight at the Yakima $1.50. Got out and [walked] for a while and had a good time. Got in about 12:00. Found out we [were] going to leave in the morning so worked [planned]. $1.00 gas Spent $2.50.
But where are they going??? And I didn't cheat and look ahead.

Odd day today. First, in the middle of the night instead of an ambien (1/4 anyway) I just tried a diphenhydramine instead (it's a decongestant that acts as a sleep aid) and it worked! So, I might use that in the middle of the night from now on. Woke up in time to have some soda before getting up for good. Hence, good workout. Squats are still going well and I bumped up the weight to almost 25 lbs on each side.

So Stuart asks me so anyone in the area cold hear "How's the wanker elbow?" Ha.

Went straight to Cascadia and started on the Fairview report and got a good draft done. I think. I recommended not monitoring although one boring nearby apparently found some intact surface. Blehh. So we'll see what Jana says. Worked on that all morning and then we went out to lunch for Janet. So first we walked up to some place just north and that took like 20 minutes only to find it closed, and then they decided to walk all the way down to 85th to some Greek place so we didn't even get there until probably 1 and then the waitress was abominably slow and there was only two tables filled! Ended up not eating until 1:30 or so. I think we got back at like 2 or after, more like 2:30. And it went right through me, ergh. (when I got home)

Once I got home I did a little bit more work and then made dinner and then we walked. Bit cooler today and tomorrow will be cooler still.

Was playing Harry Belafonte this afternoon. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

8 June 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Had to go to school today a half a day to get my report card. Ate a big dinner at grandma's and then I came home a [parked] some more stuff in the car. George came down and I drove around a little while with home and [we] went up to see Barbara a little while this evening. Got to bed about 11:00. Coke $.05 Gas $.50 Spent $.55.
Well, he hasn't said anything about him being down with school so maybe he's only still a junior.

I had a pretty decent day. Woke up at like 2:20 and had to use some minor assistance to get back to sleep. I might try the standard diphenhydramine next time in the middle of the night and see how that works. At any rate, I got enough sleep although the Spousal Unit came in at 4:50 to tell me the alarm on my phone was going off. Damn thing. I was on the floor so I had to explain that, which I did by blaming it on the cats. I shouldn't do that because I think that's what was screwing up my right shoulder.

Anyway, decent workout. Went downtown, uneventful trip. I worked pretty steadily, and we had a good little Skype meeting at 10. What I found was fairly significant for the study they're working on and Sharon will need to go through all of the files to confirm it. So I'm happy I did all that. Then Michael agreed that I should start looking at the diagnoses for all of the screened patients, like I'd started doing so I spent the rest of the day on that. Had some stuff figured out, too, and even had to do some Access programming! Felt kind of nice for a change. I think my ideal position would be roughly 50% data management and 50% research. I could live with that. I like both.

I walked with Rowena at 2 which was pleasant. AND I WATCHED HER CHECK HER BLOOD SUGAR. EEEk. She's diabetic so she just calmly pricked her finger and tested it. I still shudder. I guess once you get used to it. . . . .

Bus ride home was similarly uneventful We walked down 38th and then back up. Nothing exciting. 87 today (tied the record) so I am already in July watering routine. Am trying to figure out a project for the weekend. I think I'll try to edge and put down fabric and mulch in the front. Looks messy. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

7 June 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
George and I got up the morning about 10:00 and ate little breakfast and started to work on the Plymouth. Greased the thing and put on a new pair of hub caps. George George came down with his car and we drove around a little while and then went up and parked. I drove his car around a lot for him tonight. Got in at 3:00 this morning. Tel $.10 Spent $.10. 
Back to being a non-bachelor. Got the Spousal Unit last night and then got up again at 5 this morning so I was tired. I slept okay though, just not long enough. Jack was happy to have his mooooom home. I didn't go to Mass, instead taking a nap and doing chores. We just went to UVil for lunch outside and the usual stuff, although the Spousal Unit had to go home for feeling poorly. I went to the other grocery store myself. I tried a new burger recipe, one with fish sauce. And garlic. I liked it. The fish sauce is supposed to make it taste more savory, 'umami' they call it, a Chinese word for a taste that is savory. I realized fish sauce (asian) is similar to the Roman 'gram' which is also fermented fish oil. May also be the same stuff prehistoric inhabitants around here called 'train oil', though that might be whale oil.

What else. Sat outside a bit and read while making dinner on the grill. I'm finishing up the 'last' of the Dune series of books. I say 'last' because it's the last in the chronological sequence, not the last one written. A couple of years ago (may have even mentioned this here) I thought I should probably pace myself so I don't finish them too quickly, but then decided I could be hit by a bus at any time and I should just read the damn thing.

87 today so very warm. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

6 June 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Dad and I started to work on the broken window in my car today. Also got some more tires fixed up and packed a lot of stuff in the car. Ate dinner and supper at grandma's. Went to work with the Dodge tonight about 8:30. George came home with me from the dance tonight and stayed home from the dance and ate a little after I got home. Gas $1.00 Spent $1.00. 
I had a pleasant last day of faux bachelorhood. Slept pretty well, although I woke up at 3:30, but I went to the TV room and went right back to sleep. Went out for breakfast. Ordered eggs "over-hard" for a change, as they usually make "over-medium" almost liquid. Well these were overdone. Just can't get it right. But the bacon was perfect. Went and got a donut at the Safeway, too. When I came home I started the dishwasher and then went out on the steps to read. Came back in, started some laundry and looked for my shorts. Hmmm. None found. I finally figured out that I got rid of some last year and meant to get some more at the end of the summer when they went on clearance but then they all just disappeared. Bought two pairs today, spent more than I wanted to, but they are good (Dockers).

So, left around 11:15 to. . .where, I didn't know. Really, I had nothing to do today. Thought about going downtown. Or Redmond. Ended up going all the way to Bothell -- car wash stop on the way -- and then turning around and had lunch at the Pagliacci up there. Then I came back and stopped at the Fred Meyer on Lake City and bought 12 flowers. This morning I'd decided the front planter needed some flowers. So I planted those when I got home and then went to UVil for a snack since I'd only had a small salad for lunch. And, well, you know, to enjoy the scenery there. Sheesh, hot day and sidewalk sale brings out the females in droves. Almost got a pair of Sorrel boots, but they were half a size too big.

Came home, laid out in the sun in the back yard to get a little color (got some red, too) and read, came back in, piddled around. Went to NGate for dinner and got said shorts. Going to get the Spousal Unit at around 8. Must give cats attention now.

Woke up feeling extremely content. More nostalgia, I guess. I did recall that my mother had once told me that I was "an independent little cuss" which is really what my lonerism really is, not really selfishness. Part of the nostalgia for early grad school (miserable thought it was in many ways) was that I was pretty much alone and on my own. I liked that. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

5 June 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Last night some son-of-a-bitch [snitched] my [Hollywood] hubcaps. Took my plymouth[sic] to school. Took my drawing test today and [unk] all my [books] turned in. Got out of school at 2:00. Got the lawn mowed tonight.. Dad got me my army cot today. Took the Dodge tonight and drove around a little while with [Keller] and [Comstock]. Gas $.50. Spent $.50.
So I wonder if that was his last day of high school?

I had a really good day today despite not much sleep. I went to sleep around 11:15 and woke up at 4:30, but didn't feel too bad. Had a really good workout. Arm feels okay. Went straight to Cascadia and mostly worked on the Fairview report all morning. I have the background pretty much done and I'm okay with it. What's left is the analysis of the bore holes. I think I'll probably recommend not monitoring as it seems like there will be only random bits of old junk. Had lunch there and then left around 1 to go to the UW and get some dissertations/theses from Denny. I parked at UVil and walked up. Stopped by the Burke to get Suttles' dissertation but Laura couldn't give it to me yet. I only found two dissertations/theses worth getting, Kent Week's MA thesis, and one from 1956 that I felt needed to be saved for a couple more decades, Margaret Ayr Copeland's MA thesis "An analysis of Modoc basketry". I'm not fascinated by it, but I thought I should grab one random one to save from the recyclers.

While there I took a few photos of the inside of Denny as it's soon to be gutted and remodeled. Grayson let me into 115 which was the lab where I spent many stressful hours. And fun hours, too, admittedly. I won't exactly miss the old place, but when you've been through so many highs and lows in a place it has some special meaning.

I stopped at SBux on the way to get a hot chocolate and enjoy the scenery for a bit, and then came home. Made dinner, played with the cats (Daisy had a huge throwup on the living room floor) and then went for a good long walk. I listened to music again as I was getting all worked up thinking about stuff.

I was thinking of many things after the music. . . . .I'm in one of those periods where archaeology seems like what I should be doing, archaeology here and finding some way back to Egypt. Perhaps a bit of nostalgia after going to Denny, or perhaps I'm settling in, finally, to pos-graduate school. Who knows, if the UW people shower me with money in a month or so, I might decide that's where I belong. I wonder if being alone for the week has affected me. I can be such a loner. Perhaps I would do better on my own with just myself to look after. Maybe that's what caused the anxiety to ramp up, a feeling that I have to do what pleases the Spousal Unit or something. Could be, I have tended to do well when I've been entirely on my own.

Just rambling. Woolgathering. It was a pleasant day, sunny, warm, and filled with old memories. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

4 June 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Didn't do much this morning first period but had my final Ancient History examination second period. Went home after second period. Fixed a flat tire and packed my [tent] in the car and cleaned some on my camp stove. After supper did some more getting ready with my things. Went back to school about 3:30 this afternoon a little while. Coke $.05 [Page] $.15 gas $2.00. Spent $2.20.
I had a confusing day. Slept pretty well, had a really good workout -- squats are coming along very well and my back hasn't been grumpy -- and then came home and tried to find something UW-ish to do, but couldn't think of enough busy work, so I started in on the one Fairview report instead. Was rough going but I think I got a good chunk of the background done. Probably better since I would have been worrying about that.

So I mostly stuck around home all day. Went to McD's for lunch and just got a big ol' order of fries, but brought them home to eat. I stopped around 4. So a productive day. Turned sunny and pleasant.

Yes, squats. I used to love doing squats, and was topping out at around 350 lbs in the early 1990s, but then my back went bad and I haven't done much with them since probably 1995 or so. YES THAT'S 20 YEARS. (sheesh) The PT people said I was going forward on my toes and that I should be staying on my heels. I didn't really believe them at first, but I've been doing that on the lunges and the squats and so far so good. My butt's getting bigger even with the relatively low weight I'm using, but I haven't felt anything bad in the lower back. I've also been doing another exercise that might be helping too. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3 June 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Took the new dodge[sic] to school this morning. Had an senior assembly this morning for the graduating seniors. Didn't do to[sic] much in school today. After school went down and bought myself a [snug stone]. Also drained out my gas tank. After supper at grandma's I went up to Barbara's place for an hour or so. Did [is astudying] on my history tonight. $2.00 [Stone]. Spent $2.00. 
Really don't know what that "stone" thing is.

Weird night last night. Couldn't get to sleep so I went to the TV room and Jack slept next to me until I woke up around 2:15, and then when I went into the bathroom Daisy was sitting on the counter in there. And then I went to the bed for the rest of the night! But overall except for the initial delay, I slept okay. Had a really decent workout, too. I hadn't decided when I got up whether to drive to the gym and go in later or take the bus in and go right in; I decided on the latter and came home early. And worked.

There's a data manager job open and I talked with the hirer this afternoon. I could probably get it, seems right up my alley both technically and knowledge-wise. But. . . .I dunno, it seems such a step down, since its just managing data, no analysis. I suppose if I did everything and had time to spare I'd be able to do some research. Nothing really up my alley though. So I don't know. I'm guessing I won't apply but tell him I'd backfill if they can't find anyone quickly. On the one hand, I have my parents and all my life advice telling me to take any decent job you can! while the experienced part of me is saying not to waste time on something I'm overqualified for and end up starting from scratch again. So I dunno.

Made pasta and salad for dinner so I'd have the carbs loaded up for tomorrow's leg workout and then went on a long walk. Supposed to be warming up the next few days. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2 June 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Drove my Plymouth to school today. Checked in my band uniform today. Also had a [final] English test. [Comstock] and Kelsey came home with me tonight and help me get up my big test. After supper drove to grandma's. I came home and put in a lot of time studying my Amer. History got to bed about 11:30 tonight. Gas $1.00. Coke $.05. Spent $1.05.
I just downloaded a bunch of free songs from iTunes. I started doing it when I was unemployed as a way of, well, getting free stuff.

I stayed in the bed until 3:15 this morning, and at the time I thought "Wow, it must be like 4:30!" but no. When I went into the bathroom Jack was on the counter and Daisy was in the sink (she likes it there). I did go back to sleep (with assistance), so I felt pretty good today. Had a really great workout, too. I went straight to Cascadia, finished up one report, and then started in on the South Lake Union thing. I went down there to take photos and check it out, but there's no survey possible. Now it's just a matter of getting enough background to make it look good. Was wrestling with Sanborn maps from the Public Library. Will mostly just steal stuff from someone else's report nearby.

I left the office at around 11:30 and went to lunch at McD's and then came home and got my stuff and then to downtown. Stopped at QFC on the way back and got a box of mini ice cream cones. Then went home and did more on the report. Was feeling kind of low later in the afternoon, but I think it was because I was unsure of the report, the maps, whether I could get enough material, etc.

Also kind of botched dinner. Was late, the corn I put on the grill was barely warm, etc. I dunno why, but I haven't been putting it up high enough or something. And I had to do so many dishes!

For my walk I drove to the end of 39th (at 50th) and walked over to UVil to cash a Cascadia check, and then back via the Burke trail. I didn't want to walk all the way there again tonight, plus it was cloudy and a little drizzle.

Should play guitar tonight. 

1 June 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Drove my old 36 Dodge to school this morning mostly just for the fun of it. After school went down to grandma’s for supper and then had to play for a [boyhood junkie] at [Perbad] Field about 7:00 [toung]. After I got home I spent a lot of time on my Amer. History. I also went out and show Dick [Constosh]. Got my forms [unk].
Having to write this in text editor because my computer’s Internet isn’t working.

I woke up at 4:45 after a stupid bad dream. And by ‘stupid’ I mean really, really, dumb.

Anyway, I had a decent workout, although Stuart called me a “fucking idiot. I know I don’t know you that well, but you’re a fucking idiot” for not getting a shot of steroids in my arm yet. Heh. I just laughed. That’s the way guys talk.

I went straight downtown, and worked until about 1 and came home, partly to give the bears some company but I also just had to run something for a while and would rather do that here than there. Bus ride was uneventful. I did the program and then made dinner (pasta) and then walked to UVil to get my bagels. It was cloudy but no rain and <60 degrees, so I wore my sweatshirt. Comfortable. Kind of a long walk, but I listened to the Tron soundtrack. Nice walk.

So I woke up at about 3:45 this morning, due to a nightmare I was having.

What was this nightmare about, you ask?

A possessed aluminum stepladder.

It was possessed -- ala The Exorcist -- and for some reason I had another aluminum stepladder (which I now refer to as my Holy Aluminum Stepladder of God) which I took into the room where said Evil Aluminum Stepladder of Satan was, placed my ladder against it and then. . . . .well, I wasn't sure what to do next. So I started saying something like "I . . .uhhhh. .  .command you to come Out! In the name of. . .umm, God and Jesus Christ! Or something!"

Unfortunately, it worked.

Next thing I knew I heard an otherworldly shriek and there was this winged (and heavily clawed) demon flying around. Which is when I (thankfully) woke up. Sadly, it was too late to go back to sleep.