Tuesday, March 31, 2015

31 March 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Carl and I got up about 9:00 and went down town and got some more [sponge] and came home and finished up the car spray $3.22. We also did the [dark legend]. We both went to dinner at grandma's and then we slept most of the afternoon. About 7:30 I took my car and went and got [Dennis] and we went to a show at the [unk]. $.50. We drove around town and had a coke a piece afterwards. $.15. gas $1.00. Got in about 1:00. Spent $4.75. [unk other things]
So, my big news is that I'm starting 60% at GH next week. Yay! I'll be going in MWF, I think. Hopefully I can pass off the Tarte thing to someone else. I slept vaguely okay last night (the usual) and then had a decent enough leg workout. Talked with the guys about Wisconsin basketball, which I know diddly about. I went straight downtown and sent out the alcohol paper and then did some piddly work until about 11 and then grabbed a bus home (uneventful). Ate ramen at home and gave Jack some attention, and then I went to Cascadia and got a few things done there, too. Shouldn't be that much of a deal for me to cut back there, I don't think it's all that busy. Might pick up if they get a Forest Service job, but who knows. Also sent an email to Scott McClelland about what he might have going on; he seems interested and helpful. So I am hopeful.

I dropped the Mustang off at Brad's on the way back. Sure was nice driving that thing again, it's so much fun. I'm perfectly comfortable having it as a non-show car; showing it was always kind of weird to me -- as car shows are generally -- and I didn't have much fun any year I was there, it always felt kind of like a chore. So I plan on keeping a bad-ass Mustang II (there's a phrase you never thought you'd hear!) around for fun.

I walked to a bus stop from Brad's (by Pierre Ford), only waited about 10 minutes, and rode it until about 75th and 25th and got off and walked. Fortunately I made it home before the rain, and we had a big ol' thunderstorm move over about 20 minutes after I got in. Checked the trunk of the Civic and it's still got water in, but not as much, so. . . . .I dunno. Probably something to do with the back window seal.

So yeah, at least for four months a new routine. Will kind of miss having all this free time, but it will be better feeling like I'm actually doing something and making a decent amount of money, too. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

30 March 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Spring vacation starts today. Got up this morning about 10:00 and then went to dinner. Went and got Carl and went worked all afternoon [painting] the inside of my car. We need fabric sponge $6.00 [worth]. Carl went to band practice with me tonight (at the high school) until about 9:00. We came home and got the dodge[sic] and drove up to [Amos Wahlons] place got home about 12:00 and stayed all night with me tonight. $1.00 gas Spent 7:00. 
That's something I'm not really used to, guys staying overnight. We didn't even do that sort of thing when I was a kid, although he's an only child at this point without a mother so I suppose he doesn't mind having company.

What a busy day. Slept the usual amount (i.e., up for a while anxietying) and had a so-so workout. The arm wrap was bugging me so much I put it around my wrist for most of it because I couldn't tell if I was hurting the muscle or if the thing was just pinching. Actually, my elbow on the outside hurt the most (I get that when it's a first workout after time off). Talked to Lana the sorority girl who turned out to be kind of weird. She goes to comic-cons and had difficulty maintaining eye contact. Odd. So, meh. Not the greatest workout back after break.

I tried to get to Cascadia relatively quickly, made it by 9:15, maybe earlier. I worked on the mitigation budget most of the time, which has been stressing me out. Especially at night. Did quite a bit and made progress, but after talking with Randall and Meg I'm shelving it until after the meeting Thursday. They agreed that this is a very difficult project so I feel better that it's been, well, difficult for me. They sympathize.

When I got home I did lots of stuff and didn't have time to practice my trumpet. I really wanted to, too! I made bean scheisse which, as you may recall, I was violently ill after eating several months ago. It wasn't the bean scheisse, but you know, the memories. I tried a few weeks ago, but felt kinda iffy then, but it all went okay this time. The Spousal Unit still won't eat cod for a similar reason.

We walked up to the Riot Aid for a new arm band. No Grape Nuts Fit though. =(

You know, one thing I'd like to get across here is that I'm not trying to sugar coat my past. True, I didn't have all this anxiety and junk when I was younger, but I don't view the past through rose colored glasses either. Gads, much of the time I was kind of miserable. Perhaps my most nostalgic period, around 1983-85 was maybe some of the worst I've felt. But some of the best, too. Odd that. But even in my misery I wasn't so freakin' scared all the time. And I wasn't waking up in the middle of the night (mostly) feeling like everything was falling down around me.

There's probably a lesson in there, but I don't know what it is. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

29 March 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
George and I got up about 9:30 this morning. We went down to the church and picked up the Dodge and [scrubbed] it. Went to dinner at grandma's and then went up home and worked on [the] Plymouth. Drove around town a little tonight [to] and saw some of the [keg] around town. Took George back about 10:00 and I got home about 10:30. Am a little tired tonight so am going right to bed. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I am not that tired tonight. Yet another thing in the middle of the night but ended up sleeping until 4:30ish. Did not go to Mass because it's Palm Sunday. Yes, you read that right. I skip Palm and Easter Sundays because they're packed with people who don't go any other time. I thought about watching it streaming live but decided to perform the Sacraments of Cleaning instead. I did (almost) all the floors and some other little things.

I should really liven these entries up a bit, shouldn't I? Maybe some drama. I suppose I could talk about my work some more. Well, I kind of do that. Hmmmm. I shall attempt to inject some excitement into these. But then, one thing I like about the diaries I'm following is the simple everyday things they do that you don't often hear about.

Watched some racing and then we went to UVil. Saw a couple there with their daughter who was stunningly gorgeous. Could tell she got some good genes, both her parents were tall and good looking. Just did the usual stuff there. When we got home I backed the Mustang out to make sure it was running properly, inflated the tires (which didn't need much), and then mowed the yard. Planted some onions in the back planter and pulled out some of the unproductive roses -- they hadn't made any flowers in a couple of years so out they went. I drove the Mustang around the block before putting it back in the garage. Weird driving that thing after a couple of months. But FUUUUNNNNN.

I made lentil soup for dinner. It was entirely meh. Not bad, just not exciting. We will eat the leftovers but probably with some garlic cheese bread or something to liven it up some. I played my trumpet for about a half an hour this afternoon, still improving. I think the valves may be not working as well as they possibly could. I might take it to a music store and find out how to clean it properly, too. Not sure I ever really knew as a kid. It's hard to play it without holding it fully up with my left arm. That was okay today, I think I got the band on right.

Nothing much else. Wisconsin is in the Final Four again (did I mention that yesterday?), playing Kentucky next Saturday. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

28 March 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in until about noon this morning and then went to [dinner] at grandma's. Went out to [Oreskian] [place] and worked on some cars most of the afternoon. Barbara went out with some bastard in a new Ford tonight. Went to work about 8:30. George came home with me after the dance and we drove around town a little also. Got to bed about 3:00. Gas $2.00. Spent $2.00. 
I think Barbara is a drama queen and a climber.

I had a decent day. I wore my arm brace all day and it was. . . .not overly uncomfortable. Can't tell if it made a difference or not. I was awake for quite a while in the middle of the night anxietying and stuff. I ended up taking two doses of ambien because I was feeling the first one starting to make me doze off but then some thought came into my head and I was back at it. Ended up sleeping until 5:30 anyway, so it was all good. Went out for breakfast. Came home and I started to make up a post on all of the different parodies of Whipped Cream & Other Delights album cover when I found a site that had already done so. So I just put up some of my favorite ones that I'd found. That took a while. Then I dusted most of my room. Lemon Pledged the speakers (Advents).

We were sooooooo unadventurous, just could not decide what to do with the afternoon. We ended up going to the Panera at NGate for lunch and then tried the Home Despot looking for a tree (negative) and then went up to the Sky Nursery on Aurora and found a nice little rough barked maple. It's for the little area next to the front steps. About 6' tall now.

I planted the tree and moved the little bush that was there over some. Was going to mow the yard but decided against it, will do that tomorrow. Tree looks nice there. There was one -- probably the same kind -- when we moved in but it up and died a couple of years after that. Makes for a little morning shade during the summer.

I tried practicing my trumpet after that, by propping my elbow up on the chair arm. It worked okay, but the condensation in the horn kept going into the wrong places and burbling all the time. Still, after about 15 minutes I found myself hitting the higher D, E, and F with relative ease. As I've said, in contract to the guitar I make noticeable progress almost every time I pick it up.

I was thinking this afternoon that, for the most part, I've got everything under control right now (knock wood, of course). Except for the employment part. I've gotten most of this stupid anxiety under control in terms of getting things done -- for so long I put so many things off because I was kind of scared of doing them -- and my trumpet playing is actually making me happy. Getting on well with most people. It's bee a long row to hoe but considering where I had been, I'm proud of the progress I've made.

Now don't screw it up, kid. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

27 March 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Thing[sic] went good at school today. Took her home after school. Ate at grandma's and took her a [Glema] to the [Naples] choir concert at the church. Took [Glena/Sylvia?] home and then I took Barbara out afterwards. Out of a clear blue sky she broke up with me and then I got good and told off. [Seems] she has taken a notion to go out with someone else. Just can't figure her out. Drove the living shot out of the car tonight. Spent $1.79.
I guess he was upset, he wrote a bad word.

I had a decent enough day today. Well, a good one I'll say. Slept okay. Jack stayed with me the whole night. Sometimes he just likes to do that. I did some work here and then went to Cascadia around 9. Only Janet was there. I stayed there until a little after 10 (10:30?) and then went to the UW, parking at UVIl and walking up. I went to the library to get a couple of things, one of which I found was available online. I got the other two things, one of which I dropped off to have photocopied. They've really cut down on their copy centers. There are only copy machines in Suzallo and no copy center at all (where people will do it for you). Gads, that was where I spent half my time in grad school in the late 1980s! Dropped that off in time for lunch, and had a thoroughly delicious Pagliacci pizza slice -- pepperoni, oops -- although it came back to, um, bite me late this afternoon (IYKWIM). Ate it outside because it was fairly nice out. I popped over to Denny to get my dissertation and talked with a couple of people there a bit, and even stopped down to say hello to Don Grayson! He is always there. I kind of envy him, having so much work to do and really enjoying just going in and doing it. Apparently, he;s in 8-5 every day. His wife died a few years ago so I guess that's all he does. He was surprised to hear Wenke was doing so well.

So, after that I went to Hall Health -- actually I went there after lunch -- to make an appt to see someone about my arm and they had an opening at 2 so I decided to wait, so I went to the library and read through the small book I'd gotten to try to find some things in it, but couldn't. So I returned it, then went to Denny, etc., and then to Hall Health.

And. . . . .I have tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). I think I mentioned that before, Stewart at the gym suggested I had that, but when I looked it up it seems to only be on the outside and mine's on the inside, sort of. Well, it's lateral but on more of the inner arm. Anyway, he seemed to know what it was right away so I guess he's not a quack. Got a prescription and I bought a little arm thing, and will go to physical therapy sometime next week. Hope I can fix it right up.

THEN I walked back down to UVil, had a hot chocolate at SBux (too much chocolate, but lots of scenery), and then stopped at Bartell's for the prescription but it wasn't ready yet. Went home. Talked with Rob and Reyna a bit about roofs and trumpets, dinner, back to UVil for our walk, home. High of 71 today. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

26 March 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Took Barbara to school today. Everything about the same. After I took Barbara home after school I came home and got on some different clothes and went down to the high school [a leaf] and helped Carl work on a car until about 6:30. Then took him home and went to supper. After supper went up to Barbara's place and stayed until about 9:00. Came home and did about and[sic] hour on [One.] History. Coke $.10. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.10.
And so all the worrying I did yesterday was, once again, mostly for naught. Well, the ID theft might not be, but the report I was all angsted up about came together reasonably well and Randall agreed that we should say something but it's hearsay and we could put in something about the owner saying they never saw anything, etc. I ended up getting most of it done. Weather was gorgeous, sunny and 68. I came home around 2 -- after getting the postage to mail various tax documents at the post office -- futzed around for a bit and then. . . .put on the weather stripping! Sadly, it's probably won't fix the leaking. I dunno, it just seems like that's not the problem. Well, we'll see. It went well though, took less than an hour and I don't think I made any big mistakes. Rain tomorrow evening so we'll see what happens.

Spousal Unit came home a little before 5 and we had (mostly) leftovers for dinner and then went for a long walk. And by "long" I mean much time, not a lot of distance. We went to the post office to mail the stuff and then were waylaid by three cats who viciously came out of their yards looking cute and demanding pets. First day this year we walked without jackets, I think.

Oh, got an email today saying the anthro department is moving out of Denny Hall for a while while it's remodeled. Wow. It's been the same since at least 1986 and I believe the last major remodel was in the early 1970s. About time. I hope it looks nice and not too modern. I like the idea of an old building that looks kind of old even if it's new on the inside.

Played my trumpet but only for a few minutes because my arm really hurt. Going to make a Dr. appt. tomorrow. Am listening to an original Whipped Cream & Other Delights on vinyl right now. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

25 March 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
[Banked] off the [car] before I went and picked up Barbara this morning. Had a test in history today. Also had an assembly this morning. [unk uni uni] Took Barbara home after school and then Carl and I went down to the high school and fixed up a [bike can] for him. Went up to Barbara's place a little while tonight. Looks like it is going to get cold enough to put the [florist] tonight. Am little sleepy.
So anyway, the big news today is that someone filed a tax return using my ID, i.e., identity theft. I filed electronically and it was rejected as having already been filed. I've already put alerts on credit reports, and will file a police report tomorrow. There doesn't appear to be anything funny going on yet as far as new credit cards and such although we did get these two Prepaid Debit cards in the mail to help us get our "Tax Refund Fast" which is probably a result of that. Those looked funny when I initially opened them. So not fun.

Also went to the library and looked at a source for the report I'm working on, and found that I probably can't avoid mentioning what the client doesn't want mentioned, that people have referred to a cemetery in the vicinity. Will have to talk with Randall about whether and how to do that. What a mess! So, lots to deal with today.

I slept okay, although I woke up at 3:30 and my mind immediately started running a thousand miles and hour. I took a quarter of an ambien and actually went back to sleep reasonably quickly and so I was okay all day. Worked on my alcohol paper first thing and got that out, and then worked on this other stuff some, notably the tax junk. I went by bus to the U District, saw Dennis at the ADAI, had lunch, went to special collections at 1. Walked home because the 65 is rerouted while they pave down the hill on campus. Drizzly.

So yeah, not a fun day. I hope this is just a glitchy thing and doesn't turn into anything worse. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

24 March 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Just made it to school in time this morning. Barbara and I made up today [Told ya! ed.] and I took her home after school. Picked her up about 7:30 and we went out to the Show at [Scold] $1.00. We parked for about two hours after the show. We also went to Kemper's Drive-In and a Coke apiece $.25. I got [say] with about everything tonight. Got to bed about 12:30. Gas $1.50. Spent $2.75.
Man I hope someone eventually reads this and tells me what the heck happened with them!

So this afternoon I was playing my trumpet and getting a little frustrated when I stopped short and told myself that I wasn't going to do this if it wasn't fun. The actual words I used were something along the lines of "Don't ever lose the joy in playing". That's partly what I never had when I was a kid; it was more of a chore for me. I'm playing the stuff I want to play now and that's that. Sure hurts my left arm though. Must see someone about it.

Slept badly last night. Both Jack and Daisy were clawing around under the bed and the Spousal Unit was yelling at them and stuff, so I went to the TV room and actually went right to sleep. Trouble was I woke up around 4. Made oatmeal for us for breakfast (not working out this week, if I hadn't mentioned it). I went over to the shop by 7 and worked pretty steadily all morning. Was going to put in the weather stripping this afternoon and even got some glue for it, but decided the risk of screwing it up before it rains a lot tomorrow was too much, so I'm going to give it a go Thursday since they're saying a couple of days of sun then. So I played my trumpet for a good 45 minutes this afternoon. Also made the pork tenderloin a little differently, making a "herb encrusted" one. Garlic, oil, rosemary, thyme, and basil essentially. I thought it was delicious -- restaurant quality -- but the Spousal Unit thought it was too spicy. I obviously have much more refined taste.

Anyway, going to UW tomorrow to look at a book for the report. I have to decide how to treat the stuff the client didn't like. I'll probably ignore it as not worth going to the mat over, and it really doesn't impact this anyway. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

23 March 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Came back from Jerry's place about 7:30 this morning and got my [frothy and chord cathay]. Today [wings bell] off day at school for one [sugyeny]. Had to stay after school and make up some work I missed. [Aans boy] after school and worked the car and then I went and ate. [Drove] around town most of the evening. [Na eit] and [worn] tonight. Got to bed about 11:00. Coke $.05. Spent $.05. 
Tiring day. I slept okay, but was waking up a lot. But no big anxiety attacks. What else. Ate my Saturday leftovers for breakfast. Headed up to the survey around 6:30, stopping for caffeine (and a donut!) and gas at the Spam's Club. Got up there a bit before 8. Nice area, by Warm Beach kind of by Lakewood. Survey was pretty easy, just dig through sand fill and then auger as deep as I could. Found nothing anywhere, just sand and rocks. Nice day though, the rain hadn't moved in yet so it was quite pleasant. I was done before 10:30.

The client was a little irritated that I hadn't gotten the mitigation plan out by last Wednesday, and I probably should have, but I really wanted Meg to review it first. I kind of think they'll drop it, since it's going to cost almost $40k altogether. But it went out this afternoon. Had trouble with the report for today's survey, as we've not done anything there and don't have a lot of crucial references handy. I don't want to just copy the other guy, although much of it is the same sources, etc. I need to tighten it up considerably, too. I think I found what the client had disagreed with: apparently, the other guy had quoted someone who had talked to an old guy who said there were burials around there. That's something that could be mentioned, but it's one of those sort of hearsay things. I'll finesse that away and just talk about what's actually been found in the area.

Anyway, didn't get home until almost 3:30 so it was a long day. All the trumpeting yesterday caused my forearm (left) to hurt today. Think I'll see a physical therapist about it next week.

So, just busy today. Kinda stressful, too. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

22 March 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Got in Yakima this morning about 7:00. Took [Dan] home and then [next house] and unloaded the car. We[sic] down to  Sunday school and Barbara and I had a big [fight] and I broke up with her. [Yeah, yeah, how long will this one last. ed.] Carl came to dinner with me today. We drove around [about] the [unk. Went out to Jerry's this afternoon and [played] some pool. Stayed all night out there tonight. Got to bed about 11:30. [unk] Hd a Coke. $.10. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.10.
*sigh* Another break up. . . . .

I had an interesting day. Well, let's start with last night: Got out of the bed at around 2, but found two little cats hogging up the couch in the TV room so I went downstairs and made a makeshift set of blankets out of the various ones that were on that couch. Ended up sleeping until around 4:30 when the heater kicked on. Both cats were there to greet me. The Spousal Unit slept until almost 7. Didn't go to Mass, decided to clean instead. Well, I took a nap around 9, too. A short one. Then I cleaned and such. Got my $100,000 Birth Year challenge for Car Lust modified, too. We're supposed to come up with a set of cars from our birth year (1962 for me) for $100,000. I decided on a Corvette ($62k), a Pontiac Bonneville ($25k) and a Chevy pickup ($12k). The middle one is really negotiable, any larger coupe will do (such as a Buick Special).

We went up to Taco Time on Lake City for lunch. Then to UVi for the usual stuff. We stopped at the yarn store on 31st and 55th and I cranked old 1980s metal in the car while I waited. The stereo in the Forester is quite inferior to that in the Civic. Which is expected because I built the one in the Honda. That's one reason I'd like to hang onto that sucker for a while yet.

Played my trumpet for almost 45 minutes this afternoon. Started out bad but I eventually was doing really well. Thing is, I like practicing this; the guitar was always a chore, mainly because I could rarely see any improvement. Called my mom and she said she remembered me playing Amazing Grace on the way out of church one day (I was in the choir loft) and she said people were listening and looking up and saying stuff like "It's just a kid!". I was actually playing Amazing Grace this afternoon. Trying to find a neat way to make it a little more. . . .I dunno, jazzy or something. She is also cleaning out aunt Marion's house which is apparently chock full o' stuff, although much of it good quality. Sad to have it done, but at least she's able to do it so the family can keep some of it.

Was not anxious much today. Have started trying one chamomile in the morning, one in the late afternoon, and melatonin before bed. We'll see how that works. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

21 March 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Started our [practice] this morning on the high school stage to about 11:00. Ate dinner in their [unk] cafe [down town] $1.00. [Pat m m most] for [students] at 3:00 this afternoon. Our big concert was at 8:00 this evening. Our band had in it 200 and the [unk] 171 and the choir 400. After the concert we went to a cafe and had some eats and then went and packed and started back to Yakima. Got started about 1:30 [this] morning. Had a blow out on the way. Eats $60. Gas $3.00. Spent $4.60. 
JAYsus. He did all that and then drove across the state at 1:30 in the morning?! And had a tire blow out?! Hope he had a spare. Sheesh. He probably didn't get back until 7 the next morning.

Am feeling quite muftig this evening. I guess it started when we did the taxes and found how much I had -- or hadn't -- made this past year. I'd really thought it was going to turn around, but I didn't gain much ground. Then earlier this evening I just had a sort of a. . .come down? I wondered if I am in this position because I'm basically lazy? Or is it the old anxiety? Or something like ADD? It struck me at one point that whatever the deal is with me, it has to change. Have I said that before? How many times? I don't know. But that is the muftig part; melancholy. Calm. Sad. But oddly hopeful.

The rest of the day was okay for the most part. I slept in the bed all night (until about 4:20 anyway) so that was good. We went out for breakfast and I got a big ol' "Denver omelette" which I ate half of; rest is for breakfast Monday. We did the taxes, most of it anyway. I did a little work on a Car Lust post. Everything stopped at 8 though, because there was something on TV (Palladia) about the band Kansas, who I love love loved as a teenager. Probably my favorite band of the late 1970s. I just watched that until 9:30.

We went to the UDist to get our hair cut. Lunch afterwards. We went to an estate sale at 4625 Eastern Avenue North (for future reference) and it was a mega-cool house. Built in 1915. Very solid. Had murals on the walls of the parlor area, and a neat wooden staircase to a small upstairs. Just a neat, neat house.

We just went to UVil after that for some groceries and a snack. Came home. Did a wee bit of yard work. I played my trumpet for a little while but was not doing very well. Jack and I had taken a nap in the sun in the TV room for a bit, so I was a bit tired. Watched and episode of The Night Stalker (the zombie one). Dinner. Walked.

So here I sit. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

20 March 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Got up this morning about 8:00 and ate breakfast and got up to the college just in time to start the 9:15 practice. Practiced all day until about 4:00. Ate dinner down town $.50. I ate my supper at the high school. Went to the show with some of the boys tonight $.50 and had some eats afterwards 4:00. We bombed around town for a while and I got in about 1:00. Kind of tired. Spent $1.40. 
He apparently didn't write down some of his spending. . . .

I had an okay day. The melatonin. . . .did I take that last night? I think I did. Don't remember what it did. Woke up at like 4:10 though. So, eh. Felt okay. Had a really decent workout due to the hydration though. Stewart was back, no major disasters on this vacation. Went up to Cascadia pretty quickly although I did all the dishes first. Didn't have all that much to do, tried to research the Warm Beach area, but WISAARD was acting up. Janet and I ended up going to Spam's Club and Staples for supplies and bought TT some stuff, too. Ended up not getting a whole lot done except get the stuff ready for Monday. We decided Mr. Smith is a serial killer and he is just worried us archaeologists will find the bodies. The "Warm Beach Killer" we call him. I will totally play X-Files music on the way up Monday.

Was going to QFC for dinner items but remembered that I had to drop stuff off at the church so I went home and got that stuff and did that. Fiddled with the trumpet again and I did well. Was having immense trouble going from C to D by just fingering but then all of a sudden it clicked and I was doing it without problem. See, this is kind of how I expected the guitar playing to go but every little thing on that took forever to get even marginally decent at. And I actually enjoy looking forward to playing! I wonder if this is my needed spark. . . . .

Thursday, March 19, 2015

19 March 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Got up this morning about [8:00] and ate breakfast here at where I am staying. After breakfast I went up to the college and we practiced all day until about 4:30. Ate dinner at the college today. We had supper at the high school. At about 7:30 I got to see an [apparting] called Brigadoon. I [hodious] at [was] about the most wonderful play I had ever seen. Some of the boys and I went and got some eats before we went home for the night. Eats $.60. Spent $.60. 
Did not take any chamomile last night and slept really well. So much for that stuff. I may have a go at melatonin again though. I used to take that all the time, but some new studies had it working to keep people asleep more through the night. We'll see.

So between the sleep and the pasta last night I had a very good workout this morning. Legs just never felt weak the whole time. Good thing, last leg workout for over a week. Went to Cascadia and spent most of the morning on the budget for the mitigation and Janet and I poked through four bags from the 50cm unit for bones. Turned out to be about 100 specimens/cubic meter. It was kind of fun sorting through them and it appears we've already found evidence it was a winter site (lots of sea urchin and mussel). 

At lunch at NGate. Got the budget done around 1:15. Did some other little things. I was going to do the weather stripping but it turns out to be more complicated than just pulling the old stuff out and sticking the new stuff in. So I made mead instead. I think it will turn out okay, unless it was too cold when I put the yeast in and they will go dormant and it won't ferment, but I don't think so. Should have put the dates in with the cheesecloth as a bag because it was murder straining it out. 

Played trumpet some more. I looked mine up and it's kind of expensive, like around $1200-1400! Good horn. Will probably keep playing it for a while. It's an odd sort of skill, which I like, and I already know how to play it. So, eh. 

Had to go to UVil again to cash checks. Radio Shack is going out of business -- we've been expecting that for like 10 years now -- and I snagged a new Otter Box for my phone for like $10 (regular $50). I got bright fuscia again so I don't lose it. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

18 March 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Got up this morning about 8:00. Had breakfast here at the place where I am staying. Drove around town until time to eat and go to practice. Bought myself a [present/feast] $.35. Wrote Barbara a letter and then went to dinner at the college. Our band started about 1:30 and [lasted with] about 4:30. Got some coffee and a pie down town and then went to the high school for supper. [alou] had a milk shake $.25. Went to a concert this evening and [dow] to a drive in the high school [guy]. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.63.
I think my numbers are a bit off somewhere. Sounded like a nice little day. I think they were practicing for three hours.

I am making real progress on my trumpet. Am up to a high D with some regularity already. Really, when I first started up again I could barely hit a C. Could only play for about 20 minutes though, my lips still aren't strong enough. But I'm quite enjoying it. Am really wondering if playing it isn't helping my left forearm troubles, too.

Slept kind of badly last night AGAIN, but managed a decent night's sleep anyway (with assistance). Chamomile definitely isn't working.

Had a really good workout, too. Fewer people there, mostly guys, as it's finals week. Went over to Cascadia and did a couple of things before working on the mitigation proposal again. I got a decent enough draft done to send to the client. Also Grace at UW and I got things clarified on my analysis, which made me happy. Last task is to re-do the Introduction. I think I got quite a bit done today. When I got home I was going to put on the weather stripping but didn't, and thought about doing the mead, but didn't. Harrumph. Ended up doing my trumpet for a while instead. Also around 4 I sat on the couch in the TV room and let the sun shine on my face. It was quite pleasant. I just listened to the TV, almost napped but didn't.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (dope) decided to do some dumb thing about having baristas talk about race at their stores and write "#RaceTogether" (that's a hash tag for you future folks) on their cups. It's monumentally stupid. Sarah the barista and I participated though:

Sarah: "Oh yeah, I forgot what I was supposed to write on the cup."

Me: "Oh suuuuuure, I suspect you're *welsh* or something awful like that."



We went to UVil to get bagels and some other minor items.

Janet already applied for a job at her old insurance company and I think she'll probably end up there sooner rather than later. She really is bored at Cascadia and I think is seeing that it's a tough and not usually rewarding field to be in. These days unless you have a master's degree all you can really do is field tech stuff (mostly digging shovel probes and monitoring) and maybe some lab work on the rare excavation/data recovery. And then you have the grad school expenses. After our talk a couple of weeks ago I think she may have felt better about leaving. Ha, go me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

17 March 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Started this morning from the high school about 9:00 for Bellingham so The Northwest Music [Convention]. Had a blow out on the way to Ellensburg. The pass was terrible. We made it to Bellingham about 5:00. Stopped on the summit and had dinner $.35. Had to buy a new tire and [take] $5.00. Got some gas here $1.00. Got registered down at the college about 5:30. Cost $12.00. [Just] our having lined up after [chisy] all [our] town. Bought my supper this [evening] $1.10. Spent $20.95.
The big trip! Wow, 9 hours to get there, which ought to be 5-6. I guess they stopped at the summit though. And a tire blowout! Adventures! Who gets those anymore?

I'm getting really tired of waking up every night for these $(@*%&$@_( anxiety attacks. The chamomile maybe got up to sleep until around 3, but didn't stave off the anxiety. I got back to sleep though, until 5 so I felt okay. Decent enough workout. Hot young babe checked me out again. Maybe she thinks I look gross or something. Or she is interested in my Wisconsin shirts (she has a Chicago Bulls shirt on a lot). Still, nice ego boost.

I went to the Health Sciences to scarf my bagels and actually did some archaeology work while there. Had to make a dash for the shuttle. I only worked for a couple of hours on the paper and almost have everything finished with that. Chris said I may start before April 1 if they can just reactivate my position, which they should be able to do, they've done it before. Don't know how much yet. I left there at 11:30 and had lunch in the UDist. When I got home, I sent an email or two, gave the cats treaties and then went to the Honda dealer in Lynnwood to get the weatherstrip; it was there and discounted so I'm happy. Didn't put it in yet though; it was going to rain and I didn't want to get caught with the old stuff off and the new stuff not on yet. Maybe tomorrow. Then I went to the QFC for dinner stuff and stopped by the brewery supply place for yeast for my mead. I'll try to make that tomorrow.

Dinner, etc. Went to UVil for our walk and to get cheesecloth to put the dates in for the mead. Not much else. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

16 March 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Got up in time to go and pick up Barbara this morning and took her to school. Had [out] of a [tough] day of it today. Too Barbara home after school and came home and [stated probably] to go to the Methodist [Musicy Conf****] in Bellingham tomorrow. Did a lot of work on the car too. Went up and saw Barbara for a while tonight. Came home about 9:30 did a little more packing and got to bed about 11:00. 
Bellingham is on this side of the state, north of here almost kind of by Canada. So he's got a 5 hour or so trip.

Odd day today. Same thing with sleeping, I've gotten into a pattern lately. I might pop a chamomile tonight to see if it changes anything. That may be the key, constantly messing with things I take. But I ended up sleeping okay. Had a really good workout. It's finals week so it was a little sparser today. When I got home I put the ribs into the slow cooker and left for Cascadia. I worked pretty steadily until 2:30 on the mitigation proposal and a couple of other things. I really need to get the billing stuff done for that, too. Looking like it will cost about $35-40k.Yeesh.

Not much else. Turns out Janet had dinner with her old boss at the insurance company over the weekend, ha. Not much to say, I just worked.

Came home and chatted with Norma and Sunny for a bit. Norma's doing much better, they even walked to the end of the street and back. It is good to see her outside and more energetic. Then I stopped at Rob's and chatted with he and Reyna a bit, too. So essentially it took me almost 20 minutes to get from the car into the house. Played my trumpet a bit. Continued progress on range and clarity although I'm finding it more difficult than I thought to get the fingering right. Its nice to be able to practice and make up for the things I was scared to screw up when I was younger, such as hitting a single note right off the bat. Like a high D *pop*.

Normal walk. Nothing much else to say. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

15 March 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Went to church with Barbara this morning. Earl came down to grandma's for dinner with me today. We drove around most of the afternoon but spent a little time working on our [baths]. Didn't go to church to but stay home and worked on the car. Went up and saw Barbara tonight and she was also down here for a little while. Got to bed before about 11:30. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I think that as of right now (around 7 pm) we have over an inch of rain today. It's been steadily raining all day, including times of pretty heavy rain. It was only about 48 degrees so hopefully the mountains are piling up snow as well; were far behind on our snow totals so far. This should get at least the higher elevations nearer to normal.

I slept okay again, but went through the usual routine around 1:30. Really, at 1:30 I was sure it would be nearer to 3. Slept on the floor again. I made it to almost 5:30 so I went to Mass. I drove up because of the rain. Not too crowded this morning either. I did next to nothing the rest of the morning. I made a glass of Nestea and drank it within like 10 minutes; I don't know why I was so thirsty. Wait, I made green scrambled eggs this morning for St. Patrick's Day (which is Tuesday but whatever).

We watched Episode 2 of a show called Dig. It's about. . .well, people trying to bring about the Biblical apocalypse and it's got some archaeology junk in it, too. Eh, not too bad.

We went to McD's for lunch. Oddly, the crew couldn't seem to get anybody's order right. Maybe it was the rain. Anyway, we went to UVil but really didn't stay that long. Just not pleasant being outside. When we got home I had a hot chocolate and played my trumpet for a half an hour or so. Getting better, I hit a D pretty well. Its nice to actually see daily improvement, not like the guitar which I would spend months making minimal progress. Watched a NASCAR race for a while. Interestingly, I did;t turn my cell phone on the entire day. I'm not addicted to it like many, but it was still odd not to have it on at all.

We went to Target for our walk because it was still raining. Pretty easy day, all things considered.

I enjoyed the rain mostly. I like hearing it and we really needed a colder heavy day-long soaker to get more snowpack. Perhaps this is the start of a wet spring; hope so anyway. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14 2015 (Pi Day)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Got up at about 10:30 this morning and did about an hour and a half of studying history. After dinner I went down to the church and helped dad most of the afternoon after supper I came home and did some more studying before I went to work. Call up Barbara and talked to her a little while about 7:20. Had a good dance tonight. It's now about 2:00 in the morning. gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Have much to say later on. Slept okay but had a nasty anxiety attack in the middle of the night (well, 2:30). Slept until after 5 after that, albeit with some minor assistance. Ate in this morning. I worked on a new Car Lust post for a while, having to do with how I would change the Mustang II if I could have. It turned out to be a bit harder than I thought.

The Honda dealer didn't know about my weatherstrip, but he said he'd order it and give me the wholesale price so I guess maybe the wait was worth it? If it really comes in on Tuesday. We went to Marianne's estate sale in Shoreline, had lunch at NGate, and then hit the grocery store and a couple more estate sales. I got a couple LPs, Supertramp (Crime of the Century) and Pat Benatar. Had ice cream. Was going to play my trumpet when I got back but then I took a short nap on the floor in the sun and then the Spousal Unit was napping so I couldn't. So I watched an old Night Stalker episode instead. And thence begins my treatise.

So I was watching it and saw the date of first airing was in autumn of 1974. What was I doing in 1974? I was 12. Just started junior high at Theisen Jr. High which I guess they now call Theisen Middle School. Back then Jr. High was grades 7-9; we didn't have a true Freshman high school class. It was a new school and had only opened I think four years before. Close enough to walk to, more appropriate to bike to. I was in the band. Our uniform was a dark gold sweater and a black turtleneck dickie. In retrospect, it probably looked pretty sharp. I probably still had my cornet then. I don't remember much else.

That summer was big because we went on a big vacation to California and Oregon. My first plane trip! We flew the old Eastern North Central Airlines  with the goose on the tail, it had a propellor. Flew that to Chicago and then United to San Diego to see aunt Phyllis and them. I think we spent two weeks there and I recall going to the zoo and Disneyland and that's about it. I remember Phyllis got irritated and yelled at us kids at one point. I heard her apologizing to my mom later, but it made me feel bad. I remember seeing Nixon resign on the TV but didn't care. Then we flew up to Oregon to see someone my parents knew. There were two highlights from that trip: 1) I remember driving to Crater Lake and getting all whiny when I found out it was like a 3 hour drive (but it was cool); and 2) I was in the ocean by some rocks and was trying to grab a starfish and the water rushed out and I almost slipped and went out with it. Scared my parents to death, and I kind of was, too. Mostly it scared me later when I started thinking I really could have drowned out there. Who knows, maybe I have a guardian angel looking out for me. It really was a lot of fun. I remember when we got back I cried to my mom the next day because it was so boring back home!

We probably had our 1968ish Wildcat (Buick) back then. The next year we'd buy our first new car, the horrible Century.

I wonder what 12-year old me would think of 52-year old me? He'd probably be excited that I was living waaaaaay over in Seattle with a PhD in archaeology ("But I hate school!") with some publications and something of a computer geek as well. I wasn't athletic yet so I'd probably think it was cool that I was pumping iron after all these years. Probably think it odd that I wasn't fully employed. Don't know what I'd think about being married (didn't like girls yet) or not having kids. He would have liked having cats. Neat that I had an old muscle car and a couple of newer ones, too. He would like that I haven't turned into an old fuddy duddy yelling at kids to get off his lawn. He would have LOOOOOOVED all the computers and the cell phones and junk; he would have thought it was totally cool and futuristic (which it would have been, of course) although I don't know if he would have thought writing a stupid diary on it was very cool (but maybe he would think keeping a diary was neat) nor goofy junk like Facebook. He would have liked that I am good at using all of them.

Yeah. . . .I think 12-year old me would think I had turned out pretty good. Which kind of makes sense, I've always kind of done what I want to do rather than what I think I should be doing.

Good for me. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th March 2015

On this Friday the 13th in 1953:
Got up just in time to get to school. Barbara stayed home to take care of her mother today. After school I took home a couple of Barbara's class girl friends. When I got home I changed a tire on the car, put on the [linear plots] and did some other work on it. Ate supper at grandma's. Went up to Barbara and practiced [unk prof] then came home and did a lot of studying on my history with about 11:45. Gas $.60 Spent $.60.
That really does say "with about 11:45".

I had a pretty good Friday the 13th. I slept in the bed the whole night, thanks to being exhausted from fieldwork. Well, until 4:10 anyway, but I slept almost through without waking up. Had a really good workout, too. It was nice, a couple of the girls checked me out. Maybe I had something hanging out of my nose, I don't know. Well, it happened a couple of times today so I must have just had my hot look going today (rare, but it happens). Anyway, I was d-a-i-d daid at the end.

Went almost right over to Cascadia and got to work on yesterday's report. I just did a letter report, as I think it was such a minor thing and they were already excavating so it couldn't have been that important. Actually, I think I need to attach a cover sheet to it, come to think of it. We also talked about a mitigation plan and I think we have something to work with. Teresa was in a boot because of her ankle, and I drove her down to the QFC to get lunch. I checked on the UW money and it may be only for 20% but it might be compressed for time so it might be more than that between now and July.

I left around 2:45, stopped at the QFC for dinner stuff and then spent most of my time preparing dinner (brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, crab cakes) and then only played my trumpet for about 5 minutes before the Spousal Unit came home. I was getting the first bit of the "Peanuts" polka figured out. Worked okay, but I need to practice way more.

Normal walk. In the upper 60s today and partly sunny. Supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

12 March 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
First thing this morning dad and I took the Plymouth to the garage. Dad took me to school this morning. Barbara had to stay home and take care of her mother who is sick now. Picked up my car after school. Not much wrong with it. [Unk] down at [unk] and went up and saw Barbara a little while and then I stayed home the rest of the evening. Got to bed early tonight. 
A survey on San Juan and I'm sitting down to do this before 7! Really good day. Well, I didn't sleep very well, but it didn't affect me that much. The survey was eeeeeasy. I only dug four shallow holes and it was easy stuff. Nothing found. Please day, a little cool this morning but otherwise pretty perfect. I got done at the site by 12:30, went to see the attorney -- that was interesting -- and then hung out until the ferry left at 3:40. I went out to South Beach for a while and it was excruciatingly pleasant. I always try to listen to the ocean for a while when I'm near it, the timelessness of it is mesmerizing. It was doing that long before we were here and will be doing so long after we're gone. Saw a fox on the way back next to the road (alive) and an eagle in a short tree next to the road (alive) and a deer next to the road (dead).

My deli was open so I got my BLTS(auerkraut) sandwich which was actually kind of meh this time; too much.  I dunno. Kinda . . . .wet. Had that one the boat shortly after shoving off. Then took a nap in the sun at the back of the boat. Even the drive home was easy, made great time.

This morning at the ferry terminal in Anacortes I was waiting and watching the water and kind of pondering where I found myself. What would teenaged Me have thought about where I'd be now? This is really The Future I was so looking forward to! It's 2015! To be honest, I was expecting it to be more like 2001 A Space Odyssey. No super duper hydrogen cars, no big space station, moon bases, etc. But it is an interesting place, the future.

The Coptic money came through, I should be able to start back at UW for more time soon. That's great news. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

11 March 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Managed to get up in time to pick Barbara up and take her to school this morning. Skipped 4th period. Barbara tool my Plymouth downtown. Took her home after school. I spent a little time cleaning off my white side-wall tires after school. Picked up some pictures before I went to supper $.60. Ate at grandma's and after supper went up to Barbara's place and practiced [for] quite a little bit got home about 10:45. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.66.
Really weird day today. I slept pretty well, had a great hard workout, went to Cascadia. Finished up the Phase 1 report (including the site form that I had forgotten) and sent that out. SK at DAHP sent an email back that was a little critical. Apparently they had had a phone meeting with the owner and architect and decided some things, and they didn't really like our idea of waiting until DAHP decided what mitigation we should do. Which is kind of BS, of course: when human remains are involved they do whatever the tribes want done and screw the archaeology. And we have lots of human remains so whatever we end up doing will be largely subservient to that. Then they wanted me to go up tomorrow and do a small survey across the street, so I have to go up there tomorrow. It won't be too bad, it's only up to 5 probes, and I'm NOT taking the 6:20. Should be an okay day, too.

So I was all stressed about that stuff, but not as much as one might think.

Janet and I went out for lunch and had a good talk about her future and Cascadia's. She's not confident Cascadia will be around too much longer and is really wondering what to do. I didn't want to tell her to "Get out of archaeology!" but I may have kind of hinted at that. I'm going to start looking around again. I think Cascadia is really starting to circle the drain; just too much competition from larger enviro-consulting companies.

Practiced my trumpet a bit. I started working on "If I Were A Rich Man" from the Herb Alpert song book. Actually went worse than I'd thought; yeah, I've got a ways to go before the fingerings and such become second nature again and my lips get strong enough.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 March 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Picked Barbara up at her house at about 7:30. We went down to the high school and I took [them] home with the rest of the kids and went up to Ellensburg for some music testable[sic]. Barbara drove my Plymouth up. Our sax quintet got a I[a] [Spain] rating today. Came back with [R of Rham]. While I was up there ate dinner at [Wabegtire]. Got home about 12:00 and I am with as a day. Spent about $2.00 gas $.58 a half of [fatan] [bas] for $1.00. [Cat] $3.30. Feel like the [death] tonight. Spent $6.88.
Busy today I guess, but much of it was sure hard to read.

I woke up several times last night, the first one because Daisy came in yakking. She doesn't meow much but she'll occasionally juts walk around yakking up a storm. I went to the TV room at that time and woke up a cole more times but made it to 4:30 without being awake too much.

Had a decent enough workout, back hurt some but didn't spasm. I went to the Rotunda and ate my bagels and then went downtown. Couple of the ladies mentioned they'd missed me there *sigh*, and I got quite a lot done. After all that work we'd done crafting this thing those ladies sure did edit the snot out of it. Some of it was okay, others I think were iffy. Some disagreement among them on what should be done. But I spent all day fixing it up, doing some analyses differently, etc. So I got quite a lot done. Left there around 2:30 and barely made the bus. Scenery was incredible on the bus for some reason.

Got home, started dinner stuff. My Herb Alpert song book came and it's got quite a few with the music in it. Very happy. Didn't have time to play at all though.

Was in a lousy mood all day despite the adequate sleep. Just everyone and everything kind of irritated me. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

9 March 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Picked Barbara up this morning and took her to school. Mark and I took our saxes down to get them repaired $6.20. Missed the last part of 1st period and all of second. Came home because I was feeling so [sotty] today at noon. My cold is just about to get [ups]. Took Barbara home after school. Also saw her for a while tonight and she came down a little while when she was taking the car back to her dad. Got my car a year ago today. In the last year I have drove about 10,000 miles. gas $1.00 Spent $7.20.
Pretty excellent day today. I slept vaguely okay, although up with an anxiety attack around 2:15. I could tell what time it was by the position of the moon, but I checked the clock anyway. Went back to sleep and stayed that way until 5. Jack slept next to me most of the night which was kind of uncomfortable but I liked it. Actually, being a bit uncomfortable helps me sleep I think.

Really good workout although I felt kind of blehh. Came home and did some stuff before heading to Cascadia. I spent most of the day working on the one report. Looks like the one guy who was having problems with the State and his former archaeologist doesn't need a big damage assessment done (he's happy) and will be having us do. . . .something. Cant tell if we need to do a survey, or just go take a look at things and write a report. Will find out Wednesday, I think.

I left for the dentist around 1:30. Went okay I guess, not as much sensitivity as I'd been expecting. She was brutal in a couple of spots though. I'm going to start calling the hygienist Dr. Mengele. But Mary was there! And she hugged me! And chatted for a few minutes! So yay, back in her good graces (if I was ever out of them and it was all in my head). Gorgeous as always.

I got back here around 3:15 and worked a bit more on the report and sent it to Meg, who finished it this afternoon. Had hangerburgers for dinner on the grill because it was nice and sunny today. We went to UVil to get bagels.

So, pretty good day. Indeed. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

8 March 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Barbara wasn't able to go to church this morning because she had to stay home with her mother. I went up [then] missed church and took some pictures. Jerry came home with me for dinner and after dinner Barbara and I and Jerry went out to his place and shot some pool. Barbara and I went to a show at the Capitol tonight instead of going to church. Got home about 11:30. [Some] feel [wetten] with a heck of a cold. $1.00 $1.50 show Spent $2.50.
Presumably the $1.00 was for gas. He almost always puts in that much gas.

Lovely day today, 62 and sunny. I slept reasonably okay, given that it was daylight saving today. I was up at 2 (blehh) so I set my alarm clock ahead then and so was up at the new 5:30 instead of the old 4:30. Consequently I took a short nap around 9. Didn't go to Mass because I was feeling very sleepy after breakfast and showering and, as I just mentioned, I took a nap. I was reading my new history of Whidbey's Island. Fascinating so far, they mentioned some sort of birth control herb of some sort at one point, I may look that up.

After that I did a little on my $100k birth year (1962) Car Lust challenge. I kind of settled on a Corvette, a Chevy pickup, and a convertible Pontiac Catalina. Could swap out the convertible for a hardtop but either way I'm happy with those three. I finished most of the windows, too, doing the one in my room (which meant going on the deck roof) and the high skylight one on the south side. Also cut down part of the big rose on the northwest corner that was dead. I think that thing might be as old as the house. I need to fertilize it.

We went to UVil and ate outside, both had a salad. Did our shopping and then went back for a yogurt (in the sun) and then home. I vacuumed the Subaru out, did a few other little chores and then put together the chicken souvlaki for dinner. I could never remember the 'souvlaki' part, always thinking shawarma or something instead, but decided it sounds like "Czechoslovakia' (chicken-slovakia==>chicken-souvlaki) so maybe I'll remember it from now on. The Spousal Unit tried a new potato recipe as well. Both turned out great.

We walked in Laurelhurst. Beautiful. Had a nice picture of the floating bridge and Mt. Rainier in the background.

Couple of important thoughts today. One was something Bill Murray (the actor) said ("7 Steps To Living a Bill Murray Life"), which I past here:
Stay relaxed and success will follow. “Someone told me some secrets early on about living. You have to remind yourself that you can do the very best you can when you’re very, very relaxed. No matter what it is, no matter what your job is, the more relaxed you are, the better you are. That’s sort of why I got into acting. I realized that the more fun I had, the better I did it, and I thought, Well, that’s a job I can be proud of. I’d be proud to have that job, if I had to go to work and say, ‘No matter what my condition or what my mood is, no matter how I feel about what’s going on in my life, if I can relax myself and enjoy what I’m doing and have fun with it, then I can do my job really well.’ And it’s changed my life, learning that. And it’s made me better at what I do. I’m not the greatest or anything. But I really enjoy what I do.”

That's essentially what I came to learn a few years ago, but keep falling out of. I'd determined I do best when I'm in "Vacation Mode", that is, very calm and relaxed. In fact, I get that way when traveling a lot. I know I do better, but. . . .I seem to always end up slipping into anxiety and stress. Perhaps I'll keep going this time.

Also watched a shortish documentary on David McCullough, the author/historian. I admire anyone who knows what they want to do right off the bat and are good at it. I'd also concluded in the middle of the night last night that I would try to do only a few things, but do them well and this sort of fed into that. For example, I will only do an occasional Car Lust post but do it very well, such that I can be said to be an expert (to a degree) on it. I can afford to do that now as we have a couple more people on board so we're not stressing for content all the time. I'd like to combine those two ideas -- both of which have been percolating in my head for some time -- and see how that goes.

Just relax and do a few things well.

Oh, I think some people stole my idea! I did a post a couple of years ago to do with, If you had to have one car for the rest of your life, what would it be? I was searching for it yesterday and found two or three other car web sites had asked the same thing. Ha!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

7 March 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Got up about 9:30 this morning and [great out a humbed] off the car. Went down a[sic] bought a new tire for the car $14.00. Are dinner at grandma's and took her shopping. Helped dad at the church the most part of the afternoon. Ate supper at grandma's. I went up and saw Barbara a little while and then went out to work. Took a boy home after the dance and then came on home. [Tooled] around until I didn't get to bed until $3.00. Gas $1.00. Spent $15.00.
The "Gas $1.00" was written very small and lightly above the line. It's kind of amazing, he wrote that 62 years ago today as an afterthought and I was able to see it.

I had a pretty decent day, all around. Slept reasonably okay, until 4:30. We went to McD's for breakfast because I have been wanting a sausage and egg white mcmuffin for a while now. YUM. They started the egg whites ones a while back and I like them better than the original. I read my book on the Crimean War when we got back and took a short nap. Then I finished my Ferrari Daytona post and piddled around for a while. Well, I watched TV downstairs with the heating pad on my arm until around 11. We went up to Lynwood Honda for the weatherstripping for the trunk,but they didn't have it, unlike what they said yesterday. They're getting it from downtown so I'll go up and get it Tuesday.

Had lunch at the Ivar's on Aurora. What an adventure. Busy, with some old black guy whose pants were practically falling down and could barely stand (arthritis/age or something) and stood in front of the soda machine for like 5 minutes. Couple other goofy old guys, and a poor mom with like four kids. I Was still kinda full from breakfast so I didn't eat much. We hit two estate sales and I got a book on the history of "Whidbey's Island" from 1934. Should be a good reference for reports. Went to the UVil QFC and got some small trip-tip stars for dinner. I rarely make them because I'm awful at it, and tonight was no exception. If I ever want steak, I'll go out for it, period. I had mostly salad. Which was okay by me.

Washed the front and two of the back windows as well. Yikes, were they filthy. Still need to get mine which is utterly horrible. But I have to climb on the deck roof which is fairly flimsy -- although it didn't stop the stupid thief from climbing in my window! I might try that one tomorrow. I should do it in the morning when the sun's not on it, but it will be cold then.

We walked at NGate just because I felt like it. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

6 March 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Things went pretty good at school today. Had a movie in Ancient History class today and had a test in soft driving. Stayed after school and practiced our sax quintet. Barbara took some of her girl friends [home] while I practiced and then I took her home. Barbara and I and these other girls went to a church meeting up at Ellensburg. Went to the [In-and-Out] and got some eats. Got home about 11:30. Eats $1.50. Spent $1.50.
He really is something of a self-sufficient kid.

I had a reasonably okay day. Had trouble getting to sleep and then woke up and wigged out around 3 again. But I got back to sleep with minor assistance. Had a really good workout, too. It was fairly productive at Cascadia, I finished editing the one report that DAHP had some issues with, and then did a little tidying up. Also did some minor statistical stuff for Randall who is testifying in court this week and next. He's very nervous about it. Some big indian fishing rights trial.

I left there a little before noon and had lunch at NGate, and then went to Spam's Club for printer ink (JAYsus it's expensive, like over $50 for 5 cartridges) and some nuts. And gas. I stopped by UVil and sat out in the sun with a hot chocolate, it was deeeelightful. Not a lot of scenery though. When I got home I set about trying to find the trunk leak (again) and I think I have it nailed down: to the weatherstripping, which I thought it was all along. I could tell because I could feel some of the silicone I'd applied had leaked through it, and also there was some minor rust on the seam below it. So I checked with the dealer for some and we will get it tomorrow. That almost takes care of all the issues with the Civic.

Not much interesting for dinner. Nice walk. Almost 60 today. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

5 March 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Got the dodge[sic] this[sic] and took Barbara to school this morning and then came home. Slept most of the morning. Wrote a letter to [Ron] while I was home. Walked down to the church and got the car and took Barbara and a couple of her girl friends home. [Saw] Barbara a little while up at her phone and she came by here when she took the car back to her dad at work. Got the generator back on the Plymouth tonight. 
I came close to sleeping in the bed the whole night, until 3. Started worrying then so I went to the TV room. Managed (with minor assistance) to sleep until 5. I didn't feel rested though. Workout started slowly but I ended up having a decent one (legs). My back was hurting during the front squats but it didn't really feel like the spasm-inducing sort so I powered through it. Dunno about that.

Ate bagels and then went to Cascadia and spent most of the morning working on the report from yesterday. Went okay I guess. I was going to go to the Spam's Club but I forgot the ink cartridges so I didn't know what kind to get. Went to NGate for lunch. Left there after finishing up the Tarte report; I was going to leave it for tomorrow but wanted to get it out today, but I left at 2:15 instead of 1:45.

I actually went up to Lynwood Honda and spent $42 on a stupid little plastic "H" for the trunk lid. Some little old asian lady stole it a few years ago and I resisted getting a new one for that kinda dough. But this morning I realized I'd left the dome light on for almost 24 hours (since yesterday morning at the ferry dock) and. . . .it started right up! That car is just a trooper. So I decided it deserved a new emblem. Got a new visor clip, too, but I was unable to pull the old one off. I also glued on the front H emblem because it's been slipping around. If it weren't for the gutlessness of that little car I would adore it. But it's still growing on me.

Otherwise, I played more trumpet this afternoon. I'm making progress, but my lips get tired pretty quickly and I can't get up even to middle C all that easily. I've been trying to find music online but it's way difficult.

Went to UVil to cash a check this evening. Many cute little dogs there tonight.

You thought I was going to say women didn't you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4 March 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Carl and I left the house just in time to get to school this morning. Barbara and I made-up this afternoon. I think. She went to town after 5th period. Skipped 4th and 5th and 6th periods today. Just about got into a fight also. Stayed after school for sax practice.Saw Barbara tonight up at her place for a while. She seems fairly friendly. Think might [clear/cheer] up now. I hope so. Spent $.75.
Always on the in and out with Barbara. . . . .

Rough day today. Well, mostly. Slept okay, albeit with minor assistance. I didn't go to the gym as I had to go to Whidbey to do a small survey. Left the house about 6:15, stopped at a Safeway SBux, got the auger from the shop, but then had to stop at Lowe's to get a d-pin for it. I bought four just so we have some. I got to the ferry just in time for the 7:30 sailing and only had to wait like 5 minutes. Found my way to the house easily enough although it turned out to be almost to Oak Harbor. It was on the west shore of Penn Cove. Big sea wall that they're anchoring so they need a trench. I dug four hole in mostly sand and gravel and cobbles and it was difficult. My back was acting up when I was scraping the windows this morning but it didn't cause any problems. Started to get a blister on base of my thumb though, and I didn't have any band aids. Beautiful view though. Saw a seal around the Mukilteo dock.

I got there at a little after 8:30 and was done at 11:30. I ate my small lunch at the ferry and then took a little nap on the crossing and dropped the auger and screen and junk at the shop by 1:30 and home by 2. Washed the Honda. Went up to Salmon's and had the wiper blades changed; I would have done it myself but they used to have to go on this weird sort of upside down way but the ones he put on just popped straight on. I felt like a dope. Well, live and learn.

We went to UVil to get a prescription and some dinner junk.

Beautiful day, sunny mid-50s. Played my trumpet again when I got home. It's easier than the guitar because A) I know what I'm doing and B) I know what it should sound like. I dunno, I might keep at the trumpet. I have a wild urge to learn to play all the songs on Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream album. Become expert at it and make up for blowing it (pun not really intended) in school. And it's suitably. . . .odd. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3 March 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Picked Barbara up this morning and took her to school. We are still mad at each other. Had a test on our American [Olacaner] today. Didn't take Barbara home after school today. Stayed after school for a sax quintet practice. Carl at supper at grandma's with me though. Took him down to the Y.M.C.A. for a basketball game. Took him and Shirley home after the game. [And] stayed all night with [twency]. Got to bed about mid-night. $1.00 gas Spent $1.00.
I had kind of an odd day. I slept reasonably okay. Had a fabulous workout for the most part although my back started being problematic during squats, and then again this afternoon. I managed to stay busy at Cascadia all morning, though mostly doing stuff besides work. Sent a CV to the Kforce chick, who forwarded it on to their office here who then called me this afternoon. She thought it was a goofy resume, which it was of course, but I assured her it was just the full thing and I had different ones for particular contexts. So she'll keep me in mind for anything that comes up. It was nice to talk to her anyway.

I went to UVil to get dinner stuff (ended up ordering Pagliacci though) and had a strawberry smoothie in the sun. I forgot both my phone dan glasses anyway, so I sat there and people watched and enjoyed the sunshine. When I came home I spoke with the recruiter chick, brought in the garbage cans and junk, and got my field stuff ready for tomorrow (survey on Whidbey for Meg). AND I played my trumpet! It went fairly well actually. I had decent tone, despite some rough patches here and there. It was kind of fun. We just did a normal walk this evening.

One thing I've been contemplating lately is this whole 'goal' thing. If you recall, I've thought that most of this upsurge in anxiety I;ve had over the past decade or so has resulted from not having a Big Goal to work towards, as I had for so long with graduate school and getting the PhD. And I've spent much time pondering what my next Big Goal is or should be to snap me out of this relative malaise that I've been in. In related fashion, I've also been discussing with some people the problem of academia, how many people go to graduate school but never end up with an academic position (this is kind of a big deal these days) and such. I've been arguing that it's not so much the work that you do, but how well you fit into the whole academic 'culture'. My opinion is that, in almost any profession, 80% of being successful in the field is that you fit in with the overall culture of the place. You get along with the people, do things the way they like things to be done, etc. It's almost like you need to play a certain role to fit in, much like actors do. And in some professions -- like police, fire, academia and the like -- that culture is very different from normal life, so you have to really have to have a particular personality to get by.

And I'm starting to think that instead of a new goal, what I really need is a new role. Really, what I did for so many years was to play the role of a student working on a degree. I liked it. I knew what I was doing, it was my own kind of thing to be doing, and I acted accordingly. Once that was gone, I really didn't know what I was supposed to be doing anymore. I've said (maybe not here) that what I was going through was probably similar to empty-nesters: parents have spent years being active parents and then all of a sudden, they're not in that role anymore. I was a student, and then I wasn't. That can be hard to adjust to, and I wasn't really prepared to play the role of public health researcher or data geek or whatever. I have to say, being an archaeologist is kind of growing on me. I've been invited to Portland to give a talk and it almost seems like they appreciate me more than the health people do.

So I'm going to think about this some more. Perhaps what I need is a new role that both suits me and is also at least reasonably lucrative. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

2 March 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Took the dodge[sic] to school this morning. Picked Barbara up and took her to school this morning. This was a shit[sic] of a day in school everything seemed to go wrong. Had a hell of an argument with Barbara today in the car. She took the bus home after school. Got the speed-o-meter in the Plymouth fixed today. Went over to Shirley [Kathys] place and practiced some tonight. {uni] I am [sure] mad at Barbara tonight. 
Egads, that's the first swear word I think he's used! I guess this was a bad Monday all around, except for me of course. Janet had a bad day, I slept okay last night and had a really good workout, talked to Stewart some. Came home, blah blah blah. Went to Cascadia and pretty much finished the Phase 1 report. I think it's in good shape. Took Janet to the bank while I got a soder for lunch. I brought leftover chicken pot pie, which was meh. What else. Once that was done at 1:15 I didn't have much to do so I left.

I hit Lowe's and Home Despot for some plastic edging but they didn't have the right stuff or it was really pricey. Was going to come home and do that this afternoon as it was sunny but kind of breezy. So no go. When I got home I got a call from a recruiter in Florida who is looking for people in Seattle. Kind of a cute chick, too. Okay, that was the only reason I responded. Well, not entirely: I am looking for short-term sorts of things and they might have some things. That was like a 45 minute call (we, um, chatted some, too), so by that time I had to start dinner. It was dad's birthday -- would have been his 85th -- so I made his pinto beans. . . .and failed. In my defense I used 18-month old ham bone (frozen since then, duh). But. ... .eh, it just didn't turn out so well. My faux fool beans are much better, although he used to make them differently. We also drank some wine since he loved his wine. Good stuff the Spousal Unit picked out. I drank maybe a full glass and it didn't really make me feel bad or anything (or good either) so maybe I won't be all nuttered up because of it.

Walked up to the Riot Aid for mouthwash. Pretty breezy still so it was kind of cold. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

1 March 2015 (Sunday)

On the previous non-day in 1953:
There is no February 29 this year.
On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Barbara had to stay home and take care of her mother this morning and couldn't come to church. Went up and saw her this morning before I went to church. Went out to Jerry's for dinner and played pool. Went back to the church for on organ concert about 3:00. Went back to his place and played some more pool until time to go back into town for church. Sat with Barbara at [Grand People] and in church this evening. Did a lot of history before I turned in tonight. 

Today I got out my old -- OLD -- trumpet and oiled up the valves. I decided that while I'm not playing my guitar for a while I would give the old trumpet one last attempt. If I don't keep it up I'm getting rid of it somehow. It;s a really good trumpet. I mostly sucked at it because I didn't practice enough. I suppose it might be a nice thing to relearn and reconnect with my youth. You know, sorta make up for it. But we;ll see. It's not exactly a quiet noodling type of instrument.

I slept okay again. Jack was up at 4:30 meowing and he didn't really quit until the Spousal Unit got up after 6. Don't know what got into him. Ate in. Went to Mass. It was like Kids' Day there, with the school choir and kids all over. They were okay though. When I came back I watched a movie: Grudge Match with Sylvester Stallone  and Robert DeNiro. They both played famous boxing roles and this was kind of a comedic replay of their roles 30+ years later, albeit not their original characters of course. I noticed a few homages to the originals here and there. Nice little movie, nothing too spectacular. Watched a bit of the race before going to UVil and such. Our Italian place closed unexpectedly. Such a shame, there's not only a couple places that aren't sit-down restaurants, which is kind of bad for us and the employees. The place is just become another bland upscale mall. We may end up going to McD's for lunch more often.

Came home and watched the end of the race (Atlanta), I vacuumed the TV room, changed the litter, and then swept and Swiffered the floors, all except the kitchen. The Spousal Unit was watching a thing on animal poaching in Africa and it bothered me so much I went downstairs. Sitting in Mass this morning I was briefly reflecting on all the awful things people to do each other and animals and asked God how He could possibly forgive us. Humanity is, collectively, a bunch of sh*ts. We torture and kill each other by the millions and torture and kill animals by the millions with only a few shining lights rising above it all. Most of the time I correct people when they compare someone to "an animal" by nothing that such a comparison is grossly unfair to animals. Rant over.

We did a normal walk outside this evening.