Saturday, February 28, 2015

28 February 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 9:00 and worked until 12:00 on school work. Fixed a flat tire this afternoon. Saw Barbara at out For Christ a little while tonight. Went to work about 8:30. A boy I met out to the dance drove around town with me until about 2:00 this morning and then came home and stay all night with me. Got to bed about 3:00 this morning. [Gating ups and down) at some of my magazines. Gas $1.00. Monthly spending $33.70.
At the moment I'm listening to a Glenn Miller CD. Don't know why, we were out at Molbak's in Woodinville this afternoon and they were playing something Big Bandish there and it just caught my fancy, the whole war years thing. I was kind of primed for it, we've been watching a TV show called Agent Carter (Haley Attwell) that's set in 1947. It;s a Marvel Comics series. I quite like it. I'd like to say life was so much simpler back then but in a lot of ways it wasn't. No cell phones and junk, but you had far more things to worry about, I think.

Anyway, I slept okay last night. Managed to make it through a couple of potential anxiety thingies. Lately I've been getting around them by "writing my memoirs" in my head (think I mentioned that earlier). So far I haven't made it past my first memories yet.

We went out for breakfast this morning. I did diddly this morning except watch TV. I dunno, just didn't feel like doing much of anything. I do need to give my office a good cleaning. We left around 11:15 togo up to Woodinville. Much traffic all around. We were going to go to a new burger place up there but went to Taco Time instead so I could get something smallish. We went to the grocery store there and the PetSmart and the Molbak's. The latter was exceptionally pleasant due to the sunshine. Didn't buy anything though. Went to Cold Stone Creamery; I got a kid's size. It's a place where they have a cold granite counter and will mix whatever you want into ice cream. I mention that because I imagine in 50 years people will be looking back on that as something quaint and pleasant or something, kind of like we view ice cream parlors and such from the 1940s and '50s now. Sometimes I recall that we ought to be really enjoying our time here and now much as I look back fondly on our time in the 1970s and 1980s and such when we were younger.

When we got back I mowed the lawn; and by 'lawn' I mean 'moss'. Its so bad this year, I swear the whole back yard is over 80% moss. Odd because it's been so dry. Reyna was over next door (two doors down actually) helping work on her truck. Lovely young lady. Just a little girl when we moved in. *sigh*

Not much else going on. We went to the post office for our walk.

I'd listen to more big band stuff but I really don't like the recordings. I grew up on decent sound quality so I have trouble with these old recordings. I think I'd rather listen to a modern recording. OTOH, it does kind of get you in that mood listening to it the way people back then did (actually better, since they'd listen on cruddy radios while I have a bad-ass stereo). 

Friday, February 27, 2015

27 February 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Barbara didn't come to school today. Had a band practice at 7:30 this morning so got going early. Had a pep assembly this morning at 9:15. Played for that. Skipped sixth person and went up and saw Barbara for a while. Ate supper at grandma's. Took Barbara out to a show at the Yakima tonight about  [x:00]. Got her home by 11:30. Saw a good [hot-rod] show. Ate a little when I got home and got to bed about mid-night. Gas $1.00 Show $1.50. Spent $2.50.
The big news today is that Leonard Nimoy -- Spock of Star Trek fame -- died today.

I did okay. Slept pretty well last night, oddly. I say "oddly" because it didn't feel like it. Or I was sure at the start I wouldn't even get to sleep without assistance, but I did and did okay, despite several wake-ups. Had a really good workout. Intense but it kind of didn't feel like it. But I worked really hard. When I got home I didn't do much, save for doing some posting at ArchaeoBlog. Did a little bit of archaeology work, emailed a couple of profs/coauthors about the alcohol paper. I went to the UDist around 11:30 to get some hair stuff for the Spousal Unit at Hair.Comb, had lunch at Pagliacci's (one slice of cheese pizza), and then hung out at the Bookstore before meeting Anne. I bought a Rite In The Rain pencil for the field on a whim, and a book on the Crimean war that was on clearance. Anne texted early to say she was at the Cafe on the Ave place (early) and I should come meet her there. That was on the northwest corner of 42nd and the Ave, used to be a hippy coffee place called The Allegro. I once had a female grad student friend who said that all I had to do was sit in there with spandex shorts on reading Kafka and I'd get "all the [female lady-parts] you want". I did not attempt to test that hypothesis.

Good visit with Anne but too short. I drove home and checked an estate sale listing and went up there but it was one we were at a few weeks ago (nothing). Well, a nice Cadillac. I didn't buy it this time either.

Came home and watched an old Graham Norton episode with some Star Trek actors on the computer. Made dinner, mostly. I dunno, kind of a relaxing day which I really can't afford to do too often. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

26 February 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Picked Barbara up and took her to school this morning. Sure felt tired all day today. Took Barbara home after school and then went down to the church. Went to supper about 5:00. After supper came home and started writing up a [thesis] I have to hand in tomorrow. Went up to Barbara's place about 7:00 and we went driving for a while around town. Got home about 8:20 and did some [more] work in English. 
I shall now enlighten you, dear future (or present) reader, as to the mind of someone who gets all anxietyish in the middle of the night*. So I woke up and started worrying; you know, the usual schtick. I managed to get out of it by deciding I was going to write my memoirs in my head, starting at the beginning. So what did I immediately think of as the first line? "I was a mistake". Yes, I really did. It's not that awful actually. My mom did have a miscarriage and I can never remember if it was before me or after me, but I have a vague recollection that it was before me, hence, if he/she had actually been carried to term they would have stopped there and I would never have been born. I don't know if that's the case or not, but I've always kind of had that thought.

Oddly, it was very liberating. One might think it would be depressing, but it actually made me feel like I had an obligation to "make up for that mistake", if you will. Something resembling "bottoming out" I suppose one might think of it, although I don't think of this as "bottoming out". Like it's all a bonus round now, I just need to give back to everyone and make that mistake worthwhile, in a way. I got up and really felt quite calm and content and in the moment and just wanting to do good. Another odd thing was that I decided I really wanted the kitchen table cleaned off (it's all cluttered and we don't really use it for anything except putting junk down on it). So I did that this afternoon, thinking that some mornings I'd rather like to sit at the table and drink my morning soda.

Like I say, it sounds odd and creepy(ish) but it's really not. Well, okay, it's still odd.

Wicked workout. Killed my legs daid I did. Came home, went to Cascadia and mostly worked on the report all day. I think we have a good draft going. TT gave it a good edit. Our maps look good, I think. Had lunch at NGate. The State physical anthropologist wigged out for a bit on where we found the human stuff because I gave him mistaken information that first time. I think I got him squared away.

I also got all of the bags listed and sorted out and have them in my office. Was worried we'd left some stuff there, but we didn't.

Came home, cleaned off the aforementioned table, gave Jack lots of attention although he would deny it later, made dinner (easy, leftovers), went to UVil to get bagels, etc.

I really hope I can keep this attitude for a while.

* Actually, it was more like 4. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

25 February 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Picked Barbara up and took her to school. Took Barbara home after school. Ate dinner at grandma's. After dinner pick up Carl about 6:00 and took my Plymouth [up] the high school shop and put in a new head gasket and a [unk] changed the oil. Didn't get home until about 1:00 this morning. Carl is staying all night with me tonight. Got to bed about 2:00. Really tired. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I had a decent day. Last night was weird. Shortly after I went to sleep I had a nightmare -- someone grabbing me while I was out walking at night -- and woke up really breathing hard. I went to the TV room and, with minor assistance, went back to sleep. If I thought I was over the whole anxiety thing, which I kind of was for about three days, I was mistaken. Well, I woke up a little after 4 anxietying, and just got up shortly after the heater kicked on. So I didn't do too bad all day.

Had a great workout (back). Talked with the older hot chick (marathoner) a bit. Put a chicken in the crock and went to Cascadia. I mostly worked on the interim report and I think we got a good first draft prepared. I am trying to be very clear and precise with good graphics showing where everything is since this will be read carefully by a lot of people. And a lot of other peoples' money is riding on it.

I probably shouldn't think about that.

Anyway, I left around 3. Came home, piddled around, gave Jack lots of attention, prepared dinner. We went to UVil for a walk and to get some stuff. Bought some wine for next Monday, my dad's birthday. A sweet reisling. He liked reisling.

So I dunno. Decent day. Short entry as I need to give Daisy some attention.

Oh, I picked Daisy up first thing this morning to gloat at the Spousal Unit still in bed (she hardly ever picks her up) and I stepped in a hairball. Ewww.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

24 February 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Picked Barbara up this morning and took her to school. Had a test in our American [brown] today. Everything went fairly well in school today. Didn't play in gym today. Barbara took the bus home tonight because I had to go down town. She came by the house a little while tonight about 7:00 to get some of my history notes and lessons. Went out to Jerry's and played pool tonight. Did a lot of history tonight also. Gas $1.00 Coke $.05 Spent $1.05.
Well, kind of back to normal sleeping-wise. Was out of bed at the usual time (whatever that is) and woke up at 3:15 and started worrying. I did manage to get it under control though and went back to sleep so I did okay. Leg day at the gym, so I was brutalized. I went over to Cascadia pretty quickly and got working on the report. I decided to make up more of my own format rather than follow TT's that I had been using. Mine makes some more sense to me and I think will be more sensible for people reading it because it lays out what we've done and learned before this, too. So let's hope. I got a decent amount done on it.

Janet and I went to Staples and Spam's Club for some supplies, and I got gas an olive oil. She looked nice in all black. Odd having an attractive female archaeologist around. Well, not really all that odd, there have been several I've worked with. Used to be all of them were the un-girly hippy ones, but that's changed in the last decade or so.

Things went okay at work. The payment came in for all the monitoring we did, so I was successful in that respect. Actually -- as usual -- all the junk I was worrying about didn't come to pass. Left around 2. Another sunny day, high of 52 or so. I drove the Forester to put gas in it so it was kind of nice driving that for a change, although the Civic is more fun. The Spousal Unit said it didn't smell, so I may have solved the trunk leak problem, but we'll have to see what happens when it rains in the next couple of days.

We're still very dry here. It's hardly rained at all, and when it has it's been rain in the mountains, too, so the snowpack is pretty low. We're all hoping the spring will be cool and rainy so we can catch up. The ski resorts are having a tough time, but the golf courses are booming. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

23 February 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Got up early this morning and had plenty of time to go and pick Barbara up and take her to school. Also picked Carl up this morning. Barbara and I went down to the library after school. We also drove down to [off spot] for a basket ball tournament. Had to play in the Pep band there. Just drove around after it was over with. Yakima lost by three points to [Parkland]. Sure am tired tonight. gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I had a busy day. Sadly, I did not spend the night in the bed, but it was almost as good. Jack was running around at some point and meowed right in my face and I had to wee like a race horse anyway, so I went to the other room. . . .and they both came charging after me and ran around the TV room for a while. I went right back to sleep though and stayed that way until about 4:45. So, yay.

Had an excellent workout. Came back and scarfed down bagels -- Anne cancelled our lunch date so I ate two instead of the one I'd planned -- and then the contractors showed up to raise the concrete around 8:30. Went pretty well. The back step was raised by like an inch and a half so you can really tell the difference. The front walk from the sidewalk also got raised, as it had sunk down and there was an ugly gap between it and the front steps. It all looks much better. No rats went scurrying away out back. So that's done. Sheesh, though, $2700 for three hours' work!

I worked on the Very Important Report most of the morning, on and off. Hard going as I'm not really sure what I'm doing. ARCE also sent me an email saying I hadn't registered by the 20th, so after an extremely brief moment of panic, I went ahead and registered and got the hotel room. So I'm committed. Oddly, after the first rush, I didn't feel much after that. Ordinarily over the last few years I'd have slipped into abject fear. For whatever reason, I seem to have turned the corner. So all except the flight is taken care of. Hope it goes well and there are people there that I know, else I'll be hanging out by myself a lot.

Beautiful day, sunny and 55. I opened up the back door for the cats and they liked that. Went to UVil for dinner materiel and had a hot chocolate for a bit. Meh. Not much scenery. When I got back (ca. 3) I worked on my ARCE slides, just getting the general maps done. Did quite well, actually, I made a good sat map with an insert and found the Bath on a Google Earth image. So it's coming together. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

22 February 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Didn't go to Sunday School or church this morning but saw Barbara down at the church anyway. Ate at grandma's and at 2:00 play with our sax quintet for a [mnother] tea at the high school. After came back and spent the rest of the afternoon doing history. Ate supper at grandma's. Got Barbara and went down to [our] church tonight. We had [babitism] tonight. Went down to the drive in and had a coke $.20. Gas $1.50. Spent $1.70.
That really doesn't look like 'baptism' above, I'm sure the 'p' is really a 'b' and that there is an 'i' after it there.

So, three nights in a row of sleeping in the bed all night! At 4 I did start to have a Worry Fest. That's when I got up (well, I went to the couch for a while). Still, I took a longish nap around 5:30 and another one around 10 or so. Either I'm still recovering from last Thursday or going off the chamomile/valerian has really done something. Hope it keeps up.

Didn't do a whole lot this morning, just a few of the usual chores. Didn't go to Mass because I was so sleepy. I watched some of the Daytona 500, am really getting more into racing. Looked like a good race this year. We went to UVil for the usual stuff, although we are rather meat-deficient. Everything's just so expensive anymore, almost unless it's on sale I won't even buy it. We came back around 2 and then I went and got the Subaru washed and then went to an estate sale. It was for a man (mostly) and he had some old 1950s military flight stuff. Most of it was gone by today though. I didn't buy anything. Weird house layout, too. Old, will probably be knocked down.

Nothing much else to report. Oh, I have decided to not play the guitar for 2 full weeks. I'm going to see if that clears up my left arm issues.

Beautiful day, sunny and in the 50s. I was going to mow the lawn but I'll wait until Monday or Tuesday. Maybe even Wednesday. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

21 February 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Took the car to the garage and had the clutch adjusted and the motor timed. This afternoon I worked the car. Got a speeding ticket in Yakima. [Around] about 26 [unk] today. Ate at grandma's and went by the church a little while before I went to work. Went to work early tonight. Had a good crowd. Drove around town a little after the dance. Going to bed about 2:15 this morning. $1.00 gas. Spent $1.00. 
Wish I knew what he did at these dances. Apparently they are some sort of public dance at a hall. Wonder if he plays sax in the band.




I slept in the bed all.night.long. Yes! Until 4:30! That's two days in a row! I haven't done that in years, except while traveling. Oddly, I still felt really tired today. I wonder if all the stress and work and getting up early Thursday just wiped me right out. But YAY. Haven't felt anxious at all either. Perhaps all those herbs and junk I was taking was having the opposite effect. Oh well.

So I had a nice little morning doing next to nothing. Watched TV mostly. Flipped from movie to movie, from Aliens to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I like the latter quite a bit for some reason. We went to the BBQ place on Lake City and I had gumbo. My dad told us we used to have that as kids but I certainly don't remember it. Decent stuff, albeit pricey. But it's two meals for me. We went estate saling after that, but only went into one. Hit UVil for dinner stuff. . .wait, only breakfast stuff, I think. Had a yogurt. It was nice and sunny so I decided to go for a run outside. Lye. Didn't wait long enough and my stomach felt awful for the first half. I eventually felt okay. I didn't do my annual New Year's Day run and I haven't had a great 2015 so far so I have bowed to superstition and tried to placate the gods of karma by doing it now. Fingers crossed, let's hope things take off for the good.

Fiddled with guitar and actually took a nap while sitting there holding it. We walked at NGate and I got another two shirts at The Bon/Macy's for $9.99 each, both slim fit Izods. Between these and last week's I should have 10 years of light shirts for less than $40.

Am listening to U2's free album while typing this. They made it free on iTunes and it kind of automatically downloaded itself, which caused some controversy. Haven't liked a U2 album in years, but I'm going to burn this one to CD and play it in the car for a while to see if I like it. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

20 February 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Didn't get up in time to take Barbara to school this morning. Just got there in time [on it was].Had a[sic] Ancient History Test today and a[sic] English test. Stayed after school for a [quintet] practice. Took Barbara down town and dropped her off. Went up and taught her some more on the Sax. Got home about 11:00 and got a little to eat and went right to bed. Am not to[sic] tired tonight. Cokes$.10. Spent $.10.
Too exhausted last night to type anything. I actually was home by 7. Man, long day. I woke up probably a little after 2:30 and got up at 2:45 to go up to San Juan. Had plenty of time and even the Donut Shop in Anacortes was open when I got up there a little after 5. Was too early though, had too long to wait, although I napped. Then I napped on the boat. The site was waaaay different with the entire house and foundation gone. I was rather flummoxed by it all and actually was quite stressed out because I did;t really know what I was doing. I had Mike do most of the technical stuff, although when we started on the 50cm unit I excavated after lunch. Well, my lunch was a few bites of a sandwich and then I kept digging by myself while Mike went off to Roche Harbor. I just wanted to get it done and get out of there. It was a useless hole as it didn't tell us anything really new. Quite dense midden though. We got down to 80 cm and I was filthy because I was laying on my stomach digging. My right side hurts today from getting stabbed by concrete chunks. We finished up around 1:30, left the site at 2. I got some more lotion from the Pelindaba -- they know me there now -- and managed to wait until Lopez to fall asleep. Either they really booked it from there (it was 25 minutes late) or I slept longer than I thought because we were almost to Anacortes when I woke up. Okay drive home. My deli was closed for cleaning so I didn't get my BLT+sauerkraut.

I SLEPT IN THE BED THE WHOLE NIGHT. At least until 4. I don't even remember the last time I did that. Oddly, I didn't take anything, neither valerian nor chamomile. Don't know what that means. Had a really great workout too, though more of a light-weight variety thing.

Happy today, I got an email from Engi. Went to Cascadia for only a while since I was still kind of exhausted. Only did a little work. Got noodles at QFC for lunch, left at around 1, I think. Stopped at Spam's Club, and then hit two estate sales on the way back -- just saw them and dropped in. Bought a Steely Dan CD at one. One had a single almost nice EPI speaker but the woofer cone was gone and it wasn't even one with the inverted dome tweeter. Lots of cool stuff but nothing to buy at the one.

I washed all of my field gear -- pants, rain gear, gloves, camera case -- and the water came out black. It's that dark black midden sediment.

Made an odd sort of Tuna (actually Chicken) Helper tonight. Meh. Nice walk though. I fixed the leak in the Civic trunk but it still kinda smells. I need to have it steam cleaned or something.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

18 February 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Also picked Carl up on the way to school. Stayed after school for sax quintet practice tonight. Ate supper at grandma's. After supper called Barbara up and also drove past her place a couple times. Got Carl and took him to [unk] [Easter play practice] with Shirley tonight. We drove around some after we dropped Shirley off. Did a lot of history tonight before I went and [saw] after I came back. Got to bed about mid-night. gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Busy day today.

Slept rather poorly, but eventually got enough. Had a decent workout. Went downtown, although I stopped at the Rotunda in health sciences for my morning bagels. Was very stuffy today, too; I thought I'd be done with this cold by now, but NooooOOOOoooooo. Fiddled around most of the morning but was also managing the San Juan thing. It was looking good, but then they decided much of it really was intact midden -- though with much less shell than is usual -- and then found a possible intact burial. Then we all argued with DAHP about the need to dig 50cm units, so in the end they didn't finish today so I am going up tomorrow. On the 6:20 ferry. Ugh. Oh well, not much traffic. Those early morning drives aren't really that bad because of that, it's kind of a quiet drive and sort of peaceful in a way. I really am kind of glad to be going up, so I'll know more about what's going on firsthand.

Downtown was okay. Saw Rowena again, she's back in the building for a few months. She was always very nice to me. Met with Michael and he said the funding should be through any time now, so I'm more confident that I should be working more again soon. When I got home I had to pay lots of attention to Jack, he was just meowing up a storm and demanding attention all afternoon.

We dropped a book off with Norma and although she kicked me out (my cold) she seemed to be doing okay, was up and about and talking strong. The Chinese neighbors hacked up the tree which is technically on their property but it's a bit annoying that they just do so without asking us (much of it is on our side). But whatever, I'm going to pick my battles carefully.

So maybe no entry tomorrow if I'm back too late. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

17 February 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Had wrestling in gym  we got some good burns off the mats. Stayed after school and did some drawing. Barbara took the car and took [me thy hours] while I was drawing. Took Barbara to a church basket-ball game at the [Boarding] School gym. Went to [Kempers] drive-in afterward and drove around town some. Got in about 10:30 had a good time. gas $1.00. Two [cakes] $.30 [Coke] $.05 Spent $1.35.
Used to hate wrestling in gym class. Actually, I hated most of gym class. Considering what a gym rat I've become, one has to wonder. . . .

What an up-and-down day. Apart from major anxietying at around 2:30, I slept reasonably okay. I felt mostly better in the later afternoon and evening yesterday. I had a really good workout, although missed doing leg presses (busy). Knees were kind of hurting and something strained in my mid-left back while doing calf raises.

Cascadia was up and down, too. I didn't do much, the only time spent working was fixing a few things on this thorny Smith problem and getting stuff ready for the Tarte thing, too. Randall. . .well, he didn't chew me out exactly (I almost can't imagine him doing so) but he did let me know I needed to be more careful about billing my time to actual projects. Which was true, of course, although I'm still kind of clueless about when one decides to bill and not. So, still learning. I will, of course, be fretting at that in the middle of tonight.

I proofed my alcohol paper -- good thing, too, I found a few oddities that slipped by the Track Changes -- and sent it out. I hope it goes over well.

Went for lunch at NGate. I also had to let the Smith people know I had to start billing them for time, as per above. They seemed to be okay with it. Let's hope they follow through.

Still, I've been kind of muftig most of the day. At the gym this morning it kind of struck me that I could really let go of the university. In so many ways I really loathe what it's become, the political correctness, the diploma mill, etc. But I still try to hang in there. Why? Is it like a sort of abusive relationship and I keep trying and trying to make it "like" me despite me not liking it all that much? Or maybe I still feel the need to prove myself to it. Or, as I've argued here many time, school is the one thing that kept the anxiety at bay so many times and I really want to keep at it to get that back again. But this morning I felt I could really finally let it go. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

16 February 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Got up just in time to go and pick up Barbara this morning. Drop around a little before school. Had a[sic] assembly this morning on crime prevention but out of school at 2:00 this afternoon. Barbara and I drove out to Highland and back after school. Ate supper at grandma's and stayed home all evening except for driving past Barbara's place was about 7:30. Got to bed fairly early. Did a little History. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
I wonder why he doesn't just put like $5 of gas in once a week instead of a dollar here and a dollar there every other day. . . .

Still kind of sick right now, but oddly I feel better this evening than I did most of the day. I woke up at 12:30 last night and anxietied all out and ended up having to take 2 1/4 ambiens. I dunno, it wasn't that intense but I just wasn't getting back to sleep. This stuff does tend to calm my mind down though; shortly after taking it, maybe 10 minutes I can just feel everything slowing down. I ended up sleeping on the floor until 4:30 and then dozed on and off until 5. Didn't work out today (President's Day).

I went to Cascadia around 8. Had a boy scout come in for some merit badge learning. I got him first, explained a bit about archaeology, showed him some slides, a few artifacts, etc. He stayed from around 9:30 to noon. His dad was okay, too. Mike was up on San Juan and found a piece of cranium first thing, but that was it, and no intact midden. Yay! So far. Depending on how much he can survey tomorrow, they may get done on Wednesday.

Ate some icky leftover gyro for lunch (blehh) and left shortly thereafter. When I came home I messed with the Civic trunk some more -- found water had gotten in over night from the heavy dew, so something's still not sealed. I saw where it was coming through into the carpet and I think it's the seams around the trunk channel. I siliconed them up some more this afternoon. Then I did next to nothing. Was going to make bean scheisse for dinner but was feeling kind of icky so I made a meat loaf instead. And mashed potatoes and corn. Bland. I really felt better after about 4, my head started to get less stuffy and I just felt better. Maybe this will go away as quickly as it came on.

Mike said the construction guys were kind of teasing him about not bringing Janet up. Heh. We need one hot babe and one hot guy working for us so we can send them out to soften up our targets. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

15 February 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Got up just in time to go to sunday school and church with Barbara. Jerry [unk] came to dinner with us down at grandma's today. After dinner we came p to the home and worked on the [baths] most of the afternoon. Had a milk shake at the [Teegen] for supper $.25. Went to good [dexter] and church. Took Carl and Shirley home after church. Things tonight went better with Barbara and I [think] they have for a long time. I really got to places tonight. Got in about 11:30. Eats $.30 Gas $1.00. Spent $1.55.
Still quite ill. I figured I'd feel much better today, but no. Woke up at like 3:15 anxietying all over the place but went back to sleep (with minor assistance) until 5:15 so I felt okay. The big excitement was that some people walking by the house stopped and were looking at a little finch that was having difficulties. The Spousal Unit came in and got me and it had flown haphazardly (think: Woodstock) next door. We managed to grab it (I managed to grab it, being the Bird Whisperer that I am) and took it inside and put it in a box for a while. This was about 9:30. It couldn't fly very well and one eye was closed. It didn't look any better after an hour so we took it to the PAWS in Lynnwood, which was a B**ch to find. They said it was older and ill. I hope she does okay, or at least spends her remaining time in relative comfort.

Most of the morning I worked on the profiles for the monograph and I think I got them all decently well done. Need to rejigger the Word document some and then it's all set. I hope to get that out of the tomorrow.

After dropping the bird off we had trouble getting back to I5 so we had lunch at a Taco Bell on Aurora. We'd quit going to that one because it was kind of, well, not very clean and well run. One time we went in and there were ants all over part of the floor. Probably won't go back either. We -- *gasp* -- went the Safeway first (we are terribly habitual on these things) and thence to UVil, QFC, etc. I think we got back around 2:30. I brought the Civic into the garage and put the fan in the trunk to get it good and dry. Now I just have to wait until it rains to see if it leaks still. Next thing will be replacing the tail light seals if that doesn't work.

This morning early I watched a movie called Singles, was set in Seattle in 1992. Was kind of good to see that era again, when Grunge was just taking off, hardly anyone knew who Pearl Jam or Nirvana was, and I was not even starting my dissertation yet. Well, I had just finished my MA thesis and was casting about for something to work on. The disastrous Fayum idea. Ugh. Things probably sucked then, too, but I have a certain fondness for the early 1990s.

Listening to Vivaldi right now. It reminds me of the early 1980s. I wish I could recapture that mindset, for the most part. I wouldn't try to "relive" that time, but having at least something of the underlying attitude would sure help right now. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

14 February 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
First thing this morning I started to do my American [O bison] paper. Worked on it until noon and then went down to the high school and practiced for about and[sic] hour and afterwards had dinner at grandma's. Slept a good part of the afternoon. Just after supper went down town and bought Barbara a valentine box of chocolate $2.00. Saw her just before Youth for Christ started and I gave it to her there. I came home a little while and then went out to work at the [dance]. Drove around town after the dance [unk]. Got home 2:00. Gas $1.00. Spent $3.00.
That $2 candy works out to almost $18 today. I guess that's okay depending on the size of the box.

Still pretty ill today. I slept marginally okay although I woke up at a little after 4. Jack and Daisy were running around. They left and settled down elsewhere after I gave them some treats. Started to take a nap when the Spousal Unit got up. Dang it. We went out for breakfast and I ate a bit too much. Did next to nothing all morning. Well, I took a decent like 30 minute nap around 8.

We went up to the new Taco Time on Lake City for lunch, just opened yesterday -- we were heading to the BBQ place and saw it open. I think we went to the Riot Aid and QFC after that. . .no, wait, went up to the Pacific Fabric by NGate and I got some black velvet for photographing artifacts. Then went to Riot Aid and QFC. Got some brussels sprouts for dinner.

Came home and I watched two X-Files episodes (Deep Throat and Conduit), watched a bit of racing and took a short nap, ate some ice cream. Made bacon on the grill, need to remember to turn the fire way down. Dinner was okay, leftover beef and the sprouts, baked with olive oil, bacon bits, some cheese and balsamic syrup. Okay, although I could have done without the syrup. Walked outside.

Oh, I guess I read the last Dune book this morning, too. Well, not the last one, but the last one in the chronology of the story universe. I feel like reading the last chapter already just to see what happens, I'll probably be reading it until September. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

13 February 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Picked up Barbara and went [&] picked up Carl this morning and took them to school. Took Barbara and [Misty] home after school. Picked [some] more of my tires up this [mumby] and went up to Barbara's place about 7:30 and helped her with Sax. Sat out in the car a long while and talked. Got home about 11:30. Am not [unk] so tired tonight as usual. Pop $.10 Spent $.10.
May not write so much tonight as I am very tired and stuffed up and such. Jack slept next to me all night so it was mostly uncomfortable (on the couch). He takes up a lot of room for such a little cat and I couldn't just too him out. He will purr when you just look at him. I still slept okay though. Until 5. Had a decent enough work out, although I eased up on the weight. I even ran on the treadmill for 10 minutes.

Went to Cascadia after bagels and almost panicked because Teresa said we needed to spend like an entire week analyzing the stuff from the 50-cm units! I hadn't put that in the permit so we decided not to put it in the cost estimate, but collect all the material in case we need to fully analyze it later. So it looks like it will work out. I spent all morning up there and left around 1:30 after looking something over for Teresa. I made a quick stop at the post office to mail something, came home and brushed my teeth and then went to UVil/SBux to relax a bit and enjoy the scenery. Very nice out, like 60 and partly sunny. Meanwhile the northeast is buried in snow and cold.

Michael sent back a note saying to just format the paper and send it out. Heh. I kind of jokingly told him to stop reading it! I hope he took it in the humorous way it was intended.

We walked at NGate because I didn't want to walk in the cold. Found a rack of shirts at the Bon/Macy's listed for $6.99! I got one but when I was checking out it rang up as $60. !! The guy checked the rack and decided to give me the marked price anyway, even though it was wrong. So I bought two!

Came home, feel bad, so I will just veg the rest of the evening. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

12 February 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Got up just in time to go and pick Barbara up and take her to school. Drove around a little before school and went by and pick[sic] up Carl and took him to school. Had to stay after school to do some English. Barbara took [Mona] and [Milly] home with my Plymouth while she was waiting. As soon as I got home and started packing up some of my old [toys]. Worked until about 9:00 and then came up and did some history. Coke $.05. Spent $.05.
Feeling rather poorly right now. The cold I had been fighting off sort of came on this morning and I've been stuffy and junk most of the day. I had a really good workout though. Poor Stewart is now having his hated brother in law contest his "competence" to execute his sister's estate. Poor shlump. Hate a guy named Mark Rippetoe who has been pushing his idea about working out by doing lots of dead lifts and squats and junk. Now that I am finally able to do some squatting all the stupid racks are always full!

Came home, inhaled bagels, went off to Cascadia. I had very little to do so I worked on the alcohol paper and then did some on the graphics for the monograph but failed with all of the profile drawings.  Some were just not right. I worked on them some more at home and these various computers were really irritating me. Had phone call with the San Juan people and the foundation stuff will start Monday.

What else. Not much. Didn't do much this afternoon except swear at the computers. We went to UVil for our walk cuz we needed some stuff.

I just watched a Viking Kittens video which is a cheesy animation done years ago to Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" and has a couple of kittens with viking helmets and axes and such. Awe.Some.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

11 February 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Barbara was still sick and didn't come to school. School was just about the same. I skipped sixth period this afternoon and drove out to Highland and picked up Jerry and took him home. Helped him with some [works] and stayed for supper. Play pool most of the time. We came into town about 7:30 and picked up Barbara and we went the[sic] basket ball game at the armory between Selah and [Monquest]. Selah won [90-85]. Got home about 11:00. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I got into writing a Car Lust post and almost forgot about this. I'm doing one on the Ferrari Daytona. Odd for me cuz it's a high end car.

Slept reasonably okay last night. The last couple of days when I've gotten up at 4:40 or so I've not turned on the TV and instead just sat in the dark and. . .well, I dunno what. Drank soda to get hydrated and just contemplated the day. Had a great workout. Went to Cascadia, got most of the report on the screening done. DAHP issued the permit so the foundation removal will start whenever they get ready. I'm kind of looking forward to it now. Report went well, I think.

What else. . .Janet and I went to Best Buy at NGate to get her son some headphones, and I got my lunch there. I gave Andy the dog the rest of my turkey and was going to put it on the floor for him but he snarfed it right out of my hand! I worked on my slides for ARCE for about an hour in the afternoon and then headed home around 2:30. I think everything is under reasonable control. Ordered pizza for dinner and had salad as well. Some missionaries came to the door but the Spousal Unit kinda dusted them off.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

10 February 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Got up in time to take Barbara to school today but she was sick and did not go. Had a test on our America [Okouser]. Came straight home & changed a flat tire and checked the spark plugs. After supper I did my studying in history. Went up to [Blk] about 7:45 and taught her some more on the Sax until about 10:00. When I got home I studied history until I couldn't see straight. Going to bed about mid-night. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I had many ups and downs today. When I went to the TV room in the middle of the night both cats were on the couch and I couldn't bear to kick them off so I got my phone, made an alarm, and went downstairs. It was okay, decently uncomfortable/different so I mostly slept until a little before 4:30 which was okay.

Had another wicked leg workout, these are real killers lately. All the females were downstairs today. Didn't do much at home except MORE DISHES and then went to Cascadia. Dealt with the new thing, which was kind of a mess. I think he had problems with the other archaeologist for whatever reason and I think the latter tattled to DAHP on him so they're demanding a damage assessment, and we can't do anything else. We worked it out in a phone conversation around 1. The guys made it to San Juan and it only took today. They found several bone fragments (human) including at least one with some teeth.

Michael went and read through the last iteration of the paper again and decided to change things AGAIN. It really got me going at first but then I started going through it and decided to make comments about what he'd done and maybe keep us from changing it around yet again. That was a pain.

I also looked at the Civic trunk again and it's moist almost all over. Can't tell if it's condensation or if it's really getting wet. I siliconed the passenger side and hopefully this weekend I can pull it into the garage and get the trunk all dry and cleaned up and then see if it works. Otherwise, I will try changing the tail light seals next.

I started working on my Houston presentation, mainly just by assembling all of the photos and junk. That gave me a moment of panic earlier so I had to do something to hopefully keep it at bay tonight.

Monday, February 9, 2015

9 February 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Had a national assembly this morning. A [hadpter] who moulded with clay. Took Barbara home after school. Ate supper at grandma's. Went up to Barbara's place and taught her some more on the Sax until about 10:30. Came home and did a lot of school work. Am getting to bed about mid-night [I am] tired tonight. School [paper] for $.70 Gas $1.70.
Interesting day today. Slept okay. On my second wake-up I was sure it must be after 3 but it turned out to only be 1:40. Did not have a real anxiety attack then but just kind of a lot of 'motor mind' where my mind just shifts into high gear. You know. Probably. Anyway, I slept until a little after 4 which was okay.

Had a dandy workout. Ran on the track. Oddly, the track area was crawling with females, hardly any downstairs.

So, came home, ate bagels, got beef roast in the slow cooker, went to Cascadia. I spent most of the morning arranging the field work for tomorrow. I sent the client a copy of the cost worksheet so he could see how the costs were defined. I hope it goes okay. They have to catch the 6:20 ferry from Anacortes as the 7:40 was booked. Not sure how this reservations thing is going. They really shouldn't have to not take the 7:40 on a Tuesday in February.

Worked there until around 1, came home, and got my battery hooked up again, as well as putting the light switch back in temporarily. I sent an email to Brad's seeing if they could finish it from here and then put it partially back together so I can finish that and clean stuff up before it goes back on. What else did I do. . . . .not a whole lot. Roast turned out okay, but kinda dry. I can only do cheap cuts of meat apparently.

We walked outside, but a short one because the Spousal Unit is still feeling poorly. I might do the floors.

We saw some Jehovah's Witnesses coming up the street when we came back, so I put on Black Sabbath really loud thinking they might hear that and ignore us. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

8 February 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Went down to Barbara's church this morning. She took the Dodge and I went up and changed the flat on my Plymouth I had last night. Got back in time to go to church. After dinner I went out to [Jerry Gannis] and [paged] most of the afternoon. Jerry was in with me for supper this afternoon at grandma's. Barbara went to church with me tonight at our church. We went to a [niy] at Joan [Cooks] place. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
The day started off very inauspiciously at 3:15. Ugh. Tried for an hour to doze back off but no go. Finally got up and piddled around until around 5:45 when I tried to go back to sleep but just about the time I was maybe dozing off the Spousal Unit got up. So I made breakfast and took a nap later. Making breakfast I was kind of frustrated and impatient so I decided I wasn't going to do anything of consequence all day. And I mostly didn't. After napping around 8, I worked on a Car Lust post for a while and then did a few minor chores. I think. I can't remember, I was too tired. At any rate, we left for the UVil around 11:45 and ate lunch outside! It wasn't that warm and pleasant, but it was acceptable.

Didn't do much else there. When we got back I did a few more chores and made chocolate chip pan cookies that I was certain turned out perfectly but they ended up being kind of dry. Before starting dinner (sole) I noodled around on my guitar while watching the last half hour of a movie we started watching last night. Yes, I can do that, watch 80% of a movie and then stop. Most of the time. It was a Tom Cruise sci-fi flick, Edge of Tomorrow. Not bad. Different than most.

The dinner didn't turn out too well. Well, everything but my fish. I dunno why, mine turned out mushy. So I ate more cookie. Walk was okay, outside before another big rain hits. This morning was pleasant although I didn't go out until later, nice and sunny for the most part. Upper 50s all last week and over the weekend.

Friend of the Spousal Unit's (coworker actually) has some form of disease that was thought to be Crohn's, but may be something else. He had to go on medical leave for 6 months. At first I thought "And here I'm bitching about my troubles in the middle of the night" but I do, in fact, realize that it's not me "bitching" it's my stupid amygdala pumping out too much anxiety chemical so it doesn't really matter what my situation is. I do, however, want to guard against thinking this anxiety crap is a big woe-is-me thing; compared to what others go through, it's next to nothing. Still, I am bound and determine to change the pathways in my brain to minimize the negative stuff. I think I can do it, amygdala be damned. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

7 February 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Got up about 9:00 and did about and[sic] hour and a half of studying the first thing this morning. Took the car and a lube job on it $2.60. Practice at the high school from 12:00 to 1:00. Washed the car this afternoon and [its] got myself a hair cut before supper. $1.25. [Played] for my solo [fee] $.50. Went up to Barbara's before I went to work tonight. Got a flat tire before I got home and had to hitch-hike home. Spent $4.35.
Man, this guy has more problems and adventures in his car. . . . .

Speaking of cars, I got the light switch off, and more today. Had to look it up for more detail on the Web. Once I figured it out it was easy peasie. I also got the instrument cluster cover off and the gauge cluster. Now I have to unbolt the steering wheel so I can detach the whole dashboard. It's actually starting to feel a bit more rewarding.

What else. Well, I slept all night in the TV room to give the Spousal Unit the room to herself (and the cats) so she could sleep properly. That helped, she was much better today. Ate breakfast in. Don't think I did much this morning, except take a nap. Was awake at 2:15 (I think the valerian stuff makes me sleep better, at least longer without first waking up) and anxietied out for a while. *sigh* But then I slept on the floor until 5:30.

Had our hair cut at 11:30 in the UDist. The skinny cute one did mine, she does a really nice job. Might start going back to the barber though, now it's a total of $35 for a cut. Had lunch at McD's cuz the Spousal Unit didn't want to go to Pagliacci's. Then we went up to the PetsMart and got some more litter and some other stuff.

When we got home I worked on the car a bit (above) and then watched the end of Grand Budapest Hotel. Very awesome movie. Like an old 1960s free movie. I loved it. May have to buy the DVD. Hilarious.

We got thai dinner (to go) which I went and got. I had a green curry with chicken which was deeeelish but I ate too much. And I still have enough for lunch Monday! It was raining so we walked at NGate, mostly in the Barnes & Noble. Nothing much of interest to relate there although it was a pleasant walk around. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

6 February 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Came back to school today. Barbara and I made up [AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!, ed.] today and started going together again. Had a pep assembly this afternoon. Got our [assembly stats] today. Took Barbara home after school. Took her to church and after church [was our] we took Carl and Shirley and went down to the drive-in. We drove around for a while down to Wapato and back. Had a swell time. Eats $.60 gas $1.00 [offering] $.05. Spent $1.65.
What a day.

I don't really remember most of the night although I ended up on the floor again. I think I was asleep most of the night until 3:15 and then. . . .oh wait, I couldn't get to sleep for a while. Then I went to the TV room, woke up at 3:15, took 14 ambien and went back to sleep until the alarm went off. Man, I was deeeeeep asleep at that point. Having weird dreams, too, so I was glad to wake up, except for the part about being really deeply sleeping and having to wake up, of course. That makes no sense.

Had a dandy workout, too. My throat was really scratchy was was a result of either having the window open a crack all night so I could listen to the rain or I was getting the Spousal Unit's cold. I took zinc all day and it mostly went away. I went straight to Cascadia. Talked to the stupid attorney (hag) and then the architect called around noon and we got things worked out for screening next week. They'll choke on the cost of course, but I won't send it to the contractor.

I left around 11:15 and the Spousal Unit and I went to lunch at McD's. Oddly, their lobby was closed for "scheduled maintenance". Huh. Never seen that. I wonder if they had some sort of illness and needed to clean it up. So we went to Wendy's and brought Norma a Frosty; she wasn't home (actually she was in bed) so I took it over this evening. She was having "a bad day", just exhausted. She liked it.

My thing was accepted for the ARCE Meetings. Now I just have to pay for it. Also bought Rush tickets. More than I wanted to spend, but it may be the last time I see them. July 19.

Watched part of The Grand Budapest Hotel. What an awesome movie. I was delighted through the whole thing (as much as I watched anyway). Just awesome.

I felt quite good this afternoon. I wonder if the new valerian is doing it. Felt like I was 21 again. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 February 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Stayed home from school today. Spent the day at home working on Aicnet History and [drawing]. Went [back] to school about 3:10 and practiced a little bit. Our Sax [quintet] play for a dinner at the [Neiman boys] school tonight. Did real good. Came home and did some more work on history. Spent a lot of time talking to some girl on the telephone and who called me up tonight but wouldn't [unk unk].
! ! ! ! I wish I could read that last bit! Some girl must've found out he was free again and decided to go for it. Would she not say who it was? How odd. Well, at least he's not lonely. . . .

Slept kind of badly last night, at least from about 2-3 or so. I was awake for quit a while. But then I slept until the alarm went off so I felt okay today. Had a sort of too-good workout. I was d-a-i-d daid by the end. Really worked (legs) hard. It was raining most of the morning. Went to Cascadia after bagels, and did more on the Tarte thing. Just more complications, waiting for the excavation permit and everything. Janet and I went to Staples and we dropped by the vitamin store and the NGate food court for lunch. I went to the vitamin store to find some new valerian root. Some news report found that very few herbal supplements they'd tested in several stores had any of the ingredient they specified at all. At. All. Might have been why this stuff wasn't really seeming to do anything? I dunno. I got some new stuff and it at least smelled much different. I took one at lunch and I may feel calmer now, so who knows. I'll keep going with these new ones and see what happens.

Left there around 2:30 and came home and gave the cats lots of attention and then made a mini-meatloaf out of ground turkey. Turned out really well. I went for a walk by myself in the light rain, as the Spousal Unit is not feeling very well.

To give you a flavor of what one of these mid-night panic attacks is like (I've probably done it once or twice already, but whatever), last night was classic: I woke up and immediately started worrying about the whole employment situation and then started recalling my dad. He was in the Air Force for 20 years, married my mom, retired from the Service, and cranked out 3 kids (not all in that order). Got a job in Fond du Lac and worked there for probably 15 years. Then when he was about 50 they laid off a bunch of people, him included, and he was unemployed. Must have been devastating to him. He eventually went back, but I think part time for a while, and was never fully employed again. Can you see the parallels? I felt terrible that I hadn't been more sympathetic to him and such, worried that despite my best efforts I'm heading down the same path, etc., etc. Am I destined to gradually just fade away into obscurity? Blah blah blah. It's like an hour of finding out you have cancer or something. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

4 February 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Got up early this morning and went and picked up Barbara. When I took Barbara home after school tonight I sure got a sweet Dear John and I don't mean maybe and for what reason I'm sure I don't know. I am sure hurt about it to[sic]. She really means a lot to me. Saw Carl and Shirley down town tonight. [Rode] around with them for a while and then drove around some myself trying to goof off a little after this evening. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I think Barbara is a hag. Well, who knows, maybe she's super hot in 1950s terms and that's why he keeps crawling back. I think I read about her again later on, so things probably aren't done with her yet.

I had a kind of a strange day. Slept so-so. Well, better than the night before. Really good back workout. I had on my Packers shirt and some guy just wandered over and said "Over it yet?" which confused me for a couple seconds, and then I figured it out and said "Eh, couple days only." Chatted a bit about Wisconsin and then he said "I'm not over it yet." "Well, it was their own stupid fault!" (me) Heh.

Came home, did the usual (including more DISHES), and then went to Cascadia. Had another tea latte so I put another fiver in the tin. Cleared some stuff up with the Tarte clients, and hopefully we'll be moving ahead on this shortly. I felt better after talking with the others; they know I'm having some difficulties with it and it's my first one.

Janet and I went to Spam's Club to get the videos they'd had transferred. Had some fun, I cracked her up when I almost turned into a parking space with a person standing in it.

When I got back, I met with Meg and Teresa and we figured out what to write to DAHP, I wrote that up, and sent it to the client. Fiddled around some more and left around 2. Had to go to UVil to get my prescription (finally!) and cash ye olde check. And nothing else! I didn't even go to the SBux. Came home, removed the passenger mirror control and then found I had to do Step 9 in the list before doing Step 8 (light switch) so I can do that next.

Supposed to rain for the next two days so we didn't walk, cleaned instead.

I kind of went back on just chamomile today and yesterday to see what would happen; I'm feeling a little anxious again so I think maybe I'm going to take the valerian again this evening. I'm hoping I can find just the right combination to keep things to a low roar. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3 February 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Got up just in time to pick up Barbara and take her to school. I ran around town for a while before school started. [Had] first [druid] six period today. Took Barbara home after school. [Picked] Shirley and Carl up a[sic] took them home and then went to supper at grandma's. Went up to Barbara[sic] place for a while tonight. Drove around some too. Did about an hour on studying English and History tonight. Got to bed about mid-night. Coke $.05 Gas $1.00. Spent $1.05.
So the day started rather inauspiciously at 3:20 or so. Tried going back to sleep but no go. Finally got up around 4:20 or so. I drank a whole can of Diet Coke by 4:45 and got some iced tea, too. Thirsty for some reason. But I had a really good (leg) workout. My back's been hurting as I think I may have slept on it wrong Sunday night, but it did okay, even on the front squats. Came back, did the usual stuff, and made myself a tea latte and put $5 in the tin as a savings.

At the moment I'm listening to Elton John's "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" album (LP) which my brother bought new when it came out (1975) and I've been schlepping it around ever since. I've probably played it less than a dozen times, too. I should caution that I may have ditched the original and bought a new copy, but I don't think so. And I think I just realized that it has a booklet of lyrics in it. So there you go, a little easter egg for me.

I had little to do at Cascadia but stayed until 11 when I went and gassed up the car ($1.95!) and stopped at the Goodwill looking for some little dumbbells for the Spousal Unit to use (didn't find any adequate). When I got home I ate lunch and then started on the dashboard. I got two pieces of trim around the steering column off okay, but was thwarted by the passenger mirror control and the light switch. The Mustang II people have come through though, and I think I can get them both off.

After that I didn't do much except some cleaning and junk. Thought the Spousal Unit was coming home late so I piddled around with dinner, but it was ready when she got back shortly before 5. We went to the UVil to have another go at getting my prescription, but no go yet. Had to get a new discount card from the manufacturer, which I did, but they hadn't finished re-billing it so we came home. Then they called and said it didn't have the ID number on it, so I had to read it off the electronic document. Man, what a pain. It's for the rosacea acne which I'm kind of controlling, but I fear it may get worse.

I found that I've been more or less following the Stoic principles since embarking on my mid-life crisis (or whatever) recovery. Interesting. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

2 February 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Carl and I went to school this morning together. Has a test in soft driving today. Stayed after school for saxophone quintet practice. Did about four hours of studying on history. Barbara came down about 7:30 and we drove around a little. Later on in the evening drove past her place a few times. Talked to her over the phone a couple times this evening. Got to bed about 11:45. Gas $1.00. Coke $.05. Spent $1.05. 
Something odd going on there with Barbara it seems (like, you know, usual).

Odd day. Ended up having trouble getting to sleep and then staying asleep. I was awake again at 1:30 but then (with minor assistance) was out like a light until the alarm went off. Dead asleep at the time. What else. Had a decent workout. Many long faces over the SeaChickens. I was thinking more about it, and right now I'm really kind of soured on football. I'd like to follow baseball more, but then I'd not like thinking of myself as a "baseball person", the type of which I find dreadfully boring and rather hoity-toity. Mainly all the money and the hype which is even trickling down to the college game. I wonder if I could watch baseball but keep my distance and just watch the games every now and then. Hmmm. Must think about this.

Went off to Cascadia and spent much of the day looking at shells. I need to be able to identify more shells in the field, and it's been bothering me that I hadn't been. So I did. I think I will try to make a larger reference collection with fragmentary ones as well as the whole ones we have. Archaeology is slowly drawing me into its clutches. . . .

Left there about 2 and came home and piddled around. Mostly leftovers for dinner. Went to UVil to get prescription, which we didn't again. Might be able to go off of the stuff (oracea, a tetracycline antibiotic for my rosacea), as the Noxzema and other junk has mostly been taking care of. We'll see.

Spousal Unit is redoing the bottom of the chair and, of course, needing help. She can't seem to do any project without a "Tony! I need help!" cropping up at some point. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

1 February 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Carl and I went to our young peoples breakfast down at the Baptist church this morning. After breakfast took him up to his church and then came home and slept. Went back in time to take Barbara home from church. Ate dinner at grandma's and went to a show at the [unk] by myself. After the show I went to orchestra practice down at Barbara's church. Played a show for church services. I [other] Have Jesus. After church drove around a little and Carl came and stayed all night with me. Show $.40. Gas $2.00. Spent $2.40.
Well, the SeaChickens lost the Super Bowl. They were behind 28-24 with 2 minutes and after a brilliant couple of passes to get them on the 6 of New England, they handed it off to Lynch who took it to the .5 yard line and then. . . .threw an interception. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Facebook is going nuts about that call. Oh well, karma's a bitch this playoff season.

I had a decent day otherwise. Well, mostly. Woke up at 3:15, but I did manage to fall back asleep for a few minutes so it wasn't too bad. Got up for good at 4:30. And took a nap later, obviously. I cleaned most of the morning, and we also repaired the underside of the box spring where Daisy (and probably Jack) had ripped it up and made a hammock out of it. I feel kind of bad for Daisy the next time she runs under there looking for a hiding place. It went well, but we only replaced part of it, the rest was a bit worn but intact.

We left for UVil a little before noon and had lunch at the Italian place. Did a minor bit of shopping but came home by 1:45. Piddled around, I watched the kickoff and the first quarter and then made dinner, watched halftime, the first few minutes of the second half and went for a good long walk and watched the last ugly two minutes. I have to say, the Green Bay part of me is enjoying the karma part of this.

-- Dallas beat Detroit on a controversial call in the last minute
-- Green Bay beat Dallas on a controversial call in the last minute
-- Seattle beat Green Bay in the last couple minutes on bad coaching
-- New England beat* Seattle in the last minute on bad coaching

And so a stupid football season ends. I think there may have been some brawling going on after the game.