Saturday, January 31, 2015

31 January 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 10:30 this morning then took the Plymouth into town and got a new [lock part] in the door. Went to grandma's for dinner. Slept most of the afternoon. Took Barbara to Youth [Fan] Church and then went with [Crew][ out to the hall but my job [look]. Drove around after the dance with Barbara and [he saw with aug] in [trying well might no] tonight. Got to bed tonight about 2:30 this morning. Gas $1.00 Pop $.10 Monthly spending $31.85.
He's writing a lot so far this year so the text is very small, hence lots of unknown words. I hope someone in future will be able to decipher it. You know, sometimes I wonder what he would have thought if he knew, back in 1953, that some guy who wasn't even born yet would be reading it, typing it out, and putting it on the Internet for, almost literally, the entire world to read and perhaps out there for centuries to come. I also wonder if these missives will stick around for decades to come and someone who isn't even born yet will read this and wonder how we ever survived!

Today went pretty well. I slept okay, but woke up at 4:15. Meh. Spousal Unit didn't arise until after 6:30. We went out for breakfast as the morning was going to be eventful. I just had hash browns, four slices of bacon, and guzzled two iced teas.

The cats went to the vet this morning at 9. Always eventful. They'd kinda figured something was up and when I went looking for them Jack was already hiding behind the plants in the living room, but he came along fairly okay, only struggled once before going into the carrier. Daisy hid in the bedroom so we had to move the bed, and she eventually crawled up into the "hammock" under the bed, the fabric she'd torn away. But she came out okay. Didn't poop this time!

She waited until we got to the Dr's office to do that.

Both were okay, but Jack got his blood checked again. . .he's a senior! Little kitten-like Jack. So sad. I mean, he's probably doing okay, but I don't like him being a senior.

We were back by 9:30 and I sat in front of the TV and took a short nap. Didn't do much else, just watched the TV all morning. We went to NGate for lunch and then did some errands: fabric store (bed and chair bottoms that had been shredded), two estate sales, grocery store. The latter was crowded with people getting Super Bowl party stuff for tomorrow.

Neither estate sale was all that great, although the second house was neat. Old man, died at 94. He had original '68 Thunderbird and '78 Seville. The T-bird was already gone, but the Seville was in really good shape, save for a modeling that was gone. He had all sorts of stereo stuff but it was all Realistic (some of which was good depending on who manufactured it for Radio Shack, but most pretty blah). He also had my old Star NX-1000 line printer (dot matrix). Ah, memories. Somehow I always ended up getting fouled up printing anything. Man, I printed out a lot on that thing though, hundreds of pages. Amazing how much work on did on those old computers.

Came back, fiddled with guitar (getting better at the F chord), made dinner. Spousal Unit made blue and green (Seahawk) cookies. We're not doing anything special, but we may share them with Norma across the street. Walked at NGate and I got some socks. Okay, 14 pairs of white crew socks for $30. How does that compare with prices from the future, Future Reader?

So, okay day. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

30 January 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Barbara was sick this morning so didn't come to school. Stayed after school for a Sax quintet practice until about four-thirty. Came home and call her up and talked a while and then slept a little. She had to baby sit tonight so I picked her up afterwards about 10:30 and sat out in the car with her for a while. Got a letter off to [unk] tonight. Stayed up until about 12:30 before I got to bed. Drawing paper $1.00. Gas $1.00. Coke $.05. Spent $2.05.
Not a busy day for him. I was fairly busy. Slept okay (same as all week, actually) and then had a weird and wonderful workout. My muscles felt like they just wouldn't get tired. They also felt like they weren't really working. Like I said, weird. But I did work very hard, so wonderful. Great way to end the week.

Went to Cascadia, didn't do much, although the Tarte house project is still going. They made up a hay bale silt barrier so no digging and no monitoring. They're still going ahead with the rest of it though. I left there around 11:30. Was going to come home and do the dashboard but got a communique from Wenke saying our figures needed to be 300 dpi, so I had to work on that instead. Found out how to do it, but was thwarted trying to get it into a BMP (bitmap) file. Keeps saying not enough memory at that resolution. So I don't know what I'm going to do.

I went to UVil for a bit, sat at SBux, not too exciting. I was going to get dinner stuff but decided to either go out or order in (we did the latter). Had to go for a decent walk, too, cuz I ate too much. We went up the Hill to the east. Good walk. Cold-ish though. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

29 January 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Took my Plymouth to school this morning. Picked Barbara up and took her to school this morning. Drove around a little before school. Took Barbara home after school. Play with the band on a [houseboat our] KIT this evening from 7:00 to 7:30 for the March of Dimes. Drove by Barbara's place after the program and then came home and spent about an hour on my drawing and some more on the [studio]. Got to bed about 11:00. Gas $1.00 candy $.05 Spent $1.05.
 Yay, the Plymouth is back as a daily driver! Probably looked something like this one.

Slept on the floor for most of the night last night. Went out to the TV room at around 1:30 and stayed there. Oogh. But I ended up sleeping okay, albeit with some assistance. Had a truly spectacular workout this morning. The various lower back things I've been doing may really be paying off, as I can do really good sets of front squats and even regular squats far deeper than I was ever able to go. Of course, I'm doing waaaaay less weight than I used to, so there's that. But I'm really pleased.

Came home, ate bagels, blah blah blah. Spent most of the morning at Cascadia running the S2 Ngong program and writing up the VW Rabbit post. Done with the first pass and I really like most of it. The one guy called up twice asking questions about our bid for his post-work survey. I kind of like that he's being really careful, but it's making us all kind of suspicious. At least he sounds like someone who would at least stab you in the front rather than in the back. I think we finally finalized it all.

I managed to hang out there until almost 2. Janet and I went to the QFC for luncheon materiel. I was going to hot the dashboard of the Mustang today but decided to wait until I can procure small plastic ziplock bags to hold screws and such. Or maybe I should tape them where they go? Hmmmm. I ended up doing some cooking and cutting up some celery. I'm going to try eating a stalk a day. I rather like celery, as long as it's not bitter. Back in college during the summers I would go back home to Fond du Lac after getting a beer gut during the school year and work it off during the summer by eating a bag of celery and carrot sticks for lunch. So celery always kind of reminds me of summers in Wisconsin so *sigh*.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

28 January 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Barbara was sick and didn't come to school this morning so I skipped school today. Got my Plymouth all fixed up this morning. Spent most of the day working at the church for dad. Went up and saw Barbara about 7:00 and went to church with her tonight. Took Carl and Shirly home also. Got the Dodge and went down to the drive-in and got [unk] some [cokes]. Got Barbara in about 11:00. Gas $1.00. $.65 [cokes] $.10 [offray] Spent $1.75.
Man, I had the worst dream last night about 2. Kinda too weird to describe, but it involved a disassembled motorcycle, a highway, and several men who were going to beat me up/kill me. I was so wound up I went to the floor (assisted). I even heard the heater kick on at 4:30 -- when I will usually get up and start hydrating -- but I wanted to just lie there because it was so comfy. I actually think I may sleep better on the floor. I know when I had a hard futon I slept well, soooooo. . .

Had a really good workout. Although I ended up doing double sets of shoulder shrugs because I went and did them at another rack because some guy was using the one I usually use, but when I came back he was gone and there was, um, a super hot female right there so I had to do them again. In my defense, the other rack was one that I rarely use so I didn't use much weight. YES, I AM CLAIMING THAT AS A REAL DEFENSE.

Went to Cascadia afterwards, and did hardly any actual work there for them. Mostly I ran the Coptic code to create a data set. That really took most of the day because of constant little problems with the data. Wrote up some of another Car Lust post as well. Sent in a volunteer application at the LeMay car museum/collection. I'd really like to help restore/maintain one of their nondescript cars, like a Pacer or something.

Went for lunch at NGate and saw the manager(?) of the local McD's there. She's usually quite friendly when we come in, but for some reason she seemed reticent to interact there. Dunno why. Hmmmm.

I left around 2 and when I got home I used the carpet cleaner to do the carpet in the trunk of the Honda. It's been mildewy smelling from being wet, so I cleaned it and then set up a fan in the back to hopefully dry it, but it was still moist so it's going to sit overnight and get all smelly in there again. I mean perfumy cleaner smell, which is probably still better than mildew smell. I think Cascadia has some brown paper I can use to put in the back to see where the water is coming in. I vacuumed the TV room as well before relaxing some.

I wrote some good stuff on the post. It's for the VW Rabbit and I really had a couple of pretty clever paragraphs there. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

27 January 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Worked quite hard in school today. Got off at 2:00 and went down to the [jump] and picked up my Plymouth. It just don't [work ups] so [hit bar] to take it back tomorrow. I am around [tran] for a [safety] tonight. Barbara and I got into and[sic] argument tonight but I think I got it all straightened out now. Did some English and driving [unk] going to bed tonight. 
I think his car isn't quite fixed right so he's taking it back tomorrow?

Slept halfway decently again last night. And had a really good workout, too. I went to Cascadia after bagels and didn't have a lot to do. Got the cost estimate out to the new client before leaving around 11:30. I went to UVil and had lunch at the Italian place but halfway through the concrete guy called and asked if he could come by at 12:30 rather than 1:30 so I ate quick and went home. Took about a half hour showing him around. Apparently, the City (God rot them all to hell) had come around and marked X's everywhere on the sidewalks where there was a "tripping hazard", i.e., 1/2" unevenness. Apparently we're all supposed to fix them or get a citation, you know, really a lot like they DON'T fix the roads.

Managed to keep the table number thing from the lunch place so I decided to go back and drop it off, stopped at SBux, too. Blehh. Too much chocolate and nowhere to sit except in the window. So not the best time. I came home and noodled on the guitar for a while, rather productively I think. I'm just on the cusp of being able to pay more attention to making better strumming noises and not worrying about the chord fingerings. I can actually play three songs fairly well, although not perfectly yet.

What else.Not much. Went to UVil for our walk because it was raining so that made three times in one day!

Monday, January 26, 2015

26 January 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Have three class with Barbara this semester. Skipped with [pair] today and went down to see how they were [garaging] ny car. Picked up the Dodge and took Barbara how after school. Stayed at home most of the evening and did English. Think I am going to have to do a lot of [live study] this ($.50 gas) semester. Went up to Del's place a little [unk uni uni] $.50. 
Yeesh. Another tough entry to decipher in places.

I slept okay last night, until 4:30-ish. Had a really good workout, too. Stewart was there after an absence. I was afraid to ask where he'd been (he had many tragedies last year). Yeah, well, he'd gone to Mexico for a vacation and ended up getting sick on the 6th day and was then out for over a week. He can't catch a break! Also traded names with the other Wisconsin chick, named Hannah; the second Wisconsin Hannah down there! Also traded checking-out looks with a chick upon driving out. Or maybe she thought I was all skeevy.

I ate bagels at home and then went off to the Shop. Didn't really have much to do, so I fiddled with references for a while and cleaned up the room, had lunch (trip to QFC with Janet in there, too) and was going to leave around 1 when someone called asking for an estimate and he ended up coming by to talk about it. So I should probably have another project to work on. Up near Stanwood. Odd one, they'd already done the work without having the survey or even monitoring. Something funny there, since they're sitting within the boundaries of a site. It should have been surveyed or monitored beforehand. Maybe someone dropped the ball, or maybe he cheated.

Came home and futzed with guitar as well as vacuumed out the Civic trunk. Still kind of wet in there. I will need to do more detective work to figure out why it keeps getting or stays fairly wet in there. Might have to bring it in the garage and put the fan on it for a while to get it dry and then see where it will get wet. Maybe with some butcher paper? Hmmmm.

Went to UVil for bagels and our walk. Beautiful and sunny today, around 60 degrees. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

25 January 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Went down to the church this morning with dad and then tool the car and went up to Barbara's place and went to Sunday school and church with her. Went down to grandma's for dinner and stayed there until about 5:00 then I went up and saw Barbara for a while. Went back down to church with Barbara about 6:45. After church took the car down and picked up dad at the [Baptist] church and then we went down to grandma's for a little while to pick up our [lunch] and then came home. 
Pretty busy day for him. I think he doesn't have any siblings at home anymore. He may have one brother, whose name I can't recall right now.

I actually slept quite well last night, albeit with one short attack in the middle of the night. Slept until a little after 5. Yay! Enough so that I went to Mass. They had the school choir there, which was better than the ditzy choir director that's usually there. Had some school people speak though so it went long. Meh. Had a hot babe in front of me though. Well, a hot mom.

When I came home I. . . .didn't do much? Can't remember. I think I watched TV. They're doing a Top Gear marathon for the upcoming season starting tomorrow. I like watching because it gives me ideas for writing at Car Lust. We went to UVil and were going to eat lunch outside but there wasn't enough sun. Salads were meh, and they took a long time. But it was pleasant, we sat in a window in the sun.

It was so pleasant there though. Went up to 63 today so it was like a fine spring day. We did the usual stuff, but went back for a yogurt. At home I got immediately to washing and waxing the Civic. Found out later on that the carpet in the trunk was still wet, so I put the rear seats down to hopefully dry it out. Maybe Tuesday I'll take the carpet cleaner to it. Smells musty. Did the usual stuff, and then made potatoes and vegetables on the grill in foil for dinner, hence, little cleanup and cooking outside. I watched the end of Forbidden Planet while doing that. Neat movie. Dated, but the effects were actually pretty well done. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

24 January 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 10:30 then went down to the church and work the rest of the day except for about an hour for dinner at grandma's. Took the Dodge from the church about 7:20 [came up] home and [changed after] and went to and saw Barbara a few minutes before I went to work. This was my best night of work out at the [bay Shot Tol.] They changed [machete's] and now [the others buck here and other bar news]. Pop $.10. Spent $.10.
I really couldn't make out much of that one.

A bit of musing on what I earlier said I would quit musing about. Had another big ol' anxiety attack in the middle of the night (2:30 actually). I still struggle to determine whether and to what degree these things actually mean anything. I've said before that in nearly al of them is a kernel of a real worry I have, though in most cases blown way out of proportion. And yet many times all of the worry really is for naught. For example, I'll go off the deep end by thinking someone else is thinking some way or other about me, when I later learn thats just not the case. So there is definitely an element of non-reality about them.

Things I know:
-- They are more intense at night. So there is something about sleeping that brings out the "night demons".
-- Most of the time a real concern is driving it.
-- I know it has affected me in the past.

What to do about any of it past all that I have no idea.

At any rate, I did sleep okay. Ate breakfast in. We went downtown today. Oh yeah! My old favorite restaurant, El Puerto Lloron (the crying pig) is gone! It's been there since like 1982 and was one of my first places here I really liked when I moved out in 1985. Gwen from the bank took me there. Looked kind of ratty -- steel folding tables and chairs -- but the food was fabulous and true Mexican. So sad. But at least the pasta guy is still there, that's where we went. Also to Macy's/The Bon. Didn't find anything. We went over to NGate after that for a little snack and I got some long sleeved white t-shirts.

Nice being downtown. It always reminds me of my first few years here, back in those halcyon days of my youth. Hence, it was nice and nostalgic, at least for a while. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

23 January 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Took dad to work this morning and then took the Dodge to school. Today was the last day of the semester. Got our report cards today. All good grades except I failed in Geometry. Took Barbara home after school. About 7:00 I pick her up and we went to the show at the Capitol. Got on [great] the last part of the basketball game between Yakima Hi. and Ellensburg [to win] 49 to 46. Show $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
I had another rather crisis in the middle of the night and yet another epiphany, however I shan't mention it here. Suffice it to say it was very significant and I felt kind of weird but uplifted the entire day.

I had a really good workout. Talked with Wisconsin chick at the gym for a bit. Didn't have much to do at Cascadia but I got all of my reports that are on the archive drive copied over and made sure they were all in my Endnote. I wanted to make sure I have a decent list of all of my reports. Had lunch there and left around 1:15 or so. I went to SBux at UVil for a bit, but it wasn't very exciting. I really needed the smoothie though. When I got home I cleaned a bunch and then started dinner, we had sole I picked up at the QFC, along with brussels sprouts. Walked at NGate. I bought some pajama bottoms since sleeping on the floor in the TV room is kind of cold.

So I dunno, kind of a weird day, but a good one. I desperately hope this epiphany takes. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

22 January 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Took dad to church to work and then took the car to school this morning. Came home about 10:00 o'clock sick with a cold. Barbara came down about 11:00 o'clock and stayed until I took her home about 4:00. Took the car back to the church [to] dad and we then went to supper. Drove past Barbara's place tonight about 7:30 and stayed home the rest of the evening. Got to bed early for once.
Good day. Slept on the floor most of the night as I started in on a pretty good sized anxiety attack, but I more or less got through it quickly. As I mentioned yesterday, the talk with Grace was what did it last night, although it snowballed past that pretty quickly. But I ended up sleeping okay. Cold on the floor though, definitely need more than shorts down there during the winter.

Had a really decent workout (legs) and my back is doing really well. Up to 85 pounds squats and also do a few front squats with that amount. Came home, scarfed bagels, went to Cascadia. Didn't do much all morning although I did spend some time getting the spending for the SJI project tracked down. Went for lunch at NGate and then came back ready to leave pretty quick with nothing to do, but I helped Janet fix some problems with the web site, and finally got it. I'm glad I could help her with that because she;s getting really frustrated with it. Left there about 2:30.

I practiced guitar some and was using the pick again. For whatever reason, using the pick makes my chords sound worse, with lots of buzzing on the strings. But I really do need to learn to pick effectively.

What else. Not much. Did a basic walk. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

21 January 2015 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had to [march of a cold] to play in band today so sat out the period in the library. Had a mid-term test in Mechanical Drawing. After school tool the bus home with Barbara. Went up to her place after supper and tried to teach her a little more about playing the sax. Took her to choir practice down at the school about 9:30 also. Am studying for my English test tomorrow. Bus $.10. Spent $.10. 
Good and bad day today. Slept pretty well again, had a really good workout, and went to the health sciences rotunda to eat my bagels before heading downtown. I really didn't have much to do, but I tried to get the social worker data through 2014 operational so I could check the alcohol use stats (pretty consistent). Met with Grace; eh, not very good. She wasn't all that positive about my focus on getting any grants -- which is true, of course -- so I felt kind of bad after that. Honestly though, I didn't immediately drop into a dumpster after that. We'll see what happens in the middle of the night. OTOH, on the way home I was running through all sorts of ideas for both HPV and alcohol and thinking there must be some money I could get to work on these things, if not big NIH ones. So perhaps I'm not exactly optimistic but I feel there is room to move.

Came home, gave the cats attention, made dinner, noodled on the guitar. We went to UVil for compost bags and some grocery items. Nothing exciting there. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

20 January 2015 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Took the Dodge this morning and went and picked up Barbara and took her to school this morning. About 9:30 we listened to President Eisenhower being sworn into office. [Drizzled] all day today. After school took Barbara down to the city library to get a [unk] then took her home. Went up to her place about 7:00 and [unk] to teach her how to play my saxophone. About 8:30 we went down to the y and watched a [unk] basket ball game. $.50. Spent $.50.
Ike being sworn in! Reading these daily entries I sometimes forget how much time has passed since he wrote these words. Elvis is yet to make a splash, the moon landing, cellular phones, CDs, even solid state electronics are not really there yet.

I had a remarkably good day. I slept fabulously. Like I say, sometimes I go through periods where I sleep well without assistance and other times where it's the complete opposite. And I know many of the circumstances are the same -- that is, it's not outside influences that are causing it. Maybe these biorhythm things are real after all.

Had a decent workout. Commiserated with a fellow Badger at the gym about the Packers. My legs felt very good during the whole thing. Came home, scarfed down bagels, and went to Cascadia. I actually didn't do much work there since I don't have much to do (neither does TT). I primarily worked on a Kom el-Hisn map, which even went well. I learned how to do a couple things in Illustrator and found I already had the map and layers done up in Illustrator already! Wenke was pleased with the result. Needs some more work, but not much. That took most of the morning. Janet accompanied me to the QFC to get lunch material.

I left there around 2. When I got home I did some video stuff. I'd really like to try to make Car Lust videos, not shot by camera (yet), but just little photo/movie things with my voiceover. There are just some things I'd like to with video, pictures and sound that you can't do with text. I'm using Apple's iMovie software.

What else. . . . .walked up to the Riot Aid this evening. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

19 January 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Everything went about the same in school today. Stayed after school for sax quartet practice. Had to walk home in the rain. Dad took me down to grandma's for supper. After supper I took the car and dropped him off at the church and then went to dance band practice at the High School. Picked him up again about 10:30. Call Barbara up and talk to her for a while in the evening also. 
Well, he had a rather uneventful day. Me too, mostly. Slept okay. Last night I tried just flopping down on the floor for a while, but not in my usual spot; as I say, just doing something unusual seems to help. Of course, eventually I'll be sleeping outside. . . . .

But I thought when I woke up at 3 that would be it for the night, but I did manage to get back to sleep, and when 5 hit I was deliciously asleep, very relaxed. Didn't go to the gym (MLK day, open at 11) so I stayed home, did the breakfast dishes, and then. . . . .watched Jack wander around meowing until I figured out there wasn't enough litter for him. So I went to the store at 6:30 to get a bag of litter. The checker was sympathetic. I didn't do much work after that, but I was waiting for the dishwasher to run which I'd forgotten to start last night.

Went to the shop, and Janet was already there. I didn't do a whole lot, but I got some tasks done, including some budget summaries. I stayed there until about 1, then went over to the Sam's Club for some stuff and stopped by Brad's on the way back and chatted about how to change my heater core. He seemed to think I could do it okay, just a matter of taking the time to figure out how to get the dash off to access it. Came home, and then set out for UVil to cash two checks. Did that, came home, gave the cats much attention. Started dinner late.

Had a little heated discussion about higher ed on someone's Facebook post. I apparently ticked someone off (an administrative staff person) for calling administrators evil incarnate. I mean, duh, it's sarcasm! Which is simply another indicator of how screwed up the academy has become.

We went to UVil and about for weekly grocery shopping. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

18 January 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Went to Sunday and church with Barbara this morning. Ate dinner down at grandma's. After dinner I slept the [most] part of the afternoon till about 5:00. After supper came up to the house for a little while and then went down to the church to meet Barbara about 6:15. Went to evening services. Barbara took my sax [home] to see if she wanted to try to learn to play it after church tonight. 
Slept until 5:30 again this morning, but had the same thing going on last night: an attack at 11:30 and then again around 3. Used assistance the first time. I didn't go to Mass because I wanted to Do Things around the house here, in part as a result of what I was thinking at 3 this morning. And I got a lot done. My thought was to want to just do whatever needed to be done and that every time I did something I was "scared" to do, it was pushing the anxiety down a bit.

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wasn't going to talk about it but, you know.

So that took most of the morning. Around 11:30 I went out to the Taco Time on 45th to get lunch because the Spousal Unit wanted to watch the entire Green Bay-Seattle game. Sucked. GB dominated them for the first -- I'm not kidding -- 57 minutes, and then started playing like they had it in the bag and lost. I was so irritated with them. But it served them right for coasting at the end. It actually went into overtime but I knew they were going to lose so I went outside and cleaned up branches and junk after the storm last night. One big branch down again. We made chicken for dinner and it was all rather meh. Well, the chicken was decent but the rest was bland. Went for a decent long walk though.

It was pretty showery and windy all day but went up to 55. Oh, at halftime I drove down to the Baskin-Robbins for an ice cream snack. I was pleasantly surprised as the girl behind the counter packed them to go without my asking; smart, assuming that because I ordered two and I was alone that I would be taking them out.

I think I mentioned a few days ago that I had emailed with one of my invisible friends (read: remote forum participants of my acquaintance) who played guitar and he said that many think practice should consist of 1/3 drills, 1/3 noodling, and 1/3 songs. He didn't think that was a good idea, but in reality it was more or less what I'd been doing. So today I just mostly did drills, changing chords, and the like. I'm getting better with the F (bar) chord, and these drills really help with that. So I think that I'm at least on something like the right track and that the drills are useful as well as attempting some simple songs to break up the boredom. I do think drills are definitely necessary though. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

17 January 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Took the Dodge this morning and went and picked Barbara up about 8:00. Ate breakfast at her place. We got off on a toboggan party from the Sunday School class about 10:00. Went on for [up] we could go up the [chorus page]. Barbara and I played ping-pong at [Americos] [up] in Lodge. Got back about 6:00. Ate at Grandma's and drove the Dodge to work about 8:30. Spent $4.00 gas $60 on some [john's] and about $.40 on eats up at the lodge. Got home from work about 1:15. Spent $5.00.
Couldn't make out quite a bit of that one, I'm afraid.

Weird day today. I slept pretty okay, although part on the floor and with some minor assistance. But I slept until 5:30. We went out for breakfast and I just had some hash browns and two bacons. Stomach still isn't quite up to snuff. I guzzled down two iced teas though. When we came back I had a shot at starting to swap out my heater core. The web site said remove the dash pad (done) and the glove compartment door and the compartment itself (not done). I got stuck on those. The door wouldn't come off and the actual box wouldn't come out. I think I may have to remove the whole freakin' dash assembly. I didn't get them back on real well either. So a bit of a failure. It will not deter me though; I shall try again. Well, to get the things back on correctly and then try the dash. I may inquire with Brad if he's got a corner of his shop I could try doing it in. I haven't a lot of room in the garage here.

We went for lunch at McD's (nice and bland) and then did a minor bit of shopping at UVil. It's been raining all day and will continue tonight and get windy. We walked at NGate. Started filling out a notebook for my TV watching for Scarborough; what a PITA. I find myself not watching as much since I have to figure out what I'm watching and I click around a LOT. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

16 January 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Took the Dodge to school today. Picked up Barbara and took her. Had a [Roberts Maxwell] assembly this morning. Got in trouble with the attendance office for sitting in the wrong seat. Took Barbara home after school. About 7:00 I took Barbara out to a show at the Capitol. Along with the show we saw a talent show. Got out of the show about 11:00. [Some have a stiff knew] tonight for some reason. Show $1.80. Spent $1.80.
I felt much better today. I certainly slept well, went to sleep before 9:30, woke up only once, and didn't wake up again until the alarm went off at 5. I went to the gym because I feel okay and had a reasonable workout. I was thinking I was having a "normal person's" workout as a matter of fact. But it went okay. Felt good. A little weak but not bad.

I only ate one bagel (as opposed to my usual two) and one soda (still kind of off of soda for some reason), and then went to the shop. Ha. When I stopped by the SBux Sarah the barista was talking about the SeaChicken game and the following took place:
Sarah: "I don't follow football that much but I'm hoping for a win."
Me (unzipping my coat to show my Packer sweatshirt): "Yeah, me too!"
Person in line with Seahawks shirt on: "Oh boooo!"


Busy day at work. Trying to figure out people to go to SJI Monday, and then this afternoon after sending them the estimate, the contractor called back all upset (he thought it was too much) and then the architect was upset at all the cost -- not really mad at us and thinking we were ripping them off or anything (I don't think) -- so we're not sure what's going on. It was a bit stressful for me, but oddly not all anxiety-producing. I know, it's weird, some things really get to me and others don't.

I stayed there until 4, but spent much time getting things ready for Teresa to go out there. I could have, but I'd been half planning for Tukwila again Monday and she's not doing anything next week anyway. And she's got more experience than I do at this sort of thing. And it might be good for them to get the same thing from another project manager so they know I'm not just going rogue and making things up or anything.

ANYway. Grilled cheese and salad for dinner, still feeling a bit off. Walked outside.

May not have been food poisoning after all, that usually take a few days to get over with. Had something similar a few years ago (2011 I think) also when I was in Tukwila. Who knows. . . .

Thursday, January 15, 2015

15 January 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Took the bus after school with Barbara to where she got off and then I walked the rest of the way back home. After supper dad and I went by the church a little while and then came home and fixed the breaks[sic] on the Dodge. Afterwards I went up and saw Barbara for about an hour and a half from 8:00 until 9:30. Bus $.10. Spent $.10.
I had a busy last 24 hours. I was not feeling too well all evening and after I went to bed I woke up a coupe of hours later feeling much worse, and eventually did some internal cleansing IYKWIMAATTYD. I knew I was going to, so I actually got some cleaner and cleaned the TV room toilet first. Sheesh. Yes, I was very ill and didn't get much sleep. Didn't do anything today except go back to bed for a while and then lay around. Mostly. When the alarm went off at 5 I got up and went back to the bed and once the Spousal Unit left around 6 I managed to go back to sleep until a little before 7. Felt really crappy all day and didn't go anywhere. I did a couple of hours of work in the afternoon. The monitoring next week is much more involved than I thought, it will need 3 people for 3-4 days. I was going to go, but maybe not, since this Tukwila thing will bleed into next week and I might do that and send the others up there instead. We'll see. But I had another major anxiety thing about that for a while. At one point a couple of hours ago I thought to myself "How did I get to this point?" (of having to go do this bizarre fieldwork junk). I should have had a decent full-time job and been able to stay home sick and get paid at this point in my life! However, it occurred to me later that, well, this is just what it is. I could have had an accident that injured me gravely, been in a job like that for a long time and then just got laid off or something, etc. It's just life. And I will hit it.

So I didn't eat much today. Three yogurts, some soup, and oatmeal. I guess I did want to get some fat outta me. This will definitely do it. Not much else to say. Just felt awful all day. I will try to go to the gym tomorrow, but might not. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

14 January 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Took the Dodge to school this morning. We had [our national] assembly today. A person who [put on a lot of shot comedy plays]. Left school and went down to grandma's for dinner and went down to the garage to see how they are coming on my car. Went back to school in time for sixth period and took Barbara home. Drove around a little tonight for a little while and then came home and did a lot on my soft driving class. $.10 Tel. Spent $.10.
At this moment I am sort of recovering from a major bout of anxiety. It kind of took me by surprise: DAHP emailed and said the permit was ready to go, but then I realized I may have to go up there Friday and there will be a lot of work and I just freaked. I can't tell if it's because. . . .well, it feels like it's just too overwhelming and I just can't do it. That's fairly typical and it really freaks me out to know I was like this nearly all the time for several years. It lasted for a good 2-3 hours between about 3:30 and 7. I'm doing better now. Irritates me that I flipped out so easily though.

No, didn't post yesterday. There was a talk at the UW on some Egypt stuff and at the last minute I decided to go, mainly because Engi was going to be there and I didn't want to look like a wuss. Was nice to see her there. We walked to my car and then I drove her over to hers which was probably a longer walk for her, but at least we got to chat. And she wore heels!

Yesterday was okay, I guess. Did I sleep well? No, I think I woke up at 3:30. Mostly slept like a log last night. This morning went well, had a decent workout, ate bagels at home, then went to shop and discovered everyone was trying to call me and my phone wasn't telling me they had, although I did have it muted. Anyway, I had to go to Tukwila to monitor. It was boring and really cold, as the fog/low clouds never really lifted from down there even though it was totally sunny up here. That was done by 1:30 and I stopped at RePC on the way to look around. Nothing interesting. Went to UVil and had a hot chocolate as I'd only had a protein bar for lunch. Got some stuff for bean scheisse and then went home. Spousal Unit was already there, left work early.

Then, of course, I went through the whole email/anxiety junk. We went to UVil to get bagels and some other little things. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

12 January 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953: (Monday)
Dad took me to school this morning. Barbara and I came from from school about 1:30 and we came down here with dad [through] the [car foray] and then I took her [unk] home. [Sov by] for about an hour tonight up at her place. Got home from there about 9:30 and look over a little English and then went to bed. 
Yup, poor guy is back to getting a ride to school.

Odd little day today. Slept. . . .weirdly. I must've woken up like 4 times, but managed to nod back off every time, until about 4:30, so that was good. Had a decent workout although my left arm hurts quite often. I came back here before going to the shop. I spent most of the morning futzing with photos and taking some more. I would have manipulated them there but I forgot the camera's connecting cable again. I left there around 2 to go exchange some coin rolls and get a new little tripod for the camera and some dinner stuff.

Interesting part: I ran into Fiona at UVil! I guess she doesn't hate me or anything because she talked to me for about 15 minutes. Kinda weird. Well, I mean friendly. It was okay. I knew it was going to happen eventually since we're in the same area. I don't think she's working yet, still. But she looked good. I'm hoping she's doing well. I kind of felt bad afterwards because. . . .I dunno, I felt too flippant or something. Well, whatever. At least she doesn't utterly hate me or anything. Well, we'll see.

Was listening to Tull's "Songs from the Wood" again, I'm really digging that album. I also played a live Nirvana one, "From the Muddy Wishkah" or whatever. Man, that's good.

Anyway, Oregon is playing Ohio State and OSU is winning at halftime, which surprises me. I think the Sucks will probably storm back in the second half though. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

11 January 2015 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Went down to the church with dad this morning. Took the Dodge and went down and filled out an accident report at the State Patrol. Call a wrecker and get the Plymouth home. Took Barbara driving this afternoon. Played a solo for [good peoples] tonight. Went to church with Barbara and took her down to Vera's place. I guess she is going to stay all night there tonight.
Obviously a pretty bad wreck.

What a day. Slept pretty well, and unassisted. Stayed in for breakfast and I went to Mass. Pretty good. Found a wallet on the terrace outside church and gave it to Fr. Came home and watched the Packers until about 11:45 (into the half) and then we went to the UVil where I tracked the game score on my phone. They beat Dallas! Kind of in a cheaty way -- iffy call on a 4th down pass -- but Dallas got there the same way. SO now it's Green Bay at Seattle next Sunday! Quite a few people commented on my GB sweatshirt including one guy at Mass who was hiding a Packer t-shirt. I expect Seattle to win next week though; they haven't too many weaknesses the way they're playing right now.

Didn't do much else, except go to the City Peoples and get a couple of items. When we got back I put some carpet freshener on the oval rug and vacuumed it out and I think it is either over the musty smell or at least covered up sufficiently. I shampooed it twice yesterday. Watched the Colts-Broncos, too (Colts won). It was pretty warm (like 49) but kind of misty and foggy all day. Kind of pleasant actually.

Can't say too much else. Ordinary but pleasant day for the most part. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 January 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in late this morning. Did a little work on the car. Afternoon I practiced for about 3 and a half hours at a piano [player busy] from the church. Washed the car. Had a big wreck by another car on the way to work at [Glenside] and [Tiston] Drive. Hit a car broad side while came through a [seated] stop sign. I was doing about 50 and he was doing about 70 mph. [Catinated] damage to my car was [$300/$30.0?]. Gas $.75 Spent $.75
Jeez, that's like his second major accident. No wonder he's going to lose his license in a couple of years.

Here in 2015 I did not have an accident. I did, however, sleep rather well last night, and unassisted to boot. But I did go right to the floor when moving to the other room, I kinda felt like it was going to be a rough one, but I mostly went right back to sleep and mostly stayed that way the rest of the night. So pretty good for me. I did dishes and some cleaning after breakfast (in) and then wrote up a post on the Pontiac Star Chief, mostly the 1961-64 model years. Beautiful car, I think, and someone's got one a couple blocks down. After that we went to Ivar's on Aurora for lunch, Sam's Club and Lowe's and then a stop at McD's for ice cream (and Safeway before that for chocolate cake makings). When we got home I/we made the cake and I did a little practice on the guitar but I wasn't feeling it tonight.

I went to Bai Pai for thai dinner and brought it home. Then while the Spousal Unit watched the SeaChickens play football I went for a nice long walk. Half of the way I listened to the theme from Conan the Barbarian and then turned it off to enjoy the foggy silence. I tried to not think about much stuff, but it was tough. I specifically tried for a couple of blocks to clear my mind of much of anything but it was difficult. I do think I think too much. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

9 January 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Got up early and took Barbara to school this morning. Has a big 70 mile per hour wind storm last night. A lot of big trees are down this morning. Took Barbara home after school this evening and then went down town and dad got me a new sweater. After supper at grandma's I came home and rested a while. Went down to the [ai irony] for a while to see Barbara $.50. Drove around town for a while and bought a magazine $.25. Spent $.75.
Might have been "ice rink" up there.

I had a weird day. I think I slept okay? I can't really remember. I had a heck of a time getting to sleep (ended up needing an assist) but woke up a couple times and went back to sleep, unassisted. I think I slept okay, overall. Didn't have the greatest workout though, just didn't have the oomph to really work hard at it. It was okay but nothing spectacular. I actually worked out like I should have done on Monday (i.e., lighter).

I came home, ate bagels, headed to shop. Forgot dongle connecting the camera to the computer so after taking artifact photos (which turned out pretty well), I came home to work on them. Had trouble exporting too-big files. I didn't really get a while lot done on them.

Someone on Facebook really irritated me. It was a journalist whom I follow(ed) who went into a screed about how Islam really isn't the reason for the almost daily killings that have been going on for years now. I responded -- nicely, for the most part, but firmly -- and then unfollowed her. Doesn't matter these days how many people get killed by people saying "Allah akbar" there is a certain class of people who refuse to blame Islam. I'm over it now.

ANYway. I went to an estate sale (nothing) and then went to meet Neil Tarte about his former house on San Juan. Nice guy, very helpful. I know who the architect is (Ira Cummings) and the general sequence of the house. Built in 1960-61 and not really modified since. Should be enough to make out a decent HPI form and narrative.

After that I came home and had to do some work at the last minute. Arranged a monitor for Monday -- the Tukwila guy likes to call at 4:30 on Friday for a monitor Monday morning -- and finished up a couple of other things. I think we have new email, finally, that I can access through Outlook.

Spousal Unit didn't get home until almost 6, late start and lots of traffic. I was watching Murder By Death ("Say your goddamn pronouns!"), which was utterly hilarious to my teenaged self, but only moderately funny now. We didn't walk, which is okay. Don't know what I'll do, buy probably clean some. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

8 January 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Got up in time to pick Barbara up and take her to school this morning. Today is her birthday. Took her home after school and then went down town and pick up a[sic] pictures I left to be enlarged. $.60. Took Barbara's present up to her about 7:00 and took her out to a show at the Yakima $1.80. Got home about 11:30. Has been raining like mad all day and looks like it is going to [unk] night. Got a book report worked up tonight also. Gas $1.00. Spent $3.40.
Barbara's birthday was January 8, 1936 so she was 17 that day. Which is about what I thought his age was as well. He probably just turned 17 as well and they're both probably in their senior year of high school.

I had another decent day. Odd night though. I only woke up twice, once to move to the other room and then again a little before 4:30, so that was good. Unassisted both times! Hence, I was well rested all day.

Had a so-so workout. My back did okay, but it will take some work and patience to get it back in shape. I came home and scarfed down bagels and then gathered my junk up, including photographic stuff to take pictures of artifacts. Well, all except the camera, duh.

Anyway, I got in on the report most of the morning. Janet was telling me there may be big changes a-coming to Cascadia. Might be moving. Teresa might be going back to Oregon, although working out of a Cascadia office there. We'll have to see how this shakes out. We had to go to Sam's Club to check on some video cassette we'd dropped off in November and hadn't gotten called back about (they hadn't sent them out for some reason). Got lunch while out.

I did some more piddly work on that when I got back and made some more little changes to the alcohol paper. M had a little freakout again, I hope I calmed him down. My abstract turns out to have to go through CDC before being submitted and they had a deadline of mid-December for those, so it may not go in. We'll see.

When I got home I. . . .didn't do much. Brushed Jack really well. Daisy has been really wanting attention in the guard tower. Basic walk tonight. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

7 January 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1953 (Wednesday):
Got up early this morning and picked up Barbara and took her to school. Got out of school most of the morning and went down to the church and talked to dad about a trip I wanted to take in my [picks]. Took Barbara home after school. About 8:00 I went down to the Skate rink and tried to skate $.75. Got home about 9:30 and dd some English and some work on my soft driving [unk].Talked to Barbara on the telephone a little while tonight. [unk] $.05 [unk] Spent $.80.
Some of that was tough to follow. Can't figure out what sort of trip he was talking about. Class trip?

Must have woken up 4 times last night. Very annoying but I managed to go back to sleep each time so I felt okay today. I went to the gym and then downtown. Workout was okay. Have to really watch my arm. I was going to work in M's office but it seemed occupied-ish, so I went to my tiny cubicle instead (Vivian is apparently using it when she's in). I actually got quite a lot done, although not all GH stuff. I finished the edit of my paper and sent that off, then I read through Wenke's chapter 13 summary, made some comments, and sent that off. Then I worked up an abstract for some meetings in Vancouver in June, sent that off. Looked into eligibility for grants (couple of emails). Had lunch, was heading out, and Anne was in the lunch room! So I stayed and chatted with her for a few and then rode the shuttle back to the UDist with her. I'll mention this for reference, but I think that if we were both single we'd be "involved"; there's just that. . . .thing there. But like I said, for reference only. It was actually quite pleasant waiting around for the 71 back home on the Ave as it was in the 50s and sunny.

When I got back home I checked a fe emails and then started goofing around playing Blondie's "Dreaming". Imelda did a version with ukulele that I adore and I figured out I can play it the same with a capo, up an octave. Once I quite typing here I'm going to practice it some more.

Nothing much else. Regular walk tonight. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

6 January 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1953 (Tuesday):
Got up in time to go up to pick Barbara up and take her to school this morning. Barbara and I stopped by [their] place a little while before going on to her place after school. Went down town and got Barbara a birthday present for her birthday. A nice bath towel set $5.00. Took her to a church basketball game at the [crossed out] at about 8:00. Got in tonight about 10:30. Game cost me $.50. Spent $5.50.
What a day today. First, last night: Mostly the usual thing, but here's the odd part. The first time I woke up in the middle of the night (probably 1-2) I had something of a classic anxiety attack, not BIG worries but just the usual worries about junk. Went back to sleep (avec assistance) but then I woke up a while later and it was 180 degrees from before: I was wickedly optimistic. I think the words "I can do anything" popped into my head. Don't get it.

Anyway, I had a decent workout although my back was giving me trouble. I think it may be because I got greedy and thought I could do these certain hamstring things that have given my back fits in the past. We'll see on Thursday. But otherwise it went well. Came home and did some emails, and then headed to the shop. Was working on various Tarte projects most of the morning and made ramen there for lunch. . .a first! Turned out okay. Janet and I went out on some errands around 1:30, I did a little more work when I got back and left around 3.

Also, there is a semi-famous actress on whose Facebook page I left a comment. . .and she responded to it! Very graciously. Kind of a minor celebrity at the moment and, assuming it wasn't really a 28-year old gay production assistant, it was neat that she really follows her page. Karen David is her name. Anyway, that made me happy.

Also found out my Karanis presentation last year was not accepted because you're only allowed to present one thing. Wish they'd told me that then, it made me all sad because they rejected it. So this morning I submitted it again (emailed one of the organizers) so I'm hoping to go to Houston in March or April.

So it was a pretty good day, all things considering. Productive. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

5 January 2015 (Monday)

On this day in 1953 (Monday):
Today first day of school after vacation. Got up early and went and picked Barbara up and took her to school. Stayed after school for a sax practice until about 4:30. I then went down town and did some shopping around. Picked up some pictures I left $.55. Went up[sic] Barbara's pace fro about 7:30 until about 10:30. Went I[sic] got home I got a little to eat and got to bed quick as I could. Gas $1.00. Pictures $.55. Spent $1.55.
Kind of an odd day today. Couldn't get to sleep last night in part because the Spousal Unit keep talking to Jack. Went to TV room and actually went to sleep fairly quickly (I think). But then I woke up again and had more trouble, and then I woke up AGAIN before 4. But I laid there and pondered the universe and actually fell back to sleep for a bit so I felt pretty good.

First workout after break was brutal. Started off great, but then when I did a certain thing I realized that was what was killing my left bicep. So that hurt. Then my elbow was hurting -- that always hurts the first couple days back -- and it was just kind of tough. I did less weight and more reps so I felt really wiped out. But it felt good.

Came home and at a bagel and a half, and then went to the shop. Oddly, I had to pull over for two emergency vehicles on the way. Wasn't all that busy but I finished one report and the whole project, did some other piddly stuff. Started on a new thing with the Tarte project, too, doing a Historic Property Inventory form. Yeesh.

What else. Went to NGate for lunch and ate too much. I was hungry due to the workout but my stomach isn't in Workout Mode yet so I felt overly full the rest of the day. But it was a pretty good day all things considered. I think I should have a good final draft of my alcohol paper done Wednesday.

Let's go 2015. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

4 January 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1953 (Sunday):
Got up and went to Sunday School, [jeans sat Spammertreau] and pick up one of my [boy] friends and took him to church. After dinner I picked Barbara and Vera up and we drove around for most of the afternoon. Took some pictures of Barbara this afternoon. Went to [Yanal] park with Barbara and went to church down at our church. After church we went down and got some eats at the drive-in. Eats $.85 gas $.75 Spent $1.60.
Busy day today. When I got up in the middle of the night to go to the other room I found the cats had taken up residence on the couch and rather than move them I just went downstairs. Needed assistance though, but then I slept until almost 5. Ended up having to take a nap, too, and didn't go to Mass. I finished writing up a new truck post, the 1929-32 Dodge which I've been wanting to do for a while. I finished that this afternoon, but also edited my intro post as well. Actually, I may have done both of those in the afternoon.

Anyway, we went to UVil although ate at McD's instead. We've really only go two places to eat at UVil anymore, as all their other options are expensiver sit-down type places and we just mostly want to eat rather quickly. Well, and cheaply. So it's getting kind of boring. It has been raining all day, but lightly for the most part. Felt really cold out there though, despite this being a warm front which will hang out a while.

We went up to the car wash afterwards and then to the Riot Aid for more mints. I made beef stew for dinner, very good stuff. I was busy most of the afternoon doing little chores and junk. I kept pretty busy, really. This evening I will watch the last bowl game ( Bowl with Toledo and Arkansas State) and maybe fiddle with my guitar some. What else. I did a big media survey over the phone. Trouble was they picked a youngish female with a cute voice so I was helpless to resist. Oh well. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

3 January 2015 (Saturday)

On this day in 1953 (Saturday):
Slept in this morning until about 12:15 and then got up and went to grandma's for dinner. Worked down at the church the rest of the afternoon. After supper I came home and rested a while and went over to Lee Roy's for a little bit and then went up and saw Barbara about 7:30. Stayed with her until about time to go to work. Roads were very slick tonight. gas $1.00 Spent $1.00.
Yet another decent day, I guess. Slept okay, albeit on the floor for half of it and with assistance (minor). We went out for breakfast because I seriously didn't want any bread-type stuff. I dunno, my stomach has felt bloated for the last day or so. It's from not working out and I haven't adjusted my diet enough, so I'm almost constantly feeling over-full. I can't wait until Monday. It's really the weights, too, just doing the cycle and running doesn't do the trick.

Watched a bit of the next to last bowl game (I think), Florida and East Carolina in the Birmingham Bowl. I think there's one other tomorrow before the championship game next Monday. I'm already losing interest though; after the Rose Bowl and Wisconsin games, it starts to tail off. I was watching a bit of an old Ken Burns documentary on baseball this morning, too. I was kind of into baseball around 2001-2004 or thereabouts. I have realized that one reason I can't find myself liking baseball all that much is because of the culture. It's got a lot of supposed intellectuals that follow it, mostly the elite sorts, and I really hate to feel like I'm one of them. It was like that with Apple products, too, one reason why I didn't get a Mac for so long: I hated to be thought of as a "Mac person". Ick. I admit it although I'm not sure why that stops me. I mean, why can't I watch a baseball game without feeling like I should be an elitist jerk? We'll see this season.

We went down to Southcenter around 11:30, had lunch down there, and then went to a couple of big box stores. The Spousal Unit bought some shoes at the DSW and some junk for her Kindle at the Best Buy. I really didn't feel like buying anything. We went back by way of a Dairy Queen in Renton and then we drove on 900 through the Cougar mountain wilderness area just for fun, then back on I90. Nice little drive, I guess. When we got back I opened one of my last batch of beers and tried it. Pretty darn good, so I guess making it without the liquid malt works pretty well. I only enjoyed the first bit though, started to feel kinda gross after a while. I was watching the 1960 movie of The Time Machine. Pretty schmaltzy but fun. Soooooo many problems with it. Like people speaking perfect English 1 million years in the future, cheesy cannibal creatures, etc. What would I do with a time machine? Besides becoming the single greatest archaeologist ever? What would be kind of nice would be to just be completely alone every now and then. You know, set it to 50k years ago and build myself a little cabin and hang out with no other people in North America. Or perhaps see what people there were.

Anyway, dinner was leftovers plus collards, but I hardly ate anything. The Spousal Unit wants to lose weight in the new year so she's not eating dessert and I didn't either. I may go along with her on that for encouragement. Plus, I cold stand to eat a bit less in the evening.

Warming up a bit today, cloudy. No rain until later tonight.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2 January 2015 (Friday)

On this day in 1953 (Friday):
Got up early this morning and had about 6 inches of wet snow to shovel of[sic] the walks. Had a lot of shoveling to do down at the church also. Didn't get done until about 11:00. Had dinner at grandma's and helped dad the rest of the day. Pick Barbara up after skating about 10:30. Sat out in the car with her until 4:15 this morning. Had the most wonderful night of my life. Had coke at a drive in $.20. Some pictures $.15. Spent $.25.
Hmmm. Obviously the first thing that popped into my head was that our young man just lost his virginity.

I didn't have the most wonderful day of my life but it was definitely okay. Slept decently. And not on the floor! Was sleeping when the alarm went off and actually had a bit of trouble getting up. I think I had two rounds of assistance last night though. Oh well.

Went in to work and started modifying the last report, including redoing the map. Felt kinda bad about this one, too, although I didn't do any of the field work so it was difficult for me to really think of a lot to say. But I could have put more time and effort into it. Well, it was kinda dumped in my lap, too.

Kept that up until 11:30 and went to meet the Spousal Unit for lunch at the Arby's by Northgate. . .but it was closed! Too bad, I liked Arby's every now and then. Beat the usual burgers and junk. So we went to the Panera at NGate instead which was a nice change, however bland.

I went to the parking office and got my pass for Winter quarter and also got one for the day at the same lot; I decided this one day I was not going to walk over from UVil. It was nice, too! Worked really hard and then just went and drove off. I can't wait until Monday though when I can get back to working out like normal first thing in the morning. My stomach has just been feeling all bloated and gross lately. When I got home I checked emails again (nothing) and then fiddled with guitar for a bit. Daisy also wanted a bunch of attention of we got a brushing in the bathroom and then I laid down next to her in the living room and after she walked away I had a short nap. On the floor. Ergh.

Leftovers for dinner, including the nachos leftover from lunch yesterday, blech. Spousal Unit had an intestinal . . . errmmm. . . .incident, and I walked by myself. Sort of raining but not much.

Decided that if I have one new year's resolution -- which I don't really ever do, btw -- it will be to ignore all this anxiety crap. I spent 8-9 years letting it (albeit unknowingly) get the better of me and almost ruin my life, another year or so worrying about it and coming to grips with it and explaining it to myself, and now I'm just done with it. It's part of my makeup, yeah, but it can piss off. It's not debilitating so it will not stop me from doing what I think I should be doing. So there. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1, 2015 (Thursday)

On this day in 1953 (Thursday):
Slept in until 12:00 and then got up and went down to grandma's and had dinner. Helped dad at the church all afternoon. After supper tonight I took Barbara out to a show. We went to the Capitol. After the show we came by the house for a little while before I took her home. $1.50. [Picked] to her a big snow in the morning there is about an inch or more of snow and it is snowing like mad. Got in about 11:30. Show $1.50. Spent $1.50.
There we have the first entry of 1953. He switched from a dark blue pen to a green one.

I had a good first day of 2015. I slept quite well, all the way to 5. Spousal Unit didn't arise until almost 7. I made ham and eggs for breakfast and then worked on a little report and then started watching the Badgers in the Outback Bowl. They played Auburn and were doing okay when we left a little after 11 (game started at 9). We went up to North Bend. I kept checking my phone expecting them to fall behind, but they kept up. . . .and WON!!! 34-31 in overtime. Kind of makes me wish I'd seen it. But I didn't mind. I do like college football, but as I've said, I'm starting to lessen in interest. And Michigan State beat Baylor 42-41 in the Cotton Bowl (new Cotton Bowl, in the Cowboys' stadium in Arlington). I'm glad to see some of the old bowls come back as major ones again. Oh, the first college football playoffs are going on now, too. Oregon beat Florida State like 59-20, and Alabama is playing Ohio State. So the Big 10 did rather well for itself so far. Maybe the tide is turning.

We just had lunch up there and went to the outlets. I bought some spandex long underwear is all. Drove back via 202 and stopped at DQ. Sunny day but fairly cold. I felt pretty good all day for the most part. Just calm and relaxed. I hope 2015 turns out well.